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  2. Edmond Hall in quartet with an Argentinian rhythm section... not a major investment but really nice...
  3. Billy Harper

    Do own the Denon vinyl and it is both musically and sonically magnificent .... unfortunately never released on CD ....
  4. Billy Harper

    Not to derail - BUT does anyone have the Denon solo bass The Works Of Workman? Don't think it ever made it to CD.
  5. Bob Dylan corner

    Just listed on --109.98 presage price from them. Full track listing.
  6. Bob Dylan corner

    It is interesting stuff, but she was a VERY different singer in the mid-60's. All lightness and air. Any word on price?
  7. Bob Dylan corner

    Official news is that this will be out on June 7, and is 14 cds: 5 two cd shows professionally recorded from the 1975 tour, and four discs of rehearsal material studio recorded before the tour went underway.
  8. Bob Dylan corner

    They also did it at the Dylan 30th Anniversary concert:
  9. Bob Dylan corner

    Marianne Faithfull I love her Broken English album from the second half of the 70s when she was pretty strung out.
  10. Today
  11. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I’ll take 3 then.. I’ve just given them a spin-through on side 1. The Trunk compares pretty well but I would say that the Columbia is most definitely more focussed, dynamic and with a better sound-stage (or maybe it is me ). More ‘presence’. I guess that it is possible that this could be the effects of magnetic tape dispersion over 50 years? In any event, Trunk have done a great job. I believe that the reason that the original cover wasn’t used for the reissue is that Basil didn’t like it. Personally I prefer the original but I also really like the Trunk gatefold. I hope they put that Basil K. voice publicity tape on line. That place is like a black hole for stray dosh.. Incidentally, it is interesting that Basil K. felt that the first version of ‘Worlds’ didn’t fully represent his vision and that Trunk’s later ‘Quantum’ was nearer the mark. Personally, I think of ‘Worlds’ 1/2 as being pretty ground-breaking.
  12. I listed this 5 weeks ago.....still available at 25.00 delivered in case somebody wants one immediately for the same delivered price and no slash mark
  13. Bob Dylan corner

    Same excellent company (I have dozens and dozens of their soul and rock CD's, always beautifully executed) did this one. I don't own it, but do own several of the cuts on it in different configurations.
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    A really nice blast from the past !
  15. Yes, Joe Thomas was great. He shows up on many Keynote sessions and on some HRS sides as well. Undeservedly unrecognized!
  16. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    multiples. At least 10 of each. Sorry I should have explained it a little better. There are many available of each. My order goes in on Monday April 29th. Please order by then if interested. When on hand I will send out invoices. Expected second week of May.
  17. Bob Dylan corner

    I enjoyed listening to (most) of this compilation: I could not get into what Con-Funk-Shun was doing on "Mr. T", so I bailed on that track pretty quick. Then I think I just was not up to sitting through all of the downer which is "M o W", so the Staple Singers were put in the unusual position of being given short shrift in my CD player. The rest of the the tracks are all at least "good" and many are "great". Solomon Burke delivers solidly as always, as do Nina Simone, O.V. Wright and The Persuasions. I've never been a big fan of the Neville Brothers, but I liked them on this track. Brook Benton does a kind of Vegas soul lounge spin and it works because -- hey, Brook Benton and when you're Brook Benton, well, I think the title speaks for itself. Patti LaBelle proves disco Dylan could be a viable genre if some one put their creative energy to the task (but don't hurry on my account, guys. I can wait. Really.). Some may call the O'Jays performance on the closing track "over the top"; I'd call it "sublime".
  18. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Much better than I thought. Hank Jones is superb here, and the four bonus tracks from Gene Ammons sessions are nice.
  19. Dave Samuels, RIP

    Couldn't find anything of that type in the Tom Lord Discography.
  20. Billy Harper

    I have it, and can second Jim's recommendation. He's the one that hipped me to it some time ago. BTW, thanks for the lead on that Masters Porgy & Bess set. Ordered it this morning, $5.98 Amazon Prime.
  21. Billy Harper

    I've been meaning to pick up a copy of this for 10-12 years. One of these days!!
  22. Black Saint / Soul Note Box Set Sale

    Did you just have one of everything or multiples in case somebody already ordered something I was interested in.
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