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    They printed it upside-down!
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    Yellowstone - season 2 - as one reviewer said - "bat shit crazy".
  4. A Bachelor's Guide to Sauter-Finegan

    Just sayin'…not a hipness contest!
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  6. Asked by Lee Jeske in a 1986 interview if he had read the various biographies of him that had been published by that date, Miles says, “No. My wife [Cicely Tyson] reads them, but I don’t read them. She reads them to see if she’s in them. You know why a woman would read them. Or who I f——d. See all women are so competitive — they’re in competition with air, anything." "Seriously, if you're going to live in a world of myths created by other people, why the hell not make your own for yourself?" Sure enough. But the autobiography was not a myth that Miles made for himself -- would that it had been -- but a slop job made by Mr. Troupe.
  7. and nobody cares. Some people keep trying to take people like Miles "back" into "reality", and ooops, too late. They made sure that there's no "reality" there, just mythology based on some reality. Microdata vs Macromeaning. If it affects what you hear in/out of the music one way or another (and it does), you're living in your own mythology (and we all are). I think this speaks for itself: That's the other black Quincy that pisses off white people!
  8. 2019 #CFL season

    Week 2 results Ottawa 44....Sask 41 ***** Edmonton 39....BC 23 ***** Hamilton 64....Toronto 14 The Tigers were founded in 1869, the Argos in 1873. This 50 point margin of victory ties the Ticats' team record for beating the Argos. Rico Murray ran an interception back for a touchdown on the last play of the game. If the Ticats had kicked the convert they would have had a new team record, but instead the ref decided that they would not attempt a convert, and he just declared the game over. ***** Week 2 Plays of the Week ***** 6/24 quarterback index ***** Week 2 summaries
  9. Take a look. Troupe's "reshapings" of what Miles said don't make for a better story IMO, not at all. And introducing outright factual errors, like getting wrong who played on what recording session when Miles got it right, and besides there are readily available discographies, no? Just ignorance, sloppiness, on Troupe's part; apparently he didn't give a crap or was pressed for time, maybe farmed things out to people who knew less or cared less than he did, God knows what.
  10. A Bachelor's Guide to Sauter-Finegan

    Your dad was no doubt hipper than my dad, but your dad never put food on my table, so,,,
  11. A Bachelor's Guide to Sauter-Finegan

    My Dad was big on the Pied Pipers, the Hi-Los, and the Double Six of Paris.
  12. ...and he displayed his poll plaques because he liked good wood... To tell a good story that people want to hear. It's not complicated, really. I think you've covered all the bases, what else is there? Seriously, if you're going to live in a world of myths created by other people, why the hell not make your own for yourself? In the end, play the records, they're all historical now, and they straighten themselves out (in accordance to whatever mythology one brings to them, of course).
  13. What Are You Watching

    Big Little Lies Season Two Outstanding. All round improvement on the already great first season.
  14. Nobody's Fool - Robert Benton (1994) Delightful slice of Americana. The Meyerowitz Stories - Noah Baumbach (2017) WTF were they thinking. I found this almost unwatchable.
  15. I assume these are all existing contracts. If not, there may be a statute of limitations defense.
  16. Chambers himself writes about it in the introduction to the one volume edition of his book published by Da Capo Press. ( It's unfortunate that he's never been given the chance to issue a revised edition-- De Capo merely added this new introduction but made no changes to the original University of Toronto 2 volume edition. )
  17. Well, it's been common knowledge that Troupe plagiarized Chamber's book extensively. But I'd always assumed that the facts and perspective presented were -- for the most part -- accurate. But it sounds like that may not have been the case. As for "what Miles was looking for": He apparently didn't care about the contents or the accuracy of the book if he didn't even read it! So he must have been interested in something other than setting the historical record straight. Publicity? Money? Myth-making? Something else? Who knows?
  18. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Zbigniew Seifert - Solo Violin (Zbigniew Seifert Foundation) Recorded in May 1976; originally released on EMI Electrola
  19. I was given that cd by Forrest Westbrook's daughter who was responsible for its release.
  20. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    I didn’t like the US team’s attitude in their match against Thailand and I lived in Spain so I always root for them in football (soccer). I hope that explains things.
  21. Yeah, just the fact that this chick lived with Graettinger, makes her full of possibilities. And the fact that everyone who describes her used the same adjective to describe her. Here's Madden with Forrest Westbrook in 1960:
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