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  3. New DONATE button

    There's a selection as to whether or not you want your name to be publicly associated with the donation. Did you make a selection there? Don't recall if that's opt-out or opt-in, but that might be why it's showing as offline.
  4. Thanks for sharing your first impressions @mjazzg Excited about this! Hope I get it in time to give it a first spin before my vacation (starting the day after ascension).
  5. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Yet another French stride piano master!
  6. What Are You Watching

    Part of the problem is that the show had outrun the books. Martin has been working on the next to last book in the series for 8 years (Robert Caro territory); he has been involved in other projects which have probably contributed to the delay. However, he implied on his website today that it should be out in 2020. He won’t start on the last one until he’s done with this one, which makes sense.
  7. Lee Morgan-------The Sixth Sense-------(BN Liberty) blue/black label RVG on of the better later Lee Morgan dates. Having Jackie on board doesn't hurt. Must locate the CD to play the unreleased tracks as memory suggests they were pretty good too.
  8. New DONATE button

    Small donation made. Curiously it's listed as "offline" when it was very much "online"
  9. BN80 LPs

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone has picked up any of the new BN80 reissue LPs..... May 10 – Blue Note Debuts, Part 1 Dexter Gordon – Doin’ Allright (1961) Herbie Hancock – Takin’ Off (1962) Robert Glasper – Canvas (2005 And if so, whaddya think? I guess they are sold out and awaiting a repress...
  10. Jeez there's that damn turtleneck again.
  11. Who here collected any of these?

    Me too! In fact, I love buying those commemorative sheets. I bought a bunch of these ones with tropical fish: And this one:
  12. I know exactly what they're talking about. Look at Amazon's digital music offerings. Who makes money off of an album like this one: ? I'll tell you who - Amazon.
  13. Who here collected any of these?

    I still buy commemoratives when I go to the post office, and use them when I mail bills, etc. It’s just a fun thing to do. They still issue stamps with musical figures. Just bought a sheet of Marvin Gaye stamps; in the past year, I’ve bought ones of Sarah Vaughan and John Lennon.
  14. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Miles Davis "Bitches Brew" recent Sony SACD (Stereo layer, not Quad layer). Disc 2
  15. Who here collected any of these?

    It looks like the market correction I talked about was in 1988: The gist of it is that most dealers were buying stamps at "50% of Scotts" and when Scotts adjusted their value to reflect what dealers were actually paying, dealers still said "50% of Scotts". I actually had more than one dealer offer me less than face-value for a majority of my stamp collection. I finally said, "If they're worth less than their value as postage stamps, I'll just use them for postage". It made for some cool mail back then. One thing I couldn't mail were those postage due stamps. I had a bunch of those because I found out that my local post office had old, old stock. I thought they might still have value. Nope. Not worth much over face. It was a bummer. I should have stuck with coins like my brother. He made a bunch of money when he sold his coins.
  16. Who here collected any of these?

    In 1986 my mother gave me a sheet of these for my birthday and I still have it somewhere:
  18. Who here collected any of these?

    My wife did the same for me.
  19. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Spent some time with Mr. Bob Dorough earlier this week: Now listening to:
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