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  1. My CD copy just arrived from Amazon - I am plan on putting it on after finishing the first spin of the new James McMurtry.
  2. Jazz in pornos.

    It is not really Jazz & I have never seen the film but Bernard Purdie recorded the music for the porn film Lialeh.
  3. Tommy Flanagan

    I enjoy his work with tenor saxophonist Bennie Wallace on The Free Will and Self Titled release on AudioQuest.
  4. Will Calhoun Ensemble?

    Not much help but I saw seen him perform with jazz musicians one time with Wayne Shorter at the SF Jazz Festival in the mid 1990s in a band the included Rachel Z as well, so it was more guitar and synthesizers/ sequencer based. I don't recall being impressed by him or the band's performance. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  5. Sorry about the delay in signing up but I just took care of it. I am very excited about this project!
  6. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    I hear both of you. I like some of Bob's songs during the late 80s/90s era but Brent's songs and the use of MIDI are like a magnet pulling me to skip to the next track! Honestly, I was tempted to buy the Spring 1990 set though because that was era was I first heard Dead shows on cassette. I played the shows with Branford Marsalis quite a bit back then and it was one of the many doors that opened for me to explore jazz.
  7. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    I bought the subscription but when each arrived it seemed like a reminder for me to listen to another show I have not head and ignored the new one that just arrived. Still have not listened to any of them! I just stopped by Dead.net and noticed the 1990 boxset has officially sold out on the site. Nothing like the 69 set and the first pressing of the Europe '72 set but not bad for a 90s set.
  8. Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears.

    I like their LPs on Lost Highway (Tell 'Em What Your Name Is! & Scandalous) as well. I have seen them headline and warm up for Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings as well. I love that their set lists seem to change for their shows and they pull out interesting covers, with Surfin Bird by the Trash Man pulled out for one of the shows as a tribute to Trash Man being from the area.
  9. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Has anyone heard any talk about a new 1971 Winterland boxset or release of 5/30/1971? On the Record Store Day Black Friday release list there was this listed: Grateful Dead Live atWinterland (5/30/1971) Rhino double LP gatefold 7500 I thought a CD reissue might coincide with it since that is what they have done in the past with the Europe '72 Vol. 2 pressing last year and the pressing of Dark Star from the Olympia Theatre show on 5/4/72 that came out this Spring.
  10. MLB 2012 Season

    I don't think they have #5. I believe it's the first two in STL and last 3 in DC. I don't think it's fair to the Division winner in this format. Additionally I think this should be a 7 game series not 5. Thanks for clearing that up. It seems like a big change since in the past the team with the most wins would have had games 1, 2, and 5.
  11. MLB 2012 Season

    Maybe it is the new Wild Card 1 game playoff that has me confused but why do the Cardinals have the 1, 2, and 5 games at home when they won the Wild Card and won 10 less games then The Nationals?
  12. John Tchicai, RIP

    Sad news. The New York Art Quartet on ESP was the first place I heard him and then the New York Eye and Ear Control LP.
  13. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    This is interesting, from the liner notes: "In December 1970, Saunders replaced Howard Wales at a weekly jam session with Garcia, bassist John Kahn, and drummer Bill Vitt at the Matrix in San Francisco. The audience grew over time until the place was packed every week. Saunders taught Garcia standards like "My Funny Valentine" and "Georgia On My Mind," and the pair bonded over John Lennon's "Imagine." Quoted in Blair Jackson's excellent biography Garcia: An American Life, Jerry said: "I'd never played any standards; I'd never played in dance bands. I never had any approach to the world of regular, straight music. He knows all the standards, and he taught me how bebop works. He taught me music."" That last sentence is a little hyperbolic, IMHO; Garcia seemed to be doing just fine up until that point. But Saunders led him to expand even further. I tend to have a rule of listening to the music first before reading the liner notes on my LPs and boxsets. I am about halway through the set, I might have to break my rule.
  14. Happy Birthday HolyStitt!

    Thanks guys! Been pretty low key on the board the last few years with finishing my degree in the fall of 2009, finding jobs, and figuring out my career. Now I have found a niche and a good company that wants to develop me, so I have more tme to post and a buy more music!
  15. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    I have never heard any of the prior releases and I have played about a 1/3 of the set. So far I am really surprised how much different Jerry's playing is in comparison to with the Dead. Really love the sound of him playing behind Merl when he takes a solo.