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    We all go to Mats Gustaffson's house? @david weiss has the address!
  2. Sexiest album covers

    A close up of Senor Wences?
  3. Other Minds Festival

    Got a streaming pass. Can't wait. Smith has had to cancel, though.
  4. Whither Allen Lowe?

    Oh shit, just seeing Allen's latest post. I only check this forum sporadically now, but Allen, your scholarship has been inspiring to me, and I've bought most, maybe all of your books and historical CD sets. The care and thought you put into your work is just mind-boggling.
  5. Assuming you care and have heard enough to have

    Yeah, I enjoy Solti's 8th (very intense and driven), but the 8th is just not a symphony that I really care too much for. I've never liked Goethe's Faust Part 2 either (worst literary sequel ever!).
  6. Assuming you care and have heard enough to have

    The fourth and ninth. Das Lied if you count that. Least favorite: The 8th, although live it's of course a lot of fun. I might want be a contrarian and also say the 10th completed by Cooke is in my top 5.
  7. Phil Schaap R.I.P.

    RIP, he's reached the final pause track.
  8. New previously unissued Horace Tapscott

    I have no room for LPs, is there going to be a digital release? I wish someone would put on CD the entire Tapscott Sessions. Who's running Nimbus now that Tom Albach is dead?
  9. Big Ears Festival

    The rock band Sparks is so far the only group confirmed for next year.
  10. Not buying anything from this guy ever again.
  11. Is the Jazz Composers' Orchestra on this list? I despaired of it ever seeing a legitimate CD release, gave up and bought (an admittedly pristine) 1980s Japanese LP reissue of it off of discogs.
  12. Roscoe Mitchell recommendations

    Live from Harvard on April 30, 2021. Video Available for only two weeks.
  13. Pony Poindexter, any fans?

    True story, I read this topic as "pony Poindexter only fans".
  14. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    How is Rathaus, spiky and modern or more on the romantic side?