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  1. Some of them are available for streaming on Spotify!
  2. One Classical Recording You'd Like Others To Hear

    Re: Furtwangler's 1942 Beethoven 9th, I know music transcends, etc. but I have a hard time with the idea of Germans singing "Alle Menschen Werden Bruder" in 1942 when their relatives and neighbors are committing genocide in their name. It's a sick joke, not uplifting. Here's my recommendation: (And I know FiDi served in the Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front. He probably saw, and may have participated in, some horrifying things, which makes this combination of composition and performance so much more the chilling.)
  3. Loriod is my favorite, but I saw Steven Osborne perform it live, and was suitable moved. Some yahoo started clapping and hooting before even the last note died away. Osborne looked annoyed. The rest of the audience sat in silence for a good stretch before showing its appreciation.
  4. Alexander Hawkins Unit[e]

    Fantastic stuff, as always. Are you ever coming to America?
  5. Ellington Treasury Shows

    Vol. 22 is now available on Amazon Prime and for MP3 purchase...no sign of the CD but Amazon gets them eventually.
  6. Vocalion

    Yeah, it's like, who the hell is buying those "ambrose" CDs?
  7. Anyone else into Noise Rap/Left-Field Hip Hop?

    Ex-Military was my entree to Death Grips. You can (or could) download it for free on their website. You might like Dalek, I would highly recommend "From Filthy Tongue Of Gods and Griots" and the collaboration with Faust.
  8. Concerts: previews / reviews

    Act 1 of Siegfried reminds me a bit of Shut Up Little Man
  9. John Surman - Morning Glory!

    So these seem to be delayed? At least according to Dusty Groove.
  10. *** Cecil Taylor ***

    Thanks Margaret, I meant anyone from this board. I had seen that the Taylor/Oxley concert was sold out some time ago, as it should be. I live in Washington so couldn't get up to the Whitney because of work deadlines. Proud to say I took the train up about 10(?) years ago and saw nearly every set of the big band at Iridium. what a mind blowing experience, every night. Even when the third set one night made me miss the last train of the night and I basically wandered around Manhattan till 5 am.
  11. *** Cecil Taylor ***

    So did anyone go to the Whitney retrospective?
  12. Anthony Braxton

    I got it off discogs, took about a 8 days registered mail to get to america. Cheap shipping. Also got the Roscoe Mitchell set. Haven't listened to it yet, though.
  13. Sexiest album covers

    Oh man, I first read that as "There's a Man in my Wife!"
  14. What is the current status of Spotify?

    Really? I get paralyzed by the expanse of music I want to listen to or watch on YouTube--there's so much to cram in before we die...
  15. creative music studio archival release

    The first ever encounter between Anthony Braxton and Marilyn Crispell, a duet from 1977; a Don Cherry big band with his Codona mates; Lee Konitz doing Oleo; Frederick Rzewski and karl Berger duet; Baikida Carroll and Gerry Hemingway large groups; "world music" by people I am unfamiliar with (apart from Colin Walcott).