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  1. Electromagnetic interference?

    Hey is this about a new kind of improv??
  2. Who had the hippest, coolest stage manner?

    Man, I saw Archie Shepp last summer with Roswell Rudd, Andrew Cyrille, and Reggie Workman. Those cats, especially Shepp, are pretty old, and somehow still cool. Shepp still has the buzz of a young man. He gets my vote.
  3. Funny Rat

    Piper at the Gates of Dawn is my favorite PF album, by very very far. ANd the only one I can really listen to anymore (and not that often).
  4. Unheard Music Series

    I own this whole series, and it is all very worth it. I hope they keep up the output. I have a hard time picking a favorite. But the McPhee albums are mind blowing.
  5. Che banned?

    What should we JCers know about Che? He has jumped onto our ship now.
  6. Funny Rat

    nice reviews! I've been very impressed by the four ErstLives so far. 1 and 3 are the most immediately gripping, but I've been spending a lot more time with 4 recently. I really can't recommend this disc highly enough. The four musicians work in an area closer to what I would expect from Sachiko than from Pita or Fennesz, but the level of communication and responsiveness is amazing. Never mind the fact that I really enjoy the sounds these four create, and I am most definitely not a huge fan of sine waves as a musical instrument. The "editorial" at the top of the page is funny. I almost forgot what day today is. 004 is my favorite of the erstlives by far. I am dying to recieve 005.
  7. Man, there is not a wasted note on Dialogue or Componants. Both incredible albums. But that is just IMO. My favorite hard bop is when they insinuate toward the more avant-garde. That is some exciting stuff. But I guess if you don't dig AG then you miss out.
  8. Which Tony Williams BN do you like better?

    I love both discs but I really really love the Red and Green tracks so much I have to choose Life Time.
  9. Are all boards this cantankerous?

    I think it might have something to do with the plants involved... Oh believe me, these guys are not that cool. Actually if they did grow more of that kinda plant, they might be a little more chill.
  10. What cd/Lp have you played the most often?

    Jeez, your high-frequency sensitivity must be taking a beating if that's in heavy rotation in your house. Just listening to it straight through is enough to get my ears tingling. Interesting disc but it's definitely not one I pull out lightly. I truthfully have no idea what I've listened to most over the years. I really have played that more than any other EAI, but that is nothing. Number two is probably Do.
  11. The all "Hello Kitty" thread...

    That had better be the most sarcastic statement I have seen in a long time! No way honey buns. I think it really it the best thread ever.
  12. The all "Hello Kitty" thread...

    This has got to be the *best* thread on any jazz forum I have seen in a long time! I will hold this image in my head forever:
  13. Are all boards this cantankerous?

    I post on many sites: JC, Organissimo, AAJ, I hate music, Good Music Guide (classical music),, bagatellen, the aebersold forum, sax on the web, I love music, etc. They are all the same. There can be flameouts on any board. And yes, on other subjects it can get much much worse. Believe it or not I have seen much worse all out war on plant forums (I used to frequent plant listservers when I worked as a botanists). For some reason jazz people tend to be more polite than plant freaks. Go figure. As it stands now, jazz corner and organissimo match my interests the best.
  14. What cd/Lp have you played the most often?

    Jazz- John Coltrane: Live at Villiage Vanguard box (I listened to this a hell of a lot when I first got it, and the album a hell of a lot before that. The album made me switch from guitar to tenor sax as a primary instrument. Rock- Beach Boys: Pet Sounds There is no better rock album. Classical- Luigi Nono: Fragmente-Stille, An Diotima EAI- Yoshihide, M, Nakamura: Good Morning, Good Night

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