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  1. MLB Season 2020

    I do recall reading somewhere where Whitey admitted to putting various substances on the ball from time to time.
  2. a little unsettling as I had throat cancer (not metastatic fortunately) last year. I actually liked his playing when he just played.
  3. actually, this Dexter album was recorded in 1964, but the concert started in 1963.
  4. I wonder if Colomby ever got his commission. It is possible that Monk paid him.
  5. What happens to your collection?

    they will bury me face down with as many LP's as will fit inserted into my butt crack, vertically, facing into the sky.This is a re-creation of an old collector's ritual (or maybe it has to do with virgin sacrifice. I don't really remember).
  6. my problem with Ginnell is that, in his Milton Brown book, there is not a single, and I mean not a single, mention of black musicians or black musical influences related to the genre in general or Milton Brown in particular. I found this lapse just incomprehensible.
  7. RIP Ira Sullivan

    I saw him for the first and last time playing trumpet in Chicago at the Jazz Showcase; early 1980s? It was more than great, it was astounding. He was one of the free-est improvising beboppers I have ever seen. I was just floored.
  8. Jazzhus Montmarte Is Closing Its Doors

    not a good thing, but having been to Denmark I can tell you that the good thing about all of this is that the overall jazz scene there will come back, if on a less famous level, because there is heavy government subsidy of even private businesses who run jazz concerts and events.
  9. RIP Leo Ursini

    yeah, he was pretty spry that day, playing, and talking to everyone except me. It's ok. I was mildly offended but that's life.
  10. RIP Leo Ursini

    that was the weird thing; I told him I had been very active in the music, and he clearly was uninterested. It was....odd. But that's life, as I've learned. I actually had something coming up at the time at Lincoln Center, a teaching thing I would have used him on, but forget it. I felt too deflated.
  11. RIP Leo Ursini

    it was basically: "Hi, I was your student 50 years ago." He was perfectly cordial, but just kind of indifferent.
  12. RIP Stanley Crouch

    this happened because Crouch knew next to nothing about music, technically speaking, but tried to bluff his way through. As for that account of what Lyons, etc supossedly said, I think Crouch was was flat out lying. and this sure as hell doesn't sound like Cecil:
  13. RIP Leo Ursini

    I had him as a band teacher in 8th grade out in Massapequa, and used him for lessons for a year or two when I was in high school. I was always proud because he told my mother I was the best student he ever had (probably the only one who could play chord changes). Last year, maybe in June, I found out he was playing at a restaurant on the North Shore so my wife and I went out, and it was an odd experience. He didn't remember me, which was fine and understandable, but he was also oddly stand-offish. But he was still playing very well.
  14. for those of you who have been thinking about the new collection, Turn Me Loose White Man, 30 cds and the book. I am now selling the CD side of it in 10 CD sets; it costs a bit more, unit-price wise, but you can now stretch it out a bit if you want to overpay. I will divide it into 3 sets: Volume 1 CD 1-10 Volume 2 CD 11-20 Volume 3 CD 21-30 Each volume is $65 shipped media in the USA. If you buy any of these individual sets I will sell you the book or E book at a discounted price (email or message me for details) - (for Euro shipping check with me first, as I will have to price it out) thanks -
  15. RIP Leo Ursini

    just spotted this. Mr. Ursini was my first and last saxophone teacher, during a few of my high school years. Great man, incredible saxophonist (and clarinetist, too) -
  16. Bill “Stretch” Osment Needs Help

    feeling so desperately helpless these days; there's still some ways to just do stuff without all the crap.
  17. Ambrose Akinmusire

    I've only listened to a little of this guy; is there a particular cut or album where you think he does this in particular?
  18. Ambrose Akinmusire

    so I just started to listen to On the Tender Spot. This guy is great. And I'm old, but I think he is terrific, terrific ideas, terrific sound. I think you guys are just jealous because he's more popular than you are.
  19. Ambrose Akinmusire

    I never heard of the guy.
  20. the only thing I will add to this discussion is that there are hundreds of African and Africana studies departments in the United States. Why have they not addressed this problem? (rhetorical question that I will answer anyway: because they are as full of crap as the rest of academia)
  21. Issues with Paypal

    paypal is not only completely safe, but much better than any other entity I have ever dealt with when it comes to returns and seller misrepresentation. And yes, they have my bank account info, all of my medical records, and a few snapshots of my wife. I mention all of this because of some of the suggestions here that it is risky to give them access.
  22. been so busy lately with the book, writing volume 2, recording and composing, etc etc that I feel like I have lost touch with the world of interest-in-jazz and its market (such as it is). I have a fair amount of CDs I want to sell, good stuff, mostly older jazz and I have no idea if anybody is buying these suckers any more. I ask because I would like to know before I go to all this trouble of collating, listing, etc. if anybody is purchasing anything any more in the time-of-download. Whaddaya think?
  23. Jackie McLean: Swing, Swang, Swingin'

    not to rove too far from the subject, but those older horns just breathe like newer ones don't - weirdly enough it's like the difference between tubes and solid state.
  24. Jackie McLean: Swing, Swang, Swingin'

    that's quite a nice solo on You Don't Know What Love Is. As for saxophones of choice, well, it's the reason so many contemporary players have that buzzy, kazoo-like sound. But they've been seduced by how much easier modern horns play. But it's a real loss for the soul of the music.