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  1. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Now listening to late sonatas from this set on free Spotify:
  2. 1987 Japanese/German Impulse! titles

    Most of my impulse! titles are MVCI CDs, some are 32XD releases and German equivalents. When a title I wanted wasn't available in those series, I got a later reissue. Many years ago I compared some of the 1987 and 1991 discs to post-1991 reissues of the same titles and always preferred the former.
  3. 1987 Japanese/German Impulse! titles

    As far as I can tell the 1991 Japanese impulse! CD reissues with the MVCI prefix have the same masterings as the 32XD and German series. Later Japanese impulse! CDs have different masterings.
  4. Happy Birthday, Alan!
  5. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    The back order notice has been on this page for a few weeks now: Hank Mobley 1963-1970 set
  6. Sony CFDS70B CD/cassette/FM-AM radio

    Nice price
  7. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Vol.2 was worth the wait. Still one of my favourites for these concertos.
  8. Lee Morgan 60s Mosaic set

    Same here, I have all of Lee Morgan's 1960s Blue Notes (listened to all of them again these last few days ), but I'm still getting the Mosaic if/when it comes out. Also got the 1960s Mobley, although I have the individual CDs.
  9. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    I'm still sorry the Selects went the way of the dodo. It was a great series, at least in my opinion, and I was a bit surprised it wasn't commercially viable to continue. Apparently the sales were extremely low, and with Mosaic being in not-so-good shape at the time...
  10. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    The Mobley set seems to be selling well. The first batch has already sold out at Mosaic (it's on backorder) and Jazz Messengers in Barcelona, Spain, has only one copy left at the moment.
  11. Jimmy Heath RIP

    Shocked to hear this, one of my favourite tenor saxophonists. Thanks for the many great recordings, Mr Heath.
  12. How do MFSL, DCC Gold, etc work?

    That is basically how it works. By the way, DCC ceased to exist about twenty years ago, its successor, Audio Fidelity, went the same way a couple of years ago. Mobile Fidelity or MFSL is in its second life after it went bankrupt; it was acquired by MusicDirect in 1999 and released many (in my view) outstanding discs over the years that were licensed from the majors, including a lot of Miles Davis' and Bob Dylan's Columbia albums. They're way too expensive for my taste, though.
  13. Reissue labels - legit or not

    Andorra is situated between France and Spain, but it is not part of Spain (and not a member state of the EU). Andorra
  14. Back to the actual topic and up again for Lon's sale
  15. Well, if Boris does indeed go for a hard Brexit on December 31, 2020 (the end of the transition period), which many EU diplomats think he will (though they'll not say it out loud, at least not now), it probably will.
  16. I've had arguments like a queue at the Post Office, a different counter and having to fill out a customs declaration (and even the argument that someone didn't want to sell to non-Americans) thrown at me more than once when I asked why a seller wouldn't ship abroad, but the main reasons why I stopped buying stuff from overseas countries are indeed the extremely high postage rates, plus - in some cases - the hassle of having to pay customs duty/tax if the total value of an order exceeds 22 euros. I now mainly get my CDs from EU countries like Germany and France, most of the time hassle-free.
  17. As far as I can remember Lon has never shipped outside the US.
  18. Those that have left us this year in the world of jazz.

    Criss Cross' Gerry Teekens
  19. It's December 10, 12:15 AM over here, so: happy birthday Dmitry! Have a great day and many happy returns!
  20. It's December 9 over here, so: have a great day and many happy returns!
  21. Just before it ended? The Teddy Wilson set is still available from Mosaic and, in Europe, from JazzMessengers in Barcelona, Spain.
  22. Mariss Jansons (1943 - 2019)

    Sad news. He was well-liked in Amsterdam, where he was principal conductor of the Concertgebouw Orchestra between 2004 and 2015.
  23. What's next for Mosaic

    Same here, that would be great.
  24. Paying import duties on Ebay?

    It is. Actually, we have to pay a bit more, VAT is now 21% here.