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  1. Packing my collection

    Good luck with the move. Buffalo seems to be nice, a former US contact of mine lives there.
  2. SACD Question

    I have the 2CD Legacy Edition and the MFSL hybrid SACD of Kind of Blue, but never compared them, so I can't comment. Others did and preferred the MFSL because it sounded warmer. "Hybrid" means that the disc has both a CD-layer and an SACD-layer, so yes, a hybrid SACD can be played on most regular CD-players, though in my experience some older players, from the 1990s for example, occasionally do have problems, which modern CD-players usually don't have. I have a 3-year-old Naim CD5 XS CD-player and never had a problem.
  3. SACD Question

    Mobile Fidelity stopped releasing CDs years ago, they only do hybrid SACDs and LPs nowadays. I've got most of their Miles Davis SACDs and they're terrific. Miles Davis hybrid MFSL SACDs
  4. SACD Question

    Another hybrid SACD (stereo only) of Kind of Blue was released by Mobile Fidelity, in a limited edition: MFSL SACD
  5. This is bullshit defined.

    Didn't see those fortunately - the stuff I read over there is mainly about jazz and classical, pre-war blues and some 1960s rock, that's all.
  6. This is bullshit defined.

    For an April 1 joke I think it's quite funny. I wonder how many audio extremists will fall for it...
  7. The name of the label is Capitol, not Capital. If nothing has changed with Mosaic since Capitol was taken over by Universal, it seems likely that it is now partially owned by Universal. Universal Music is owned by Vivendi, which is based in France: Universal Music Group (UMG)
  8. The Capitol label and all its sub labels, including Blue Note, are owned by Universal since the latter acquired EMI a few years ago. To prevent them from becoming too big the European Commission ordered Universal to sell EMI's classical division, including Virgin Classics, and the Parlophone label (but not the Beatles catalogue), which were subsequently acquired by Warner Music.
  9. It has indeed been discussed before. Mosaic's licenses are for CD reissues only, they aren't allowed by the licensing labels to sell downloads or stream sets.
  10. Buell Neidlinger RIP

    Sad news. Great player.
  11. I posted the list on another board: Mosaic sale list
  12. Those Documents sets (not to be confused with the former Austrian and now UK blues label) are released by Membran, a European public-domain label. The ones I've heard sound terrible to me, lots of noise reduction and pumped-up highs.
  13. A dissenting post: I've been on the fence about this set, but eventually decided not to get it. I have the 1992 French Hot 'n Sweet CD Harlem Stride Piano, which has all the 1921-1929 solo piano tracks (no alternates) and a few band tracks, and, while I fully acknowledge Johnson's importance, the music does not really move me enough to want the Mosaic. Besides, I have all of the Bessie Smith tracks and don't care for the other vocals, the band tracks or the later material.
  14. Clifford Jordan-Strata East Mosaic

    Perhaps time to start another campaign asking Mosaic for a reprint - license permitting, of course.
  15. jazzmessengers.com

  16. jazzmessengers.com

    Jorge always has always answered my e-mails within a couple of working-days (Monday-Friday) and I've never had any problems with them. I guess things within the EU are going smoother than outside. Overseas shipping can be a pain.
  17. RIP Sally White of Sally's Place

    I contacted her once years ago. A very friendly and helpful lady. Very sorry to hear this.
  18. Anybody Heard From Jazzmoose Lately?

    Sorry to hear this bad news.
  19. The new Jazz Messengers site is now up and running.
  20. There was some negativity about Jazz Messengers being off-line on another forum, that's why I contacted them and got this reply within a day: We saw those speculating and harmful messages on the [xxx] Forum. They are clearly out of context. Luckily, we still are more than alive! The truth is that we are just renovating our website. Maybe it wasn’t the perfect time, but we had to do it eventually.
  21. Muhal Richard Abrams - RIP

    Sorry to hear this.
  22. Happy belated birthday wishes!
  23. This may be interesting for EU customers who get their Mosaics from Jazz Messengers, Barcelona. I contacted them about the possible consequences of the current political situation in Catalonia and they assured me there will be no problems, they will move to another region of Spain if the Catalonian parliament declares independence from Spain and the region automatically ceases to be part of the EU that way.