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  1. Your 'old slippers'....

    I liked the slippers-question (and I know this thread has been asleep for years) and this was my instant response, without any analysis or second thoughts. My Jazz Slippers: Don Pullen: Healing Force (Not comfy slippers in the soothing/sleepy sense of the word, but my favorite solo piano jazz record, though I have hundreds of them, and the one I keep adding to my iPhone playlist again and again as the safest bet – it always moves me to tears and beyond.) David Murray: The Hill (The perfect jazz album, where Murray shows his complete understanding of the history of this art form without reducing his take on it into pastiche.) Mal Waldron: Tokyo Bound (Not the best Waldron album, but super delicious to my ears: repetitive, minimalistic waldronism played with fairly obscure Japanese bassist and drummer, but e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g is so perfectly in place that I get guaranteed pleasure from it every time. Also the simple compositions are perfect in their waldronesque/satie-like manner and the trio presents them like as if they were Bach jewels – and kind of turns them into such perfections through their patient and ritualistic readings.) Cecil Taylor: One Too Many Salty Swift And Not Goodbye (The best Cecil album – if I had to choose just one – free jazz bliss, 2 and a half hours of it, very well recorded, though the piano itself not in good condition, but that doesn't prevent Cecil from scaling the heights, and marvelous to hear Jimmy Lyons, Raphe Malik and Shannon Jackson in peak form and with such a large canvas at their disposal.) Maybe it's no coincidence that all but one of these are G. Bonandrini productions. I love the big meaty sound his people usually got on tape all those Black Saint / Soul Note records. It's a sound that's warm and tough simultaneously, and the trebles have real edge too, like I like them to have. Teemu Mäki, Helsinki, 26.12.2013.