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  1. Blue Note - Beefing Up The Collection

    On the basis of the recommendations/comments made etc ( plus reference to the Penguin Guide ) I've just put in a big Amazon order for : No Room For Squares - Hank Mobley Ready For Freddie - Freddie Hubbard Inner Urge - Joe Henderson Free For All - Art Blakey Heavy Soul - Ike Quebec Workout - Hank Mobley Doin' The Thing - Horace Silver Bossa Nova Soul Samba - Ike Quebec This on top of a batch of Stanley Turrentines last week. No idea when and how I'm going to listen to all this stuff but hey you're only old once!
  2. Big Band Fusion

    Between Truro and St Agnes on the coast,near Porthtowan. Not a decent record shop within a hundred miles!
  3. Big Band Fusion

    I remember that period only too well. This was the early 70s when hairy rock musicians mingled freely with jazz musicians to produce music of wildly variable quality. I remember seeing an early Mike Westbrook multi-media piece called Earthrise at the Mermaid theatre in London and sitting just in front of the whole of Manfred Mann. In fact, Manfred Mann's Chapter Three ( first album ) was a pretty successful attempt at fusing jazz and prog rock from this period. The thing I liked about this period was that almost anything was possible, eg Centipede. Can't imagine the accountants in charge of what's left of the music industry letting this kind of thing getting past the proposal stage.
  4. Big Band Fusion

    And Keith Tippett's Centipede's ' Septober Energy'. This was a truly bonkers project featuring 50 jazz and rock musicians. Must have lost loads of money.
  5. Big Band Fusion

    And Keith Tippett's Centipede's ' Septober Energy'. This was a truly bonkers project featuring 50 jazz and rock musicians. Must have lost loads of money.
  6. Blue Note - Beefing Up The Collection

    Just a couple of questions arising from my Blue Note 'quest': Any opinions on Ready for Freddie by Freddie Hubbard? My knowledge of Bobby Hutcherson is a bit thin. Can anyone recommend any of his albums, on Blue Note or elsewhere? ( I currently have San Francisco, Dialogue and Total Eclipse plus a Blue Note Best Of ) Thanks
  7. Blue Note - Beefing Up The Collection

    I just wanted to say thanks for the various replies so far. I've already picked up some useful recommendations. In response to Dave James, I would say I am pretty immersed in jazz already. I have 9000 or so CDs and LPs, the vast majority jazz. In terms of Blue Note I have pretty much all of the 'usual suspects' and many more besides. However, there is only so much you can listen to ( let alone afford ) and I'm conscious that I'm probably missing out on some of the less well known titles. For example, Dexter Gordon's 'Doin' Alright' is a firm favourite of mine, although 'Go' and 'Our Man In Paris' are usually the ones at the top of the list. And, as someone commented, there are other labels ( eg Riverside and Prestige ) with some great albums. However, Blue Note has always stood out for me, both in terms of sheer consistency and recording quality over a vast output. As far as tastes are concerned, I'm not a big fan of free jazz in general, although the occasional artist/title can be rewarding. Other than that, I'm pretty open to anything back to including the first BN titles.
  8. Blue Note - Beefing Up The Collection

    And that's just for starters. Looks like you've got a lot of discovering and a lot of great listening ahead of you. edit - Hope you let us know how your listening is going, and that you join the discussion here.
  9. Blue Note - Beefing Up The Collection

    I've got most of the listed titles and considering the rest. Not sure whether to go for the Sam Rivers or the JJ Johnson. What I'm really looking for, however, are some of the less familiar titles that wouldn't necessarily appear in many 'best of' lists.