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  1. I saw The Thing last night in Oakland: Mats Gustafsson - Reeds Ingebrigt H. Flaten - Bass Paal Nilssen-Love - Drums Totally freaking smoked!
  2. You don't think that Cage or Reich could ever have been accused of being "stuck in a groove"? I like Cage's ideas, and Reich has a few pieces I enjoy, but Zorn has more music than either of them that I actually enjoy listening to. As PhillyQ alluded to, I'm not sure how much enjoyment one is allowed to induce and still be considered "serious". Zorn has a lot of work I don't like as well, but the Masada pieces are significant...I saw Electric Masada the other month during his stint at Yoshi's...that group is less than 10 years old, and they blew my ever-lovin' mind.
  3. Excellent read, thanks for the link. A couple of my favorite bits: I don't get where that Allen Lowe quote is from, or if we're still allowed to comment on it once it's been "disembodied"...but Zorn's musical community "is very limited"? Are you kidding me? I mean, fine if you don't like his music or whatever, but the guy has more breadth to his oeuvre than anyone I know.
  4. Nice little rally right at the end there on the AE box. Congrats on the sale!
  5. this is a thread on Chuck Nessa

    Any chance 5 of those will be the Art Ensemble box? :blush2: Three of them will be from the box. Excellent! Congliptious?
  6. this is a thread on Chuck Nessa

    Any chance 5 of those will be the Art Ensemble box? :blush2:
  7. Wow...great list! I had no idea. Thanks!
  8. borders' coupons

    I cleaned out my local Borders of pretty much everything I wanted with the 40% coupons that were going out last year. Then they started with the ones that work on the website, and I helped them clear some inventory there, too (got a few great deals on SACDs that are normally really expensive). You need to be careful on their site if you're particular about which version you want, often the cover art/description/etc. don't match. Shopping by UPC # has been 100% reliable so far. Anyway, I've only been getting 30% off, in-store only coupons from them so far this year...not enough to get me in the door. It's always sad to see a store close, but I can't afford to keep these guys in business. I'll miss them when they go, but not as much as I miss Tower.
  9. The Bad Plus - For All I Care

    My favorite pieces by The Bad Plus have always been the compositions by bassist Reid Anderson, so I'm a bit skeptical about this one because 1.) it is entirely comprised of covers (or very nearly so); and 2.) they've added a singer to the band: Wendy Lewis, a relative unknown who hails from the indie rock scene in The Bad Plus' home town of Minneapolis, MN. On the plus side, the selection of tunes seems outstanding, or at least psychotically diverse: songs from Nirvana, Pink Floyd, The Bee Gees, Igor Stravinksy and Milton Babbit (among others) are all represented. Also, one of the high points (a mesmerizing, contemplative high point, but a high point nonetheless) of their tour last year was Neil Young's "Heart of Gold", in which the guys all sang. Has anyone who's heard this have any opinions about it?
  10. Obama's Secret Record Collection

    Did he pay for it?
  11. Anthony Braxton

    Just noticed an update to Hathut's website. Willisau (Quartet) 1991 is there on the "upcoming releases" list...right where it's been for the last two years at least. However, there's a change! Now it's on the list twice, and with a footnote: Giving some credence to my random, unsupported theory that the reason it's taken so long to reissue this one is Werner couldn't figure out how to fit four discs into one of the orange hatOLOGY sleeves. I wonder if it, er...they, will be out in 2009?
  12. Karen Mantler!!

    Awesome...somebody posted it! I looked for this last week when this thread came first exposure (back in the '80s) to Mantler and her since deceased cat Arnold. Thanks!
  13. Prince Lasha

    I saw him at Yoshi's a few weeks unexpected guest in Eddie Gale's band. Sounded great! Hope he has a happy birthday!