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  1. *nod* Agreed on all counts.
  2. I saw $560 in revenue and $675 in government funding, but give or take a few hundred million we agree. (I did not check whether they operate at a loss, but I believe you.) The question is not whether they could afford to keep it, it's what they'd have to cut to do so. Their mission is not to be an archive. Their mission is to, like, broadcast stuff. So if they have to cut broadcasting to archive all this stuff, then they are making the right choice. Aside: there's a (to me bizarre) undercurrent of "digital copies are not the same as CDs" in this thread. You may complain about LPs (which, again, the original article doesn't say are getting destroyed), you may complain that there won't be enough time to digitize everything and some CDs will simply be tossed, you may complain about liner notes, you may complain about a million things; but claiming that a lossless digital copy of a CD is somehow less than the CD is factually incorrect. (If anything, it's *more* than the CD, since it's more easily transported, backed up, and generally manipulated.)
  3. BFT168 Diacussion Thread

    1. Someone took a piece by Debussy and a piece by Sondheim, shook the notes together, and handed them to a stride pianist. The unfortunate introduction out of the way, things settle into a frenetic version of "Blue Lou". This is a piece meant for dancing, and they're butchering it. Some modern (i.e., post-WWII) band that doesn't understand Swing with a capital S. Is that a bass sax? That's kinda cool. The pianist, once s/he settles in during the second half of the intro, is the most enjoyable part. Then they never re-appear. Hmpf! I sort of hate it, and (or because) I love most 30's and 40's recordings of this piece. Listen to Fletcher Henderson in 1936 (when Big Sid, Roy Eldridge, and Chu Berry were all in the band) or to Chick Webb's posthumous Ella-led band in 1939 to hear what it sounds like in its original context. 3. Half a second in, and I expect a George Harrison vocal. 5. Some serious piano playing. No idea who/what/anything. Would shoot the drummer. Then again, I would shoot most drummers, so, you know. Would love to hear more of the piano player. 7. That's a very pretty tenor. Dunno who or what, though, and don't feel like just throwing out names. Keen to find out! 11. Another modern big band attempts swing. If I ever meet the drummer, I am going to take that cymbal and shove it up one of his (or her?) orifices. This sounds like it's either 1950's jump blues about to cross over into R&B, or it's some swing revival 1990's or early 2000's stuff. The awful drummer had me leaning towards the latter, but the screaming sax is way better than anything that was around in the neoswing scene, so I'm gonna go with a fifties recording. No idea who it is. Wouldn't mind hearing more from the saxophonist with a different rhythm section. 12. More fifties sax? Is that Earl Bostic? I think it is. (OK, I had to look through my library to find the name of the tune: "Steam Whistle Jump" from 1952.) I like this. Nothing too complex going on, but it pleasantly bops along. 13. Now we're really into Rock 'n' Roll. Late 50's? (Turns out it's early 60's, but I only found out after identifying it and looking up the year.) It's Ike Turner, several years (turns out about a decade!) after "Rocket 88". Is that Jackie Brenston on sax? Probably. Again, I had to look up the name: "Prancing". Fun. I don't have anything reasonable or interesting to say about the rest (one might argue I didn't about this lot, either, but here it is anyway). It's the first BFT in a while that's gotten me excited enough to comment, so you did something right. Thanks for compiling!
  4. FS: Mosaic Sets

    Agreed that these are great prices. Also, I keep checking this thread when it gets bumped up, hoping that, like, the Roulette Basie Studio one was added to the list or something. A man can dream.
  5. When was the last time public broadcasting and the arts had lots of money? (Even in Canada.) If I were to grant your premise (that money is available for this), then I agree with you: save everything. I just don't think the premise is realistic. So question back to you: if we discard the premise of there being money (just for argument's sake), what is CBC to do here?
  6. That's an inane argument. The reason the CBC is destroying the material is because a) it's more expensive to store (in terms of money, or space, which is equivalent) and access (in terms of time) than the digital version; and b) they are not allowed by the copyright holders to keep a copy and pass on the physical media. b) can be squarely blamed 100% on [insert adjectives of choice, over which we can argue at length] copyright owners. So you may argue with the necessity of a), but pretending that part b) does not lead directly to the destruction is just silly. Arguing about the scores, vinyl, or shellac seems pointless, since the article explicitly states it is unknown what will happen with that part of the collection. To be a little more constructive: the ideal here seems to be for CBC to strike a deal with the Big Four and ASCAP, BMI, and SOCAN that will make a one-time allowance for donating all the stuff. (I don't know how viable that is legally, but a man can dream.)
  7. Hacked/Redirected/WTF?????

    OK, for the future folks: clearing your browser cache doesn't do anything relevant in a case like this. If you still have a device that redirects, you need to clear its DNS cache (just a list of hostnames and associated IP addresses), like I mentioned before: On iOS you can turn on airplane mode for a few seconds--that will flush the DNS cache. On Android you need to do a hard reboot, I believe. (Turn off phone, remove battery, wait a minute, reinsert, boot.)
  8. You left out the best part: Universal Music Japan has released two albums to accompany the manga. There's an excerpt from one of the albums in this short article: I can't comment on the musical quality, because it sounds like "weird modern shit" to me. (Translation for you hip folks: "it doesn't sound like cartoon music, so I don't care for it".) Also, there's a fan translation (questionable legality, but then again, there's no official English translation that I can find) online here: Scroll to the bottom of that page.
  9. Solo guitar

    I'm curious to hear how you think Swing-era rhythms compare to later ones. Also curious to know whether this statement is meant to connect to Jimmy Raney's (claiming straighter rhythms), to JSngry's (on-top-of-the-beat), or to both, or to neither.
  10. Solo guitar

    Agree on the Django and Ed Lang mentioned earlier. This board's very own late Durium (Hans Koert), in one of his BFTs, turned me on to Ton van Bergeijk (or van Bergeyk, if you're a bit more Anglophone [*] in your orthography). "Anno 1926" off of "I Got Rhythm" on Stefan Grossman's label is particularly charming. [*] Good on you if you were bothered by the contextually incongruous Greek root there.
  11. Female Jazz Artists

    OK. Look. If you like 'em, you gotta learn how to spell 'em. *Anita O'Day *Sarah Vaughan *Carmen McRae *Chris Connor Who's Dianne Ware? Casual googlification yielded nothing.
  12. The Kid Ory is wonderful, and you should buy it. Yeah, YOU, whomever you are!
  13. Hacked/Redirected/WTF?????

    I saw nothing. Given the somewhat inconsistent reports above, I'd bet it's a DNS issue. Jim, I'd start with whomever you registered the domain name through (Google, GoDaddy, ...). (The problem disappearing when you switch browsers or reboot a device suggests flushing your local DNS cache fixes things, which in turn suggests there was a bad entry in the DNS server it grabbed the data from the first time around.) If none of that meant anything to you: don't worry. If anyone still has a computer with the bad redirect (obviously not the one you're reading this from...), you can test my theory by following these steps to flush your DNS cache: If after that song and dance you get the organissimo site, you indeed had a bad DNS entry. If you still get the bad redirect, then it was something else and my deduction was incorrect.
  14. Computer help

    It didn't lock your files--it just prevents you from running MS Office apps. You can still open, edit, etc. your files using the alternatives we suggested Google Docs & Sheets, OpenOffice, LibreOffice. Or, for that matter, you can open all of them in the default Apple applications for this purpose: Pages for Word docs, Numbers for Excel docs, Keynote for PowerPoint docs.
  15. Computer help

    In all likelihood, no. The copy protection scheme checks what hardware it's running on. If the machine is too different from the one it was originally installed on, it does not allow the software to run. FWIW, Google Docs will import Microsoft Office files and let you work on them. If your documents aren't too crazy complicated, it'll work just fine.