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  1. The future of new CDs?

    What you are seeing are the death throes of a confused industry.
  2. OK, that's a little worrisome. That means it actually lost the itl file. If you remember: was the xml file still in there? What about the itdb files? And do you keep your music in that folder, or in a different location? (None of this ought to matter, of course, but now I'm really curious what awaits me down the road.) Oh, and here's a long shot: is there any chance you started the upgrade while logged in as a different user than the one who owns the iTunes files? Or is it possible that you manually set permissions on the iTunes directory at some point in the past? (I actually *do* set them so the directory is unwritable, for stupid reasons not worth getting into right now, but I suspect it's not common.)
  3. Did it warn you you were about to overwrite the existing .itl file when you copied your backup copy back? (If not, then it is not due to indexing, and the file truly was missing or moved. The indexing may cause Spotlight to lose track of files, but it will not cause Finder to do so.)
  4. In the twenties (and thirties, for that matter) St Louis was still one of the largest cities in the US, just outside the top 5. I speculate that a reference to St Louis was a mark of cachet everywhere in the country.
  5. When the state of the world gets me down, I return to this thread, just to read JSngry's review of the music on this set, and things seem a little better after. (Listening to the music helps, too.)
  6. iTunes problem

    What Operating System? What iTunes version? (On a Mac: iTunes->About iTunes. On Windows: left as an exercise for the unfortunate souls using Windows.) *What* exactly are you clicking on? Are you right-clicking the playlist name and selecting "burn to disc" or are you using the File menu? And, most importantly, what troubleshooting have you already done? A quick Google search with reasonable terms (iTunes burning wrong playlist) pops up an Apple support article, a bunch of discussions, suggested causes and solutions, etc. etc. I have no idea what's going on, but no one will be able to help without more details, I'm afraid.
  7. How hard is it to snap a piano string?

    Neat. And, yes: you need to re-tune new strings a few times during the first year, but I suspect that a professional instrument is tuned way more often than that regardless. Small aside: the A5 (the A above middle C) has more than one string on (almost?) all pianos. I wonder whether they all snapped or "just" one.
  8. Help ,,drummer,, * Skeets * March..,( Duke Ellington..

    For those playing along at home, this is the video of the Prague concert that Fabio mentioned: Someone in the comments says it's Skeets Marsh (based on the same source I've seen, though). And here: It's pretty clearly not Butch Miles, despite what the uploader says. The Library of Congress agrees it's Skeets in '74 in Prague: Also, here's Basie in Sweden in 1974: You can see the drummer at 2:18.
  9. Help ,,drummer,, * Skeets * March..,( Duke Ellington..

    The punctuation in this thread is like some sort of Gillespian dream. Fun! His name was spelled Marsh, not March. I had only seen his name in connection with Basie in 1974 on a tour of Europe with Oscar Peterson. He played in Sweden somewhere and in Prague, but I don't know where else. It turns out he also recorded with Milt Buckner for Black & Blue in 1973. In 1966, apart from those two dates in Milan and Paris, he also played with Duke in Geneva, Frankfurt, and Barcelona. Courtesy of Ken Vail's book: But, most interestingly: he appeared with Duke on the Ed Sullivan show in January of 1966! I haven't managed to find video of this, but that might be your best bet to see Skeets. If the web is to be trusted, he died in 1989.
  10. Big Bill Bissonnette, RIP

    Thank you for posting this, Jeff. (And those "Jazz Nocturne" Bechet CDs are annoyingly difficult to find. I got the MP3s from Amazon, of course, but I believe I only have one of the actual discs.) Edit: I take it all back: Amazon now lists all the CDs, too. Listening to Victoria Spivey with the Easy Riders Jazz Band now, in honour of BBB.
  11. Your threads would be far easier to parse if you added "FS:" and "LF:" in your titles.
  12. A cell phone fucked up my brain

    Oooh, let's take this thread in another direction! Corn subsidies are a terrible idea. I have no thoughts on soybeans, except that mapo tofu is delicious.
  13. Agreed. The green tabasco is a bit closer, but still a different beast.
  14. That one has my vote, too, when it comes to the kinds in bottles. It's more vinegar than hot, but that's OK. I was pleased to see it everywhere in New Orleans, so I'm being authentic. As for those crazy hot ones, I leave you with this:
  15. A cell phone fucked up my brain

    Isn't it still cursing when it's implied? I guess "heck" is OK when "hell" is not. OK, you're off the hook!