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  1. Birks/Birk's/Birks'

    No, that's different. "Peanuts" is a noun. So in that cays "Works" would not be a verb, it would be a plural noun, and we're back to Birks' needing an apostrophe. (And, yes, I purposefully used a gerund there to make it extra confusing.) Now that we've fallen down this hole, we might as well go all the way: Another fun semantic possibility is that Works is like a factory or place of manufacturing, a synonym for "plant" in the sense of assembly plant. For example, "the Chevrolet works." And finally, "Birks" can be read as a noun adjunct, that is, a noun used as an adjective, like in "record cover" or "Rembrandt works," as in "I bought two Rembrandt works." (The latter is more commonly written as "I bought two of Rembrandt's works" or "I bought two Rembrandts," but the s-less variant is definitely in use. Well, perhaps not so much in use in the case of Rembrandt...) I can't wait to see how this thread develops.
  2. Probably before, realize it was post-Europe Hawkins, mutter something about unnatural harmonies as I excuse myself to the kitchen for some gumbo (you have gumbo, right?), then return for the good stuff! Or is the Verve/JATP stuff something I'd enjoy? There's definitely 50's and after Hawkins I like: Cozy Cole's Big Seven, that standards album he did with Red Allen, the Art Ford Jazz Party thing, ...
  3. Birks/Birk's/Birks'

    The works-is-a-verb explanation would require a comma: "Dizzy Gillespie plays, Birks works." Either way, a small punctuation mark is missing.
  4. The register you like, the bottom one, is called chalumeau. The one above, that you perhaps tolerate at times, is the clarion. Above that, the one you hate, is altissimo.
  5. Reminder to self: if ever invited to jeffcrom's for the evening, arrive fashionably late.
  6. I was all ready to say harp, then I saw Paul said classical guitar, and I was all "oh HELL yeah, that $#!& is boring!," and then I saw soulpope said flute and I was like "damnit, I hate them all!" Oh, cymbals are awful, too. Actually, having played trumpet in a symphonic orchestra, I more or less despise all percussion instruments (they're right behind the brass, usually). So there you have it: harp, classical guitar, flute, and many of the percussion instruments. Unless voice counts, in which case the lion's share of sopranos make the list. Basically I hate all music. What am I even doing here? Edit: should we have a thread about most-loved instruments to balance things out? PerhapsI can negate mikeweil's vote by listing clarinet there.
  7. If you want to hear some New Orleans/Chicago style jazz, Cafe Borrone in Menlo Park (about halfway between San Jose and San Francisco) has a band playing most Friday evenings about 8-10 in the summer. It's led by Clint Baker and the exact personnel varies between weeks. Best to call ahead to make sure they're actually playing that Friday. Clint has been playing here for more than 25 years, since he started his own band while still in high school! For some very good gypsy jazz, Le Jazz Hot/The Hot Club of SF plays most Mondays 7-10 at Mr. Tipple's in SF. They used to play regularly at Le Colonial, too (restaurant downstairs, jazz and bar upstairs), but I don't know whether that's still happening. I believe the management got fed up with the dancers that showed up. (Oh, right: Mr. Tipple's will have people dancing, too.) For a more varied menu of jazz (which isn't my jam, but it sounds like it is yours!), you can check out Savanna Jazz in San Carlos, just a little North (i.e., towards SF) of Menlo Park. It's a pretty cozy place. They used to be in SF, but moved here about two years ago.
  8. Savory volume 4 CD

    I'm confused what you're asking, as is probably everyone else. The only place the Savory things have been released on a physical medium is on Mosaic, in a boxed set. There is no "volume 4 CD", unless you mean the 4th disc in the Mosaic set. So perhaps, then, you mean "can someone please burn me a copy of the files they bought from iTunes." In which case I suggest you form your request in such a way that we can all tell whether you've bought your own copy or not, so we can examine our morals and see how we feel about making you a CD.
  9. Fletcher Henderson personnel 1930-10-03 session

    Rex Stewart (cn), Russell Smith, Bobby Stark (tp), Jimmy Harrison, Claude Jones (tb), Benny Carter (cl,as), Harvey Boone (as), Coleman Hawkins (ts), Fletcher Henderson (p), Clarence Holiday (g), John Kirby (b), Walter Johnson (d) Edit: and to answer your question about solos, yes, that's Hawk. The clarinet is Carter, of course. Rex Stewart is the trumpet/cornet solo, and Claude Jones the trombone one.
  10. Amazon Prime Day 2018

    Netflix is extortion! They won't show me shows unless I sign up for their stupid service and pay a MONTHLY FEE! Can you believe it? What a bunch of jerks!
  11. Please, elaborate. Explain what you mean in grown-up words, and then explain how it pertains to this thread.
  12. Yes on the Berigan! PM sent.
  13. Thanks for the kind words.
  14. Ellington A Train

    I'm pretty sure Nance plays both.
  15. BFT 170 Discussion Thread

    Link to revelatory thread, so that future generations searching through the archive will have an easier time.