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  1. Ah, so if I do have a clue what I'm talking about, am I allowed to talk nonsense? You certainly seem to give yourself that leeway. This post is so far off the alt-right edge of crazy that I have a really hard time replying politely. It reminds me of arguments we had in sixth grade. What on earth are these "blunt, unfounded allegations" I allegedly made? That you agree with Trump? That you probably like the AfD? Given everything you've written, you seem like you do. If you don't you could simply politely say "actually, I think Trump is scum, and the AfD severely misguided and apparently hopelessly unaware of Germany's political history". Meanwhile, the thread has drifted again. It seems to have become a Steve-vs-the-World sort of thing. Let's try to bring it back where it was.
  2. My dear Steve, I wouldn't lecture too much about Central Europe if I were you. When did Switzerland get universal suffrage again? 1971. And that's federal only. You know when the last canton allowed women to vote in local elections? 1991. Wow. So progressive! No wonder everyone gets along so well! If the women just do as they're told and shut up then there's no cause for strife or concern, right? As for your "influx of real recent years"...I'm sure the AfD is pleased to have such a staunch supporter as you. Have you considered moving to the US? The current president has ideas you'd really like.
  3. You ignored my two paragraphs explaining how there absolutely *is* a good reason not to go around calling random women "honey" or "sweetie". I disagree with your statements in this thread almost entirely, so the all-caps "thank you" is, at best, wildly misleading. See JSngry and Scott Dolan's posts lower down making my point far better and more concisely. Or this comic, which tries to make the same point:
  4. Assuming this was a serious question, I will try to explain. (Note that this has relatively little to do with the origins of this thread. Weinstein wasn't calling anyone honey--he did (or is accused of, if you prefer) quite a bit more and a lot worse than that.) The waitress did not force you into a sexual act against your wishes. Therefore, there is no case for sexual assault. The waitress is not in a position of power over you. She cannot fire you, she cannot refuse you a bank loan, etc. She can spit in your coffee--that's about it. Therefore, there is no case for sexual harassment. What's left is being offended at being talked to like a child or a love/lust interest. And *there* your equivalency does not hold. If you have lived in a culture where men rape, assault, and generally oppress women on a regular basis, then as a woman you are far more likely to feel fear when talked to in a denigrating fashion. Especially since in all likelihood in your own past you have had someone call you (or if not you, your friend) "little lady" right before they grabbed your butt or other more intimate parts. All that said: if you do feel uncomfortable with your waitress calling you honey (and you're absolutely entitled to!), then would you feel comfortable telling her so? Would you have that conversation? Would you have that conversation with two others at your table? Would you have that conversation if you were in a bar filled with women, all taller, heavier, stronger, and more aggressive than you? What if instead of calling you "honey" she said "I can't wait to tear up that pretty little ass of you, little boy"? Let's not pretend this thread is about people being called "honey".
  5. I disagree that telling a person who might be a personal friend is the same as "getting the word out". The original point still stands: it's hard to talk about sexual abuse in general, and there's tremendous pressure not to. The whole "well, look at all these women suddenly talking, why didn't they talk before?" question is naive and, frankly, offensive. Catesta replied to a post in which page, I believe, was trying to say just this: "it's hard to talk about being sexual abused, and many people choose not to". Responding with "but Paltrow told this one guy and he said something about it to the perpetrator" doesn't negate that point. It merely shows the profound lack of understanding and empathy surrounding the issue. Apologies if I come across as harsh in this thread. It truly is rather upsetting to me to see some of the arguments people are making here. (And for the record, I despise Paltrow. I think she's an idiot who endangers women's health with her silly workshops and "Goop" line of products and her jade eggs and whatever else. And I am not making an argument about whether she spoke up or not, or about whether she was abused or not. This is about the lack of empathy displayed here for victims, or potential victims, of sexual abuse and the trials and tribulations they face.) Rant over. On a different note: jazz is great. I'm listening to some right now and it makes life better. (Right now Ella, 1938 recordings with Webb's orchestra. Great stuff.)
  6. I apologize: I was unclear. I understand exactly what Brad Pitt said. What I do not understand is how that relates to Page's post. Whether Brad Pitt threatened Weinstein or not is not relevant to the point that talking about sexual harassment and abuse is notoriously difficult. That Paltrow told one individual (Pitt) doesn't change that. So I ask again: what is the "So..." supposed to mean, catesta? Are you saying "look, she told someone"? (Because if so, yes, that's true, but you are missing the point entirely.)
  7. I have no idea what you're trying to say, catesta. Could you perhaps explain with more than an ellipsis?
  8. Agreed. I am hoping it is just incredibly poor phrasing on Dmitry's part rather than his actual belief.
  9. This was already asked by an astute reader on the first page. What are your thoughts?
  10. OK, mods, what the hell? This thread turned blatantly political with Dmitry's second post. Does this mean I get to rant about Trump being a lunatic and unfit to even tend my lawn?
  11. Hot Ptah's thread

    Hey, I hear Mosaic's in trouble!
  12. Quick, someone riff on the words of Mark Twain.
  13. Awww, c'mon. You don't need our help for that. More seriously: you can do a Google image search on the picture, and it will correctly identify it for you.
  14. Different scene. The "electroswing" nonsense came out of EDM and the house world, as far as I can tell. Every serious lindy hopper (swing dancer) that I've talked to hates the stuff--it doesn't swing. (Trev, care to chime in? Maybe you disagree.)