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  1. Word Of The Day

    Tsk, tsk. Name calling already, and with such poor punctuation to boot.
  2. Word Of The Day

    Ah, I see. "you guys" is supposed to refer back to "the majority of active members" and not to "a few people," then? In that case, I apologize and rather than give you grief about your political beliefs I will give you grief about your syntax. You can't switch subjects between clauses; that's not cricket.
  3. Word Of The Day

    Oof, buddy, you're off the deep end. You lost the popular vote, and you would on this board, too, by a wider margin still.
  4. What a question... Of course Fatha knew best: just listen to his playing on "Weatherbird" with Pops.

    Oh please. If you had read things correctly you would have said "It's not about the postmaster general, it's the Baltimore postmaster you should look at." Instead you said "she's only been with the USPS for 26 years." You don't get to invent some unmentioned antecedent for "she." So take your pick: you read incorrectly, or you skipped a step in your argument. There's no other option. That's still skipping the word, kids. If you want to take issue with the postmaster general being mentioned instead of some other official you feel is more appropriate, then you say *that*. They clearly didn't, but instead made a statement that could only be taken to refer to the postmaster general: Brad: You can probably thank that hack of a postmaster general. catesta: You are probably right. She's only been with the USPS for 26 years and still has much to learn. If you want to have a meaningful dialogue, you can't throw all decent rules of language, logic, and rhetoric out the window.

    No. That was your point only after it was pointed out to you that you didn't read the first post properly and skipped a word.
  7. San Diego State is also a place you could check. There was that article a month or two ago about Bram Dijkstra's collection going there. They took his collection whole, which many other places were unable or unwilling to do. Anyway, if you do start making a list of things to sell, definitely post it here. I'm enjoying "Turn Me Loose White Man" tremendously, and there are many things there I'd enjoy hearing more of.
  8. I assume you meant to write "headphone output isn't a line output" there. If so, is the issue that the signal has passed through an amplifier stage already, or is the issue that the impedance is lower? And can you elaborate on "usually sucks"? Distorted? Cut-off? Compressed? I would love to hear from others (T.D.?), too.
  9. OK, I promise that, like Daniel, I am not trolling when I ask this. Have you tried just running an audio cable (mini plug to mini plug or mini plug to RCA) from your computer's out to your amplifier's in? If so, where did it fall short?
  10. What's "older"? I'm interested in most things pre-1940, and I still buy CDs, simply because a lot of stuff has not made it to download (let alone streaming) yet. You may also want to check with Michael, since he's been slowly selling a huge collection on this very forum. I always had the impression you were a producer—does that not translate well to downloads/streaming? Or is the issue that you have a catalogue of recordings, but that you cannot sell them in new formats without renegotiating rights? Genuinely curious to learn.
  11. Digitally restoring 78 records?

    I know almost nothing, but you should drop me a line anyway (that dance we both love For one, I have nothing better to do, and now that you've planted the bug I am likely to spend the next week reading all about this stuff. One suggestion is to reach out to some well-known jazz archives and ask for advice or contacts. Rutgers University, the National Jazz Museum in Harlem, etc. You could even try Joe Bussard, as long as you don't tell him you're into Swing Era stuff. Since it's only the process that matters, you can try classical collections, too. In addition to Audition, Izotope RX Elements is probably worth a look. It's the consumer version of their professional thing, and it's only $29 (40 upside down $) right now (at least when I access the website from the US). Not sure whether they'll give you a download or try to charge you an arm and a leg to ship you a CD.
  12. Who’s with Cootie?

    No, but I can give you some irrelevant information instead. The move the dancer is doing is very likely either a "boogie forward" or an "eagle slide." No guarantee that's what he'd have called it himself at the time, though. (OK, fine, I have possibly relevant info, too, but I assume you already know this: William Claxton took that picture in 1960. The address is printed on the marquee, so location I'll leave to the astute reader.)
  13. Vic Dickenson on Blue Note

    To my extreme annoyance, no, I don't believe so. You can listen to four of them on YouTube, with all the caveats about quality, legality, blahblahity:
  14. Jazz taxonomy

    Mosaic lists the Lester Young/Basie set under "Trad & Swing" and "Vocal" of all things, but not under "Big Band"...
  15. If you don't have that set (or that material elsewhere), you should definitely go out and get it. There are some dirt cheap copies on Amazon right now, and if they're missing the liner notes, Chuck will soon be your man!
  16. Pirate! I'll dig up my set and curse at my scanner a bit and then send you a PM.
  17. Can't help you with those as I've never used them, but for the language barrier I can suggest something, at least. Use Chrome as your web browser. It has Google Translate integrated, so any page can be translated at the click of a button. The translations are more than good enough for (at least into English—try Dutch at your own peril). It won't help with the third-party seller problem, of course.
  18. eBay customer service

    The purchase history page is just really poorly designed. If you look in the top right, it'll say "See orders from: The last 60 days". Click on that, and change it to "2020". It'll show you all orders this year. Hope that helps!
  19. America unleashed

    Anderson Cooper is correct. You should really stop drinking the orange clown's Kool-Aid. Also, I would have thought you'd be in favour of looting. Imagine what great deals you can find for your bargain audio thread!
  20. In a civilized nation, if you have as many citations as Smith appears to have on his driving record, you don't get to drive a car anymore.
  21. A Covid-19 jazz joke.

  22. Ken Burns's Jazz (with all its flaws that I'm sure you can find many discussions about here on the forum, if you so desire) is available on Amazon. It's free if you have Prime, otherwise $0.99 per episode. Netflix keeps trying to get me to watch "Chasing Trane" and some thing about Miles Davis. I have no interest in either, but maybe they're in your wheelhouse. If you enjoy classical music I can recommend some documentaries on YouTube. The first is the Schubert Trout with the million dollar quintet. Not Elvis, Lewis, Cash, and Perkins, but the even more staggering collection of Perlman, du Pré, Mehta, Pinchas, and Barenboim. I'm struggling to explain how good this is, both music and backstage bits. Just watch it. The fifteen seconds of Mehta-Perlman's Mendelssohn concerto alone is worth it. The second is "Jascha Heifetz: God's Fiddler". Listening to Heifetz for me is like listening to Django, Tatum, Armstrong, or Ella. He is *so* good that it makes you want to give up music in despair. The third is "Ithzak Perlman: Virtuoso Violinist". Perlman's playing is as stunning as Heifetz's, and his sense of humour shines through everything. Bonus: Heifetz playing the Tchaikovsky, first movement: And this amusing Perlman bit. I can't remember whether it's in the documentary I linked above or not. After a student in a master class displays some incredibly good staccato technique, Perlman tells an anecdote about Gingold and Ysaÿe:
  23. You missed the point: with downloads the ordering is immaterial, since you decide the ordering. The secondary point, which you also missed in your eagerness to prove you understand the world, is that a download is trivially fixable: it's one quick copy of a file or a directory on a web server, and immediately everyone who wants to buy the music will obtain the corrected files. Don't dismiss the new just because you grew up with the old. As to the autographing: that's a new argument that no one in this thread had so far made, but sure, I guess? I have also never understood the mysterious draw of the autograph, but I understand there are those who do. I'm keen to hear what percentage of releases owned by the collective CD-or-bust crowd are autographed. And felser: SOMEone has to come down and scream at the top of their lungs in this forum every now and then, because otherwise it's just a recording of an echo chamber filled with 70 year old men. And not even a download of a recording. Some sort of weird old "CD" thing. What gives?
  24. And this, kids, is one of a dozen reasons why you want downloads and not physical media. The real mystery to me is how you lot complaining about the lack of outdated and inferior technology are putting up with an electric computing machine that sends messages through the æther. I, personally, far prefer to receive my pointless rants by Pony Express.
  25. Copyright

    Thanks for the clarification. Now I'm curious, though: what's the purpose of Black's giving two different definitions? Is it just historical? It seems pretty insistent that there is a difference, even if the difference isn't always maintained! "“Unlawful” and “illegal” are frequently used as synonymous terms, but, in the proper sense of the word, “unlawful,” as applied to promises, agreements, considerations, and the like, denotes that they are ineffectual in law because they involve acts which, although not illegal, i. e., positively forbidden, are disapproved of by the law, and are therefore not recognized as the ground of legal rights, either because they are immoral or because they are against public policy. "