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  1. Blue Train (Deluxe Edition)

    The 2013 japanese SHM-CD with Takes 7 and Take 8 of "Blue Train", and the alt take of "Lazy bird", is TYCJ-81001. Bonus Tracks 6 Blue Train Take 7 (Alt. Take 1) 7:09 - prev. unissued 7 Blue Train Take 8 (Alt. Take 2) 9:55- piano solo used into the Master Take (take 9) 8 Lazy Bird (Alt. Take) 7:11 and here are Michael Cuscuna 's notes from this japanese SHM-CD: Both the above takes 7 and 8 will be included in the new Blue Train 2-LP Tone Poet set.
  2. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    Nice! NB: after all the JazzMessengers cost was lower: 189 < 221,3 (=179,6+37,7+4)
  3. Blue Train (Deluxe Edition)

    I went ahead and preordered both SACDs of Blue Train from cdjp. 74 Eur total incl shipping.
  4. Blue Train (Deluxe Edition)

    The prices at udiscover german store are high: £62/75EUR + £46/55EUR + £12 for EU shipping
  5. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    Amazing speed. Arrived 2 days later. #0940
  6. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    Just placed my order with Jazz messengers. They offer now [EU 24 Hours DHL Express] shipping for free.
  7. Third Stream Music Recommendations

    the original french title was "Sait-on jamais" https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0050929/
  8. Third Stream Music Recommendations

    "Founded in the Autumn of 1962 by John Lewis (2), in collaboration with Gunther Schuller and Harold Farberman. The orchestra was made up of both jazz and classical musicians and gave its debut concert in December 1962, at the Philharmonic Hall in New York's Lincoln Center of the Performing Arts. The first recording session of the complete formation took place on January 12, 1963 (New York City). The orchestra was one of the exponents of the so-called "Third Stream" movement (a blending of jazz and classical music) and was dissolved in 1965. " Their first Debut LP is very good. But there has been many years since I last listened to it.
  9. Third Stream Music Recommendations

    Could you please upload a photo of the autographs? Amazing, thinking Mitropoulos died in 1960 and never ever performed with these jazz men on stage (apart from Schuller who was a classical horn player too). Many thanks!
  10. *** Cecil Taylor ***

    Fantastic release indeed.
  11. Happy Birthday, Benny Golson!

    https://www.discogs.com/release/14308493-Benny-Golson-The-Athens-Sessions Happy birthday!
  12. New EU release date: Feb 4, 2022.
  13. My amzuk preorder had a 167 GBP price.
  14. Pat Martino RIP.