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  1. "South African Jazz"

    Here is a gig that I'm told was fantastic (I've seen some photo's but I wasn't there; I think it was 2006); The South African cultural community is abuzz with anticipation for the Exiles Re-Initiation show in Port Elizabeth...... The concert, which is being staged at the Centenary Hall in Port Elizabeth on December 15th, ..... Exiles Re-Initiation producer, respected poet, writer and cultural commentator, John Matshikiza (who himself grew up in exile in Lusaka and London before returning home in 1991), says that the Exiles Re-Initiation concert is part of the process of healing and reconciliation. Its a celebration of the words and music created by those forced out of the country and a reminder of the strong role that culture played in the political process of fighting for liberation. In conceiving the show with esp Afrikas Rashid Lombard as well as musical directors, Louis Moholo and Mervyn Africa (both exiles themselves and enormously respected musicians) Matshikiza has looked deep into South Africas exile community for the repertoire that will form the basis of Exiles Re-Initiation....... Aside from pianist Africa and drummer, Moholo, those exile musicians taking to the stage on December 15th are jazz guitarist, Lucky Ranku and trumpeter, Claude Deppa. They will be joined by several iconic jazz figures including Barney Rachabane, Robbie Jansen and Winston Mankunku. Adding their skills are Zim Ngqawana, Herbie Tsoaeli, Feya Faku, Marcus Wyatt, and McCoy Mrubata. text abridged from: http://www.mype.co.za/modules.php?name=New...icle&sid=17 http://ubuntumusic.tumblr.com/
  2. "South African Jazz"

    Hi King ubu, I would say there is no waste in buying all of Tabane's releases. I just posted a Tabane album on my blog: http://ubuntumusic.tumblr.com/ where can I find your blog? Where do you order CDs from in SA?
  3. "South African Jazz"

    A few points in response to things mentioned (& not mentioned) in the previous 11 pages of this thread: the Magnificant wrote: What are people like Barney Rachabane, Robbie Jansen and Basil Coetzee doing nowadays? Are they also inactive? &: Given that these, and so many other, artists were able to continue their work and to use their music to fight Apartheid, I'm forced to wonder why so many SA jazzmen chose exile, rather than to stay and fight. It occurs to me that they did so because jazz is an inadequate music with which to carry on politics and that jazz musicians were, therefore, not capable of meeting the needs of their culture for politically activist music. So they moved to where the audiences weren't so fussy about what they listened to. Basil Coetzee died ten years ago: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basil_Coetzee As far as the 'exiles' go; their purpose was to play the music, this became more and more difficult in SA. The ANC used to say that the musicians were their ambassadors, and they were. The Hundred Club in London was a regular haunt for them (and me) and the gigs were a place to promote the struggle against apartheid. That reminds me, there was a wonderful gig in the early eighties; billed as the origonal Molombo (or something like that). Abe Cindi arrived from SA and joined Julian Bahula, Lucky Ranku and Ernest Mohle. It was a great evening though a little spoilt by Hugh Masakela who presumed he could sit in. The band handled him well, they let his ego shine for a couple of numbers and then saw him off. It was all recorded and Julian tells me that the tapes are under his bed. I'm telling you; this would be one fine release if it ever happens! Lucky has not been mentioned on this thread, he is one fine guitarist. He lives in Manchester and plays London once or twice a year, I think his most current line up is the African All Stars. It's hard to recommend a CD where he really shines, he's too modest, I want more of his solos. The only time he really goes for it is on the McGregor 'Exiles' album and then he probably goes too long! Philip Thabane has not been mentioned; he is fine too. If there is only one CD to buy it's the Castle Lager one. No more about this now as I'll post something on my blog in the next few days. http://ubuntumusic.tumblr.com/ District Six; well that was a great gig. I think it was their first one (in London) upstairs at the Arts Theatre Club. I think it was the drummer, Brian Abrahams (still in London, I saw him last year), who put the band together. the late Russell Herman was on guitar; Mervin Afrika on piano (grapevine says he's back in Cape Town), the music professor on bass (sorry, cannot remember his name) and Dudu Pukwana on sax's. THAT NIGHT COOKED. I never saw Dudu play with them again. I maintain that he was at his best when in someone else's band. Lastly: someone wrote: "I don't know why it takes so much longer from South Africa than Ghana. You'ld expect the reverse to be the case." I rocon that SA is about twice as far as Ghana so it makes absolute sense to me. more later http://ubuntumusic.tumblr.com/
  4. "South African Jazz"

    Hi Magnificent, I got the Tlokwe Sehume for R40 plus postage from Reliable Music Wharehouse. I play it every day. I just started the blog and will be adding plenty more to it (in no particular order). I guess you could get the Malinga from the website or maybe Sterns, Yes; I'm in London. more soon http://ubuntumusic.tumblr.com/
  5. "South African Jazz"

    Hi all, I just found this forum today whilst Googling. I've just read this thread and wanted to add something now (&maybe more later): After Chris McGregor died there was at one re-union of the Brotherhood of Breath. It was at the Conway Hall in London; I would guess at 1994. It was put together by Dave Defries: http://www.incognito.org.uk/gallery/Incogn...ries_2.jpg.html I seem to remember he moved to Spain. It would be great if he could lay on another as he really understood the scores. There has never been a big band like it! http://ubuntumusic.tumblr.com/