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  1. Dave Brubeck - RIP

    RIP, Mr. Brubeck. Thanks for the music.
  2. Frank Frazetta 1928 - 2010

    This is the cover that started my love for his work. R.I.P.
  3. Creepy #101

    This reminds me of the story of "Speedy," which I first heard about on either Ripley's or That's Incredible. From Wikipedia: Charles "Speedy" Atkins is an American folk figure. Not much is known about his life. He was born in Tennessee and moved to Kentucky to find work. He settled in downtown Paducah, Kentucky as an hourly employee at a plant with ties to the tobacco industry. He gained the nickname "Speedy" because of his speed at working in tobacco, and was also said to be a womanizer. He was single without known relatives and befriended funeral home attendant A. Z. Hamock, who, at the time, owned the city's only African-American funeral home. In May 1928, Speedy went fishing and fell into the Ohio River along with his line, where he drowned. His body was turned over to Hamock's Funeral Home for a pauper's burial, but Hamock had a better idea. He had created a powerful preservative and decided to experiment on Speedy's body with it. It turned Speedy's body into a wooden-like statue, and turned his black skin a reddish color. It also preserved his facial features, and he still remained recognizable.[1] Rather than bury Speedy, Hamock put him on display at the funeral home. The body was only away from the funeral home one time: when it washed away during the Paducah flood of 1937, and was returned to the funeral home as a flood victim. Hamock died in 1949, and his wife Velma took over custody of the body. Mrs. Hamock had originally planned to bury the mummy in 1991 on her late husband's 100th birthday, but waited until May 1994.[2][3][4][5] "Speedy" Atkins has been featured in Ripley's Believe It Or Not, the TV program That's Incredible, and the National Enquirer[6] His story was also told on the Discovery Channel. Atkins is buried in Maplelawn Cemetery, in Paducah, Kentucky
  4. Are those the stairs out of some jazz club? MG I don't know for sure, but I think the stairs are for an elevated subway in New York.
  5. Sexiest album covers

    I'm sure she has already made an appearance here, but I'm posting this again because every time I see it I want to catch the next flight to Sweden!
  6. Art Taylor - Taylor's Wailers
  7. The original post was serious - just do the Google search. I knew this topic would get some laughs (it has already given me a few).
  8. I just wanted to warn other people here who frequent AAJ that it HAS been hijacked. I went over there a few minutes ago from my favorites and my browser started spinning a series of numbers. I'm running a virus scan and have picked up three tracking cookies so far but nothing else. A few minutes later: My computer seems O.K. - nothing else showed up but the tracking cookies, and I know they came from AAJ because I had just updated my virus definitions a half hour before and ran a full scan with nothing showing up. I just did a google search for "AAJ forum" and it says "Hacked By Doped."
  9. Merry Xmas, y'all

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  10. The Jazz police

    What would be funny is if the fan turned out to be one of the trolls who has been banned from here and/or AAJ.
  11. J.R. Monterose on YouTube

  12. Happy Birthday Bill F

    Happy Birthday Bill!
  13. "Una Mas"- who says the vocal

    I'm pretty sure it's K. D. because of his voice on Round About Midnight At The Cafe Bohemia.
  14. Glad to hear you're doing better!