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  1. XK3 Settings

    I usually play my XK3 thru my 3300 at church. Saturday, during rehearsal; the tech insisted on trying the internal sim. lasted about a minute. went right back to the leslie...
  2. XK3 Settings

    Remember--it was Jim who did the side-by-side comparison of the original XK3 and the B3. it's on YouTube. Many of Jim's "adjustments" are subtle but do make a big difference...
  3. XK3 Settings

    I agree with Jim. I really enjoy my XK3 and 3300 rig. It seems they were meant to be paired together. Do get a powered subwoofer if you intend to play bass yourself. Otherwise, park it next to a guitar amp and watch the guitar player keep turning his head back. I get nothing but compliments on the sound and I honestly don't know if there's anything else out there that does the Hammond sound as well as this...
  4. XK3 Settings

    I have an original XK3, too. It's not the sound engine but a variation in the software setup, from what I'm told. It's a great gig organ but I'm not sure if I'd record with it. There are things it does very well and other things it doesn't. I use both the XK3 tube preamp and the 3300 tube drive. both about halfway up. Gotta get a powered sub for the Leslie when you get some more money. The difference is night and day.
  5. Leslie 3300

    UPS normally delivers the 3300. that's how i got mine. the UPS drivers aren't happy about delivering something that big or heavy; it's right at the end of the size/weight scale. mine wasn't hurt, physically, but it did come with a buzzy top driver. they were great about sending me a new one FedEx. haven't had a problem since. H/S should send you whatever you need gratis and post-haste. ray gerlich is the contact. ---------------------------------
  6. Leslie 3300

    the knobs are on the 'back' of the 3300. go to and look up the 3300. there's a picture of the rear grille showing the tube and the pots. chances are he was playing with the settings during the gig.
  7. Leslie 3300

    I've never had a problem with fluctuating output with that box. It might be an amp issue, unless the keyboard player is constantly turning up the master volume pot. Sound guys who've miked my leslie usually do it old-school; one on the top and one on the bottom. I've never had a complaint, though.
  8. Leslie 3300

    one more thing--you have to be careful when using the tube preamp on the 3300 and the preamp in the xk3. if you use too much of either--the effect doesn't sound good. but if you can keep both preamp drives within reason; it's very satisfying. but it does take a while to get the right combination. i run the 3300 tube drive and drive contour about 12 o'clock. the xk3's preamp drive doesn't top 30 and the mix is pretty much default at 25.
  9. Leslie 3300

    the leslie 3300 was built for a live performance venue; most likely small clubs or other places where you normally wouldn't mic a leslie. it's pluses are: 1) it's loud 2) it fits in an SUV 3) low maintenance due to DC motors and sealed bearings 4) subwoofer output and the ability to plug 11 pin, 8 pin and 1/4 inch stuff into it. it is NOT a 122 or a 21H. leslie cabinets work on simple physics. the bigger the box; the more bass response. i use mine un-miked more often than not. am saving for a powered subwoofer, which i'm told completely opens things up. i agree; the overall bass response leaves a lot to be desired, but i think it's as good or better than a lot of 145s i've used. since i have a bass player most of the time; i don't miss the bottom, but i do miss it in other cases. still; a great box for the money and easy to haul around. now; if H/S built this config into a 760 sized box; i'm there. sean hall
  10. Leslie 3300

    Ray's going to send me the card and cap. Dunno why it took so long for him to respond; I don't think he's an email kinda guy...but he'll send me the kit next week. Glad I found out about this issue when I can get it fixed gratis. Much better than losing it on a gig. Thanks for your help, Jim. sean
  11. XK3 Settings

    Jim: Would you email me your file with your custom XK3 settings? I watched your video and agree--with some tweaking, the XK3 sounds quite good. Is the LPF of 112 where you set the LPF in the 'drawbars' menu? Many thanks. sean hall ps nothing from ray yet; called and left msg again today.
  12. Leslie 3300

    jim: email i sent to ray gerlich: Hi Ray: I've been in touch with Jim Alfredson, organist for a band called Organissimo. He wrote the following in his Hammond Organ discussion forum (please read my questions afterward): I've been using the Leslie 3300 now for several months and I thought I should fill out this review with some feedback on how the Leslie has performed on the road. I am still thrilled by the sound of the 3300; it is full, rich, and loud. But shortly after this review was posted, I began having problems with the upper driver. In fact, I literally smoked the upper driver on a Root Doctor gig. Unfortunately it was during the second set of a gig in Indianapolis, miles away from home. I had to finish the night playing the XK System through my Yorkville powered speaker and as anyone who has played the XK3 knows, the Leslie sim leaves much to be desired. The next day a local musician and good friend of mine drove me around to several music stores. No one had a subtable replacement, so he loaned me his Leslie 147 and Trek pedal preamp to get through the next night. Upon returning home I immediately called Hammond and spoke with Ray Gerlich, the head of Hammond's service department. He was fully aware of the blown driver syndrome and shipped me a new, updated driver that he claimed would solve the problem. Two weeks later, the driver blew again; during the second set of a show with Root Doctor. Again I was left to finish the gig playing through my Yorkville. I had no choice but to put the 3300 in my garage and use my trusty old 1960s Leslie 122 again while I waited for Hammond to find a real solution to this problem. Long story short: Hammond did find a solution. It turns out that it is possible under certain circumstances to overload the tube circuit input to such an extent that it will cause the voice coil of the upper driver to heat up and fry. So Hammond sent a me a new driver, a new updated preamp board (that added a resistor to the leg of C15), and an electrolytic cap that went inbetween the upper driver and the amp. I'm happy to report that since I installed the components, I've had no problems. The 3300 still sounds great and I have absolutely cranked it on big stages with Root Doctor and organissimo and had no issues. If you are having a problem with your 3300 eating drivers, please call Hammond Service and speak to Ray. He'll make things right. Okay. I am NOT eating top drivers. But I wonder if I should have this "upgrade" you provided Jim; i.e. the new preamp card and a cap for the + side of the I don't blow a driver inadvertently. You may remember you sent me a new design Eden driver to replace the original, which had a buzz out of the box. I don't push my 3300 that hard; never had it past 5 and keep the tube drive and contour around halfway. I also still have the stock 12AX7 tube in the preamp. I realize this might be an isolated case with Jim, but I'd rather be safe than sorry, since I truly love the 3300. Please let me know on this. Feel free to email or call when you return. Thanks. sean hall
  13. Leslie 3300

    jim: still haven't heard from HS. will call them monday. meantime; what kind of sub cabinet are you using with your 3300? i need to try this... sean
  14. Leslie 3300

    Jim: I read your review and have a 3300 I bought in March of 07. Had to wait six weeks for it. Mine came with a buzzy top driver; Ray at H/S was great fed-exing me a new one. Changed it out and had no problems since. But I also read what happened to your second driver, and just fired off an email to Ray Gerlich to see if I need that same preamp card and cap upgrade. I don't overdrive the tube circuit and still use the stock 12AX7, but I told Ray it might be a good idea to make mine "current." It's a great box, otherwise. First time I've ever been told to turn down the organ! sean hall