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  1. Barry Harris RIP

    So long, Barry. And thanks.
  2. CONTEST - 2021 Grey Cup

    Hamilton - 40 Thanks for always thinking of me to play along! I've yet to win, so the odds have to be in my favor eventually!
  3. CONTEST: 2016 Grey Cup

    Drat! Got the team but not the points.
  4. CONTEST: 2016 Grey Cup

    Ottawa 45 Year of the upset
  5. John Coltrane: The Atlantic Years in Mono

    According to the Rhino website: A quick caveat, however: you will not find My Favorite Things, Coltrane Jazz, or Coltrane's Sound contained within this set, but it’s through no fault of ours: the mono masters were lost in a fire, so their inclusion simply wasn’t possible, sadly.
  6. BFT109 discussion thread

    I was thinking of a bonus disc BFT from many years ago, and remembered thinking this sounded exactly like "The Hucklebuck," but that my guess was wrong and the correct answer was "Now's the Time." I was too tired to look it up the other night, but now that I'm wide awake, I went on a hunt to see if I was just imagining things. Turns out, my memory wasn't as faulty as I thought, and someone else heard the same thing I did. It was the bonus disc to RDK's BFT #11, and he lined up three consecutive tracks as follows: 3. “Now’s the Time” Charlie Parker 4. “D-Natural Blues” Lucky Millinder 5. “The Hucklebuck” Roy Milton RDK then had this to say: "More famously, pretty much the same tune as “D-Natural Blues” and “Now’s the Time.” A famous court case at the time ruled that both “D-Natural Blues” and “Hucklebuck” could exist with separate titles, composer credits, and publishers. A lot of people say that “Hucklebuck” ripped off Bird, but “Hucklebuck” was derived from “D-Natural Blues,” which was written and first recorded way back in 1928. Go figure… " How it's possible I can remember something like this from years ago, yet on a daily basis can't remember where I put my car keys (this is even more embarrassing when the keys are in my hand), I'll never know! Well, sounded like 'Now's the time' to me, too. It's certain that when different people listen to the same music, they hear different things about it. MG
  7. BFT109 discussion thread

    Wow indeed! I see this from time to time but never had any inclination to pick it up until now!
  8. BFT109 discussion thread

    Oh hey, I'm on time for once! Kinda! Track 1: This feels like a version of “Star Dust” I should like simply because it exists or because of who’s playing it, not necessarily because I particularly enjoy it. The trumpet sounds like he’s forcing everything. NMCOT™ Track 2: Unfortunately, this one isn’t doing much for me either. The groove is there, but this also sounds forced. Sadly, another NMCOT™ Track 3: Me likey. Interesting double-track of the organ. No clue who this might be. I think it wants to be mid-60’s Prestige vintage, but it sounds too recent. Either that or Contemporary was cuttin’ some greeeeeazy sides back in the day. Track 4: Sonny Stitt on Varitone for Impulse? Was gonna say Eddie Harris, but the stereo spread suggests Impulse to me. However, a quick check of the Impulse discography tells me that, if it is Stitt, it’s not on Impulse. And now, on second listen, I’m no longer sure it’s Stitt OR Harris, because what I thought was a Varitone is just a standard alto & tenor. I’m still gonna guess it’s an Impulse record! Track 5: Sounds like the theme to a 60’s sitcom. Which I love! They just don’t make TV themes like this anymore! Track 6: Very nice. No clue, but very nice! Track 7: First thought is Illinois Jacquet or Louis Jordan doing “Now’s the Time.” I really wanna say that’s Illinois’ brother on the bari sax! Track 8: This reminds me of that Dizzy Gillespie/Gil Fuller Monterrey Jazz Orchestra record. Except for that so-cheesy-it’s-hip organ! Absolutely DIGGING this groove, though! Track 9: Freddy Cole? No clue when it comes to vocals, but I can say that I didn’t dislike this! Track 10: Cab Calloway doing the St. Louis Blues? I don’t know who else it could be! Track 11: No clue. Sounds like the soundtrack to one of those old radio horror serials. Or Tex Avery’s WHO KILLED WHO? :lol Oh wait, there’s a tenor sax on this? I should check to see if this is from Grant Green’s GRANTSTAND. Naw, couldn’t be: Grant don’t comp like that. Oh! Oh! I know: Baby Face Willette! Track 12: Same as track 9, but substitute Johnny Hartman for Freddy Cole. Track 13: A very sleepy clarinet player. Just like me (sans clarinet). Gonna finish this later and read others’ comments now (because it’s not like I’d remember anyway). I’m sorry, MG. Maybe it’s my own tired state that is preventing me from really enjoying all of this.
  9. BFT 108 Reveal

    Dan, thanks again for a fantastic BFT! This will definitely get repeated playings. Gotta say, the last buncha BFT's have been extremely enjoyable and fun and swinging (yes, I know my BFT is part of that bunch, OF COURSE I like my own BFT! ). Track 2: Not that I'm any expert on Dudu Pukwana, I've listened to his work on Hugh Masekela's HOME IS WHERE THE MUSIC IS zillions of times that I'm surprised I didn't notice him on track 2. After reading this Reveal, I went back and listened to it and there it is in plain sight. Or sound! Track 4: When I got home, I listened to ELLIS IN WONDERLAND just to see if there was anything even remotely close to this track. Again, I don't know what I was thinking. But I sure hope I can find this LP sometime! Sweets? Louie Bellson? Um YES!!! Track 11: the one time, THE ONE TIME, I woulda got a BFT track that NOBODY else got, and I put off my guesses until after the Reveal! AAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Track 12: well, now I know why this sounded so familiar, having been one of the recipients of your digital generosity when you came across this. Again, happy to have THIS back in the collection! Again, thanks for another great BFT, Dan! :tup
  10. BFT 108 Discussion Thread

    Al, no worries on the lateness of the comments, they were worth the wait, as they always are. Glad you liked most everything on the disc. My pleasure, my man! It was a treat to listen to it again today. I had a chance to listen to it while driving around earlier in the month and heard the Harris acetate and had every intention of commenting on at least that track, and then life got in the way as it always seems to do. I have NO idea how/why I thought I heard a guitar on track 4! I must've been so confident in my guess that I didn't even bother to listen for Ellis!
  11. BFT 108 Discussion Thread

    With thousands of apologies to Dan for taking forfreakinever to get to this, because I always look forward to a Dan Gould BFT and feel particularly bad that I didn't get any time to supply the usual meanderings & shenanigans. And especially because there's one track on here that I suspect he put on here thinking no one would remember its backstory. But *I* do!!! Once again, it should be quite obvious that I not only haven't looked at the answers, but also haven't looked at anyone else's guesses either (the mystery track, notwithstanding)! Track 1: Off with a bang! A big bang! A big band with a big bang! Say that fast five times! OH HEY that sounds like Stanley Turrentine! Or a huge fan of the man! GREAT way to start a BFT! Track 2: Somebody say AMEN!!! No clue on any of the players, but I love the spiritual feel to this! Track 3: Crud!!! I bet I have this at home. Or used to have it. Sounds like that Sonny Stitt record on Verve with Jo Jones. NEW YORK somethingorother. If that's the case, self-kicking will commence shortly! Okay, never mind, now that "Impressions" has started, my rear-end is saved from a momentary beating! Track 4: Herb Ellis, leadoff track from ELLIS IN WONDERLAND. I only know this cuz I have it, but haven't listened to it in ages. Needs to remedy that quickly. By God, ANYTHING with Sweets is sweet, and this is no exception! Still, I'm just tickled that I actually recognize something from my collection on a BFT! Track 5: Johnny Hodges. Maybe something from his 1951-1955 Verve years? Those years never made much of an impression on me, and this song is a good example why. Everyone sounds bored. Track 6: More Ellingtonia! Sounds like Paul Gonsalves & Clark Terry. Track 7: Even more Ellingtonia! I recognize the tune as "Rockin' in Rhythm," but don't recognize the guitarist. I like his sound, though! Track 8: Sheesh, no ide.... wait, I bet this is Gene Harris on the organ! MORE than sufficiently greeeazy! Fred Jackson on tenor, or some other good ol' blues wailer! Track 9: I don't care who this is, that groove is absolutely KILLING ME!!!! Must find source of this one! Dan, this is starting to remind me of the first BFT I ever did, where the last half was nothing but greeeeaze! It's either Gene Harris or Wild Bill Davis. WHOA!!! Love that fake ending!!! I like this track so much I'm gonna listen to it again before moving on to the next one! Track 10: Ahhh, God bless Jug and Sonny! Even if this ain't them, the statement still applies! But I think it's them! Track 11: I am willing to bet the house that this is the famous acetate of Gene Harris' very first recording that Dan received from Mrs. Gene Harris some years back. At least that's how my memory remembers the story. I have no doubt that Dan will gladly retell this story in the reveal or maybe even during the discussion. All's I know is, whatta treat to hear this again! I seem to recall that Dan made this available to those who asked for it and I don't know what happened to my copy, so I am *very* thankful to have this back again! Track 12: Pretty sure this is also Gene Harris, this time with the Three Sounds, and I'm pretty confident (although not bet-the-house confident) that this is from MOODS. I know I've heard this version: that bass statement of the chorus is unmistakable! Track 13: Aw, what the heck? Gene Harris again! Even if it ain't, the odds are in my favor, right? RIGHT??? The cool thing about Harris is that not only does he have a sound that is as beautiful and original as it gets, but I don't know that anyone ever tried to ape him like they tried to ape Horace Silver or Bill Evans or Red Garland; yet his sound is like a combination of all three. Nifty trick that! Track 14: More Gene Harris! This sounds like early 70's Harris, or maybe one of his gospel records for Concord (of which, I'm ashamed to say, I have zilch). Track 15: Aw geez, I should know this one. That sax sound is SO freakin' familiar! DUHHHHH!!! Well, the applause at the end suggests that maybe, just maybe, this is a private recording and I need not feel so dumb. Nahhhh, I still feel dumb for not recognizing the sax player! Track 16: Bird. What the heck? I'm all guessed out, and I could see Dan putting a Bird tune on here just to mess with us. That's why I like his BFT's: they can be such complete mindfreaks and I love it when that happens! Well Dan, another fine BFT, and not once did I have to drag out any of the dreaded DKDC™ or HAFC™ acronyms, a first for one of us! Now to look at the discussion and feel dumb, and then the answers to feel REAL dumb! :lol
  12. Toshiba Japan Blue Note LT Series Reissues

    I'm confused: "first 33 or so" of... RVG's? The current LT reissues?
  13. random thoughts

    I hear ya!