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  1. I know you and I disagree about practically everything politically, but thankfully politics ain't life (and vice versa), and you got two other things going for you: 1. You're a big Rabbit fan 2. You're a baseball fan (despite being an M's fan ; oh well, sould be worse: you could be a Red Sox fan) (for all the Red Sox fans here) Your quote that you've been carrying around (from Shepp re: Wynton) is right on the money. So post away, fellow jazz fan! I'll rarely agree, but I'm glad you're here!
  2. What can I say? Ric Lee's drumming during that 38-minutes of hoo-bop-she-bop-WOOOOOOW-lovemybaby huffin & puffin is quite hypnotic. Plus, the beginning and ending are pure acid rock heaven. B)
  3. This has been driving me nuts for a few months now. Back in November, I had a chance to watch the directors-cut DVD of Woodstock. I was blown away by Ten Years After’s “I’m Going Home.” Since then, I haven’t been able to locate a CD of the soundtrack. I have, however, been able to download the song from Kazaa, but the version I downloaded sounds muddy, not to mention numerous overdubs (even the guitar solo during the “play the blues for you” segment is different). So, for anyone who knows, I’m wondering: 1. Is the soundtrack version of the song the same as the movie, or did someone go back and edit/tinker/overdub it later in post-production? 2. Is the soundtrack even available anymore? 3. If not, is there some way I can copy the audio track of the song from the DVD onto my computer? (Of course, if the answer to the first two questions is YES, then that renders this question moot). The other reason for wanting the original 2-CD soundtrack is to get the live Sly & the Family Stone tracks. Sure would be nice to see THAT catalog upgraded! So, any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. Threads you will miss...

    Wynton Yarsalis?
  5. John Patton Corner

    Big John Patton, Grant Green, & Ben Dixon: the Holy Trinity of Greeeaze!!!! I really dig OH BABY!!!
  6. Keepin' it greazy!!!

    Uhhhhh..... ever have one of those feelings like you left out something so obvious, that you feel ashamed to admit your colossal blunder? I know I did tonight: ORGANISSIMO!!!!!! Keepin' the greeeeaze alive and well! I listened to the sound samples, and hopefully when finances aren't so tight, I'm gonna get one!!! Thanks for the board and the greeeeaze, dude. Hope I can catch you guys this summer!
  7. Okay, here we go, gang...

    Yeah, I think I'll stay here, too. Anyway, I already know youse mugs, and I'd rather keep the good company.
  8. Jobim

    I know what you mean. There were some songs that took forever to enjoy (don't feel bad if you can't stand "Two Kites:" me & Jim have been arguing the merits (or lack thereof, depending on who ya talk to) of this song since the Messozodiac era), but as time went on, they grew on me. In fact, there are still some songs on there I don't particularly care for (did we REALLY need another version of "Ipanema?" I mean, it sounds as if someone left the tape rolling while the musicians were warming up). But that's nitpicking. As a whole, this album works like few others I've heard. Two obvious choices that are wildly popular (and deservedly so) are Getz/Gilberto and The Composer of Desafinado Plays, both of which are in Verve's wildly overpriced Desert Island (aka Verve Master Editions with cheap postcard covers to jack up the prices) series. Get 'em anyway. They sound fabulous and the music is beyond timeless. I'm so glad the Guru Bossa-rishi is here now!
  9. Jobim

    Jim R has also been a guiding light for me in terms of Jobim treasure hunts. (Althought he'd probably say he was more of another world or a general hospital). One of the greatest things he ever did for me was convince me to get Terra Brasilis, which is one of my favorite albums of ANY genre. I've been listening to that album for about 3 years now, and some of those songs still move me in the same way they did the first time I listened to them. But there is so much more to say about Jobim. And with any luck, Jim R will get here soon enough and tell us all about it!
  10. POLL: New Home for BNBBers...

    I like this place a LOT! So much so, I reverted back to my old original handle! So, for those of you who didn't lose interest back at the Bored (all but two of you, I think), I am now The Former Blue Note Bulletin Bored Poster Originally Known As Big Al Who Decided To Use His Birth Name (Or A Shortened Version Of It, Anyway) Al Rearick But Then Changed It Back Once Again To Big Al. (Or, [sigh] TFBNBBPOKABAWDTUHFBVERBLITZNER...... ah, heck with it.