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  1. BFT 105 - The Answer Thread

    Gonna definitely be on the lookout for that Mulligan record. AND the Bobo record. But this whole BFT was a rollicking good time! Thanks again, Jim!
  2. BFT 106 sign-up thread

    Going out today, my man! Two discs, because like any good double-LP, it won't fit on one CD!
  3. BFT 106 sign-up thread

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Festive Festivus! It's time to sign up for the latest round in the series of World's Easiest Blindfold Tests! I'll be handling all the downloads & CD shipments, so Jeff can enjoy the holidays! And since you won't have to wade through my usual clueless guesses this month, this gives YOU a break from the monotony. This, of course, assumes that I won't forget my own BFT selections and then I'll have to start ranting & shouting at myself for the horrible choices in music!!! I mean, there may even be squawking on here for all I know! Signed up so far: Bright Moments - DL felser - DL JSngry - DL The Magnificent Goldberg - DL Hot Ptah - CD jeffcrom - DL Hardbopjazz - DL Thom Keith - DL webbcity - DL Jim R - DL mikeweil - DL
  4. BFT 106 sign-up thread

    Signup list updated. If you've received two PM's from me, use the Rapidshare link! The mediafire link was a bust thanks to my inability to properly remove tag info in the middle of the night...
  5. BFT 106 delay

    To all- Due to a boatload of circumstances over the last month (holidays, daughter's wedding, son's band stuff, church stuff, and the occasional financial crisis), my BFT is being delayed by about a week. I apologize for the delay, and will get everything out by the weekend.
  6. I was looking through the collection last night and realized the only trumpet quartet album I own is Miles Davis, Volume 3. What else is out there? I'd like to get my hands on Bobby Timmons Soul Time, for Blue Mitchell and my favorite bass-drum team of Sam Jones & Art Blakey.
  7. my son is married now.

    Congratulations, Jim, Looks like we were both celebrating marriages of our children this weekend.
  8. BFT 106 sign-up thread

    Bump for the post-Christmas crowd. Guess I should start assembling this thing....
  9. BFT 106 sign-up thread

    Just PM your address to me and I'll get it sent out to ya!
  10. Says it all beautifully. Thanks for sharing that, Brownie.
  11. MLB Hot Stove League 2012-13

    The same yapping idiots that wanted Hamilton gone in the first place (i.e. the local sports media) have been going on and on about this powerful Angels lineup that now features Hamilton and Pujols. Seems I recall Pujols had a disastrous year last year, pretty much singlehandedly kept the Angels outta the playoffs, if memory serves. These same chuckleheads claimed that Hamilton will thrive because he's going to be "surrounded by stars." Uh huh. Because that's ALWAYS a good idea. Clearly, brains are not required to work in sports media.... I wish nothing but the best for Hamilton, because he was a HUGE part of the Rangers getting to their first and second World Series, playoff wins, etc etc etc. I realize sports is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately game, but if anyone around here has the gall to boo Hamilton when he returns, then I hope they choke on their Superdog. Not saying I wish he'd re-signed with the Rangers, but he sure as hell deserved a more graceful exit. Furthermore, coming home empty-handed is a helluva lot smarter than blowing money just because the sports hounds say you need to make a big splash at the winter meetings. So many times the "big splash" has come back to bite the Rangers in the ass, a lot more times than I wish to remember! Seriously, the way the Angels are spending money to lose, you'd think Tom Hicks & John Hart had taken over the franchise. I genuinely feel bad for Angels fans.
  12. happy Birthday JSngry

    Happy birthday big guy! Friday birthdays are the best!
  13. Desmond RCA, arranged in chronological order. Kinda fascinating, actually.
  14. BFT 105 Discussion Thread

    I almost guessed Billy, too. "Where's your messiah NOW??? Yeah... yeah... where's your Moses now, see? Let my people go NOW! Yeah... yeah.... where's your Moses... NNNNOWWW????"
  15. Dave Brubeck - RIP

    What a great story! Thanks for sharing that!
  16. BFT 105 Discussion Thread

    Firesign Theater? I was actually gonna guess this if my non-white/Sammy Davis path didn't pan out.
  17. BFT 105 Discussion Thread

    I was also thinking of that Spike Lee movie ("Bamboozled?"), something like that.
  18. Dave Brubeck - RIP

    Indeed. The fact that he was married for 70 years - and in the profession he was in - says an awful lot about the man. Amen to all of the above. God bless Dave Brubeck. Like Clifford said earlier, just because it's inevitable doesn't make it any easier when it happens. RIP
  19. BFT 105 Discussion Thread

    Is it Sammy Davis Jr then? Worked beautifully in the car, especially tracks 7 & 8. GREAT driving music!!!
  20. BFT 104 Discussion Thread

    Hey Dan, on second thought, maybe don't go through with it: my first BFT didn't have 21 tracks on it!
  21. BFT 105 Discussion Thread

    Was listening to the BFT on the drive home tonight and it occurred to me that the performer of track 5 is neither old, nor Jewish, nor (and this is what makes this track so funny) pale in complexion. RIGHT???
  22. BFT 104 Discussion Thread

    Al, great minds think alike - I was considering recycling all my old BFTs into a new one, while preserving the sequencing. BFT1 Track 1 BFT2 Track 2 BFT3 Track 3 BFT4 Track 4 Lather, rinse, repeat. And I was going to give the "theme" away up front: "What's Old Is New". If anyone figured it out, they'd come off as a BFT savant. I beg you, please do this so that I can finally bat 1000% on one of these things!
  23. Al, Sheri said it sounded like the stuff I play "all the time." I took offense! lol
  24. Are you sure the music being played on "Parks & Rec" was Goodman & Davis? Sounded like a Pharoah Sanders bit to me....