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  1. MLB 2012 Season

    And this Rangers fan says thank you! Jim, I think we've switched roles this year, with me being the Rangers cheerleader and you preaching the doom & gloom. Yeah, the Rangers got swept, but so did the Angels. Both at the hands of two very good teams. I agree that numbers don't always tell the whole story, and okay the Rangers certainly aren't the best team in baseball today. But they didn't get that record by being weak, that's for sure.
  2. USA Today obit God rest your soul, Mr. Griffith. And thanks for the wonderful memories.
  3. Keepin' it greazy!!!

    My pleasure, after all these years!
  4. Keepin' it greazy!!!

    I like this place so much, I went back to the old handle and resurrected one of my favorite topics (and a better place to talk about it can't be found): GREEEAZE!!! Right now, I'm spinnin' one of my favorite slabs o' greazze to come out in the last coupla years: Plas Johnson & Red Holloway's Keep That Groove Going! And brother, do they EVER!!! Got some Brother Jack just oozin' to be spun later. Let the greeeaze fly!!!
  5. Cds and lps for sale

    NOBODY has jumped on that Turrentine yet??? If I didn't already have my own copy... BUY that, people! Geez!!!!
  6. BFT 99 reveal

    Wait, does this mean I compared Greg Waits & Jim Sangrey to Steve Swell & Jemeel Moondoc? Wow, I hope they feel complimented! Which likely explains my opinion of this track. Nice indeed! Well, the cat on the cover LOOKS like a "Prophet Jennings;" do I get any points for that? Must investigate this one further! I think I have an idea why it may be so hard to find.... Well..... I s'pose I should give it another chance, sharing a first name with the guy & all.... A double-album CTI-style???? I *must* find this album!!!! The link just takes me to a jpg file! Another nice one I hope to find but at a much cheaper price!
  7. Well, the more I listen to this, the more I love it. It gives me the same feeling that FRIENDS does. Maybe it's all forced and all the "we're back together" vibes are bogus, but then again so was FRIENDS. For that matter, wasn't that the point of most BB records anyway: to convey a feeling, even if that feeling wasn't felt by its creators? And those last three songs.... :wub:
  8. Jobim

    Those two are perfect for listening back-to-back (although I s'pose one could listen to them facing forward).
  9. Stupidest Comedy Movie Ever...

    Anything with Andy Samberg is bound to be unwatchable. The guy's as funny as a root canal, and just as painful to experience.
  10. BFT 100 signup!

    Download for me please! Nine years! There sure has been a lotta great music over these years! Here's to a hundred more BFT's!
  11. Best track you heard all week

    Willie Bobo's "Blind Man/Shotgun" from UNO, DOS, TRES. I posted this on the "What Are You Listening To Now" thread a couple days ago and I'm STILL listening to it!
  12. CTI reissues: box-set, 1971 concert, single titles

    A fantastic album indeed, with some KILLER Joe Farrell on it! Funny thing is the website is still up & running, but their e-mail address has changed. It used to be, now it's Based on that, I'd say this series has, sadly, run its course. 'twas fun while it lasted, that's f'damn sure!
  13. MLB 2012 Season

    Exact quote from the ESPN radio news bit last night: "Josh Hamilton has been hospitalized with an intestinal virus. Doctors expect him to be discharged tomorrow." Talk about a poor choice of words....
  14. Internet behavior

    8 I've visited China. Beautiful country. Everyone should experience it. BUT, you have not known oppressive regimes until you leave your hotel room fearing for your life because of an offhand remark made to your daughter back home in America. Or had access to your travel blog restricted because you posted a picture poking fun at the Chinese govt.
  15. BFT 99 discussion

    Kicking and screaming it is, then!
  16. BFT 99 discussion

    If I can't be right, may as well be light! Well, I've been around for 40+ years, and I bet they haven't heard of me, so I guess that makes us even. Yeah, I kinda figured it was recent vintage, but man if they don't have that Hubbard-Spaulding sound down to a T!!! I hear ya, and if I thought there was a way I could get ahold of the master tapes and just dub me a copy of the rhythm section only, I'd go for that in a heartbeat. Then of course I would overdub myself playing an even more annoying guitar solo over the whole thing. And THEN of course I'd put it on my own BFT! But then I'd have to decide if I wanna put it on disc one or disc two! I need to listen to this again, preferably away from the dingy confines of the dungeon I call my office. I bet it would be a lot more soothing then. Plus, I wouldn't be listening in dreaded anticipation for another soprano sax solo to come screaming outta the speakers! That's the thing I like about these BFT's that challenge my boring musical tastes: I get a LOT more animated with my comments than if it consisted of mainly mid 50's/60's jazz (ie the stuff you usually find on my BFT's).
  17. BFT 99 discussion

    Me too. Common ground is good! However, when it comes time for my BFT in a few months, I think I might make it a two-disc affair: disc one will be the usual boring traditional slop that everyone will guess on the first go-round (if not sooner) because I found most of it at Half Price Books or someplace just as cheap; disc two will be recordings of random noises from the highway, the plant I work in, my truck's engine (especially when it starts up and the belts remind me they need to be replaced, makes a squeal so nerve-racking some of the players on the present BFT would weep with joy!), the horn on the forklift at work, the beeping of the semis when they're in reverse..... oops, don't wanna give away too many answers yet.
  18. No, I'd still love it. I continue to enjoy this album far more than I ever imagined. But if you tell this to anyone on the FacePage, there's gonna be trouble! EDITED to add that it's just the one song, JBJ isn't on any of the other songs. Now if he'd contributed to EVERY song on the album and I was still having this reaction of unconditional (not Mike) love, then that would be reason for worry. Especially where my FacePage rep is concerned.
  19. I'm just glad I'd heard "Summer's Gone" BEFORE finding out Jon Bon Jerkoff had a hand in it. It's such a gorgeous song and a lovely way to end an album, not to mention a career. But still... why?
  20. BFT 99 discussion

    Friday’s are always a goof day to let loose with some clueless BFT meanderings, so let’s get after it! Track 1: Thought that was Blakey at first. Is that a trombone in unison with the bass? Are the amphetamines that everyone is on available as over-the-counter? I’ll have whatever the band is having!!!! Hey, the song ended before I could finish my rant! No fair!!! Track 2: Sonny Rollins. Or a very reasonable facsimile! Or Josh Redman. Either way, I’m diggin’ the liberal use of space, letting notes sing out like that. Beautiful! Track 3: Okay, whatever the guys on track 1 were on, these guys went for the weapons-grade industrial strength. Seems to me I’ve heard this before, and if the rest of the album is like this, then there’s a pretty good chance I don’t own this, but might have at one time, when I was a lot more adventurous (which ain’t sayin’ much, really) Track 4: If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this is the Greg Waits Quartet with Jim Sangrey on tenor. If it ain’t, then let me tell those of you who’ve not had the pleasure of seeing these guys live (or, heh heh, PLAYING with them) THIS is what they sound like. And y’all are missing out! Track 5: Starts out nice enough, but you know me & squawking soprano saxes. There’s a lotta cats who woulda kept this up for another ten minutes or so, which makes me grateful for the brevity of this track. The drummer sounds like he’s trying to tell the sax player to SHUDDUP ALREADY! Track 6: Like ya some soprano sax, do ya? Oh, but this is SO nice! Guitar sounds like Gabor Szabo. And I do love the sound of a muted trumpet and soprano sax. THIS coulda gone on for another ten minutes and I’da been a happy man! That tag at the end sounds SO freakin’ familiar! Track 7: Gary Burton? Elvin on drums? I MUST find out! I’d like to play this for my son’s marching band’s percussion section. They’re good, make no mistake, but I wanna give ‘em some stars to shoot for. If nothing else, maybe work this into their program! Track 8: Nice. Sounds like Kenny Dorham and another trumpet on the head. Nope, tenor sax fooled me (big surprise). Wish it was a little longer, but it’s perfect for those of us with short attention sp.... Track 9: Oh, this has all KINDS of lovely things going on! I wanna say Tadd Dameron, but then that flute makes me think of Dolphy (go figure). Further into the solo makes me think of James Spaulding, not necessarily a good thing. Trumpet makes me think of Freddie Hubbard. A lot of this song’s nicer moments remind me of “Prophet Jennings” from HUB-TONES. Track 10: Meh. Not bad. Not great. Track 11: Bah! I think I’ll listen to track 10 again! Not a fan of jazz violin. Track 12: Well..... I’m glad it was brief! Track 13: FAT-ASS groove!!!!! Soprano is okay, not too crazy about trying to incorporate Trane over an Eddie Harris groove. RIDE that thing, dude! Dig what the drummer is annihilating back there! SETTLETHEFUCKDOWNALREADY!!!!! Now comes the trumpet and I realize this is someone’s tribute to Freddie Hubbard/Stanley Turrentine/Jack DeJohnette CTI-frenzy that I usually dig, but this sounds like they’re going for the long drawn-out live side of CTI that I usually don’t dig. In fact, the trumpet was getting on my nerves something fierce that I hadda move it to the next track. Track 14: Now THIS is a groove I can dig, and apparently the players feel the same way! Track 15: Um.... Well, thankfully, nobody broke into a soprano sax solo! Gonna be interested in what everyone else has to say, seeing as this BFT left this boring old traditionalist in the dust, scratching my head. But fun nonetheless, and worth the trip for track 7 alone!!! Hmmph! No wonder I'm struggling with this!
  21. BFT 99 signup

    Got it! Thanks!
  22. MLB 2012 Season

    I'm not ready to hit panic mode yet, but Holland going on the DL was bad enough, but Ogando as his replacement? Are you freakin' kidding me? Is THAT how desperate we've become? This guy can't hold a lead, much less a tie! All of that said, though, my biggest worry is the same one I've had since well before the season started: Yu Darvish. When they signed him, my first thought was "did we not learn a damn thing from the Chan Ho Park debacle?" I thought those days were over. Yu's W-L may be impressive, but that's only because he had the run support to overcome his wildness. Now that support's gone and it's just him and his multiple runs given up. Just checking the stats over at MLB and was sickened (but not surprised) to learn that the lowest ERA on the Rangers staff is 3.something. Darvish's is 3.72. The Rangers are in first by virtue of being the best of four lousy teams. I can't see this lasting, but hey, it's lasted two years running, so....
  23. That's why Brian Wilson created the record
  24. BFT 99 signup

    I can't get the link to work, but then maybe I waited too long. Can anyone help? Thanks!