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  1. Plus, it's just a nice record, which says a lot these days no matter who's making the music. Sure it's no TODAY or PET SOUNDS or even FRIENDS (which is likely going to end up my all-time favorite Beach Boys record), but at the very least it has aspirations to those three, meaning it sounds like they're at least TRYING to make a nice record. Which, like I said, they succeeded in doing, AFAIC.
  2. Happy Birthday RDK!

    Just in case I forget to say so on the FacePage: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY!!!! :party:
  3. Dickie Dawson, RIP

    Big Al will be by shortly to kick you in the 'nads.
  4. I don't know, but I couldn't tell you the last time I bought THREE new releases the day they came out: this, the Walsh, and the Young. This was by far the biggest surprise simply because I'm enjoying it as much as I am. Reminds me a lot of BW'a Smile.
  5. MLB 2012 Season

    Meanwhile, over in the AL Worst, the first & second place teams spent Saturday night trying to give each other the ballgame. 3-2 was not only the final score, but it was also the tally of errors. Sadly for me, the Rangers won the error contest. I sure will be happy when they break outta this slump. May has seeped into June, and that's never a good sign.....
  6. BFT 98 Reveal

  7. CDs arrived in fine shape. Thanks Jim!
  8. BFT 98 Reveal

    Track 12, Chris Potter. Shoulda known. Not one of my favorites, but I know I'm in the minority there. Ah well!
  9. BFT 98 Reveal

    There is so much I wanna get, and so many of these records I wanna explore but.... you put a CTI record on a BFT!!! That's like manna from Heaven for me!!! I'm a CTI fanatic and THIS has just shot to the top of my vinyl shopping list!!! Oh how I wish I'd had this information while I was in Austin this past weekend! An EXCEPTIONAL BFT!!! One for the ages! :party:
  10. MLB 2012 Season

    All I know is Harrison & Holland, our supposed stars, better get their shit together and FAST! Especially Holland. His star is fading rapidly, particularly after giving up 8 runs in 1-1/3 innings en route to a embarrassing 21-8 loss. Hopefully Wash ripped the pitching staff a new one tonight...
  11. Wayne Shorter with Art Blakey, 1964

    By all means, get FREE FOR ALL. It will blow you away! My personal second choice would be MOSAIC, but you won't be disappointed by any of the others mentioned here.
  12. BFT 98 discussion

    Could track 14 be Bucky Pizzarelli?
  13. End of the road for in-car CD players

    With today's economy, cars and homes will soon become the early 21st century equivalent of cassettes.
  14. BFT 98 discussion

    of course you do Yay!!!!
  15. BFT 98 discussion

    I don't get any comments to my guesses/ramblings?
  16. BFT 99 signup

    Download for me, please!
  17. BFT 98 discussion

    THAT'S why it sounded familiar. Spoon, are you also thinking of the version from Buster's SOMETHING MORE album? Hadn't heard that one in a long time, so it was surprising to me that the tune was so familiar. I don't have any other version of it either, so now I'm really curious about the source of this particular recording.
  18. BFT 98 discussion

    In the immortal words of Sweets, “Yes it’s me and I’m late again.” But the old lady lookin’ out the window knows better than to ask my opinion of the BFT because she already knows the clueless responses she’s gonna get! Track 1: I’m gonna be bold and say this is the new incarnation of our gracious hosts with the drummer’s dad wailing away on the sax. I don’t know of any other organ group that sounds like Organissimo, so maybe Jim & Co. have a legitimate case against these guys if it isn’t Organissimo! Except that I don’t hear a guitar, so…. Oh heck, I don’t care. That’s my answer and I’m sticking with it! Track 2: No clue, but it’s a piano trio. A very NICE piano trio! One that I might just seek out once this is all done! Won’t go so far as to say it’s the real thing, but all players are of one mindset of paying a well-executed tribute to the Tyner-Garrison-Jones rhythm section; they play as one, which is refreshing! Track 3: AAARARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!! I’ve heard this before! I know I have! And I’m gonna freakin’ kick myself to the moon for not remembering who this is! Egad, I hope it occurs to me before this is all over with! OH! OH! OH!!!!! I know who it is! It’s that Joshua Redman record with Billy Higgins on drums, lemme see here….NO!!! SCRATCH THAT!!! It’s Joe Henderson from that Miles Davis record he did for Verve! THAT’S why it sounds familiar: because I stupidly traded it away years ago! {{{MEGA-SIGH}}} I never learn!!! Track 4: No idea, but I am loving the fact that it’s a guitar in place of a piano for the chordal instrument. Some of my favorite jazz is like that. Clarinet, eh? Kenny Davern? Track 5: Oh, where have I heard this tune before? I don’t know this particularly lovely version. Sounds like a tune from Herbie Hancock’s BLOW UP. Or a Joe Henderson tune. Sure is nice, though; the kinda thing that would provide the perfect soundscape for a walk in the autumn sunset. Track 6: Some good ol’ fashioned BOP! Wanna say this is one of JJ’s final recordings. Good stuff! Track 7: Someone who loves him/her some Fatha or some Teddy Wilson. But it sounds like they’re playing an electric piano set to acoustic settings. Not sure why. Track 8: The brevity suggests a solo snippet or an interlude from one of Miles Davis’ Gil Evans records. Maybe one of the outtakes from the Miles/Gil box? But it sure makes a nice prelude to the next track, so good programming choice there, Dwork! Track 9: Couldn’t tell you who this is, but I can tell you the feeling that it evokes, which is one of wistful longing, and I usually only get that from certain George Winston albums. I’m not sure if this is him because I’m not THAT much of a GW collector. My only other guess would be Bill Evans, who also has that kind of power over me. It’s lovely, regardless, one that I’ll likely pursue after this is all over with! Track 10: There’s a little run up the tenor sax when this thing really starts flying that suggests Sonny Rollins or a reasonable facsimile. (I’m starting to see a trend here!) Wait, maybe that’s a bass clarinet? Track 11: Did Nicholas Payton, Russell Malone, & Christian McBride ever make another record besides the Herbie Hancock record? Ah well, guess it’s a moot point now that there’s a tenor sax goin’ at it. Well, who says it can’t be the same trio with an added horn? I can only dream! Track 12: Well, we finally hit our first dud of the bunch for me. The alto sax is too wobbly for my tastes. (I know, I know, this coming from a guy who loves Dudu Phukwana’s squawking on Hugh Masekela’s HOME IS WHERE THE MUSIC IS) Actually, it’s a lotta things too much for my taste, and the piano player only seems to encourage him. Ah well, I know there’s a lotta folks who dig this, so that’s cool. I’ll just move on! Track 13: Ah HAH!!!! I knew I’d eventually hear it! Full disclosure time: in the midst of my tiredness last night, I opened up this thread, which is never a good idea because a) knowing the answers doesn’t help me and b) if I see something I’m gonna guess correctly, then that takes away the thrill of the discovery. I saw that someone had guessed Rollins/Cherry from “3 for Jazz,” which I have on the Sonny RCA box. Still, I thought it would go by me because I’ve listened to those particular tracks a total of zero times. However, now that I’m listening, I have to believe I woulda recognized Sonny, which woulda made me realize there’s no piano on this track, and then I woulda heard the drum solo and instantly KNOWN that was Smilin’ Billy, which woulda led me to realize that’s Don Cherry, which woulda led me to the conclusion that this was Sonny Rollins from the RCA box. But that’s as far as I woulda gotten. So, I get a point for guessing the players, but not the album, and I get another point for honesty. So there! (I consider this the BFT equivalent of NPR’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”) Track 14: There just isn’t enough acoustic guitar in jazz, as far as I’m concerned. I’m gonna guess Peter Leitch, and then I’m gonna seek this out once this is all over with. It’s been a loooooooooooong time since a BFT threatened my wallet this badly! Track 15: Wait…. That’s it???? There’s no track 15??? Aw man! Track 14 was such a lovely ending to a wonderful BFT, and it’s a testament to how much fun I was having that I’m this disappointed it’s over. Phooey! Guess I gotta go back and listen again! After I read everyone’s comments. And especially after I’ve kicked myself a few hundred times! A fantastic BFT, thedwork!!! Gonna get a LOT of enjoyment out of repeated listenings to this one!
  19. What Artist/LP/CD Got You Hooked On Jazz

    This one. Technically my dad's property, but I'm taking good care of it! In fact, after I took this picture, I decided to put it on the record player, and I'm happy to say listening to the opening track even today still gives me the same thrill as it did when I first heard it in 1987!
  20. The Complete Norman Granz Jam Sessions

    Count me as a fan of Jams 3 & 4 (no pun intended). Kinda bittersweet looking at the booklet now, realizing how many of these guys were still with us when this box was released.
  21. What music did you buy today?

    A stop into Recycled Books & Records in Denton got me three of the recent CTI Masterworks for $5 each: Jackie & Roy A WILDER ALIAS Hubert Laws IN THE BEGINNING Stanley Turrentine SALT SONG
  22. jazz musicians who couldn't/cant read music

    Well..... I'm a musician..... I play jazz (I think)..... I can't read music....
  23. Hey Al, how's the turntable hanging? Still spinning like a champ! Goodness, how long ago was that? Honestly, this is the best record player I've ever owned!
  24. What performance are you referring to? Big Al is referring to posts 358 and 360. 'tis true. I wonder how I missed Joe's post, though.
  25. I can't make it this Sunday, but hopefully I can convince Mrs. Big Al to come out for one of the May or June dates.