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  1. march madness

    Checkin in to say GO BLUE!!!!
  2. Yes, but that does not make it proper. Everyone knows what "LOL" means. Is it now part of the lexicon? I can guarantee you that one will get further in life by effectively communicating in a cogent manner. Opening up a cover letter, for instance, with "Hey Yo, I googled your company and...." will get you nowhere 100 out of 100 times. Please, everybody stop the bullshit. I would imagine that 'Dear Sir, I learned about your company from an internet search utilizing Google" would merit the same response. You are arguing the spoken vernacular should not be substituted for 'proper' written English. OK, fine. But that hardly negates the development of new words as essential for effective communication in a quickly changing and complex society. I can't imagine anyone at this point opposing the verb google.
  3. Happy Birthday md655321

    Now that I am an old man at 30 its hard for me to see the screen, and of course arthritis makes it hard to type. Sometimes I have my day nurse read threads to me though. Thanks for the wishes y'all.
  4. Happy Birthday md655321

    Thanks again y'all! Haven't been around these parts much. I need to rectify that. And Darko still has a chance.
  5. New Jason Moran Trio on Blue Note

    Agreed on best since Black Stars. A simply breathtaking record with some incredible interplay.
  6. Teaching Jazz

    Ive done it a few times already, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I teach US History at a magnet school for arts (musicians, writers, visual arts, dance) and Im getting to about the jazz age again. Preferably we'd spend a month straight on the importance of jazz, but I suppose I should cover WWII and Vietnam eventually too. I usually show videos of Louis and Duke, and listen to a bit of pre-jazz pop music fluff. I focus on swing, improvisation, and, most importantly, African-Americans use of art to hold on to their humanity during the Jim Crow era. Especially easy to do with the celebratory nature of Louis' music. Anything else that you might think is a good idea? Any other teachers who have done this? P.S. Darko still has a shot with the Wolves. Gonna be his year, I swear.
  7. Beatles Remasters coming! 09/09/09

    Loving most of the stereo stuff so far. Kinda surprised how muffled the mono stuff sounds, though. Its been a fun weekend.
  8. Beatles Remasters coming! 09/09/09

    Loving most of the stereo stuff so far. Kinda surprised how muffled the mono stuff sounds, though. Its been a fun weekend.
  9. Last Chance Blue Notes

    Because its his only chance to be on a good record!
  10. The Holy Grail of Jazz

    Think of how many Monk, Coltrane, Diz, and Bird records we've all heard. Still, those Town Hall and Carnegie Hall records were spectacular, and still quite revelatory. Would love to hear Trane and Wes, but I seriously doubt it exists.
  11. While watching it the other night: Me: Wynton is the most famous "jazz musician" on earth. Music, but not jazz, inclined lady friend: He sure acts like it. Smart girl.
  12. Kid Rock on illegal downloading

    Why did they ask a non-musician about this? He completely misses the point though, as usual. (And yes, I know its supposed to be satire/sarcastic)
  13. So what is your first keg gonna be? I think a kegerator would be pretty dangerous at my place, but i'm gonna get one eventually anyways.
  14. Sports: 2008 NBA Playoffs

    Stons up ten. No way they keep up this style of play. It would be nice though.
  15. Sports: NBA 2007-2008

    C-webb is easily a hall of famer. Those numbers are ridicuous, and dont forget college career counts. he had two fantastic season at michigan.