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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I remember I had this many years ago. Isn´t this the one where Danny sings "If I could see me now" ?
  2. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Good idea for a Musical journey. I must admit I don´t have the Babs Gonzales though I alway wanted to hear how sounded those legendary "Three Bips and a Bop" with Tadd Dameron. About Sonny Rollins: My God, time flies: I saw him in Velden 1979, and now this is 40 years ago ! And in 1979 Sonny still was in his late 40´s but looked even younger. The band as I remember was Mark Soskin, Jerome Harris and Al Foster, a very very fine unit that lasted for quite some time.
  3. Horace Silver on tenor sax

    This photo is in Horace Silver´s Autobiography "lets get to the Nitty Gritty" . Has the strange tenore-posture something to do with the accident Horace had when he was a Boy, where he hurt his back, something with trying to jump over a Creek …. that´s how he describes it in his book. Did Horace Always have his hair straight?
  4. Collections

    That´s how they looked. No, "Brown Bag" was not printed on the covers. I think, the official Name was "Blue Note L.A. Series",
  5. Warne Marsh on Schoenberg

    I´m not familiar enough with the Music of Arnold Schonberg. I think it´s abstract western music. On the other Hand if I would have asked Warne Marsh a Question About some fellow musicians, I´d ask him About Lennie Tristano, About Bird Maybe or others of his Generation, Maybe even what he thinks About Ornette Coleman or Miles´ stuff after 1970 and so on, but it wouldn´t come to my mind to ask him About Arnord Schonberg...…., but Maybe it was a School of classical Music where they asked it.
  6. Favorite Track on Bitches Brew

    My CD of Bitches Brew has one additional track from a year later I think. It´s titled "Feia" or something like that. First I was lookin forward to listen to this "new" track since I thought as much as Miles´music developed from 1969 - 1970/71 it might be something really "catchy" and rhythmical but to my huge disappointment it is a very boring track. Maybe I don´t have the ears or the Patience for it, but for me it sounds like some very slow, very experimental stuff. I´m not so dumb that I would enjoy only Things you can tap your feet to, I have learned to enjoy Free Stuff, Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor when I was very very Young, but this track "Feia" or "Feio" just doesn´t say anything to me...…..
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Brings some great memories back. I heard it first on Radio when it was brand new. We had a Wonderful hour of jazz Weekly on Saturday "Jazz Shop" About new records. And this one was something Special when it came out in 1977.
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I also like this record very much. But some of the best Zoot Sims I heard on the Prestige Album Tenor Enclave. And if you want to hear some really rare Zoot Sims, I´d recommend the set he did with the Bud Powell Trio in Paris in the early 60´s. You can find it as Bud Powell at the Blue Note Cafe, the label is ESP Disk. Zoot Plays very fine versions of "Takin a Chance of Love", "Groovin High" and "Bud´s Blues"...….. Here: This is the Album cover of the CD where Zoot Sims Plays with Bud !
  9. How Tall Was Art Pepper?

    Same here ! I saw Ella live at Wiesen 1983 and I think the Group was her with Tommy Flanagan, Keter Betts, Joe Pass and Bobby Durham, all of them Pablo Artists , a very very fine concert, but at one Point Ella announced she will do some duo with Joe Pass and I think this was the only part of the set, which bored me a Little. Like in your case he never really grabbed me, I Always listened much to Wes Montgomery (before he made those records with strings), to Kenny Burrell and Grant Green if it´s About acoustic jazz. Larry Coryell and Mike Stern for later developements.
  10. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Time flies: When I first listened to this, it was recorded (on Juli 31th 1964) About 10 years ago. Now it´s 55 years ago. I think it´s one of Bud´s best latterday Studio Albums. I like most the Parker associated tunes "Little Willie Leaps" "Moose the Mooche" and "Relaxin at Camerillo". Maybe Bud´s Performances were a bit uneven in his later years. His next Studio Album "The Return of Bud Powell" is still very fine, but it seems he was in lesser form on it. But still very fine….
  11. Collections

    Oh yes I remember it now, it was multi-coloured. But wait a Minute...… a friend of mine had a Brown paper BN "Dexter" and it also was quite a sampler.
  12. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Well it´s natural I also prefer to hear Cedar Walton on acoustic piano. But on the other hand, the things that annoyed fans of Artists from the acoustic era when they started to use Fender Rhodes and Electric bass instead of acoustic piano and double bass , now are something like history. That was the time then. As much as guys from the swing era like Benny Goodman and Roy Eldrige started to "use" some of the bop Elements in the late 40´s, guys like Dizzy in the 1970´s used Electric bass and Electric guitar for their touring bands, so if I look at it now, I got a much more philosophical view About it than I had then. Then I said if I want to hear Electric stuff I hear Miles with all those guys Michael Henderson, Reggie Lucas, Pete Cosey, or Herbie Hancock Headhunters and so on, and if I want to hear Diz I want to hear him with an acoustic Group. Now I really can enjoy stuff like "Diz at Montreux" 1981 with Bags, doing "Olinga"....., anyway tunes like "Olinga" "Manteca" "Tin Tin Deo" "Brother K." you also can Play Electric and it sounds good.
  13. Collections

    I think I remember this BN reissues shortly before the CD era, I think it was the renewed interest About jazz which lasted for a few years. In the late 70´s early 80s it still was not unpossible to meet guys from the same age who would listen to jazz. About the Brown Bags from BN I still have the Fats Navarro double Album, the Monk double Album, the Paul Chambers John Coltrane, The "Blowing Sessions" (thats the Griffin Album and the Cliff Jordan- John Gilmore), and the Sam Rivers (with Dimensions and Extensions and one unreleast Andrew Hill session). I think they failed with the Herbie Hancock Album, it was only a few tunes from each Album from the whole range of Herbies BN Albums from 62-69. The only "exotic" Thing I have is Wes Montgomery, since I love Wes´ guitar so much. But it seems I´m a bit ignorant About Pacific Jazz, I think I Always was a Kind of east Coaster, don´t ask me why, but my Collection of west coast Recordings is much thinner that those of east coast Recordings...….
  14. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    From what period is this ? Olinga is Dizzy´s composition , Right ? In 1981 Dizzy performed it with Milt Jackson as a guest Artist at Montreux.
  15. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Monk is very very fine on those last Studio sessions. And he played great on the Giants of Jazz from the same period. I Always have admired Monk´s stride piano. And yeah, Darn That Dream is a ballad that really fits to Monk´s style. When I play it, I think I can´t play it without some Monkish chords.. but as on so many cover photos I really doubt this was done during the Studio session. My first Monk LP was the paperbag twofer "Monk Complete Genius" from BN, with all the 1947-1952 sessions, and it had exactly this photo with that funny chinese hat in the inner cover .