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  1. Live Evil by Miles Davis

    Liebman was fantastic and one of the first great saxophonists I saw live and bought his DrumOder and Lookout-Farm, by the way the only ECM albums I purchased in my live. I think that was the tour of autumn 1973, when they did also Stadthalle Vienna . Keyboard........well Miles played just fine chords on Organ, it can be witnessed on "Dark Magus". In general I´m not a keyboard (synthi) freak, for example I liked the comeback band in 1981 when they still had no keyboard, well I saw Miles doin some chords on organ all the time. The only keyboard player I finally liked was Japanese Kei Akagi, since he seemed to be a pianist and think as a pianist even on those 80´s keyboards. He played fantastic solos in that last band or so.
  2. Your favourite early bebop LPs

    This was also my first Diz album, after I had bought my Parker "Savoy Mastertakes". I love them both. the only thing I didn´t like sooo much then and now is , that some tracks have old style drummers and Slam Steward´s singin and bowin. Like the old fashioned beat on the first side of the Parker Mastertakes, from the 1944 Tiny Grimes session. I love most the early Big Band tracks on the "Groovin High album" and the 1946 sextet with Sonny Stitt with I think Klook on drums. I like Bop if it´s played with a bop drummer. One of the basics of bop is the new role of the drums, Klook, Max, Roy Haynes and so on....
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Is this the live album with Tommy Flanagan trio. I think I have it somewhere. Is´t there "Mack the Knife" and "Talk of the Town" on it, with Hawk announcing it as an old ballad you don´t hear often any more ?
  4. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    for me the very best album of Miles after his comeback. It´s fresh, it´s originals and not pop tunes, it is a playing band and no synthies and it is jazz musicians like Al Foster. It has fire and is not that kind of "show" where Miles was more a parody of himself...., and it is exiting, never gets boring....
  5. Finally, a WOODY SHAW thread...

    Woody Shaw was uncooperativ from the first moment on. First he had an argument with studio owner and producer Max Bolleman, calling him a racist without any reason. Then he played for several times into dead mikes, not the mike placed in front of him. He threw his cigarette ends on the floor or damped them out on the studio ceiling, he was with a completly stoned junkey woman who threw all the toalet paper into the toalet "out of fun" and soon the studio room was flooded...... Bolleman stated that it was almost a miracle that they could produce music under those circumstances. Two years later I saw Woody live under similar circumstances. He drank dozens of those small bottles of Underberg, threw his cigarette endes on the stage so we were afraid that he might set it on fire with all those cables for the mikes and amps around...., I was shocked since I saw Woody earlier in the 80s and he was not only one of the greatest trumpetists ever but also a very articulate person, takin care of business, kind to the audience etc.....
  6. Finally, a WOODY SHAW thread...

    yeah, wonderful record, but the most terrible and erratic circumstances when it was done at Max Bolleman´s studio in Netherlands...
  7. Roman Schwaller

    Yeah, Three Generations of Tenor: Next time I´ll suggest "Bean and the Boys" which they played on that record, a tune I love. I love to improvise on the chords of "Lover come Back to Me".... A-flat nice key... Salt Peanuts......other than trio I only played it with Allen Praskin and a trumpet player who also studied at the conservatory where Praskin teached, others until now where reluctant to play it though it´s easy cheesy rhythm changes in F, I´ll ask Roman....
  8. Post a pic

    Wonderful pic, they so cute ! I also love cats and maybe I can make a photo of our "motan or Kater" (how you say to a "man" cat ? But he is a very stubborn guy, anyway he choose our garden and it took 2 years to touch him and give him food. So it´s a completly wild animal who marks his area on certain places. He decides when he want´s to get his meal and he decides when my wife and me can give him our love, and when it´s over since he is "busy" again. He is black-white, very large and heavy and we named him "Grasu" which means "Fats" . It´s HIS garden, HIS hunting area and we are just his "staff"
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    It´s the best album Dexter made for CBS, one of his very best albums in general and maybe one of the best albums of late 70´s acoustic jazz. And not only the music, it´s the cover that´s great, and the liner notes is also great to read. I have only superlatives for that album and that Quartet.
  10. Yeah, his chords and his voicings were unique. He could make a small band (with Fats Navarro, Allen Eager, Curley Russell and Kenny Clarke) sound like a larger group. For example "Our Delight". I can´t read more than the basics of chords progressions but I played it from ear and got those voicings even if I had to play it in trio. The way you lay the chords, the punctations, and it will sound like a "mini orchestra"...... And of course his out-chorusses, where he replaces the theme melody with a new line, you hear it on "Good Bait" , on "Our Delight" ....wonderful..... Somewhere I told the story about me and a bunch of fellow teenagers sharing the passion for jazz, how we "discovered" Tadd Dameron. It was around 1977 when that Miles Davis - Tadd Dameron in Paris 1949 came out and despite the terrible sound quality we dug it. And when I discovered the "Mating Call" - Tadd with Trane and told other kids that this Tadd Dameron played with Miles AND Trane, those who only knew Miles and Trane answered "if you say he played with Miles and Trane or they played for him, he must be a "big chief". And later we had fun humming his themes and his out-chorusses while sittin in the boat , fishing for trout. And for me Tadd Dameron is also a very unique pianist. That short solos are little "miniatura art pieces" as a friend of mine who also discovered Tadd thru me stated and damn right he was....
  11. Roman Schwaller

    I first heard him in march 1980, when he played - also together with Harry Sokal at an after concert session in a now defunct club "Jazz By Freddie", after Sonny Stitt played here in town. So it was advertised that after the regular concert in a concert hall Mr Stitt will come down to the club and play with Roman and Harry. Roman and Harry played fantastic stuff, but Mr. Stitt was very very juiced and after two mediumtempo blues in Bb he decided to sit down at the piano and "play and sing"..... so sad to say there was no more 3 tenors....., Yesterday I had the honour to jam with Roman Schwaller and two other name saxophonists. Such a great musician and a beautiful guy. Three tenors with p,b,dr.
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Well, from all VSOP albums that extremly short studio album is the one that´s got only 1 or 2 times spinnin´ here. The first Number Skagly would be cool, but it´s more a backbeat tune and the acoustic bass in the manner it´s recorded doesn´t really fit in. This number would have been great with a fender bass. The others is missing the tension I´m used to, that medium tempo swing number could be fine, but always those stops not only in the theme but in the solos too...., I like the other one from that year 1979, I think it´s titled "Live under the Sky", that´s really top....
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    My favourite acoustic group in the 70´s . But I think my favourite is the "Tempest at the Colloseum", though this one is also very very fine.
  14. I don´t like the word perfect in music. Reminds me too much about one of the few occasions I heard classical music when two women (daughter my then girlfriend and her mother) took me to some opera and yeah, not my bag but I dug it and enjoyed it, but during intermission them two women start "did you hear how singer so an so did not hit the high C properly ? And so on and so on and they had fun doing that shit. I said well it sounds nice, I don´t know about the mistakes and if there are some, who cares ? As long as they bring the message out they are cool to me. They said that this is something like the cherry on the cake , to make observations like that. I said "can you get up there on stage and sing it better ? You can´t so you better let ´ em do their stuff as good as they know it....
  15. Ok the way they look like or the tattoos.... I wonder how they sound and yeah, to hear them in trio format would have been the greatest. I like them all three, Gomez more in group than solo, his fast hi note stuff on "Me Myself and I" get´s on my nerves, but as a team player it´s a safe thing, All three some of the hottest guys around in the late 70´s and as I said, all three on "Me Myself and I" and yeah those exchanges Cuber with Pepper Adams on "Something like a Bird" is great. The way they look like. Well from my point of view as all I knew when I was a kid: Old guys who once were young guys... As about Tatoos, I can´t stand them, sorry and I don´t want to hurt nobody, but the only tattoos I saw in the past was the tatooed numbers ex prisoners had on the hand or so.... I don´t really like it. People say it´s a personal stuff you tattoo something that´s your personality, but what if I don´t want nobody to figure out what´s my personality about......, or what happens with such a tattoo if I change my personality ? Last weak I saw a guy with a gun tattood on his face. What if that guy changes and becomes a pacifist, he get´s rid of the gun-tatoo and get´s a white "porumbel" or "taube" ....( how you say in english to that bird ?)