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  1. If I remember right, in the early 80´s Burton Green played a few gigs with some of the most important avantgardists from my homecountry Austria, people like Fritz Novotny (Reform Art Unit) on soprano sax, who had started his own taste of avantgarde as early as 1959, almost in the same time like Ornette and Don Cherry in the States....., and if I remember right they had invited Burton Green to play with them. Really interesting encounter, and Green doing a very important Fritz Novotny composition "Pannonian Flower" and if I remember right, as an encore they did Monk´s "Crepuscule with Nellie" . Fritz hadn´t played it before but sure knew the tune, I think I heard the tape ! There was quite much happening then in town.......
  2. Yes, I have read that interview. One thing Dexter said in another interview, was a very important thing about mutual influences. Like, young Coltrane was quite influenced by Dex and then became one of the most influencial leaders of the instrument himself, with a lot of followers. And in the 70´s Dexter would "borrow" some of Trane´s ideas, like his version of Body and Soul on "Manhattan Symphony" and on numerous live occasions I witnessed myself. And Dexter did also quite a lot of modal tunes, based on stuff like "Impressions" etc., . So that´s a really wonderful thing that happened: Dexter as the prototyp of the bop movement influencing the next young players in the 50´s, and than later getting influences from them too.
  3. Who's playing bass?

    It can´t be Paul Chambers, Chambers had a rounder face. Yeah John Ore. There ar not so many fotos around with him, saw him only on a foto when playing with Bud, and with Monk. And yes, when I saw the photo I also remembered it´s from Nica´s book "3 Wishes" ). And I remember I also had thought the trumpet player looks like Maggie, but the young Maggie in the 40´s with that smart look, because Maggie in the 60´s and the foto is from the 60´s, Howard McGhee in the 60´s didn´t look that well, low life had taken it´s toll, saw videos from the mid 60´s with some Charlie Parker memorial and he really looks worn out. The "3 wishes" book is a strange book. Some of the guys really have fine answers, others ...... forget it. The worst is Lionel Hampton it doesn´t make sense at all, and the shortest and most ugly is that of Al Haig. It´s strange some of them where you think they are intelligent people they give silly answers, and others where you might think they are lost, they might give some astute answers. For example Bud Powell. During that time really erratic behaviour and disappearing and missing sets, but his answers on the question "3 wishes" are: 1) Not to have to go to a hospital again 2) to travel to Japan 3) to make a record......., none of the wishes came true
  4. Gary Thomas

    I think I remember his name. The 90´s was a strange period. I think many very good players came around, but years later you must ask what ever happened to them ? Wasn´t Gary Thomas on saxophone on Miles´s last group in the last year of his live 1991 ? Didn´t know about Herbie Hancock dissing musicians like that. I always had the impressions Hancock is one of the most articulate and nicest guys in jazz history.....
  5. Most interesting/favorite 'Herbie Hancock' BN

    I love them all, they are superb, and I have them all, but maybe "The Prisoner" is the one that fascinates me most.
  6. Happy Birthday, Richard Davis!

    Does he still play ! He is one of the most exiting bassists from the 60´s on. Love his playing on many classic BN from the more advanced level.....
  7. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Those Uncle Poe´s live sets are really treasures !
  8. Nathan Davis Has Died

    Wasn´t he the official "leader" of the Paris Reunion Band ? Must have been a gas that band, never heard them. They were booked for a 3 days festival in the mid 80´s but I had only tickets for the first two days so I missed their show. Wasn´t it Nathan Davis as the leader, Woody Shaw, Dizzy Reece, Johnny Griffin, and at least on the first gigs even Kenny Clarke ? This must have been an allstar band and I don´t know why there are no records, something like that might be historic, unique......
  9. Cecil Taylor RIP

    One of the real great innovators. When I grew up, Free Jazz was still quite in action and Cecil Taylor together with Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry sure was one of the most important leaders of that great movement. His music is harder to understand than Ornette and Don Cherry, but if you get into it, it will thrill you.
  10. I´m from Austria, so that´s also a german speaking country, though we have another accent than especially people from Northern Germany. Austrian , especially Viennese style cookin is quite famous and many tourists are visiting our country and enjoy our restaurants. Once, my wife and me made a holiday-visit to a small town in Northern Germany, where we visited some friends. We really had fun, especially if we went to restaurants and if it´s about food, ingredients and some beverages we have other expressions for them than the german people, much to the delightment of the locals . They really "studied" our funny expressions, we have other words for a lot of things that really sounds funny to them but they love it, especially since there are many Germans comin to Austria on holiday, but very few Austrians goin to lesser frequented northern german towns. So even one year later when we came back, they recognized us as those "funny Austrian people". The shop were my wife asked for a plastic bag and she said in the austrian manner "Sackerl" and the woman said " a .... what?........ you mean a "Tuetchen". The next year she recognized us as those who say "Sackerl". In Germany we ordered "Viennese Schnitzel" and they served it with mushroom sauce and french frieds, quite unusual for austrians, but we loved it. They had Schnitzel with mushroom sauce or with some picant sauce and that was "Schnitzel Hunter´s style" or "Schnitzel Gipsy Style". When the waiter asked "What kind of Schnitzel" I said "make a Hunter out of it...." and everybody laughed, they never heard that...... Wow.......... never thought I´d ever write on a non-jazz topic.........
  11. Con Alma

    Want to tell you we had the pleasure to play .... among other stuff......Con Alma with a wonderful trumpet player who knows and plays many many tunes from that era, Con Alma was a highlight, and he knows all those arrangements. Other great moments were Manteca, Ornithology, Groovin´ High and many others, and he has very beautiful, soft sound, so you hear that Dizzy stuff with a mellow trumpet sound, like if Chet Baker would have done a set of Dizzy compositions, or Diz himself at a later stage of his career when he played softer and more in the middle register. I´m lookin forward playing again with that wonderful trumpet player.....
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Great ! Almost forgot how good it is ! Once I got to play with a group that was very very much orientated in that kind of style. I wouldn´t play that stuff every day but it´s great how people are happy if you play that....
  13. Thank you all for your kind and very constructive replies ! Yes, I´m sure it makes sense to start from a more historical point, like Mingus´s 50s and 60´s outputs. In my own case my first real listening experience was the Mingus with Dolphy and Jakie Byard from Paris 1964, that was a 3 LP set . I liked it from the first hearing, and it was one of my first records I had, the first was Davis´ Steamin´. Imagine, I had read about Bird from the liner notes of Davis´ album and after I heard "Parkeriana" from the Mingus set I really became interested in Bird also. So in my case I started from a quite advanced stage of Mingus´ music with all them tempo changes, dissonant sounds and everything, but I don´t thing I´d be a good example, I always wanted to "study" what I was listening to, and I think my friend is more the kind of person who may enjoy some stuff but wouldn´t listen to it as a musician listens to. Anyway I ´ll give him other records , Mingus, some Miles, some Blakey Messengers as you mentioned it. I remember a person who was not a jazz buff but was crazy about "Moanin´" and "Blue March", playing it over and over again at a very high volume.......
  14. Happy 80th Birthday, Charles Lloyd

    Saw him once in 1983 with that great quartet with Michel Petrucciani, Palle Danielsen I think and the young drummer Sunship. I also have the album they did for Electra Musician shortly after his comeback. But I think he had the most succes just before I became interested in jazz. When I started to study all that music and heard all the day long Miles, Mingus, Trane, Ornette and all of them, I didn´t really know about Charles Llyod but guys maybe 5 , 6 years older were from that flower power generation when Charles Llyod was something like a hero, best selling jazz artist or very near to it. I got to spin two of his albums from the 60s with quite straight ahead stuff, with the great group Keith, McBee, Jack DeJohnette. I liked them though I must say if I want to hear something from the 60´s I listen more to Trane, to Joe Henderson, Sam Rivers, Wayne Shorter .
  15. Songs you DO want requested

    A request I got from a stunnig beautiful lady was "When I fall in Love". I think I never played it better...... Otherwise, I like to play bop and if there´s a hip audience and a guy wants to hear our rendition of a certain tune, I remember one guy from the audience wanted "In Walked Bud" so I like requests of that kind.