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  1. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I bought it in the 70´s, I don´t have many of that silver cover series, maybe "Ornette Coleman´s Free Jazz" and "Mingus Blues and Roots", and for more easy listening the then very popular "Les McCann Eddie Harris Montreux 1969". At that time I was astonished that "Avantgarde" was quite traditional, it´s all straight ahead swing, and they don´t really go "far out". But this was still in 1960, when there was still a lot of the old hard bop. But they all sound wonderful, "The Blessing" is one of the most traditional compositions of Coleman, also a very interesting version of it is on the 1958 Hillcrest Club recording, sometimes released under the leadership of Paul Bley, though he is barely audible on those. Both Trane and Cherry loved "Bemsha Swing". Trane played it with Monk, and Don recorded it on several occasions....
  2. Louis Hayes-Junior Cook Quintet at Uncle Pö´s

    All of those are great. I was only a bit disappointed with sound quality of the Griff/Lockjaw, since the piano of great Tete Montoliu is underrecorded and sounds sharp. But nobody mentioned one of the greatests: The Elvin Jones group. That´s maybe one of the very best.
  3. Arthur Blythe was very much in demand in the early 80´s and got a lot of admiration. I also like his one LP side on the McCoy album 4xQuartet. Very very powerful alto. Too bad he died quite early. The great Allen Praskin, with whom I could play on some occasions than around 1980, was the first to tell me about Athur Blythe. It was still a time where some things would happen. I remember Roland Shannon Jackson as a big name in the early 80´s too. In general, my memories about early 80s was Arthur, World Saxophone Quartet, Prime Time and musicians who started with Prime Time, and as a surprise in 1981 the comeback of Miles...., the other half were new traditionalists like Wynton, and some of the older survivers who filled the festival halls (Dex, Art Blakey etc. ). .....
  4. I don´t have so many Sonny Stitt albums, though I love his playing. I have some from the 40´s , 50´s and one of those Muse recordings from the 70´s. "Sonny´s Back" as a title I know from an Archie Shepp album that was much earlier, late 60´s .
  5. Louis Hayes-Junior Cook Quintet at Uncle Pö´s

    Yes, the Dizzy Quartet from 1978 at Onkel Po´s . Featuring Rodney Jones on guitar, Benjamin Franklin Brown on bass, and Mickie Roker on drums. Very very fine. Towards the end, alto player Leo Wright , who was with Diz in the 60´s sits in. This Quartet was touring much, later they were replaced by Ed Cherry and Mike Howell. In 1983 J.C. Heard was on drums, that was one of the best Dizzy performances I saw live.
  6. Post a pic

    That´s me, ready to climb down to the river for having a fine day of flyfishing for trout. The cap is not a statement, it´s only because it is soft and has the right greenish colour for fishing outfit. I´m quite skinny, but that´s how I look like...
  7. Post a pic

    just wonderful ! Such a great view.....and beautiful landscape or is it a little town or a suburb ?
  8. I bought collections for two times. The first occasion was when I was about 15,16 years old and some kid from school told me there is a lady who will emigrate to Brazil and sells her record collection. I bought a lot of it, it was much electric Miles, Ornette, Sun Ra and Sanders (Live at the East), most of the stuff was avantgarde to electric. But the funniest thing was that I liked what I saw, I mean the lady who was maybe 26-29 years old. I thought: She looks fine, she listens to jazz, and the only thing I can do is buy her records...... The second occasion was a sad one. My live long friend Cristi, who shared my passions for jazz and for fly fishing, had died due to pancreatic cancer, agravated by live long heavy drinking, and his widow sold me anything I wanted from his collecton, for only 1 Euro each CD....
  9. How would you play this?

    interesting thought. The only piano played "crossed hands" is Thelonious Monk. I tried to do it but failed. Monk would have had fun to play around with this "furniture piece". On the other hand, playing from different angles was familiar to me when I did electric when this was en vogue, them old keyboards, a Fender Rhodes and a Yamaha DX 7.
  10. A New (to me) Mingus performance on YouTube

    Yes those two America LPs of 1970. Great band, mostly for Bobby Jones, Jakie Byard, Charles McPherson, but not much fire. That was also the only time I heard of Eddie Preston. Shortly after that I bought the then outcoming Miles Davis "Get Up with It" and I think there is a track "Billy Preston" on it, and since I had not heard about Billy Preston and had forgot ....Billy or Eddie..... I thought wow, Miles did a dedication to a quite obscure fellow trumpet player ?
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    I have those early 1946/47 trio recordings as a Japanese LP that I bought decades ago, very expensive, and a painting of Lennie Tristano on the cover. Very short playing time, but very fine music. Those ballads are really great and he played them on broadcast too in 1947 for Barry Ulanov.
  12. Great. And he doesn´t just copy Bird, he has a lot of own things to say. They are great and you see they have fun.
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Just wonderful both of them. They really can play. Again I hear some very nice Mobley licks, and the piano player has listened to Bud, and that short stride section is great. Some years ago, in my home district there was someone who also did kind of private house sessions at his home. He once had a club in Hamburg called "Jazz by Ralf" and I was a regular. Sorry to say it was during a period I didn´t want to perform. It was only once during a kind of repetition that I asked if I "can try the piano for a minute" and played "Bouncin with Bud,some chorusses and that Ralph called "I remember Clifford" and sure I played that too.
  14. Louis Hayes-Junior Cook Quintet at Uncle Pö´s

    Ronny Matthew with T.S. Monk, I can imagine that. Matthew loved Monk, I witnessed it on a soundcheck, where he played a few bars of a Monk ballad and it sounded exactly like Monk, and everybody smiled. And you can here it on a tune dedicated to Monk on Griffin´s first comeback album "Return of the Griffin". Hayes featuring Dizzy Gillespie ? I didn´t know something like that exists. I saw a Diz Allstar Group in late 1983: Diz, Harold Land, George Cables, Herbie Lewis and Louis Hayes, but I have not heard about a recording they made..... anyway it was great.
  15. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    That´s wonderful ! I like it so much. They sound wonderful, two tenors somehow in the Mobley tradition, and a very good piano player. Very fine bass work, only a drummer is missing. But once again, those are great musicians