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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Great, it was a Wonderful time then. Dennis Irwin wrote in german !
  2. Eric Dolphy on Blue Note?

    I also think that the Point of Departure indicated that they wanted to go on recording Dolphy. they signed some important Avantgarde Artists that time. Yeah, they didn´t usually do one Offs. One exception was Charlie Rouse ´s "Bossa Nova Bacchanal", this was the only Album Charlie Rouse made under his own Name for BN, same Thing Art Taylor´s Album.....
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    oh yes !!!!, those two are Wonderful. "Korner" actually was the first Blakey I bought. It came out in late spring 1978 so it was out after very short time. Reflection in Blue from 1979: That´s the band I saw live: Valery Ponomarev , Bobby Watson, Dave Schnitter......
  4. Jazz Police, University Jazz Program Nightmare Stories

    Great ! And great that Joe Henderson dit it. Really sound´s like another Palo Alto Story. Now it´s clear that it might have happened very seldom that such a big star would Play in a School hall, but I remember at least some occasions in the late 70´s Maybe into the early 80´s where local jazz musicians could Play in School halls. Others were Schools for adults, in Austria they are "Volkshochschule" and that´s also a place were I saw a jazz concert with austrian jazz great Fritz Pauer (p)….
  5. Pete Cosey

    Now that you say it, : It was B.B. King in 1986.
  6. Jazz Police, University Jazz Program Nightmare Stories

    Great Story ! An yes, the early 80´s still had a lot of jazz, but there was less cultural relevance than let´s say in the late 70´s. In around 1978 we still had Weekly jazz in austrian TV, later in the night. Imagine, I first saw Joe Henderson on TV, hadn´t heard About him before. And from that on I became a big fan of his Music.... Yes, the Story Tellers who didn´t make it. During the early 80´s we had a former bass Player in Vienna, who went to the Clubs and begged for Money for a beer. He once was a gifted Player, but at that time I think he didn´t even own a bass fiddle. He told us, he played with all of them, and he will be on tour with "Weather Uptdate" featuring Joe Zawinul, The Brecker Brothers, Steve Kahn, Peter Erskine and he himself on bass, and will leave for a tour in South America next week, and oh by the way, can you give me 20 Shillings for a beer and for the cab ? I don´t write his Name, but ask any austrian guy of my Generation who went to jazz Clubs, and he will remember that guy….
  7. Pete Cosey

    Wasn´t Muddy Waters together with Miles on a tour in autumn 1986. I mean they didn´t Play together, it was just that Miles´band (then playing all the stuff from Tutu) played first and Muddy Waters second. I remember the Miles Thing very well, but not so much About Muddy Waters, that is not so really what I usually listen to, R&B or what it is…. I was astonished that Miles played first , but later learned that he Always played first when he was booked on a bill with other musicians, because he didn´t want to wait...
  8. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Some vintage hardbop from 1960. Bobby Timmons´ "Dat Dere" once was used for a commercial..... as I remember, but I don´t know for what
  9. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Yes, this one I mentioned on the Allan Botschinsky thread. I´d like to Mention also Tete Montoliu´s great piano on this Album, especially on the fast Version of "Bye Bye Blackbird".
  10. Miles/Dameron/Moody Band - Paris 1949

    The Miles Davis Tadd Dameron in Paris was also reissued on CD, but with another cover, not so nice like the original CBS cover, and it has three aditional tracks among them "Crazy Rhythm and another take of All the Things you are. Moody really sounds great here, somehow ahead of his time, more like some of the post Trane tenorists at some Point.
  11. Some of those Concord LPs were also available in Austria. I never before had heard the Name Ross Tompkins, but purchased one featuring Ross Tompkins with Joe Venuti, when I heard it in a club and asked the owner what it is. From Art Blakey on Concord I only have "In this Korner", which is great. In General those labels from the 70s that focussed on acoustic jazz like Pablo and Concord had their own rules...
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    IMHO Lee Morgan´s best album from the 50´s. Night in Tunisia is incredible, Lover Man too. I´m also in the BN groove right now.
  13. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Wonderful Album, I love it. Wendesday Night Prayer Meeting, yeah !
  14. Allan Botschinsky (1940-2020)

    Sad News. He also played together with Kenny Dorham in 1963 and it was recorded as "Short Story", also at the Montmatre