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  1. Clare Fischer

    A great lp he did was called Salsa Picante, lots of work on Concord Picante label with Cal Tjader. I have him with the band on video.
  2. Will pay good money for Dizzy Reece's Progress Report On Tempo Tap 9, sleeve needed only, any condition, please get in touch, money waiting.Email me at Thanks.
  3. Michael Naura Quintet

    Thanks thats the album, paul uk .
  4. Michael Naura Quintet

    I was just thinking about this album by Michael Naura my friend used to have years ago, but i cant remember name. Could someone please give discography, and track listing, thanks Paul uk.
  5. Dusk Fire

    Just managed to pick up Don Rendell/Ian Carr's, Dusk Fire, one of the rarest jazz lps to find. also Dizzy Reece, Progress Report, rare Tempo, jazz that was sadly over shadowed by its us counterpart. Now due to the release of Gilles Peterson's Impressed one and two, reaching a wider audience, superb music, listen, paul uk.
  6. new to group

    The thing i like about jazz is that you can always find something fresh, depending on your mood., within the music. I may listen to Scheherazde, then Art Blakey, Buddy Rich, and back again toVaughan Williams, its all about quality and depth of feeling. There seems to be a Rega Planar fan club within the ranks, i love mine gives a great jazz sound, if you get my meaning, welcome Patricia, Paul uk.
  7. Rare Bluenote

    Thanks for enlightening me, after 25 years im still learning, lp is on eBay at present, cheers Paul Uk.
  8. So High

    Just got a cd copy of JLQ's, great cd with bonus tracks, Harolds House of Jazz, and Shazam, when she sung in Uk, we went mad, yet another brilliant singer, what do you think?
  9. Midnight Mood

    Having seen Mark Murphy many times, i realise what an under rated singer he is, just listening to Sconsolato, brilliant, anybod y agree with me?
  10. Buddy Rich

    Can anyone tell me how many lps were issued of The Driver, Buddy Rich, on Emarcy only, thanks Paul UK.
  11. Hank Mobley "Workout"

    My first Mobley was Recardo Bossa Nova, loved it and moved onto no Room For Squares, kicking.
  12. Superb Scat

    Just bought myself The Janet Lawson Quintet on cd, although i have the record i just had to pick this up. There are two bonus tracks, Harolds House Of Jazz, and Captain Marvel. Brilliant cd, great Japanese reissue, with words if you can keep up with Janets, frenetic voice. A must for any lover of class vocals, 5 star cd, miss it at your peril, paul uk.
  13. Ray Barretto

    Brilliant percussionist, just love it when he drives on Wild Rice, with Eddie LockjawDavis.
  14. Rare Bluenote

    Can anyone enlighten me as to the George Wallington Quintet, please, paul uk.
  15. Los Ritmos Calientes - The Cal Tjader Forum

    Mike did cal ever see any combat whilst serving as a corpsman do you know, paul.