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  1. I have two Newport Jazz Festival programs I'd like to sell. Both are in very good, dare I say excellent condition for their age. The binding is tight on both because they've never really been read. Thumbed through but not "read" like you might a magazine. Both are essentially magazines...50 pages or more (they are unnumbered and I haven't counted). They represent time capsules of the era with the advertisements, artists displayed, and the images. A fun flashback. 1978- officially titled "George Wein Presents the Twenty-Fifth Annual Newport Jazz Festival- New York, Saratoga, June 23-July 2, 1978." It features a great image of Duke Ellington painted by Leroy Neiman on the cover. 1980- "George Wein presents the 27th Newport Jazz Festival- June 27-July 6, 1980." with the "Kool" cigarette logo at the top. The front image is of NYC as painted by Leroy Neiman. Both were given to me by a friend. He got them as a result of ushering at the event. Since he was not a jazz fan he stuck them in a drawer where they sat for decades with him eventually giving them to me...his only "jazz friend." Payment via Paypal "Friends and Family" please. I wish to avoid the tax consequences of a 1099 at year's end for "selling" merchandise. $25 each plus media mail. Both for $40.
  2. Which Box Sets do You Regret Buying, and Why?

    Other than the Grateful Dead's original 1969 box set, I've been a completist with their annual releases. Since I'm not a fan of 80/90s Dead (It's the whole Brent thing) I ended up with both Spring 1990 box sets, the Giants Stadium set, and the RFK 1989 set. I parted with the Spring sets last fall and did well. As a result there wasn't much regret...but it was emblematic of being a gatherer. I still have the The Giant Stadium and RFK sets if anyone is interested and want to PM me. The 30 Trips around the Sun set is about 50/50 as it includes a show from each of the band's 30 years, but that one is a keeper. The numerous 70s sets hit my sweet spot and I'm very happy to have them. I imagine though that I will continue to purchase each set that they release every year....I'm a sucker. No jazz regrets other than the Complete Fela Kuti box. I have the 26CD version and there is one out now that has 28CDs...should I? Hmmm
  3. Are there any box bargains currently available?

    I ordered this from Amazon for about $80 and it never came. This is only the second time I've ever had a problem with one their numerous European sellers.
  4. Ron Miles R.I.P.

    Can I ask what the band is on those recordings? Miles seemed so comfortable and was always very much himself regardless of least based on my listening experience. My playlist of Ron Miles tunes as a leader/sideman is 272 songs strong and it/he is consistently excellent.
  5. Ron Miles R.I.P.

    This is so sad. I spent last year on a huge Ron Miles kick. From his own stuff to Ben Goldberg to Frisell to Triology. I found his work with saxophonist Fred Hess (who was also based in Colorado) to be very satisfying. I also recommend his work on "Music Along the Way" by Rich Lamb.
  6. Nucleus at the BBC on the way

    Hello- I received a copy of this from importcds and it was missing disc #9. Anyone else has a problem or did I just manage to get lucky for a change? ;(
  7. The booklet gives and overview of each night/set and identifies particular performances which seemed to transcend others. There are also a couple of tunes that were played just once. I too had the same idea of paring it down to my own "set" and was going to use the recommendations in the liner notes as a starting point.
  8. Jazz CD bargains

    I snagged one. Thanks for the tip.
  9. Mike thanks for being in touch. I will PM you.
  10. As a teenager I had about 40-50 albums. I knew all the tunes, the writers, producers, track lists, etc. Southern rock, Black Sabbath, Ted Nugent, Mountain, foghat, Dixie Dregs, and others. Fast forward forty years and I have more music that I can ever hope to absorb at that same level. Sometimes more than I can keep track of. Although I keep things filed alphabetically I still end up buying something that I already have about once a year. I was on a big Graham Collier kick a few years back. I tried it and I liked it so I got all of it that I could...then it was on to the next thing. It's nice to have so much to go back to, but unfortunate that there just isn't enough time to listen in and to really do so with justice. A recent upgrade of my system has me listening intently and with purpose more often once again. Otherwise I had fallen into a pattern of collecting followed by a cursory listen or even worse...relegating new stuff to background music waiting for something to jump out and grab me. It used to be the other way around. Sigh.
  11. I'd have to revisit it. I have all of the Collier BGO titles and I don't recall their being a clunker in the bunch. I enjoy that stuff that straddles being in/out. I'll have to listen again soon.
  12. I downloaded the BGO title from iTunes. Graham Collier as I recall was involved with putting the music up on that platform. It was a "three-fer" that also includes "Portraits" and "The Alternate Mosaic." Since I already purchased it iTunes won't tell me the price, but it was certainly much better than the prices of the physical CD on the secondary market. I too would prefer the CD as some point, but my wallet won out as the voice of reason because I'm not typically a downloader.
  13. Who was selling a Gentle Giant box set here?

    'Twas I. I had a number of classical boxes listed as well. PM me for details if you're still interested...I'm on the cusp. I didn't import the live stuff, but I think that I will if I choose to sell.
  14. Jazz CD bargains

    This is pretty much the same list as last year. I ended buying a dozen or more discs and paying $30 in shipping. I enjoyed the music but not the exorbitant shipping charge. I see that DD says he can address that this year.
  15. Mayall Box Set Video The video put me over the top. Lavish? Yup. Expensive? Yup. Lots and lots of listening enjoyment to be had? Yup. Import CDs Link