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  1. Nucleus - any recommendations?

    I grabbed all of the titles on BGO and I think that they are excellent. That led me back to the Rendell/Carr quintet and then Ian Carr's music. Great music. Touches of electric Miles at times, otherwise just chock full of solid tunes and great playing Not a clunker in the whole bunch.
  2. Codona CDs

  3. Nancy Wilson RIP

    Saw this in my Apple newsfeed this morning. Passed at age 81.
  4. FS- Art Ensemble of Chicago Box Set

    SOLD. Thanks.
  5. Hi- So I ended up with two of the new AEOC box set. As opposed to sending one back, I'd like to offer it here for $75 which will include media mail to the CONUS. I prefer paypal or an Amazon Gift Card. Thanks.
  6. 21 CD box of Art Ensemble of Chicago on ECM

    I don't think that this has been mentioned, but my set was numbered as 2133 out of 6,000.
  7. PM sent on Stan Getz Roost Recordings and Wynton Marsalis at the Vanguard
  8. Codona CDs

    PM Sent. Thank you.
  9. New Terumasa Hino reissues

    I can't seem to figure out the cart to process a google page translation is letting me down. Is there any "easier way?"
  10. Codona CDs

    Up...$7 each or all three $18 including postage in the lower 48.
  11. 21 CD box of Art Ensemble of Chicago on ECM

    import cds has a coupon code "TAKE10" that can be used to reduce the price to about $70 plus shipping.
  12. Blue Note Review - By Subscription Only

    "As always, please feel free to reach out to us with suggestions, comments and feedback at Dig you soon, Don Was / Publisher, Blue Note Review" "Dig you soon"? That alone could be a deal breaker for me. I wonder how long it took come up with that.
  13. Roy Hargrove

    Roy was promoting the Habana album when he came to play at the local Freihofer's Jazz Festival. He had an early afternoon set. Near the end of a tune the audio to the audience cut out. Roy was at the end of the stage killin' it. I don't know if he realized that the audio to the amphitheater was lost or not...perhaps the monitors on stage were still working, but he was well in front of them so he may not have known that either. What I recall vividly is he played his ass off acoustically for about 90 seconds to finish off the tune, filling a 5500 seat venue with an unamplified treat. The ovation he garnered was uproarious and so very well-deserved.
  14. PM Sent on Oliver Nelson Mosaic set. Oliver Nelson set is still available. Turns out I already have it. Duh.
  15. Roy Hargrove

    Just read a piece by Nate Chinen regarding his death due to cardiac arrest. He was apparently in the hospital undergoing dialysis. His early RCA/Novus stuff is superb.