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  1. CDs for sale

    PM Sent on KC
  2. $88 Opened but played just once. Everything is excellent/mint. Ships free w/delivery confirmation in the continental 48. Paypal or Amazon gift card.
  3. Are there any box bargains currently available?

    Oscar Peterson Songbooks....3 CDs. $8.61 Prime OP Songbooks
  4. I don't that there is anything "intellectually dishonest" about having a different perspective, viewpoint or response to the trials and tribulations that may or may not have been a part of dealing with Mosaic and their recent shipping situation. From what I am reading, some people (myself included) just don't see it as a deal-breaker or reason to get their knickers in a twist. Their subcontracting of shipping has proven to been less than ideal. I don't think that anyone has really disagreed with that. We all have the opportunity to "vote" with our wallets. To lambaste them as such and continue to do business with them seems like a recipe for frustration, disappointment, and anger on your part.
  5. Rhino handles the Grateful Dead reissues (rather poorly from an e-commerce standpoint). This surely gives them an infusion of cash with the annual box set along with the four Dave's Picks.
  6. Even if the Sunday Gazette is "funded," isn't it Mosaic's prerogative what they do with their money? It seems reasonable that the gentlemen there would/should be compensated for their time and energy. I see the Gazette as a way to further spread the gospel of jazz. It is a discussion of sorts to point you in new directions and provide insight and of the hallmarks of Mosaic and part of the essence of their endeavor right from the start. Part of Mosaic's success, and magic, has been how successful they have been when operating in "trust us" territory. I enjoy the Gazette and click through on links of interest which do lead to stories which originate in a variety of publications as well as performance videos from youtube. I see no harm in it at all. Given that only a few stories in each issue have a direct tie-in to current Mosaic products it seems quite altruistic that they do this, And for those which do connect to their current product how could you fault them for a little self-promotion?
  7. Must-have box sets (non-Mosaic)

    Yes. Once they are on your computer you may do all of things that you mention and more. They are "yours" so to speak.
  8. Are there any box bargains currently available?

    I think that the sound is very good. Very present, and clear. I can't speak to the source, I know that Real Gone is one of the EU "knock-off" labels but I give this set very high marks for audio. The John Kirby album (the one I was most interested in) sounds great but overall there is a great deal here to enjoy. $8.19 very well spent.
  9. Are there any box bargains currently available?

    Dave Pell 8 Classic Albums $4.20 plus $3.99 shipping. Very nice stuff that I wasn't familiar with. Recommended.
  10. Six OOP Mosaic CD sets for sale

    PM Sent on JJ Johnson
  11. Are there any box bargains currently available?

    This must have been a mistake...I checked just a few hours after your post and it was $117 and it has been around that for the last few days. I would have like to have caught one a that price...
  12. Limited to 15,000 copies. Ordering was tough but the GD site now redirects to Rhino. Cornell '77 is the Holy Grail. This will go quick...
  13. FS-Willie Nelson

    PM Sent on Atlantic Sessions
  14. The Blue Note Years- Photography of Francis Wolff

    One more bump....$60 Product Details Hardcover Publisher: Rizzoli; First edition (1995)
  15. The Blue Note Years- Photography of Francis Wolff

    bump...lower price