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  1. PM Sent on New Orleans Box
  2. Lee Morgan 60s Mosaic set

    I think that there is something to be said for "The Mosaic Treatment." I have all of the individual CDs but I'll still be inclined to get the Mosaic set. What can i say?
  3. Lee Morgan 60s Mosaic set

    From today’s Mosaic newsletter: Hank Mobley and Lee Morgan: A Duo Made in Blue Note Heaven The team of Lee Morgan and Hank Mobley was made in Blue Note heaven. Kindred spirits with contrasting personalities, they made an amazing amount of gorgeous, soulful music together in the ‘50s and ‘60s. David Brent Johnson has seen fit to celebrate their partnerships on his Night Lights program. Interestingly, a number of his musical choices were tracks left unissued until after their deaths, which Mosaic Records is revisiting with our set The Complete Hank Mobley Blue Note Sessions 1963-1970. Everything and anything they did together is of value and merit. And a ‘60s Morgan Mosaic set should follow next year! -Michael Cuscuna
  4. Grateful Dead All the Years Combine 14 DVD Set

    Bump. Price reduced. $180.
  5. I've only played three of these shows (Winterland/The GD Movie/Dead Ahead). The others are untouched and mint. The box is in excellent shape. Booklet is crisp...briefly looked at never read. I'll listen to the Dead all day...the videos tend to leave me flat. $200 includes shipping/insurance/delivery confirmation to CONUS. Paypal preferred please. Thanks
  6. Nate Chinen Book Only $12.34 for hard cover. Free shipping for Prime members.
  7. The 80-20 principle of listening to jazz albums

    I had my iPod classic for Jazz expanded to 768 GB. I've filled it with all of my usual suspects as well as assorted other things that I was once enamored with or curious about. Shuffling by song, album, and artist has helped me to curate a collection (playlist) of tunes that I enjoy coming back to. I import as ALAC files, so I'm happy with the fidelity, the portability, and the options for listening. 18,000 tunes spanning 470 GB. Then again I have many times that over in CDs to also visit and revisit. A good problem to have. So 80/20 seems reasonable but I'm working on changing that up. As FZ said, "Without deviation from the norm progress is not possible."
  8. Black & Blue Records - CD Offer

    My Black and Blue CDs arrived yesterday along with the Fresh Sound titles I had ordered.
  9. Box Sets For Sale

    PM sent on Ben Webster.
  10. I like the Apple Iphone 7 and 8. i had the Plus version of both models. They are the last two generations to have the home button. I'm not ready to live without it. I went for the 256 GB of memory which allows me to carry around one of my iTunes libraries so that I always have music for my car or with me- since I always have my phone. This is my fourth iPhone and we have many in the family. We've never had an issue with reliability. Quite the opposite actually. Never had a problem. And your iPhone is six years old. I've heard that future models may bring back the home button while in other places I've seen that the home button is gone for good. I expect to get another 4-5 years out of this phone.
  11. $89.99 after the 10% off and including the $21 to have it shipped stateside. The box doesn't seem to show up on any of the expected retail websites.
  12. Reggae/Afropop/World music boxes

    PM sent in Tougher than Tough box.
  13. Some cd's for sale

    PM went on Change of Time. I really like Adam Kolker. I’m not previously aware of this record, but John Hebert’s stuff tends to be mighty tasty too. 👍
  14. This is such an excellent set. I had a half dozen of the albums and a four CD collection of Fela's work before I sprung for this set. I was impressed by the high level of consistency with his music.Wonderful stuff. Highly recommended.
  15. Black Saint/Soul Note CDs

    I'm not sure what kind of interest there may be for these but I'll float these out there anyway- These are authentic BS/BN cds, not the "on-demand" cds that Amazon is doing. All discs/inserts are in mint/near mint condition. Prices include shipping to CONUS addresses. Paypal only please. Thanks. $15 -David Murray Octet- Hope Scope -Muhal Richard Abrams- Rejoicing with the Light -Muhal Richard Abrams- Colors in Thirty Third $12 -David Murray- Ming -Lee Konitz Quartet- The New York Album -Lee Konitz Quartet- Live at Laren -Roscoe Mitchell and the Sound and Space Ensembles -Mingus Dynasty- Reincarnation $10 David Murray Octet- Ming Roscoe Mitchell and the Sound Ensemble- Live at the Knitting Factory Muhal Richard Abrams- Song For All