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  1. I am Stonewall15 who wrote the question regarding plastic hard case covers for Savoy CDs.

    Are you a Savoy CD collector, as I am?

    Perhaps we could communicate.

    Dan (Stonewall15)

  2. hard plastic mini-lp covers

  3. Favorite single-disc series?

    Pacific Jazz released a 12-CD series (plus a sampler) titled "West Coast Classics". Absolutely outstanding music!
  4. LF Transition label LP

    Kevin- many thanx for this lead on Jay Migliori. I will pursue and post results.
  5. Looking for following 6 Calliope LPs: All titled "Sessions, Live". 1. Cal-3021 Curtis Counce, Anita O'Day 2. Cal-2023 Harry Babasin, Barney Kessel 3. Cal-3025 Candoli brothers, M. Murphy, Leroy Vinnegar 4. Cal-3027 MJQ, Herb Jeffries, Georgia Carr, Chico Hamilton 5. Cal-3029 Rampart Street Jazz Band, Jack Teagarden 6. Cal-3032 Pete Jolly, Billy Holiday, Leroy Vinnegar, Jeri Southern
  6. LF Transition label LP

  7. Dick Twardzik and Lionel Hampton

  8. My favorite is "Trane's First Ride" on the obscure Oberon label. AFAIK the LP has never been reissued on CD. Done at Birdland with Dizzy Gillespie and Milt Jackson in early 1951.
  9. Must-have box sets (non-Mosaic)

    Jutta Hipp- The Life and Art of. 6 CDs, 1 DVD and a wonderful 208-page coffee table book.
  10. Savory Collection volume 3

    Is there a Savory Collection volume 3 being planned? If so, when will it be released?
  11. Oscar Peterson, Short List

    1959 Trio "A Jazz Portrait Of Frank Sinatra". OP really swings!
  12. Dave Brubeck "Compadres" LP Columbia CS-9704

    As far as I know "The Last Time We Saw Paris" has not been released on CD. Maybe Brubeck's hold order has stood-up.