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  1. Has surveys of heads of record companies. Supposedly included Transition Records owner Tom Wilson. If Wilson (or if anyone else responded for Transition) I would like to obtain that Transition survey. I would like just the Transition pages but would be happy with the whole magazine.
  2. LPs that have never made it into CD

  3. Unissued Music You Would Like To See Released

    Looking for release of Transition LP TRLP-18 Jay Migliori "Jazz Down Beat". Definitely existed at one time. Complete listing is in Lord discography. One song "Something's Gotta Give" was released in the Transition Sampler LP TRLP-30. The booklet for TRLP-30 also has a description of the Migliori session.
  4. Stars of Jazz / Eventbrite

    I have registered. How do I access the program on Thursday? Both sessions were released on Calliope LPs- Max Roach on CAL-3013 and Howard Rumsey on CAL-3030.
  5. "New" Brubeck

    I got it: LP "Dave Brubeck Trio- Live at the Wiener (Vienna) Konzerthaus 12 November 1967".
  6. "New" Brubeck

    Gmonahan- I certainly agree with you. A box set that includes "Jazz: Red, Hot and Cool" and "Jackpot" as well as "The Last Time We Saw Paris" and "Compadres" would be wonderful. There are also other Columbia live recordings that could be included.
  7. "New" Brubeck

    A box set including "Time OutTakes" and two LPs never released on CD "Last Time We Saw Paris" and "Compadres" would be welcome. Brubeck collectors would really appreciate this. Also included could be the recently released LP "Dave Brubeck Trio- Live at the Wiener Konzerthaus 1967".
  8. Wynton Kelly & Cecil Payne Live

    Does not show up in the Lord Discography.
  9. Favorite Discovery 2020

    Art Blakey & Jazz Messengers "Just Coolin" from Blue Note vaults- 1959 session.
  10. Favorite Discovery 2020

    Dave Brubeck "Time Out" Out Takes CD.
  11. Dave Brubeck Trio Vienna November 12th, 1967

    Perhaps this Paul Desmond problem has something to do with Dave's unhappiness about "The Last Time We Saw Paris" session the next day.
  12. Dave Brubeck Trio Vienna November 12th, 1967

    I am really interested in this session. How do I go about getting the LP or a CDR?
  13. Need Blu-Ray DVD player recommendations

    Picture quality is excellent, IMHO could not be better.
  14. Need Blu-Ray DVD player recommendations

    Consider an all-region player. For example several are offered by International Video & Electronics ( I bought a Sony from them for $139 three years ago. It works perfectly on Blu-ray and DVD discs and has HDMI output.