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  1. Are CDs Still Worth Selling Online?

    Another thought: if you have a number of Japanese import CDs they can be listed on eBay individually or as a lot. They do sell. These CDs are valuable, originally imported from Japan and costing $25 and up. These CDs are packaged in a mini-LP envelope (not jewel cases). The most valuable are the ones with an obi.
  2. Are CDs Still Worth Selling Online?

    Another thought: If you live in or near a large city you might try selling your whole collection at a record show. Record shows are held several times a year and now feature CDs in addition to LPs. Record show organizers rent tables where you can display your collection. This is a pretty good way to sell individual CDs as long as the price is good- around $5. Attending a record show is also a good way to meet CD/LP dealers, some who might be interested in buying a large collection for the right price.
  3. Are CDs Still Worth Selling Online?

    Here is an idea: List the CDs on a spread-sheet, sortable by Artist or Title or Label. Do not bother listing CDRs as they are not worth anything. Send the spread-sheet via email to big CD sellers like Amoeba and see if they want to buy the whole lot or significant portions. I don't think grading is important since CDs stay in good shape, not like LPs that deteriorate over time. The CDs must be in jewel cases and have all front and back matter. I do agree that selling individual CDs online is very unsatisfying. One eBay possibility is if you have a large number of CDs by a particular artist is to list them as a lot and hope that a collector buys them.
  4. Looking to trade this rare Freeway label 45rpm record for Freeway label LP FLP-1 titled "Listen to The Hank Demano Quartet". The songs on this 45 record are "Yesterday" and "Shadow of Your Smile". Neither song is on the three released Freeway 33rpm LPs (including FLP-1) or the Fresh Sound Records (FSR-910) CD reissue of FRS-500 and FLP-555. The 45 record (FR-656) plays perfectly with no noise or skips.
  5. LF Hank Demano LP- Freeway label FLP1

    Yes- FR-656 is distinct from SFR-656. As far as I can tell the 2 songs (Yesterday and The Shadow of Your Smile) are not on any Freeway LP.
  6. LF Hank Demano LP- Freeway label FLP1

    Catalog number is FR-656.
  7. LF Hank Demano LP- Freeway label FLP1

    I just acquired a 45rpm record on the Freeway label with 2 songs by Hank Demano. The songs are "Yesterday" and "The Shadow Of Your Smile". These songs are not on the 3 released Freeway LPs. I have checked the Lord Discography and internet sources and can find no record of these 2 songs on Freeway. Do I have something rare? Possibly these 2 songs were only recorded on 45 with the objective of being played on juke boxes. They were not included on the 3 LPs since they were recorded after the LPs were released. I am still looking for the LP that is the subject of this post.
  8. Los Angeles Jazz Institute (LAJI) CDs

    Many thanx for your efforts and information. I had no idea that only 300 copies of each CD were issued. I still have hope of eventually finding the 2 CDs. Bump..
  9. Duke

    You ought to try to explain what a slide rule is.
  10. LF Two Calliope LPs

    I have been collecting Calliope label Sessions, Live LPs since 2012. I now have 34 of the 36 that were released. I am missing 2: CAL-3023 (Harry Babasin and Barney Kessel) and CAL-3025 (Candolis and Leroy Vinnegar). CAL-3023 is listed on Amazon for $1,048 which is a tad more than I would pay. I continually look on eBay and have listed my 2 missing LPs on Discogs with no results from either so far. Does anyone have any ideas where to look? I am willing to pay a reasonable amount (considerably less than $1,048) for either LP..
  11. Pleased to get.