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    More information please. Looks interesting.
  2. Greatest LPs to never make it to CD

    I have down-loaded Fourmost Guitars MP3 from Amazon that includes the 3 Chuck Wayne tracks. Still available on Amazon.
  3. Transition label

    Bump. Still looking for TRLP-18.
  4. LF Transition label LP

    Got the English notes on TRLP-17. Still looking for Migliori TRLP-18.
  5. Jazz in Transition: Chambers, Coltrane, et. al.

    Still looking for TRLP-8 and TRLP-18.
  6. is it true that Blue Note/Lion purchased the masters of Transition Reo

    Still looking for LPs from the Transition label- TRLP-8 (Pepper Adams/Curtis Fuller) and TRLP-18 (Jay Migliori).
  7. LF The Trademarks Play Jazz LP

  8. Xanadu Gold Series

    There are 4 Jam Session LPs (#100 thru 103). They all contain West Coast Jazz music from the 1950's. If you are interested in more information PM me.
  9. Xanadu Gold Series

    Fresh Sound Records released a CD (CD-157) that included the 7 tracks from Wardell Gray Xanadu-146 LP plus 2 extra from the session- "Keen And Peachy" and "Lady Bird". The 2 tracks totaling 18 minutes were too long to fit onto an LP. These 2 tracks are on the Jam Session LP (JS-101).
  10. Legacy Records LP MK1000. Recorded in Louisville, Ky 1958. The label is not the Columbia/Sony label but another obscure label. Artists are Don Murray, Dave Klingman and Gene Klingman.
  11. Dave Brubeck on Fantasy. Also with Miles also helped Columbia.
  12. William Donati

    James Harrod found this at his local library. Has important information. . California, Death Index, 1940-1997 Name: William Donati Social Security #: 554505415 Gender: Male Birth Date: 27 Dec 1919 Birth Place: Other Country Death Date: 7 May 1997 Death Place: Los Angeles Mother's Maiden Name: Ricotti Source Information: California, Death Index, 1940-1997 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2000. Original Data: State of California. California Death Index, 1940-1997. Sacramento, CA, USA: State of California Department of Health Services, Center for Health Statistics. Description:
  13. William Donati

    William Donati played piano and harpsichord on 3 Tampa label LPs in the mid-1950's. I have discographical information about the 3 LPs but need biographical information about him. Information such as birth and death dates, locations, career, other music, etc.
  14. Are CDs Still Worth Selling Online?

    Another thought: if you have a number of Japanese import CDs they can be listed on eBay individually or as a lot. They do sell. These CDs are valuable, originally imported from Japan and costing $25 and up. These CDs are packaged in a mini-LP envelope (not jewel cases). The most valuable are the ones with an obi.