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  1. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Still hoping for Dave Brubeck Columbia LPs "Last Time We Saw Paris" and "Compadres" on CD. Come on Sony and Brubeck family relent about re-issues!
  2. LF Transition label LP TRLP-18

  3. Dave Brubeck Trio Vienna 1967

    What is a "radio edit"?
  4. This box set would be welcomed by Brubeck collectors. Hopefully it would contain the Columbia LP "Compadres" which has never been released on CD.
  5. Dave Brubeck Trio Vienna 1967

    This session was released on LP for RSD. The CD is now listed on Amazon. Both appear on eBay. Both the LP and CD have six tracks. There is a seventh track originally recorded on tape at the 1967 session that is not included on all subsequent issues. The title is "Let My People Relieve" and features Eugene Wright.
  6. A terrific big box set would be the 17 CDs released by the Los Angeles Jazz Institute. Another would be the 36 LPs released on the Calliope label.
  7. Your Music Collector Idiosyncrasies

    I Have my collection on a spreadsheet. First column is the artist, which I file by. I also have a second and third column where I can list other significant artists. I can sort these columns when looking for a particular artist. This helps me find LPs/CDs in my collection with multiple prime artists.
  8. Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz Database

    Do you plan to digitize the show? I would really like a CDR.
  9. Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz Database

    Has Joanne Grauer session ever been released on CD?
  10. Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz Database

    Was Dorothy Donegan session released on CD?
  11. Lawrence Brown

    Goldmine book and Lord Discography both show 3 LPs where Brown is the leader. They probably have solos.
  12. Crown Records Question

    The rest of the album does not sound like Brubeck to me. I agree that Crown probably included 1 track by Brubeck to sell the LP.
  13. Crown Records Question

    I have a question regarding Crown LP CLP-5361 "Dave Brubeck- The Greats!!" Paul Desmond plays only on track 1 "Lyons Busy". Who plays sax on tracks 2 through 7? Also who are the other players on tracks 2-7?
  14. Tina Brooks

    Holy Ghost- I feel the same way as you do. The music is what counts not sexual orientation, drug addictions, alcoholism, mental problems or marital problems. The 4 Blue Notes by Tina Brooks are wonderful and some also feature great trumpet by Lee Morgan.

    Many thanx. Are there any other Lyon's Busy or Discapades with Brubeck available?