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  1. White Leaders on Blue Note

    Wade Legge, Zoot Sims, Frank Sinatra (in Australia with Red Norvo).
  2. Female Jazz Artists

    How about Marian McPartland, Dorothy Donegan, and Pat Moran?
  3. Opening scene credits music from "The Cincinnati Kid" cannot be beat. It is New Orleans jazz at it's best. The only way to hear it by viewing the DVD. The CD soundtrack music omits the opening credits music (I guess) because there is some narrative from Steve McQueen overlaying the music.
  4. I just did a comparison. The Mosaic set has the following tracks not on the 4 downloads: Mildred Bailey- Mosaic disc 3 tracks 10-13 Stuff Smith- Mosaic disc 3 tracks 14-15 Joe Sullivan- Mosaic disc 4 tracks 7-13 Count Basie- Mosaic disc 5 tracks 3,4,6,8,11,12,15,16,17,18 Count Basie- Mosaic disc 6 tracks 3,4,7,8,15,16,17 I am not positively sure about the Count Basie tracks as some of the times do not agree precisely. In any case the 2 Mosaic discs total 39 tracks and 17 are not on the downloads. In any case the Mosaic set does include all the 4 download tracks, plus the ones mentioned above.
  5. Savory Collection volume 5

    Now that volume 4 is being released this December will there be a volume 5?
  6. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Brubeck was unhappy with "Jackpot" yet it finally was released on CD. Also, what is holding-up release of with "Compadres" on CD?
  7. Dick Twardzik and Lionel Hampton

  8. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Still hoping for Brubeck "The Last Time We Saw Paris" and Brubeck/Mulligan "Compadres". Both were on Columbia LPs, now Sony.
  9. Tom Wilson and the Transition Records Story

    Looking for Sam Gary and Russell Woollen Transition LPs.
  10. Dave Brubeck- Live At The Kurhaus 1967

    I got this CD through a friend in Europe. As far as I know it is still not available in the U.S. The music is very good and the mastering excellent. The CD comes in a beautiful gate-fold package and contains a nice booklet. This is a nice addition to my Brubeck CD collection.
  11. The Writer Gene

    Gerry Mulligan and Dave Brubeck were excellent writers as well as musicians.