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  1. Hank Mobley CJ28-5128

    The Blue Note 10-in LP (BLP-5066) is on the first disc of the Mosaic (-181) set titled "The Complete Blue Note Hank Mobley Fifties Sessions".
  2. Lee Morgan Film

    Is there any possibility that the Lee Morgan film will be released on DVD?
  3. Jutta Hipp

    As an owner of the huge Jutta Hipp box set I can tell you that it worth every penny I paid for it. The 6 CDs and the very short DVD are worth the price alone. The 208-page book is a work of art and is far and away the best book accompanying any box set I ever saw. As far as the narrative goes the book gives a very coherent story of Hipp's life, both during and after her musical life. The book also contains many, many pictures of her at various performances and of her art. It is too bad that the book is not sold separately.
  4. Shorty Rogers Rendezvous Ballroom 9/27/52

    Many thanx for this information.
  5. Sounds of Yesteryear is releasing a Shorty Rogers at The Rendezvous Ballroom performance dated 9/28/52. Is this truly new music or just a re-issue of the 9/27/52 session previously released by the Los Angeles Jazz Institute CDs LAJI 6 and 7? The Sounds of Yesteryear is listed on Amazon with a September 15 release date.
  6. I had a very good experience with Mosaic customer service. I recently bought a Mosaic set. When it was delivered one corner of the box was crushed- probably due to USPS poor handling. Fortunately the CDs were OK. I called Mosaic (actually talked to a human) and told them of the problem. I received a replacement box within a week. Hats off to them!
  7. Lee Morgan: Roulette Sides (10 inch LP)

    I just got the "Minor Strain" CD. Two great sessions. Nice to have when you cannot afford the recently released 10-in LP.
  8. Lee Morgan: Roulette Sides (10 inch LP)

    On the "Minor Strain" CD a Thad Jones session is included with the Lee Morgan session. What is the date and location of the Jones session?
  9. Savory Collection volume 4

    Now that volume 3 has been released are there any plans for volume 4?
  10. David Niven's jazz collection.

    Is there any kind of index to this massive collection? Also it would be nice to know which tapes (or portions of tapes) have never been issued on LP or CD.
  11. The All Stars Live European Concert LP (Unique Jazz UJ-25

    The Pettiford link references the RLR 3-CD set titled "The 1958 European Tour" by JJ Johnson and Kai Winding. Two of the songs (Tenderly and Making Whoopee) on the Unique Jazz LP are not shown on the Amazon track listing of the 3 CDs. I wonder if this is a case of mis-labeling the tracks on the CDs or if the LP really has two songs that are yet to be released on CD.
  12. The All Stars Live European Concert LP (Unique Jazz UJ-25

    David Ayers- many thanks for the link to Oscar Pettiford. The link answered my questions.