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  1. Bob Dubbs. Piano quartet (piano, vibes, bass, drums), private label, Cleveland 1968. 2 LPs- "The 2 Sides of Bob Dubbs" and "2 More Sides of Bob Dubbs". Made CDRs of both.
  2. Savoy label question

    Savoy had many, many top jazz artists in the 1950's. Biggest money maker IMHO was Charlie Parker. Other money makers included Kenny Clarke, Curtis Fuller, Errol Garner, Dizzy Gillespie, Milt Jackson, Marian McPartland and Fats Navarro.
  3. Stu Williamson

    Stu Williamson played valve trombone on "Dickie's Dream" and "Long Ago And Far Away" on 2/22/55. Released on Contemporary label C3504 "Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars vol. 6" LP. Also released on OJCCD-386-2.
  4. Playing music in the car

    Big disappointment: Most new cars do not even come with a CD player. Instead you are expected to stream music from your phone or what ever. For us old timers this is a good reason to hold on to our older cars that have a CD player. In fact my 2010 car has a 6-disc changer which is wonderful. I guess if I am forced to buy a new car I will have go to a stereo store and have a CD changer installed. Unlike missing CD players in new cars I do not miss cigarette lighters and ash trays.
  5. Jazz West Coast blog on Yahoo

    Brad- no. JWC Group is on Yahoo.
  6. Stan Kenton´s piano style

    Capitol issued an LP (T-656) in 1955 featuring June Christy backed by Stan Kenton. This LP, also available on CD, gives a good sample of his solo piano style for American songbook tunes.
  7. Jazz West Coast blog on Yahoo

    The owner-moderator of the Jazz West Coast Group (James Harrod) responded to my email and sent me instructions how to access the group again. Many thanx to him.
  8. What happened to the Yahoo Group? After Organissimo, Jazz West Coast was my favorite. Can this blog be resurrected somehow, perhaps as an Organissimo topic?
  9. Transition label

    Latest information I have obtained on TRLP-8: Three songs initially intended for release on TRLP-8 have been released on the Mosaic Paul Chambers Select 3-CD set (MS-005). They are "Trane's Strain", "High Step" and "Nixon, Dixon and Yates Blues". Still unknown is what other songs were recorded and never released.
  10. Late 60's Early 70's Blue Note Lesser Known Gems

    Columbia released several excellent Dave Brubeck LPs in 1965 through 1969. They are all available on CD except for "Compadres" and "The Last Time We Saw Paris". My favorite of this series is "Jackpot" recorded live in Las Vegas.
  11. LF Two Calliope LPs

  12. LF Transition label LP

  13. Tom Wilson and the Transition Records Story

    I have a beautiful set of Japanese produced Transition CDs released in 1994. They are exact versions of the LPs: TOCJ-5885 (TRLP-20) Watkins At Large TOCJ-5886 (TRLP-4) Byrd's Eye View TOCJ-5887 (TRLP-17) Byrd Blows On Beacon Hill TOCJ-5888 (TRLP-19) Cecil Taylor Jazz Advance TOCJ-5889 (TRLP-30) Jazz In Transition TRLP-30 includes 2 tracks that were not included on the original LPs: "Crazy Rhythm" in Byrd's Eye View and "Sweet & Lovely" in Cecil Taylor Jazz Advance. Also included in TRLP-30 is "Something's Gotta Give" from the Jay Migliori Quintet (TRLP-18). The notes in TRLP-30 have a discography of the TRLP-18 session which was recorded on November 7, 1955 in Boston. For unknown reasons this LP was never released and remains a mystery today.