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  1. Los Angeles Jazz Institute (LAJI) CDs

    LAJI-001 Jazz A La Lighthouse LAJI-002 West Coast Rarities LAJI-003 West Coast Big Band Rarities LAJI-004 The Rare And Unissued Shorty Rogers LAJI-005 Stan Kenton's Artistry In Comedy LAJI-006 Shorty Rogers And His Giants Live At The Rendezvous Ballroom vol. 1 LAJI-007 Shorty Rogers And His Giants Live At The Rendezvous Ballroom vol. 2 LAJI-008 Howard Lucraft And His Music LAJI-009 Rare And Unissued Chet Baker LAJI-010 Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars On The Air LAJI-011 Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars Live In The Solo Spotlight LAJI-012 Over The Rainbow- Rare And Unissued Art Pepper LAJI-013 West Coast Jazz On Television- Rare And Unissued Jazz On TV LAJI-014 Welcome Home Stan! - Stan Kenton & His Orchestra With Anita O'Day LAJI-015 Gerry Mulligan- not sure of exact title
  2. Los Angeles Jazz Institute (LAJI) CDs

    LAJI has issued 14 CDs. Number 15 is supposedly underway.
  3. Los Angeles Jazz Institute (LAJI) CDs

    Kevin- many thanx for the pix. Now how do I get the CDs?
  4. Question

    Mikeweil- Are you making any headway moving album covers to a separate thread?
  5. The Haig

    Are any of Bud Powell's sessions at The Haig available on CD, LP, or Youtube?
  6. Question

    Why are the Album Covers posts not in the Album Covers thread instead of being in Miscellaneous Music?
  7. SACD Question

    I am using the optical cable output from my player going to a DAC, not the HDMI cable output. I think I am skipping the DAC in the player, which I want to do. Does this still result in an extra data conversion step?
  8. SACD Question

    Kevin- you are correct- my player is the Sony BDP-BX37. Thanx to your information I was able to re-set the playback mode and now I can play my "Kind Of Blue" SACD. I use the optical output from my player which goes to a separate DAC and then to my pre-amp. Is this satisfactory instead of using the RCA cables?
  9. SACD Question

    Kevin- many thanx for explaining my SACD problem. I play my SACDs on a Sony DVD player and cannot default to the stereo mode. Stereo/Multi-channel SACD for a Stereo-
  10. SACD Question

    I recently acquired the Columbia Miles Davis "Kind Of Blue" SACD (not a hybrid SACD). When I played it on my SACD player I had to turn the volume way, way up to hear the music. To make sure that I did not have a player problem I immediately played another of my SACDs and it played fine with normal volume. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with the Miles SACD? Has anyone else had this problem with SACDs?
  11. Top 10 Blue Note sidemen

    How about Duke Pearson and Pepper Adams? Kind of hard to call Pepper a side-man since he got lead billings with Donald Byrd.