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  1. JR/J.R. Monterose - Croscrane Sessions

    Was this while he was in residence at the Utica College in Syracuse?
  2. JR/J.R. Monterose - Croscrane Sessions

    What are the dates of the Croscrane sessions?
  3. Duke Jordan Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Best Available Digital Version

    A beautiful digital version is included as CD #2 in the 30-CD set of "The Charlie Parker Records" label. This box set was issued by Membran many years ago.
  4. Ken- thank you for posting the Toshiko session. I especially liked track 5 and 6 where she was quite up-beat. The bassist was very good throughout. I have no idea what the title is for track 3.

    The session made a great CDR!

    Dan Stewart (Stonewall15)

  5. Paul Desmond

    Desmond really plays on an early Columbia LP (CL-622) "Brubeck Time". Fortunately this LP has been released on CD.
  6. Was one of these done on the Transition label?
  7. Same artist, Same Title

    Lucky Thompson "Lucky Strikes" on Transition and Prestige labels. Same title, totally different tunes.
  8. I am listening to the Los Angeles Jazz Institute CD (LAJI-0010) titled "Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All Stars On The Air 1957". The CD contains two sessions broadcast on November 20 and December 18, 1957 on the KMLA radio station "Nightlife" program. These sessions are very, very good and is it possible that other KMLA radio broadcasts are available? An interesting fact is that KMLA was an early FM radio station. The recording is not in stereo.
  9. Sales and Distribution of Jazz LPs, circa 1948-1964

    As a Transition LP collector I am interested in information about distribution of this Boston area label.
  10. unreleased Transition acetate

    Unreleased Transition label music sometimes surfaces. I am looking for Transition TRLP-18 (Jay Migliori- title "Jazz Down Beat") which was close enough to release that it was included in the Lord Discography and one song (Something's Gotta Give") is on TRLP-30 Transition Sampler. That booklet has a complete listing for TRLP-18. Hopefully the tape or acetate is floating around some where and will eventually surface. Fresh Sound Records has released several rare Transition LPs as CDs and would probably be interested in TRLP-18.
  11. A new wire recording of Sonny Stitt discovered from 1951

    Is it possible to hear the full one-hour recording?
  12. JR Monterose Is Alive In Amsterdam

    I have a CDR of Monterose Amsterdam made from youtube.
  13. "Mary Osborne: Queen of the Jazz Guitar"

    I have a very nice CDR made from the Mary Osborne Warwick LP "A Girl and Her Guitar".