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  1. Jazz's Transition to CDs

    To me the greatest invention after the CD is the CD recorder. I have digitized about 500 LPs to CDR. I have worn out 3 CD recorders, 1 Philips and 2 Sonys. Most of these LPs have never been released on CD so my collection includes some rare jazz music.
  2. Jazz's Transition to CDs

    Two developments brought me into the CD world. First was the invention of the CD recorder. This allowed me to digitize most of my jazz LP collection, solving the LP storage problem and enabling me to play CDRs in my car. The second was the 80 minute CDR replacing the 74 minute CDR which allowed recording 2 LPs on 1 CDR without losing any tracks. Tower Records was a god-send to jazz CD collectors. I especially remember the 2-story Tower Records store in Washington DC. The second floor was all jazz and literally had thousands of CDs. OJC and later Mosaic were wonderful providers of CDs in addition to the major labels like Blue Note, etc. I also remember that the industry suffered initially with a shortage of blank CDs as there were only 1 or 2 producers world-wide. This was solved quickly as the popularity od CDs sky-rocketed.
  3. Dick Twardzik and Lionel Hampton

  4. Japanese re-issue of Vantage Norma NLP-5015.. LP and cover in pristine shape. Free shipping. $30. Jimmy Rowles (p) John Simmons (b) Frank Capp (d) Los Angeles, CA, September 12, 1953 ( live Celebrity Club) Now's the time One o'clock jump - Mystery song - Indiana - A night in Tunisia - Caravan - Lisa - When dreams come true - St. Louis blues -
  5. Multi-region Blu-Ray players?

    I bought this Sony All-region DVD/Blu-Ray player about 6 months ago. According to the seller a change is made to an internal circuit board that allows all-region capability. Software hacking is not involved. I am extremely happy with the unit- it will play any DVD or Blu-Ray no matter what the country code. Be sure to select the $40 option.
  6. Jack Wilson, Pianist

    My favorite Jack Wilson session is his trio recording in NYC 6/4/93 on the DIW label.
  7. For sale- The Jazzpickers 1st Time Out LP Harry Babasin Bill Dillard Jazz Chronicles label- Sold- no longer available.
  8. For sale- The Pianoman LP Hampton Hawes Sonny Clark Vantage NLP-5004 Japan- $30, free shipping in US. Sold on eBay- no longer available.
  9. Obscure Albums You'd Give Your Eye Teeth to Hear

    Bill Dillard/Harry Babasin 1st Time out LP (jazz Chronicles/Nocturne label) listed on eBay.
  10. Aretha Franklin, RIP

    Her scenes on "The Blues Brothers" movie are an all-time best.
  11. CDs for Sale

    I would like Jazz Concert West Coast volumes 2 and 3.