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  1. Sonny Stitt on Clarinet and Soprano?

    Lord has 159 entries for Sonny Stitt, none playing soprano sax or clarinet. Many entries where he sings.
  2. CDs that are unreadable

    Another solution: Play your CD on a DVD player. DVD players are less picky. That is what I do.
  3. LF 3 Roads To Jazz LP. American Artists label ALP-100. Would be happy with a CDR. Finally got the LP.
  4. For completists only....

  5. Miles Davis- Paris Olympia Theatre March 1960

    Maybe started 3/20 at 10pm and lasted until after Midnight into 3/21?
  6. For completists only....

    I collect rare LPs by label. I almost have a complete collection of the Transition label. I still search for the long lost TRLP-18 "Jazz Down Beat" by Jay Migliori. This LP is shown in the Lord Discography.
  7. LaserLight CDs 17409 and 17410 show date of 3/20/1960; Youtube shows date of 3/21/60. Which is correct? The session is not shown in the Lord Discography.
  8. Frank Patchen

    LF biographical information. Patchen played piano in early Howard Rumsey Lighthouse All-stars sessions.
  9. New Dave Brubeck release

    Amazon has just listed a new Dave Brubeck CD and LP titled "Time Outtakes- Previously Unreleased Takes From The Original 1959 Session". It includes two tunes not on the original LP- "In A Dancing Mood" and "Watusi Jam", as well as alternate takes of "Take Five" and others. Release date is December 4, $17 for CD. The label is "Brubeck Editions" This leads me to hope that the Brubeck archives are beginning to release more Brubeck sessions. Another hope is that "The Last Time We Saw Paris" and "Compadres" will finally be released on CD. In any case this is a welcome happening!
  10. LF IAJRC Guitar Rarities volume 1

    Thanks. Is on my Discogs want list.
  11. LF IAJRC Guitar Rarities volume 1

    Do you think the whole CD is played?
  12. Discography for Maynard Box?

    Arranger is Willie Maiden. Players: Maynard, Bill Chase, Larry Moser, Jerry Tyree (trumpet); Slide Hampton, Don Sebesky (trombone); Jimmy Ford (alto sax); Carmen Leggio, Willie Maiden (tenor sax); John Lanni (baritone sax); Bob Dogan (piano); Jimmy Rowser (bass); Frankie Dunlop (drums). Solos are by Maynard and Maiden.