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  1. Kenny Barron

    This side man appearance has not mentioned yet. I think his solo performance on this album (Memories of you) is on par with Other Places, Green Chimneys, People Time. Tom Harrell also gave his best sound here, IMO.
  2. must have dates by (or with) ABBEY LINCOLN

    Another 90's classic is turtles dream.
  3. Paul Motian

    Let me know if you didn't get the gist of what I was saying. I did not get it. Any relationship between Motian and Mobley?
  4. Paul Motian

    I highly recommends his electric bebop band's album on Winter and Winter. Especially good ones are "Monk and Powell" and "Flight of Blue Jay". On both album, there are two guitars (Kurt Rosenwinkel, Brad Shepik/Steve Cardenas) and two sax (Chris Potter, Chris Speed) and one electronic bass (Steve swallow).
  5. NEW Junko Onishi - Musical Moments

    I have heard that she was very disappointed by recording industry. I do not know the details. But now she has come back.
  6. Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition

    I second special edition!
  7. Gerry Mulligan

    I second Ken. This recording shows that Mulligan/Brubeck is working band like Desmond/Brubeck. "Blessed are the poor" is one of my favorite tune. Mulligan shows up very latter part of this tune and his solo on this tune is one of best baritone solo IMO.
  8. Uri Caine

    I also enjoyed his Mahler project very much. Check his recent duo with Paolo Fresu. I am a long fan of duo setting. Their two albums (<Things>, <Think> - Latter one is not distributed in US) are very satisfying.
  9. Barry Harris

    Gambit have done it with this one here I don't know how easy it would be to find the legitimate original issues, at least for a reasonable price, Check out what they're looking for, 1 new from $153.47. :crazy: I second this album. I heard Barry was one of Sonny's favorite sideman.