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  1. The NEW Hammond B-3

    Well, eight years later and I actually have both; a new B3 Mk2 and a 1965 (or thereabouts) A100 which I imported myself and had tweaked to run on local 240V 50Hz current. In my experience, every old Hammond is unique, and my A100 is a punchy but fairly mellow beast. It's tone is far warmer, deeper and cleaner than the Mk2, but the keyboards are noisier, and less refined to the touch. If I could only have one, it would be the A100.
  2. The NEW Hammond B-3

    Thanks for the quick response. It would take up residence in my home, and I'll make do with the Nord when gigging (which isn't often anyway). Thanks also for the leads; I'll get onto them straight away. Where is the new B-3 manufactured, anyway? Is it built in the U.S. or overseas? Thanks again for your help.
  3. The NEW Hammond B-3

    Hello people, I am new to this so apologise in advance for any social blunders. So down here in Australia, tonewheel / clonewheel organs are pretty scarce, but I am considering options since I'm getting tired of trying to make do with a Nord Electro. I had a look at a new B-3, which was actually 3 - 4 years old. Pretty impressive. Much more so (I thought) than the XK-3C I checked out. So can anyone offer a view as to whether I ought to consider importing and converting (220V 50Hz down here) a restored original B3 vs. splurging on a new B-3? I'm just cautious about not being able to locate spare parts etc. (but that probably applies to the new B-3 down here as well). And also, other than the on-board Leslie sim, is there any compelling reason to go for the Mk2 (new B3)? It's just that with the exchange rate, the Mk2 is quite a bit more expensive.