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  1. I know some of you are familiar with Marc; he’s been most active as an contributor (reviews & articles) and BBS head moderator. What you may not know is how Marc suffers from a neurological condition that progressively wreaks havoc upon the man. On more than one occasion, Marc has explained that only two things have kept him going over the last few years-- the love of and for his family, and jazz. Marc underwent surgery about 1-½ months ago. He also suffered a post-operative stroke (I don’t know the severity) and was in a coma for a time. Sorry to say I don’t have more details to pass along but according to Mike Ricci, it looks like Marc’s turned a corner and might even return home next month! Mike posted a thread today asking for well-wishers’ thoughts. He’ll print the results and deliver them to Marc in rehab. Here’s a link to the thread if you’d like to contribute:
  2. Whither Okka?

    Hi David, I noticed the same thing. I don’t think atavistic carries all Okka’s titles, just Vandermark and Brotzmann releases. The site’s been down for about a week and email to info@okkadisk goes unanswered (I just finished posting a similar question to yours on another site before remembering that Chuck knows Bruno to one degree or another). Chuck, do you know what's up with Bruno? P.S. and a big thanks to Chuck for introducing me to Okka’s catalog!
  3. Marc Meyers (aka Clifton)

    Thanks guys, I've forwarded your thoughts and I'll forward any others that come in.
  4. Those of you who know me, well sort of, also know my peculiar sense of humor. With that in mind, I’ve just had my first e-column published that also includes a couple sound clips. Hope it makes your day a little brighter. Olympic Bastid Records Cuts To The Cheese
  5. Just thought I’d share

    and I’ve found a new way to temporarily exorcise my demons! (they get lethargic without regular exorcise)
  6. Oops! Caught in another lie. Thankfully Mike’s personal physicians were simply fabulous at curing my recurrent STDs and as a parting gift, Mike deposited $3.7 million in my bank account. Oh, and that bungalow above the garage belongs to clifton’s wardrobe.
  7. True! I made my personal journey late last May. What at trip! My flight arrived and I was immediately whisked away by personal bodyguards into a bulletin board-proof limousine where I was entertained by two massive-chested, spectacular-assed southern belles with no sense of right or wrong and just enough drive time to prove it. I wish I could have busied myself with various naughty actions without FitzGenius shouting his version of jazz history through the chauffeur’s partition. Subservient mutes immaculately maintain Mike’s neighborhood, solid gold spittoons anchor each sidewalk corner and his home dwarfs the neighboring mansions of lower society. His “ThinkTank” is mind-blowing. Here more than 500 employees mill about ingesting complimentary controlled substances while producing allaboutjazz’s content. Trained seals open kickback checks, who bark approval and clap flippers to announce each additional 100k… Sounds good, no? Truth is, Mike leads a pretty spartan lifestyle. Small home made in, what? the 50s? on an equally frugal piece of land. His “office” is comprised of nothing more than a single desk dominated by a PC. Well, that and a couple of shelves full of CDs ’n’ stuff. For what it’s worth, of course.
  8. Why I hate Miles

    20 + years ago, I remember telling the guy that first introduced me to jazz (retired record producer), that I thought miles sounded “sickly.” My remark was met with furrowed-brow silence and the subject changed. I’ve come to love Miles’ odd little waverings, but I never knew if those note-to-note wavers were done intentionally or if it represented indecision or sagging chops. I’m guessing some of both?
  9. John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman

    Hmm… and in one degree of separation, I'll bet Tom Waits could tear “Lush Life” a whole new interpretation, too.
  10. John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman

    For me, “Lush Life” is the standout. Not only melodically, but for the lyrics as well; the down-and-out emotional defiance/self-pity is still very contemporary. I wonder if any punk band covered the song? I’m not joking, it might have been very successful.
  11. Today's Tenors

    I’m still deep in the grips of discovering Ellery Eskelin. It’s one of those rare fascinations that blocks everybody else out for a time. This also happened to me upon discovering (or in a couple cases, re-discovering) Mingus, Ornette and Quartet Out. I’m told Ellery’s participating in a thread over at Jazz Corner, and I’d love to check it out, but… and you’ll love the irony… My second or third post at JC was a reply to someone who started a thread asking why AAJ was down for so long (during the Great Hack of ’03). I’m not sure if the thread even lasted 24 hours before being deleted without explanation. Haven’t been back since. Damn!
  12. AAJ Bans Any Mention Of Organissimo

    Almost forgot: Sngry, I believe I understand your point and thanks for the clarification.
  13. AAJ Bans Any Mention Of Organissimo

    In part, yes, but I honestly couldn’t help but wonder what you thought!
  14. AAJ Bans Any Mention Of Organissimo

    Yeah, a perceived battle cry is hard to ignore. Look what happened during musicboy’s visit (hell, I even got a piece of that myself). But here’s the thing, ED; the past is relevant –just ask anyone residing in the Middle East. It takes a long time to get over crap that happened in the past. While I’m not in a position to defend xricci’s remark, only one individual can effectively address it. How that individual chooses to respond is also a matter of choice. Yes, Organissimo and AAJ compliment each other beautifully, warts ‘n’ all, but history/context, despite intensions, does have a way of bringing others into the fray when the chief combatants have the ability to solve problems between themselves. Outsiders (separating the “twerp” comment from AAJ’s link policy for the moment) tend to do nothing as much as complicate the dispute. Lord knows there’s nothing as difficult as settling a feud between two families. Athough I hear the Hatfields and McCoys did set aside their differences recently. By the way, are you familiar with Ellery Eskelin? Just discovered his hatOLOY stuff and I’ve gone nuts for his stuff. Of course, he's no Dex and I’m afraid of what Sngry will say…
  15. AAJ Bans Any Mention Of Organissimo

    Ed, I don’t doubt that you’re disturbed by today’s events. It’s raised a few questions in my mind as well. But digging up the past cuts both ways, even if it’s in an effort to clarify... I’d rather leave the past just there; in the past. Seems to me that B3-er has a mighty reasonable attitude toward this whole mess. P.S. Mr. Sngry is there some deeper machinations that I’m not aware of? It seems that xricci and his partner are funding AAJ out of their own pocket. xricci is trying to sign sponsors to help fund the expansion of AAJ’s features, but selling posters and what not seems innocuous at best. Am I missing something?
  16. Chick Webb

    Thanks for the thoughts and info, Lazaro.
  17. Chick Webb

    It’s not unusual that recordings fail to capture the “excitement” of a band, but judging from the two Classics CD’s I’ve heard, I think Webb was screwed, or screwed himself when it came to documentation. It’s not that there’s anything fatally wrong with these compilations, they are enjoyable; it’s just that they don’t come close to showing us how the band made its reputation. For instance, and probably by design, Webb’s drums were consistently buried. Technical issues probably played a part, but Webb wanted to expand his recognition and I wonder if the band’s approach changed in the studio to court a wider audience? Does anybody know of any Webb recordings that do the band, and the man, justice?
  18. Literally or figuratively? My wife’s been out of town for a while, and will be for some time to come, so I’m hoping you know of a plausible, literal, way to pull that off. Just so Muskrat doesn’t feel alone… I can pretty much second his experience after the ol’ BNBB gave everyone the boot. My “horizons” dramatically opened up, in part, because of AAJ. Sure, there’s a number of factors and I wouldn’t claim post-BNBB posting is the only influence (far from it), but Blue Note isn’t nearly as close to my heart as it once was. Still, I can’t say I’ve so much animosity towards BN, or such fierce loyalty to another board that it prevents me from participating wherever my fancy momentarily lands. For what it’s worth.
  19. Psst... wanna hear Wynton on BN?

    Well, I registered and posted over there. Can’t say it’ll change my now-ingrained posting habits (or perpetual lurking as the case may be), but what the heck? Aside from Kevin, where better to ask about Blue Note’s plans? And GOM, why not register as “musicboy” and beat him to it. It’s been a while since any wonderfully spurious lawsuits were threatened. By the way, the Lovano/Wynton post was meant seriously.
  20. Apple and Pepsi slap RIAA

    A marketing bonanza. What better way to win the hearts and minds of youthful rebels?
  21. Sonny Rollins help

    Another TOCJ-less comment; the RVG has less reverb and less peak distortion than the McMaster.
  22. happy Birthday JSngry

    Here’s to hoping your day is packed with wine (certainly not whine), women (the “lovely and talented Brenda”) and song (Rollins, Odean Pope and…you tell us!). Happy birthday, Jim.
  23. Favorite Mosaic

    For me, it’s probably between the Blakey and Mobley, or maybe the Hodges. Then there’s the Rivers…
  24. Least Favorite Mosaic

    Heresy, I know, but the Woody Shaw never caught fire with me.
  25. Show yer face to us!!!!!!

    slsmcgrew and myself during our quasi-yuppie days (15 years ago).