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  1. Great Sergio Mendes 2 CD set

    Hell YEAH!!! That's the greatest thing he ever did. I'd even buy an expensive Japanese CD of this one, only have a cassette dubbed from a scratchy LP. Jim, your taste is impeccable! That set seems to be worth checking out. Shrdlu, would you post your corrections to the album attributions?
  2. Young, Hawkins and Signature

    Is there any issue with the complete session including alternate takes on one CD of the Dicky Wells Signature session with Lester Young? The Chronological Classics have only the master takes, I suppose, the Blue Moon have the alternates on a separate disc. As I have almost all the other Prez small group recording I would like to avoid duplicating. Same goes for Coleman Hawkins' Signature session. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Hank Mobley--Reach Out

    That was about my reaction when I got me a vinyl copy years before the CD came out. Except that I sold it so it has the chance that somebody else pulls it out ... Never bought the CD, doubt that I ever will, only if it's very cheap. To me, Mobley's dullest outing on Blue Note. All the session released posthumously or in the Blue Note Classics Series were better than this one.
  4. True Blue Promotion @ Mosaic

    I'm sweatin' bullets...I told the wife I was going to break down and order a set due to the sale, but I'd just get a small one. Any chance that the Capitol Jazz set, the Complete Savoy/Dial Parker set and four RVGs will come in a reeeeeal small box? Since my wife started playing saxophone she's a lot cooler about me ordering jazz cds, as she wants some for herself .... I highly recommend this way of reducing the trouble about cd orders, well at least as we stay in the budget but when I start thinking about how many cds we could have bought for the money that went into buying the horn ...
  5. Art Tatum

    Sorry, I couldn't find any detailed contents listing on their site! Where are they?
  6. forget 'Waldo'... ---> where's Mark Shim????

    Dmitry, do you remember if there was a young trombone player named Dion Tucker in the band? When she toured Germany in September 2002, she had Steve Wilson, Mark Shim, Kenny Davis and a very young but very talented drummer, Tyshawn Sorey.
  7. Mystery pianist J.D.

    On bassist Rodney Whitaker's 1997 CD for DIW Japan "Hidden Kingdom", a pianist named "J.D." plays on four tracks with a very imaginative style. Does anybody here know his real identity? Could it be Marcus Roberts? Any opinion is highly appreciated!
  8. Art Tatum

    The Decca CD (GRP 1-607-2) "Classic Early Solos 1934-1937" is some essential stuff, sound restoration is very good. In case it is out of print the Chronological Classics are a good way to acquire his early recordings.
  9. Your favourite Blue Note Album Cover

    Why is this my favourite? It shows the working spirit at the session, I like the yellow shirt, it matches the pencil , it is one of my favourite Mobley LPs .... not old school, for sure, but I simply like it better than most Mobley covers, although some are nice, especially Hi Voltage - which has another colour photo.
  10. Obscure, In Print Gems In Your Collection

    Sounds interesting, but to my knowledge the ADDA label is out of business. The zarb is a drum used in Iranian music, but the berimbau is an afro-brazilian music bow with a gourd resonator, struck with a stick held by the right hand, together with a caxixi basket rattle.
  11. Kenny Dorham unissued sessions

    Bob Porter mentioned in the liner notes the tapes of the second ABC session were nowhere to be found.
  12. Nat Adderley

    I enjoyed his playing on A.K.Salim's "BluesSuite" on Savoy, he steals the show whenever he plays a solo.
  13. Modern Jazz in 50s-60s sex films

    Ben Webster played on the soundtrack (and is seen on the film playing) of "Quiet Days in Clichy" after Henry Miller's short novel, if that falls into the category ..... It's the 1970 Danish film he's in: Stille Dage in Clichy
  14. Favorite Ray Brown Trio Pianist

    I voted for Keezer for his exuberance. Saw Gene Harris too with Ray, and although he was a great blues player and the trio was very well together, the exitement Keezer brought into the trio tops it for me. Benny Green didn't show as much individuality, for my ears.
  15. Favorite Eastern Rebellion Saxophonist

    I chose Bob Berg: he seamlessly fitted into the compositional framework Walton laid out in the group. But they were all great in that context.
  16. Was listening to Lester Young quite often these days, and find his rendition of I Can't Get Started" from 1942 is the saxophone ballad that moves me the most. Now what is your all-time favourite saxophone ballad interpretation for the desert island? Only one please, yes, just one .... I know it's hard, but try and do your best.
  17. The BABE thread

    Now imagine all governments would have discussion borads like this, and react like B3-er when so many votes would come in .... we just acted direct democracy?
  18. Lyrics Added To Jazz Tunes

    Interesting observation; there actually seems to be a "lyrical" type of listener. I can always discriminate in my mind between the instrumental and/or vocal version(s) of a tune I hear. And I think the lyrics, especially when written by some jazz expert like Jon Hendricks, Eddie Jefferson or King Pleasure, add another dimension to the piece, as the jazz world is their subject. BTW, it was really Charlie Parker who didn't like the lyrics to Parker's Mood, he didn't want to hear about his own funeral .....
  19. My favorite Blue Note cover!!!

    Didn't this start it all?
  20. My favorite Blue Note cover!!!

    This perspective has always ignited my fantasy:
  21. My favorite Blue Note cover!!!

    Not only Blue Note:
  22. EMI - Missing Royaltors

    If they are calling for so many musicians that have left us many years ago, does that mean they are looking for their heirs or does it show their total ignorance for musicians' biographies?
  23. Now don't be a coward - start a new one! But leave off that one kind of "babes" - or post photos of your wives and girlfriends, then you at least know who has the copyright?!?
  24. The BABE thread

    Let's give our best to keep it that way!
  25. Ron Carter

    In a way he's one of the players I enjoy much more on other people's record dates. (Would make a nice topic - or isn't there one like it already?). He is a good bandleader, judging from the piccolo bass quartet and his later groups, but maybe not that great a conceptualist when it comes to planning an album. Maybe we are taking this all too serious. Remember that great humorous music made by a quartet of Eddie Harris, Cedar Walton, Ron Carter and Billy Higgins. Some of Carter's music sounds a little tongue-in-cheek, doesn't it? With a musician so successful, rumors about his personality are unavoidable. He's one of the greatest bassists in jazz after 1960, period. He has recorded more than enough music to justify this placement.