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  1. Favorite Tadd Dameron Composition

    I chose "On a misty night" before I read the poll listing! Alway been my favourite. The tune that made me fall in love with his music (I share his birthday, February 21). "If you could see me now" would be a close second.
  2. Where is B3er?

    Remember to set up the stereo first so at least you have some music while your working on all the other things. Like we say in German: "Mit Musik geht alles besser."
  3. Defend an album with the fewest 'stars' on AMG

    Horace Silver's Trio LP, his Blue Note debut as a leader, received 2 1/2 stars (without a review): It is much better than that. Not five, but 3 1/2 or 4. I don't know any other piano trio LP like it. Maybe they'll give it another listen when the RVG appears.
  4. sax set up....what's yours?

    Has anybody here had any experience with Couesnon saxophones, especially altos?
  5. True Blue Promotion @ Mosaic

    Mosaic should accept subscription with 25 % off ..... Anyway, I got me the Chico Hamilton set at last, and the 2 CD sets of Lester Young and Wilbur Harden/John Coltrane on Savoy - these are impossible to get in Germany and priced astonomically high in Britain when I visited Tower in London - and the Groove Holmes/Gene Ammons and the Burrell CD Moten Swing, also unavailable here. Very nice deal, probably can't resist to score another one before the end of the month ...
  6. Susan Weinert Band

    It was naive to copy and paste the text from Susan Weinert's web site without any personal commentary or evaluation. And it is about as immature to react on closing the thread like you did. There's nothing wrong about being a fan of somedody and telling it here, but the way you did it, it must have appeared like spam to the boardmasters. It ain't so difficult to find out about the rules of communication here when one takes a closer look at the many posts here, so I don't quite get your point, amQhr, but there is no reason to feel hit in the stomach either. Try again!
  7. Susan Weinert Band

    This sounds more like a business ad from an agent trying to sell his artist than a post of a fan ..... I'm afraid this and the fact that the band is not that much known in the US will not get it too many replies. What's YOUR personal opinion about this artist, btw?
  8. Herbie Mann Riverside LP Question

    Is this currently available?
  9. Herbie Mann Riverside LP Question

    Yes they have corrected the error. Only the first pressing mistakenly had the title track of the Blues for Tomorrow anthology. I sent the CD to them and got a replacement without a problem. The executive at Fantasy assured me they do waht they can to prevent such errors, but they keep creepin' in at places where noone expects them too.
  10. Obscure album covers, by well-known artists

    That girl is from the website of jazzman records, who have several funny animations and a whole lot of rare album covers, but it is not possible to link them and they are too large to post them as attachments, so please have a look! Here's the girl in original size:
  11. How 'Bout Some Love For Dick Griffin?

    A just recently completed Frank Strozier discography to check this is available on Noal Cohen's website.
  12. Obscure album covers, by well-known artists

    For me Savoy deserved the most obscure album cover art award:
  13. Obscure album covers, by well-known artists

    From the site that couw has linked to: If you know what the word "Stein" means in German, the statue looks like a self-portrait of the producer ...
  14. Were these properly licensed? I noticed there are some titles not available on other issues. Who owns the rights to the material they produced right now?
  15. I will be when i get the slightest hint of the LIVE EVIL box release date! Me, too!!! So far, the Coltrane box for overall beauty and cohesiveness, the 60's Quintet for adventurousness, the Evans set for painstaking tape research, the Plugged Nickel for unearthing of new material, the live box with Mobley for correcting the picture .... I love most of them
  16. The beautiful Euphoria CD with Kenny Burrell's instrumental session for Columbia includes a previously unissued track, credited to Burrell, How Could You (track 13), which to me sounds like some piece of Ellingtonia, but right now I don't have the time to check it, maybe someone recognizes the tune instantly? BTW, the session credits have two minor mistakes: - Track 8 Mambo Twist was in fact on the Columbia LP Bluesin' Around; Jim Fisch's liner notes have that correct - Track 13, How Could You, has a wrong matrix number, CO68766 is correct.
  17. Fred Jackson, "Hootin' And Tootin'"

    Sadly enough, it is. There were a handful of 78's, some are on Delmark's Honkers and Bar Wailers, Vol.1. Besides his own and Baby Face Willette's and John Patton's Blue Notes, there seems to be nothing. Must have dropped off the scene. The Fred Jackson playing woodwinds on dozens of LA studio sessions is a different musician.
  18. Herbie Mann Riverside LP Question

    BTW, if you dig bass clarinet, this is the greatest, imho:
  19. Herbie Mann Riverside LP Question

    This is bass clarinet all along, even the bonus track, one of the most relaxed records I have.
  20. Happy Birthday, Kenny Burrell

    Happy Birthday Kenny! I prefer this to obituaries, of which we had far too many this year! My cuurent Kenny Burrell listening pleasures: - Blue Note first sessions on Connoisseur 2 CD set (especially the one eith Pettiford and Shadow Wilson, sailing along with the powered elegance of a Rolls Royce) - the Euphoria CD with the Columbia instrumental sides - the Village Vanguard trios with Richard Davis and Roy Haynes (A completed reissue of this great music would have been an appropriate birthday present for Universal to make! ) Never heard him play a wrong note. Always soulful, always elegant swing. One of the true giants. Live long and in peace!
  21. Tenor Saxophone Poll

    Blame it on my headache .... I asked B3-er to edit, but he found out he can't do it: now here's the first flaw in this brilliant board software.
  22. ***Joe Henderson***

    I just remembered Joe is playing on this rare bird: Paramount PAS 6061, released in 1973. He fits nicely into Manu Dibango's role on the title track, energetic and wild soloing! Marvin Stamm and Eddie Bert are the other horns; the album combines Olatunji's afro-beats with some funky shadings provided by Reggie Lucas and Gordon Edwards. One thing I always admired about Joe is how well he adapted to different, especially more "exotic" contexts: This encounter with African rhythms is as satisfying as his excurisons into Cuban (Canyon Lady), funky (Black Miracle) or exotic soundscapes (The Elements). On the latter I really like his tasteful use of overdubs and electronic attachments. Saw him live in Germany with some flamenco-jazz encounter project. He has an element of Northern African music in his sound and phrasing on these occasions.
  23. John Lewis, "Evolution" I & II

    Nothing wrong about Lewis' grunts! They are far less obtrusive than Jarrett's or Powell's, imho! I hardly noticed them, they're just a sign of him having a good time - that's a soulful human being playing and swinging, not a zen monk!
  24. Jason Moran, "Facing Left"

    He plays acoustic piano on all tracks, he overdubbed some electric piano and/or organ on some, but not all - I'd have to give it a closer listen to give the number. After a first listen I asked myself: Now where are the other keyboards? I mean, they not obtrusive in any way, used as a color more than anything else, but to very good effect.
  25. Thanks a lot, your warning saves me EUR 70 including postage & packing, which I just invested in a sealed copy of the Duke Ellington Centennial 24 CD box at Ebay Germany. It seems all German jazz fans are on vacation, there was only one other bid, and I got it for EUR 75