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  1. January 25, 2017 | 1389yen CDSOL-45101 Lighthouse Allstars + 10 Jazz Rolls Royce [Limited Release] CDSOL-45102 Pete Jolly Trio Live in L.A. [Limited Release] CDSOL-45103 Pete Jolly & Ralph Pena The Duo [Limited Release] CDSOL-45104 Shelly Manne The Navy Swings! [Limited Release] CDSOL-45105 Virgil Gonsalves Big Band + 6 Jazz At Monterey [Limited Release] CDSOL-45106 Oscar Moore Quartet feat.Carl Perkins Oscar Moore Quartet feat.Carl Perkins [Limited Release] CDSOL-45107 Buddy Collette - Chico Hamilton Sextet Tanganyka [Limited Release] CDSOL-45108 Claude Williamson Trio Hallucinations [Limited Release] CDSOL-45109 Lon Norman Sextet feat.John Williams Gold Coast Jazz [Limited Release] CDSOL-45110 Art Monroe I Never Dreamed [Limited Release] CDSOL-45111 Herbie Harper - Bill Perkins Quintet Two Brothers [Limited Release] CDSOL-45112 Shorty Rogers Quintet With Jeri Southern [Limited Release] CDSOL-45113 The Chico Hamilton Quintet Transfusion [Limited Release] CDSOL-45114 Jack Sheldon Live At Don Mupo's Gold Nugget [Limited Release] CDSOL-45115 The Herb Geller Quartet The Herb Geller Quartet [Limited Release]
  2. Storyville Records remasters

    new items
  3. Esquire remasters

    December 21, 2016 | 1389yen CDSOL-6451 Cleo Laine & John Dankworth Seven A Lover And His Lass [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6452 Ronnie Scott Great Scott! Ronnie Scott Studio Recordings Vol.1 [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6453 Tommy Whittle Waxing With Whistle [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6454 Roy Eldridge - Howard Mcghee Beboppers The Hearts On [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6455 Kenny Graham's Afro-Cubists Mango Walk [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6456 Stan Getz - James Moody Tenor Contrasts [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6457 Ronnie Scott - Kenny Graham Battle Royal [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6458 The John Dankworth Quartet - The Ronnie Scott Boptet Bop At Club 11 [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6459 John Dankworth Seven Get Happy [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6460 Spike Robinson The Governor [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6461 Zoot Sims, Al Cohn, James Moody Tenor Contrasts Vol.2 [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6462 Melody Maker All Stars Waxing The Winners 1951-52-53 [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6463 Quincy Jones All Stars Scuse These Bloos [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6464 Chubby Jackson Choice Cuts [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6465 Melody Maker All Stars Waxing The Winners 1954-55 And New Stars 1952 [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6466 Joe Harriott - Tony Kinsey Jump For Me [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6467 Victor Feldman The Young Vic [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6468 Ronnie Scott Orchestra Live At The Jazz Club [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6469 Kenny Graham's Afro-Cubists The Caribbean Suite: "Afro-Kadabra" [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6470 Jimmy Deuchar Thou Swell [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6471 Alan Branscombe Swingin' On The Sound Stage Vol.1 [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6472 Tommy Whittle More Waxing With Whistle [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6473 Johnny Hodges - Ray Nance - Keith Christie Homage To The Duke [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6474 Alan Dean & The Allstar Sextet My Baby Like To Bebop [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6475 Alan Branscombe Swingin' On The Sound Stage Vol.2 [Low-priced Reissue]
  4. Progressive Records remasters

  5. Progressive Records remasters

  6. Storyville Records remasters

    Release Date July 22, 2015 | 1000 Yen CDSOL-6901 Tommy Flanagan Flanagan's Shenanigans [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6902 Charlie Parker In Sweden 1950 [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6903 Duke Jordan One For The Library [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6904 Sahib Shihab Sentiments [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6905 Zoot Sims Zoot Sims In Copenhagen [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6906 Hank Jones Hank Jones Trio With Mads Vinding & Al Foster [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6907 Sir Roland Hanna Swing Me No Waltzes [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6908 Martial Solal Contrasts [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6909 Buddy Tate Tate A Tete [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6910 Jay McShann After Hours [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6911 Rolf Billberg Rare Danish Recordings [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6912 Hugh Lawson Prime Time [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6913 Horace Parlan Voyage Of Rediscovery [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6914 Warne Marsh Quintet Jazz Exchange Vol.1 [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6915 Warne Marsh Lee Konitz Quintet Jazz Exchange Vol.2 [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6916 Charlie Rouse Moment's Notice [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6917 Johnny Griffin & Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis Tough Tenors Back Again! [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6918 Johnny Griffin Catharsis! [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6919 J.R.Monterose T.t.t [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6920 Kenny Drew Solo-duo [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6921 Teddy Wilson The Noble Art Of Teddy Wilson [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6922 Dexter Gordon Jazz At Highschool [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6923 Clark Terry Featuring Paul Gonsalves [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6924 Ben Webster - Buck Clayton Ben/buck [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6925 David Liebman - Richard Beirach Double Edge [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6926 Quest Quest 2 [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6927 Earl Hines Live! [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6928 Frank Rosolino Frank Talks! [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6929 Harry "Sweets" Edison - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Richard Boone Harry'sweets'edison Eddie 'lockjaw' Davis.richard Boone [Low-priced Edition] CDSOL-6930 Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - Harry "Sweets" Edison Eddie "lockjaw" Davis - Harry "sweets" Edison [Low-priced Edition] Release Date November 11, 2015 | 1000 Yen CDSOL-6931 Kenny Drew Trio At The Brewhouse [Limited Release] CDSOL-6932 Thelonious Monk Monk In Copenhagen [Limited Release] CDSOL-6933 Red Mitchell - Kenny Barron The Red Barron Duo [Limited Release] CDSOL-6934 James Spaulding Plays The Legacy Of Duke Ellington [Limited Release] CDSOL-6935 Zoot Sims Recorded Live At E.J's [Limited Release] CDSOL-6936 Jim Hall Jazzpar Quartet +4 [Limited Release] CDSOL-6937 Tubby Hayes Quartet In Scandinavia [Limited Release] CDSOL-6938 Buddy Tate All Stars Jive At Five [Limited Release] CDSOL-6939 Stephane Grappelli Live In San Francisco [Limited Release] CDSOL-6940 Howard McGhee - Teddy Edwards Young At Heart [Limited Release] CDSOL-6941 Archie Shepp & The New York Contemporary Five Vol.1 [Limited Release] CDSOL-6942 Archie Shepp & The New York Contemporary Five Vol.2 [Limited Release] CDSOL-6943 Roy Eldridge & Vic Dickenson With Eddie Locke And His Friends [Limited Release] CDSOL-6944 Johnny Griffin - Art Taylor In Copenhagen [Limited Release] CDSOL-6945 Warne Marsh-Lee Konitz Quintet Live At Montmartre Vol.3 [Limited Release] CDSOL-6946 Benny Bailey Grand Slam [Limited Release] CDSOL-6947 Teddy Wilson Trio Revisits The Goodman Years [Limited Release] CDSOL-6948 Turk Mauro The Underdog [Limited Release] CDSOL-6949 Warne Marsh Quartet The Unissued 1975 Copenhagen Studio Recordings [Limited Release] CDSOL-6950 Illinois Jacquet Quartet Live At Schaffhausen. Switzerland March 18. 1978 [Limited Release] CDSOL-6951 Al Grey - Jimmy Forrest Night Train Revisited [Limited Release] CDSOL-6952 Michal Urbaniak Quartet Friday Night At The Village Vanguard [Limited Release] CDSOL-6953 Ben Webster Plays Duke Ellington [Limited Release] CDSOL-6954 Mingus Dynasty Live At The Village Vanguard [Limited Release] CDSOL-6955 Maxine Sullivan Highlights In Jazz [Limited Release] CDSOL-6956 Dexter Gordon Atlanta Georgia May 5. 1981 [Limited Release] CDSOL-6957 Ernie Wilkins & The Almost Big Band Ernie Wilkins & The Almost Big Band [Limited Release] CDSOL-6958 Richard Wyands Then. Here And Now [Limited Release] CDSOL-6959 Jesper Thilo Quintet Featuring Hank Jones [Limited Release] CDSOL-6960 Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis - Harry 'Sweets' Edison Opus Funk Vol.2 [Limited Release] Release Date March 23, 2016 | 1000 Yen CDSOL-6961 Zoot Sims Elegiac [Limited Release] CDSOL-6962 Lee Konitz Leewise [Limited Release] CDSOL-6963 Mary Lou Williams Trio At Rick's Cafe Americain [Limited Release] CDSOL-6964 Don Byas Feat. Sir Charles Thompson [Limited Release] CDSOL-6965 Warne Marsh I God A Good One For You [Limited Release] CDSOL-6966 Howard McGhee - Teddy Edwards Wise In Time [Limited Release] CDSOL-6967 Al Grey & Jesper Thilo Quintet Al Grey & Jesper Thilo Quintet [Limited Release] CDSOL-6968 Ralph Sutton Trio And Quartet CDSOL-6969 Niels Lan Doky Truth・live At Montmartre CDSOL-6970 Howard McGhee - Benny Bailey Home Run [Limited Release] CDSOL-6971 Howard McGhee Jazzbrothers [Limited Release] CDSOL-6972 Lyle Atkinson Bass Contra Bass [Limited Release] CDSOL-6973 Kai Winding Septet Cleveland June 1957 [Limited Release] CDSOL-6974 Warne Marsh / Red Mitchell Big Two・hot House CDSOL-6975 Dexter Gordon & Ben Webster Tenor Titans [Limited Release] CDSOL-6976 Stuff Smith Live At The Monmartre [Limited Release] CDSOL-6977 Bob Brookmeyer Quartet Old Friends [Limited Release] CDSOL-6978 John Stubblefield Prelude [Limited Release] CDSOL-6979 Buck Clayton All Stars 1961 [Limited Release] CDSOL-6980 Klaus Suonsaari Reflection Times [Limited Release] February 15, 2017 | 1000 Yen CDSOL-6981 Bud Powell In Copenhagen [Limited Release] CDSOL-6982 The Teddy Wilson Trio The Teddy Wilson Trio [Limited Release] CDSOL-6983 Teddy Wilson Alone [Limited Release] CDSOL-6984 Buddy DeFranco Gone With The Wind [Limited Release] CDSOL-6985 Stephane Grappelli Live at Corby Festival Hall May 1975 [Limited Release] CDSOL-6986 Kenny Davern - Bob Wilber Soprano Summit [Limited Release] CDSOL-6987 Ben Webster Live at Ronnie Scott's 1964 [Limited Release] CDSOL-6988 Ben Webster Live At Stampen Stockholm 1969-73 [Limited Release] CDSOL-6989 Thomas Clausen Trio Psalm [Limited Release] CDSOL-6990 Thomas Clausen - Severi Pyysalo Turn Out The Stars [Limited Release] CDSOL-6991 Niels Lan Doky Daybreak [Limited Release] CDSOL-6992 Vic Dickenson Gentleman Of The Trombone [Limited Release] CDSOL-6993 Buck Clayton The Doctor Jazz Series Vol 3 [Limited Release] CDSOL-6994 Eddie Lockjaw Davis Quartet Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis Quartet [Limited Release] CDSOL-6995 Ralph Sutton with Ruby Braff Ralph Sutton With Ruby Braff [Limited Release] CDSOL-6996 Ralph Sutton Quartet feat. Bob Wilber Live At Sunnie's Rendevouz [Limited Release] CDSOL-6997 Roy Haynes My Shining Hour [Limited Release] CDSOL-6998 Geri Allen Some Aspects Of Water [Limited Release] CDSOL-6999 Clark Terry Live At Montmartre [Limited Release] CDSOL-6900 Stuff Smith with The Henri Chaix Trio Late Woman Blues [Limited Release]
  7. Progressive Records remasters

    Release Date January 27, 2016 | 1389yen CDSOL-6701 Tommy Flanagan The Magnificent [Limited Release] CDSOL-6702 The Don Friedman Trio Jazz Dancing [Limited Release] CDSOL-6703 Al Haig Ornithology [Limited Release] CDSOL-6704 Frank Wess The Flute Mastery Of Frank Wess [Limited Release] CDSOL-6705 Derek Smith Trio Love For Sale [Limited Release] CDSOL-6706 Ronny Whyte Trio Something Wonderful [Limited Release] CDSOL-6707 Arnett Cobb Funky Butt [Limited Release] CDSOL-6708 Mal Waldron Trio Mal 81 [Limited Release] CDSOL-6709 Don Lamond & His Big Swing Band Extraordinary [Limited Release] CDSOL-6710 Jimmy Rowles & George Mraz Music's The Only Thing That's On My Mind [Limited Release] CDSOL-6711 Zoot Sims Quartet Zoot At Ease [Limited Release] CDSOL-6712 Mundell Lowe California Guitar [Limited Release] CDSOL-6713 Brooks Kerr - Paul Quinichette Quartet Prevue [Limited Release] CDSOL-6714 George Barnes Quartet Swing, Guitars [Limited Release] CDSOL-6715 Bill Watrous Bone Straight Ahead [Limited Release] Release Date April 27, 2016 | 1389yen CDSOL-6716 J.R.Monterose Lush Life [Limited Release] CDSOL-6717 Hank Jones Arigato [Limited Release] CDSOL-6718 Sadik Hakim Trio A Bit of Monk [Limited Release] CDSOL-6719 Roland Hanna Trio Time for the Dancers [Limited Release] CDSOL-6720 Sonny Stitt Meets Sadik Hakim [Limited Release] CDSOL-6721 Billy Hart - Walter Bishop Jr. The Trio [Limited Release] CDSOL-6722 Ray Turner - Hank Jones The legendary [Limited Release] CDSOL-6723 Walter Norris Trio Stepping on Cracks [Limited Release] CDSOL-6724 Don Friedman Invitation [Limited Release] CDSOL-6725 Chuck Wayne Travelling [Limited Release] CDSOL-6726 Scott Hamilton Swinging Young Scott [Limited Release] CDSOL-6727 Bill Perkins The Other Bill [Limited Release] CDSOL-6728 Butch Miles Miles and Miles of Swing [Limited Release] CDSOL-6729 Ross Tompkins L.A. After Dark [Limited Release] CDSOL-6730 Hal Stein & Warren Fitzgerald Quintet Hal Stein - Warren Fitzgerald Quintet, Feat. Bob Dorough [Limited Release] Release Date December 07, 2016 | 1389yen CDSOL-6731 Don Friedman Trio The Don Friedman Trio [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6732 Don Friedman Trio The Progressive [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6733 Lee Konitz Quintet Figure & Spirit [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6734 Buddy DeFranco Quintet Like Someone In Love [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6735 Derek Smith Trio Bluesette [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6736 Derek Smith My Favorite Things [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6737 Derek Smith Quartet The Man I Love [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6738 Carol Sloane Carol Sings [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6739 Arnett Cobb Cobb Is Back [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6740 Scott Hamilton with Hank Jones & Tommy Flanagan The Grand Appearance [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6741 Eddie Higgins Trio By Request [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6742 Eddie Higgins In Chicago [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6743 Harold Ashby Presenting Harold Ashby [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6744 The Candoli Brothers From The Top [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6745 Freddy Cole The Cole Nobody Knows [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6746 Roland Hanna This Must Be Love [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6747 Milt Buckner With Illinois Jacquet & Buddy Tate [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6748 George Mraz Trio Plucking And Bowing [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6749 Harry Allen How Long Has This Been Going On? [Low-priced Reissue] CDSOL-6750 Milt Hinton Here Swings The Judge [Low-priced Reissue]
  8. March Re-issues from Japan

    List of third batch: Release Date September 16, 2015 CDSOL-6361Cedar Walton - Ron Carter Heart & Soul [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6362Cedar Walton Trio Cedar Walton [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6363George Coleman - Tete Montoliu Meditation [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6364Tete Montoliu Secret Love [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6365Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers In My Prime Vol.1 [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6366Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers In My Prime Vol.2 [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6367Teddy Edwards - Von Freeman - Buck Hill Tenor Conclave [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6368Horace Parlan - Joe Van Enkhuizen Ellington Ballads [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6369Bernie Senensky Homeland [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6370Joanne Brackeen - Clint Houston New True Illusion [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6371Joanne Brackeen & Ryo Kawasaki Trinkets And Things [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6372Lionel Hampton All Star Band Live at Newport '78 [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6373Rodney Jones Articulation [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6374Rodney Jones When You Feel The Love [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6375Darji - Hank Jones Darji Meets Hank Jones [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6376Harold Ashby On The Sunny Side Of The Street [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6377Eddie Harris People Get Funny... [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6378George Adams - Don Pullen Melodic Excursions [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6379George Adams - Don Pullen Quartet Live at Montmartre [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6380Chet Baker - Philip Catherine There'll Never Be Another You [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6381Jessica Williams ...And Then. There's This! [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6382Charlie Byrd Trio I've Got The World On A String [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6383Dannie Richmond & The Last Mingus Band Plays Charles Mingus [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6384Rick Laird Soft Focus [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6385Curtis Fuller Meets Roma Jazz Trio [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6386David "Fathead" Newman - Marchel Ivery Blue Greens & Beans [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6387Rein De Graaff Drifting On A Reed [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6388Eddie Marshall Dance Of The Sun [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6389Art Blakey - Freddie Hubbard Feel The Wind [Low-priced Edition]CDSOL-6390Tone Jansa Quartet feat.Woody Shaw Dr.Chi [Low-priced Edition]
  9. November Japanes re-issues

    POCS-9301 Dollar Brand / Don Cherry / Carlos Ward The Third World / Underground [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Release] POCS-9302 Kalaparusha S.T. [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Release] POCS-9303 Charles Tolliver Music Inc. Live In Tokyo [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Release] POCS-9304 Charles Sullivan Genesis [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Release] POCS-9305 Elvin Jones Live In Japan 1978 2 in 1 [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Release] POCS-9306 Jack DeJohnette Time & Space [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Release] POCS-9307 Richard Beirach Meshuselah [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Release] POCS-9308 Badal Roy Ashirbad [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Release] POCS-9309 Eddie Gomez Down Stretch [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Release] POCS-9310 Clint Houston Watership Down [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Release] POCS-9311 Motohiko Hino Flash [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Release] POCS-9312 Fumio Karashima Piranha [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Release] POCS-9313 Koichi Matsukaze Good Nature [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Release] POCS-9314 Mabumi Yamaguchi Mabumi [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Release] POCS-9315 Hiroshi Fukumura Live [Cardboard Sleeve (mini LP)] [Limited Release]
  10. East Wind Reissue

    listing: UCCJ-9131 Masabumi Kikuchi East Wind [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9132 Dollar Brand African Breeze [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9133 Kosuke Mine Out Of Chaos [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9134 Mikio Masuda Trace [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9135 Takehiro Honda Salaam Salaam [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9136 Masahiko Togashi Song For Myself [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9137 Ann Burton By Myself Alone [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9138 Terumasa Hino Speak To Loneliness [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9139 Cedar Walton Pit Inn [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9140 Sam Jones Seven Minds [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9141 Shunzo Ohno Something's Coming [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9142 Art Farmer To Duke With Love [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9143 Masahiko Togashi Spiritual Nature [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9144 Oliver Nelson Stolen Moments [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9145 Air Pocket Fly On [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9146 Terumasa Hino Terumasa Hino Live In Concert [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9147 Andrew Hill Hommage [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9148 Ronnie Mathews Trip To The Orient [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9149 David Friedman Winter Love. April Joy [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9150 Yoshiaki Masuo 111 Sullivan Street [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9151 Hank Jones Hanky Panky [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9152 Sadao Watanabe Pamoja [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9153 Al Haig Chelsea Bridge [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9154 Sheila Jordan Confirmation [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9155 Art Farmer Yesterday's Thoughts [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9156 Don Friedman Hope For Tomorrow [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9157 Ryo Kawasaki Prism [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9158 Shunzo Ohno Bubbles [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9159 Andrew Hill Blue Black [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9160 Reggie Lucas Survival Themes [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9161 Kosuke Mine Solid [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9162 Andrew Hill Nefertiti [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9163 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Daahoud [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9164 Joe Lee Wilson Hey Look At You [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9165 Ryo Kawasaki Eight Mile Road [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9166 Junior Mance Holy Mama [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9167 Sadao Watanabe I'm Old Fashioned [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9168 Kosuke Mine Sunshower [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9169 Mikio Masuda Mickey's Mouth [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9170 Lennie Tristano Descent Into The Maelstrom [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9171 Terumasa Hino Hogiuta [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9172 Art Farmer Quintet At Boomer's [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9173 Kochi Wishes [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9174 Isao Suzuki Hip Dancin' [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9175 Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Life [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9176 The Great Jazz Trio Love For Sale [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9177 Art Farmer The Summer Knows [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9178 Sadao Watanabe Recital [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9179 Walter Bishop Jr. Old Folks [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9180 Sam Morrison Dune [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9181 Al Haig Duke'n'bird [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9182 The Great Jazz Trio At The Village Vanguard [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9183 Hubert Eaves Esoteric Funk [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9184 The Great Jazz Trio At The Village Vanguard Vol. 2 [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9185 The Great Jazz Trio KJLH [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9186 Jackie McLean with The Great Jazz Trio New Wine In Old Bottles [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9187 The L.A.4 Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9188 The L.A.4 Going Home [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9189 The Great Jazz Trio Milestones [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9190 Laurindo Almeida Concierto De Aranjuez [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9191 The Great Jazz Trio The Great Tokyo Meeting [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9192 Terumasa Hino Wheel Stone / Terumasa Hino Live In Nemuro [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9193 Rainbow Crystal Green [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9194 Masahiko Togashi Rings [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9195 Joe Sample The Three [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9196 The Pentagon (Cedar Walton) The Pentagon [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9197 The Great Jazz Trio Direct From L.A. [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9198 The Great Jazz Trio Chapter 2 [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9199 Terumasa Hino Live In Nemuro Wheel Stone (Kurumaishi) Vol. 2 [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9200 The Great Jazz Trio Moreover [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9201 The Great Jazz Trio At The Village Vanguard Again [Low-Priced Edition] UCCJ-9202 Art Farmer Quintet Art Farmer Quintet At Boomer's Vol. 2 [Low-Priced Edition]
  11. Blog Update

    Hat's off to you my friend.
  12. Columbia/RCA Japanese Reissue

    Released 2014/02/26 | 1000Yen (9.39 USD) SICP-3961 Miles Davis At Carnegie Hall [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3962 Miles Davis More Music From Carnegie Hall [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3963 Miles Davis In Person, Friday Night At The Blackhawk, San Francisco Vol.1 [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3964 Miles Davis In Person, Friday Night At The Blackhawk, San Francisco Vol.2 [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3965 Miles Davis Paris Festival International De Jazz [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3966 Art Blakey & Les Jazz-Messengers Au Club Saint-Germain Vol.1 [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3967 Art Blakey & Les Jazz-Messengers Au Club Saint-Germain Vol.2 [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3968 Art Blakey & Les Jazz-Messengers Art Blakey et Les Jazz-Messengers au Club At. Germain, Vol.3 [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3969 The Dave Brubeck Quartet My Favorite Things [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3970 The Dave Brubeck Quartet Angel Eyes [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3971 Paul Desmond Desmond Blue [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3972 Paul Desmond Glad To Be Unhappy [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3973 Ray Bryant Ray Bryant Trio [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3974 Curtis Fuller South American Coockin' [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3975 Curtis Fuller The Magnificent Trombone Of Curtis Fuller [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3976 Chet Baker Chet Is Back! [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3977 The Art Farmer Quintet The Time And The Place [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3978 Barney Wilen Barney [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3979 Barney Wilen More From Barney At The Club Saint-Germain [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3980 Thelonious Monk Piano Solo+1 [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3981 Bud Powell Swingin' With Bud [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3982 Teddy Wilson Mr. Wilson [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SIC SICP-3983 Earl Hines Fatha [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3984/85 Erroll Garner Paris Impressions [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3986 J.J.Johnson Blue Trombone [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3987 J.J.Johnson J.J. Inc. [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3988 Gigi Gryce & Don Byrd Jazz Lab [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3989 Dave McKenna The Piano Scene Of Dave Mckenna [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3990 Bob Brookmeyer Bob Brookmeyer & Friends [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3991 Stan Getz The Master [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3992/93 Phil Woods Live From The Showboat [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3994 Phil Woods Phil Woods & The Japanese Rhythm Machine [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3995 Herbie Hancock Sunlight [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3996 Herbie Hancock Feets Don't Fall Me Now [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3997 Herbie Hancock Mr.Hands [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3998 V.S.O.P. The Quintet Tempest in the Colosseum [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-3999 Tony Williams The Joy Of Flying [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4000 Gil Evans The Gil Evans Orchestra Plays The Music Of Jimi Hendrix [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4001/02 Charles Mingus Tijuana Moods [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4003 Charles Mingus Mingus Dynasty [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4004 Charlie Rouse We Paid Our Dues [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4005/06 Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong At Town Hall [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4007/08 Duke Ellington Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4009 Duke Ellington Three Suites [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4010 Rosemary Clooney & Duke Ellington Blue Rose [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4011 The Duke's Men The Duke's Men [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4012 Bunny Berigan & His Boys Take It, Bunny! [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4013 Chu Berry Chu [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4014 Tony Bennett Tony Sings For You +1 [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4015 Tony Bennett If I Ruled The World: Songs For The Jet Set [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] Released 2014/03/12 | 1000Yen (9.56 USD) SICP-4016 Miles Davis Miles Davis In Europe [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4017 Miles Davis Miles In Tokyo [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4018 Miles Davis Quiet Nights [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4019/20 Miles Davis We Want Miles [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4021 Dave Brubeck Anything Goes! [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4022 Dave Brubeck Bossa Nova U.S.A. [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4023 Paul Desmond & Gerry Mulligan Two of A Mind [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4024 Gerry Mulligan Jeru [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4025 Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers A Night In Tunisia [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] (1957) SICP-4026 Art Blakey Drum Suite [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4027 Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers The Jazz Messengers Play Lerner And Loewe [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4028 Ray Bryant Little Susie [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4029 Horace Silver Silver's Blue [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4030 Chet Baker Chet Baker & Strings [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4031/32 Charlie Parker One Night In Birdland [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4033 Bud Powell Trio Strictly Powell [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4034 Thelonious Monk Underground [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4035 Thelonious Monk Criss-Cross [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4036 Thelonious Monk It's Monk's Time [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4037 Phil Woods = Gene Quill Phil And Quill [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4038 Charlie Rouse Yeah! [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4039 Erroll Garner Soliloquy [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4040 Teddy Wilson Teddy Wilson & His All-Stars Vol.1 [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] sic SICP-4041 Earl Hines Here Comes [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] sic SICP-4042 Ornette Coleman Skies of America [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4043/44 Ornette Coleman & Prime Time Chappaqua Suite [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] pedro SICP-4045 Gil Evans There Comes A Time [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4046 Charles Lloyd Of Course, Of Course [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4047 Charles Lloyd Nirvana [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4048 Herbie Hancock Directstep [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4049 Herbie Hancock Dedication [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4050 V.S.O.P. The Quintet The Quintet [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4051 John Lewis Sensitive Scenery [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4052 Stan Getz Captain Marvel [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4053 Mongo Santamaria Mr. Watermelon Man [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4054 Billie Holiday Lady Day [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4055 Louis Armstrong The Best Of The Hot Five And Hot Seven Recordings [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4056/57 Lester Young Lester Young Memorial Album [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4058 Duke Ellington Masterpieces By Ellington [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4059 Johnny Hodges Hodge Podge [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4060 Bobby Hackett & His Orch. The Hackett Horn [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4061 Count Basie Lester Leaps In [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4062 Tony Bennett In Person! [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4063 Doris Day & Andre Previn Duet [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4064 Rosemary Clooney Rosie Solves The Swingin' Riddle! [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4065 Sadao Watanabe Swiss Air [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4066 Sadao Watanabe Sadao Watanabe [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4067 Rita Reys & Trio Pim Jacobs Our Favorite Songs [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4068 Louis Van Dijk Nightwings [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] SICP-4069 Louis Van Dyke Trio When A Man Loves A Woman [Limited Pressing] [Priced-down Reissue] Release Date September 24, 2014 (1000yen) SICP-4180/81 Miles Davis At Plugged Nickel. Chicago [Limited Pressing] SICP-4182/83 Miles Davis Black Beauty: Miles Davis Live At Fillmore West [Limited Pressing] SICP-4184/85 Miles Davis Miles Davis Live At The Fillmore East (march 7.1970) - It's About That Tim [Limited Pressing] SICP-4186/87 Dave Brubeck At Carnegie Hall [Limited Pressing] SICP-4188 Dave Brubeck Jazz Impressions Of Japan [Limited Pressing] SICP-4189 Dave Brubeck Jazz Impressions Of New York [Limited Pressing] SICP-4190 Herbie Hancock Quartet [Limited Pressing] SICP-4191 Herbie Hancock The Piano [Limited Pressing] SICP-4192/93 Sonny Rollins After The Bridge [Limited Pressing] SICP-4194 Clifford Brown Clifford Brown The Complete Paris Sessions Vol.1 [Limited Pressing] SICP-4195 Clifford Brown Clifford Brown The Complete Paris Sessions Vol.2 [Limited Pressing] SICP-4196 Clifford Brown Clifford Brown The Complete Paris Sessions Vol.3 [Limited Pressing] SICP-4197 Barney Wilen Tilt +6 [Limited Pressing] SICP-4198 Duke Jordan Duke Jordan Trio [Limited Pressing] SICP-4199 George Russell The Jazz Workshop [Limited Pressing] SICP-4200 Tony Scott feat.Bill Evans The Touch Of Tony Scott [Limited Pressing] SICP-4201 Charlie Parker Summit Meeting At Birdland [Limited Pressing] SICP-4202 Jo Stafford Jo+Jazz [Limited Pressing] SICP-4203 Tony Perkins Tony Perkins +8 [Limited Pressing] SICP-4204 Tony Bennett I Left My Heart In San Francisco [Limited Pressing] SICP-4205 Tony Bennett The Beat Of My Heart [Limited Pressing] SICP-4206 The Ralph Sharon Trio Music For The Late Hours: The Tony Bennett Song Book [Limited Pressing] SICP-4207 Kenny Burrell Weaver Of Dreams [Limited Pressing] SICP-4208 Kenny Burrell Bluesin' Around [Limited Pressing] SICP-4209 Art Farmer The Art Farmer Quintet [Limited Pressing] SICP-4210 Ahmad Jamal The Ahmad Jamal Trio [Limited Pressing] SICP-4211 Ahmad Jamal Poinciana [Limited Pressing] SICP-4212 Johnny Coles Quartet The Warm Sound [Limited Pressing] SICP-4213 Phil Woods Warm Woods [Limited Pressing] SICP-4214 Phil Woods = Gene Quill Phil Talks With Quill [Limited Pressing] SICP-4215 Lee Konitz Stereokonitz [Limited Pressing] SICP-4216 Gary Burton Duster [Limited Pressing] SICP-4217 Gary Burton Tennessee Firebird [Limited Pressing] SICP-4218 Jeremy Steig Flute Fever [Limited Pressing] SICP-4219 Denny Zeitlin Live At The Trident [Limited Pressing] SICP-4220 Denny Zeitlin Cathexis [Limited Pressing] SICP-4221 Baden Powell Solitude On Guitar [Limited Pressing] SICP-4222 Herbie Mann Latin Mann [Limited Pressing] SICP-4223 Ann Burton Sings For Lovers And Other Strangers [Limited Pressing] SICP-4224 Rita Reys That Old Feeling [Limited Pressing] SICP-4225 Louis Van Dijk Pavane [Limited Pressing] SICP-4226 Weather Report Weather Report [Limited Pressing] SICP-4227 Weather Report I Sing The Body Electric [Limited Pressing] SICP-4228 Weather Report Sweetnighter [Limited Pressing] SICP-4229/30 Weather Report Live In Tokyo [Limited Pressing] SICP-4231 Sadao Watanabe Pastoral [Limited Pressing] SICP-4232 Sadao Watanabe Song Book [Limited Pressing] SICP-4233 Sadao Watanabe Round Trip [Limited Pressing] SICP-4234 Makoto Ozone Ozone [Limited Pressing] SICP-4235 Makoto Ozone Spring Is Here [Limited Pressing] Release Date October 22, 2014 (1000 yen) SICP-4236/7 Miles Davis In Concert [Limited Pressing] SICP-4238/9 Miles Davis Dark Magus: Live At Carnegie Hall [Limited Pressing] SICP-4240/41 Miles Davis Live-evil [Limited Pressing] SICP-4242 Miles Davis Jazz At The Plaza Vol.1 [Limited Pressing] SICP-4243 Duke Ellington Jazz At The Plaza 2 Vol.2 [Limited Pressing] SICP-4244 Art Blakey & Les Jazz-Messengers The Jazz Messengers [Limited Pressing] SICP-4245 Art Blakey & Les Jazz-Messengers Hard Bop [Limited Pressing] SICP-4246 Sonny Rollins What's New [Limited Pressing] SICP-4247 Sonny Rollins Sonny Meets Hawk! [Limited Pressing] SICP-4248 Thelonious Monk Straight No Chaser (music From The Motion Picture) [Limited Pressing] SICP-4249/50 Thelonious Monk Live At The It Club - Complete [Limited Pressing] SICP-4251 Louis Armstrong Satch Plays Fats [Limited Pressing] SICP-4252 Louis Armstrong Ambassador Satch [Limited Pressing] SICP-4253/54 Oscar Peterson This Is Oscar Peterson [Limited Pressing] SICP-4255 Gerry Mulligan What Is There To Say? [Limited Pressing] SICP-4256 Dave Brubeck & Gerry Mulligan Blues Roots [Limited Pressing] SICP-4257 Joe Morello It's About Time [Limited Pressing] SICP-4258 Gary Burton A Genuine Tong Funeral [Limited Pressing] SICP-4259 Gary Burton Lofty Fake Anagram [Limited Pressing] SICP-4260 Keith Jarrett Expectations [Limited Pressing] SICP-4261/62 Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea An Evening With Herbie Hancock And Chick Corea [Limited Pressing] SICP-4263 John McLaughlin.Al / DiMeola / Paco De Lucia Passion.Grace&Fire [Limited Pressing] SICP-4264 Al Di Meola Electric Rendezvous [Limited Pressing] SICP-4265 Al Di Meola Land Of The Midnight Sun [Limited Pressing] SICP-4266 Arista All Stars Blue Montreux [Limited Pressing] SICP-4267 Quintetto Basso-Valdambrini Walking In The Night [Limited Pressing] SICP-4268 Sestetto Basso = Valdambrini Sestetto Basso = Valdambrini [Limited Pressing] SICP-4269 Jimmy Jones Jimmy Jones Trio [Limited Pressing] SICP-4270 Jimmy Raney Visits Paris Vol.1 [Limited Pressing] SICP-4271 Lee Konitz Lee Konitz Plays [Limited Pressing] SICP-4272 Shorty Rogers Shorty Rogers Courts The Count [Limited Pressing] SICP-4273 Frankie Laine & Buck Clayton Jazz Spectacular [Limited Pressing] SICP-4274 Buck Clayton The Huckle-buck And Robbins' Nest [Limited Pressing] SICP-4275/76 Charles Mingus Charles Mingus And Friends In Concert [Limited Pressing] SICP-4277 Charles Lloyd Discovery [Limited Pressing] SICP-4278/79 Don Ellis At Fillmore [Limited Pressing] SICP-4280 Phil Woods & Michel Legrand & Orchestra Images [Limited Pressing] SICP-4281 Nina Simone Nina Simone Sings The Blues +2 [Limited Pressing] SICP-4282 Nina Simone Silk & Soul [Limited Pressing] SICP-4283 Tommy Flanagan Positive Intensity [Limited Pressing] SICP-4284 Chet Baker Let's Get Lost [Limited Pressing] SICP-4285/86 Dexter Gordon Homecoming'/live At The Village Vanguads' [Limited Pressing] SICP-4287 Louis Van Dijk Plays Lennon-mccartney [Limited Pressing] SICP-4288 Louis Van Dijk The Louis Van Dyke Trio / Quartet [Limited Pressing] SICP-4289 Rita Reys Rita Reys Sings Burt Bacharach [Limited Pressing] SICP-4290 Rita Reys Rita Reys Sings Michel Legrand [Limited Pressing] SICP-4291 Yoshiaki Masuo Winds Of Barcelona [Limited Pressing] SICP-4292 Yuji Ohno My Little Angel [Limited Pressing] SICP-4293 Kimiko Kasai with Cedar Walton Trio Kimiko Is Here [Limited Pressing] SICP-4294 Kimiko Kasai This Is My Love [Limited Pressing]
  13. rare groove / funk best collection 1000

    Release Date September 24, 2014 | 1000 Yen UCCO-90334 The Blackbyrds The Blackbyrds [Limited Release] UCCO-90335 The Blackbyrds Flying Start [Limited Release] UCCO-90336 Johnny Hammond Gears [Limited Release] UCCO-90337 Rusty Bryant Fire Eater [Limited Release] UCCO-90338 Bernard Purdie Purdie Good! [Limited Release] UCCO-90339 Idris Muhammad Black Rhythm Revolution! [Limited Release] UCCO-90340 Charles Earland Black Talk! [Limited Release] UCCO-90341 Charles Earland Leaving This Planet [Limited Release] UCCO-90342 Gary Bartz Follow, The Medicine Man [Limited Release] UCCO-90343 Gary Bartz I've Known Rivers And Other Bodies [Limited Release] UCCO-90344 Funk Inc. Hangin' Out [Limited Release] UCCO-90345 Funk Inc. Priced To Sell [Limited Release] UCCO-90346 Leon Spencer Louisiana Slim [Limited Release] UCCO-90347 Leon Spencer Bad Walking Woman [Limited Release] UCCO-90348 The Dramatics Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get [Limited Release] UCCO-90349 Isaac Hayes . . . To Be Continued [Limited Release] UCCO-90350 Isaac Hayes Shaft [Limited Release] UCCO-90351 Isaac Hayes Chocolate Chip [Limited Release] UCCO-90352 David Porter Victim Of The Joke? An Opera [Limited Release] UCCO-90353 Booker T. & The MG's Melting Pot [Limited Release] UCCO-90354 Ernie Hines Electrified [Limited Release] UCCO-90355 Rufus Thomas Funky Checken [Limited Release] UCCO-90356 Melvin Van Peebles Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song [Limited Release] UCCO-90357 Boogaloo Joe Jones Right On Brother [Limited Release] UCCO-90358 Boogaloo Joe Jones Black Whip [Limited Release] UCCO-90359 Hampton Hawes Northern Windows [Limited Release] UCCO-90360 Azar Lawrence Summer Solstice [Limited Release] UCCO-90361 Azar Lawrence People Moving [Limited Release] UCCO-90362 Patrice Rushen Before The Dawn [Limited Release] UCCO-90363 Patrice Rushen Shout It Out [Limited Release] UCCO-90364 Bill Summers Feel The Heat [Limited Release] UCCO-90365 Stanley Cowell New World [Limited Release] UCCO-90366 Gene Ammons Brasswind [Limited Release] UCCO-90367 Booker T. & The MG's Mclemore Avenue [Limited Release] UCCO-90368 The Emotions Untouched [Limited Release] UCCU-90066 Roy Ayers Ubiquity [Limited Release] UCCU-90067 Eddie Cano & His Quintet Brought Back Live From P.J.'s [Limited Release] UCCU-90068 Jimmy Castor Hey Leroy [Limited Release] UCCU-90069 Jimmy McGriff The Warm [Limited Release] UCCU-90070 Ramsey Lewis Maiden Voyage [Limited Release] UCCU-90071 Ray Bryant Up Above The Rock [Limited Release] UCCU-90072 Dorothy Ashby Dorothy's Harp [Limited Release] UCCU-90076 Jimmy Smith Respect [Limited Release] UCCU-90077 Cannonball Adderley Country Preacher [Limited Release] UCCU-90078 Jimmy Smith Root Down [Limited Release] UCCU-90079 Archie Shepp For Losers [Limited Release] UCCU-90080 Archie Shepp Attica Blues [Limited Release] UCCU-90081 Archie Shepp The Cry Of My People [Limited Release] UCCU-90082 Milt Jackson & Ray Brown Memphis Jackson [Limited Release] UCCU-90083 Gary Bartz Music Is My Sanctuary [Limited Release] UICY-76581 James Brown Sex Machine [Limited Release] UICY-76582 James Brown Ain't It Funky [Limited Release] UICY-76583 James Brown It's A New Day - Let A Man Come In [Limited Release] UICY-76584 James Brown Revolution Of The Mind: 'Live' At The Apollo Vol. III [Limited Release] UICY-76585 James Brown Hot Pants [Limited Release] UICY-76586 James Brown Super Bad [Limited Release] UICY-76587 James Brown There It Is [Limited Release] UICY-76588 James Brown & The J.B.'s Slaughter' S Big Rip - Off (OST) [Limited Release] UICY-76589 James Brown The Payback [Limited Release] UICY-76590 James Brown Get Up Offa That Thing [Limited Release] UICY-76591 James Brown Bodyheat [Limited Release] UICY-76592 James Brown In The Jungle Groove [Limited Release] UICY-76593 JB's Food For Thought [Limited Release] UICY-76594 JB's Doing It To Death [Limited Release] UICY-76595 Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s Damn Right I Am Somebody [Limited Release] UICY-76596 Fred Wesley & The New J.B.'s Breakin' Bread [Limited Release] UICY-76597 JB's Hustle With Speed [Limited Release] UICY-76598 Maceo Us [Limited Release] UICY-76599 Lyn Collins Check Me Out [Limited Release] UICY-76600 Marva Whitney It's My Thing [Limited Release] UICY-76601 J.B.'s International Jam II Disco Fever [Limited Release] UICY-76602 Parliament Up For The Down Stroke [Limited Release] UICY-76603 Parliament Chocolate City [Limited Release] UICY-76604 Parliament Mothership Connection [Limited Release] UICY-76605 Parliament The Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein [Limited Release] UICY-76606 Parliament P-Funk Earth Tour [Limited Release] UICY-76607 Parliament Funkentelechy VS. The Placebo Syndrome [Limited Release] UICY-76608 Kool & The Gang Wild And Peaceful [Limited Release] UICY-76609 Kool & The Gang Light Of Worlds [Limited Release] UICY-76610 Ohio Players Skin Tight [Limited Release] UICY-76611 Ohio Players Fire [Limited Release] UICY-76612 Ohio Players Honey [Limited Release] UICY-76613 Ohio Players Contradiction [Limited Release] UICY-76614 Original Soundtrack Roy Ayers Coffy: Original Sound Track [Limited Release] UICY-76615 The Wild Magnolias The Wild Magnolias [Limited Release] UICY-76616 The Wild Magnolias They Call Us Wild [Limited Release] UICY-76617 Rufus feat.Chaka Khan Rufusized [Limited Release] UICY-76618 Rufus feat.Chaka Khan Rufus Featuring Chaka Kahn [Limited Release] UICY-76619 The Bar-Kays Too Hot To Stop [Limited Release] UICY-76620 The Bar-Kays As One [Limited Release] UICY-76621 The Bar-Kays Nightcruising [Limited Release] UICY-76622 Brothers Johnson Right On Time [Limited Release] UICY-76623 Cameo Cardiac Arrest [Limited Release] UICY-76624 Cameo Secret Omen [Limited Release] UICY-76625 The Gap Band The Gap Band [Limited Release] UICY-76626 The Gap Band The Gap Band II [Limited Release] UICY-76627 Con Funk Shun Secrets [Limited Release] UICY-76628 Con Funk Shun Love Shine [Limited Release] UICY-76629 L.T.D. Something To Love [Limited Release] UICY-76630 L.T.D. Togetherness [Limited Release]
  14. George Duke 1946–2013