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  1. Leslie 3300

    I thought the speaker sounded pretty good straight out of the box so I never monkeyed with it. It would be interesting to read what other have to say.
  2. I've created a fun project

    Does anyone know what the minimum I would have to spend to be able to do mulit tack recording on my home computer and burn to CD, given that I have a PC with a burner? I have never been into home recording.... except for the occasional cassette practice tape. Thanks everyone.
  3. I got out some manuscript paper and have started writing putting together some Jazz-type arrangements. The first one is basically 'So What' from the Kind of Blue album. I am putting together simplified melody lines all kept in the lower octave ranges for my 12 year trumpet player. She is actually playing cornet cause it fits her small hands better. I also think it is easier to blow than my old school trumpet I offered her when she joined band. My goal is record about a half dozen of these. I wish I had done this back when my 15 year old first started learning sax. Going to try to use alot of C dorian minor lines.... no sharps or flats for my little one. I just need to think of 5 more songs I can simplify but still will sound cool. I don't know why I posted this. If any of you have kids and have have never done this I think it would be a nice thing to try. I wish I had done this when my boy started. He still plays I need to score a sax part I guess. Have a great weekend.
  4. Who are you just discovering?

    Yes I totally blanked out on how his name was spelled.
  5. Who are you just discovering?

    I am just dicovering a deceased 3 foot tall Frenchman who can play the Hell out of a piano.
  6. The New Rhodes Piano

    It isn't going to be cheap. I saw a tour of how they are putting the new Rhodes pianos together. It was probably 90% Rhodes propaganda but it looks like their is a lot of manual craftsmanship going into the new EPs. I wish I had kept my old Rhodes.
  7. Bill Evans

    Warning, I AM NOT A JAZZ PLAYER! I hope that isn't a problem. Evans' conservatism and the way he would stay within a restrictive framework and milk it for everything that it was worth is what I really like. I find myself the last few years when I play at home for enjoyment that his style is one I seem to try to emulate. I'm a rock and blues guy. I played fusion in the late 70's and early 80s. I have also played with some country acts. I pattern a lot of my gig play after guys like Memphis Slim, Lux, Art Tatum etc.... When I play out I tend to spew. When Evan talks about superfulous playing, I am the poster child for it. But when I play at home I find my gigging style has little harmonic content and just is not good to listen to. It just is not interesting. When I am gigging there are 3 or 5 other guys to cover my harmonic holes and ....... people expect me to spew a lot of notes. It seems to be what they want. Maybe I am just getting old, but simple melody lines through harmonic color is just a lot more pleasant. One of teachers told me once that as players we are the first to get sick of how we play cause we are the ones that have to listen to ourselves ALL THE TIME. I am currently working with a bass player again so it is helping to to explore more interesting harmonies and expand my use of different voicings. Thanks for everyone's insigts. I wonder if a blues crowd would crucify me if I plared Nardis at a blues gig? .... The I play they probably would.
  8. Bill Evans

    Another interview with Bill Evans. In this interview Evans puts into words what it is I believe always attracted me to his music.
  9. The Frank Zappa song?
  10. Kraft Music

    A guy named David Bryce sent me a message regarding Kraft. He said "Kraft used to be a really great place to buy all kinds of stuff, but they reduced their MI presence a few years back to mostly digital pianos, if memory serves. They were always an excellent place to do business with, though...if Ben Kraft is still there, please tell him I said hi!" I took this as a positive. They have bundled deals on the Kawai also but the keyboard Z stand that is bundled with the Keyboard isn't what I want and it is out of stock. Their price on the Monolith stand I want is a lot higher than other people. Musicians Friend has a 20% off deal for labor day. this will make them the low dollar people. My wife has dealt with them before. We got our daughter's new trumpet case there and a buddy of mine gets stuff there. The lack of local Kawai dealer's worry me. Not sure where I can get stuff serviced. I better keep the Roland as a backup in case something needs to ever get sent back to the company.
  11. Kraft Music

    Thanks. I am going to call them this afternoon. Sweetwater says they will have a keyboard in stock on Friday. Sweetwater doesn't carry the new stands I want in stock but can order them. Kraft carries them but they are a lot more expensive the Musician's Friend price on the stand. Nothing is ever easy.
  12. What are some cover tunes that would sound cool on organ? I don't know if any of the greats have covered this one before but I came home from work one day last week and I fired up the Hammond in my living room and started messing around with 'So What' off the Kind of Blue album. I think this would make a cool tune for a organ trio or quartet with the organ playing both bassline and the piano chord voicings. Any tunes out there you think would be cool. Does Jim take requests?
  13. Kraft Music

    Hello Everyone, I am going to buy a Kawai stage piano. An online retailer with the best price I have found who has the model I want in stock is Kraft Music. I believe they are from Wisconsin. Sweetwater has the same price but none in stock. Has anyone here had any experience in working with Kraft? Thanks a lot for your help. Ed
  14. the trouble with bassists (not)

    Running a band is a pain in the butt. I would try to join an established band and get to know more local players. Establish something later with people you actually know. I hardly ever work with people I don't know. But that is just me.
  15. Bill Evans

    I'm new here. I followed Jim over from a Keyboard forum I joined. I hope that is OK I'm longtime casual Jazz fan, but not a real Jazz player. I'm a rock and blues player. Bill Evans is one of my big influences. Here is a is 5 part interview I found on YouTube. Evans Interview - Universal Mind Have a good weekend