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  1. Just paid thru PayPal. Thanks
  2. FS: Mosaic and Other Box Sets

    the Bud Shank is a great Mosaic! And a bargain at that price. Outstanding West Coast jazz.
  3. Joe Albany-Low Down movie

    John Hawkes plays Joe Albany in new movie- "Low Down" opening next month nationally. Based on Joe's daughter, Amy's book. Here is link to trailer: http://insidemovies.ew.com/tag/low-down/ Looks like a movie to catch...
  4. Just sent you a PM on John Patton at Jazz Bakery and Benny Bailey with Kirk Lightsey. Many thanks!!
  5. I highly recommend the Bee Hive set. the individual albums are tricky to find on LP.
  6. Has anyone bought the Onzy Matthews Mosaic Select yet? What are your opinions of the music? the sound samples sound wonderful- in the Gerald Wilson vein-but even more soulful. And the sidemen are top notch.. Impressions of this set appreciated. THANKS!
  7. FS: Keith Jarrett-Sun Bear Concerts- 6 CD box set- ECM (Japan)- comes with cardboard slip case. Excellent condition- Best offer over $45 to a US only address. Priced below the lowest price I could find on Amazon. Please PM with any questions. Thanks. (Price reduced today...)
  8. One final try- Best Offer over $45 plus shipping costs to US address...
  9. Howard Rumsey-RIP...

    Howard Rumsey, one of founding fathers of 1950s West Coast jazz, passed away at age 97 on July 15th. He ran the Lighthouse club in Hermosa Beach for many years, and was bass player in the Lighthouse All-Stars for well over a decade.
  10. Howard Rumsey-RIP...

    Sorry-did not see another posting in Artists for Rumsey's passing...
  11. Harold Battiste R.I.P.

    He is great on Gulf Coast Jazz-Vol. 1, on VSOP Records. Session is from Feb. 1959 and also features Ellis Marsalis, Alvin Batiste on clarinet and Ed Blackwell (!) on drums
  12. Sirius Radio

    I rented a car last weekend that had Sirius radio. I found a station-I think it was called Real Jazz-but it might have had another name. I think it was station #72? Anyway, I was very impressed with the playlist and sound quality. How many non-smooth jazz stations are on Sirius? Worth purchasing the service? I would have to have the portable radio with docking station as I do not intend to replace my car stereo. I did notice the station cutting out whenever I went under an overpass or entered a tunnel. How is the reception at home? Opinions appreciated. The monthly fees I have seen quoted seem quite cheap at under $10 a month.
  13. Blue Mitchell with John Mayall

    Thanks for posting, Michael. I have so many fond memories of collecting discography of Blue Mitchell. (My first Mosaic many years ago...) Blue had so many distinct periods- as documented on OJC, Blue Note, and subsequent smaller labels (i.e. Mainstream). He later co-lead groups with Junior Cook, Harold Land, etc.-- kept him busy until he ended his career as a sideman before dying prematurely of cancer Michael, did you ever play piano in a group with Blue..?
  14. CDs For Sale

    David: Package received! Thanks so much for mailing it out so quickly... Regards, Jeff in Portland
  15. CDs For Sale

    David; Just paid you thru Paypal. Many thanks!
  16. CDs For Sale

    David: PM sent... Thanks, Jeff
  17. Mosaic plans Beehive box

    Great news! Glad that Jim Neumann has finally agreed to release this material. Thanks, Jim!.....
  18. Smoke Session Records

    Almost everyone is worth picking up. Excellent acoustics for live recordings...
  19. An absolute bargain! Someone should jump on this one. One of my favorite Mosaic sets...
  20. Jazz Profiles - Blue Mitchell

    Darn it... Missed it out West. Blue's Mosaic was my first Mosaic set.
  21. Report that Gerald Wilson has passed away

    I know that Gerald lived to a ripe old age, but I am still so saddened by his passing. I met him several times and he was a walking encyclopedia of jazz history. He had not been to Seattle for several decades but remembered all the clubs he played at 50 years ago both in Seattle and in the clubs of N Williams Ave here in Portland. RIP Gerald ....You will be sincerely missed So glad to have his Mosaic set...