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  1. Research Project on YouTube Remixes

    Actually I'm wearing a white lab coat right now! I'll hunt up some old punch cards later. The project does not pay anything and will only be of interest to you if you are a user of places like YouTube and have seen the weird things happening with classical music there. Otherwise, probably not. (I am posting this pretty widely.) Steve.
  2. Hi folks, Do you want to take part in an online research project on remixes of classical music on the internet? We are a group of researchers at the School of Management at the University of South Australia. We’re interested in the role of places like Youtube in classical music today, and want to learn more about popular attitudes to things like the 'remix' and the video mash-up. What's a remix? Well, imagine Pachabel's canon with a back-beat put together with scenes from Titanic. I know, that may make many people here want to run screaming, but it is happening, even to new composers, and we'd like to know what sort of direction it is likely to take in coming years. We are looking specifically at classical music rather than other forms, and trying to understand the business implications for modern classical music of the creation of hybridized versions or remixes of original compositions. We’d appreciate it if interested members of this forum would go to our questionnaire site and take about ten minutes to answer the questions there. Please indicate where you saw this posted, as I’m putting it up in a range of forums. Go to: There’s also a range of conditions you should scan through before participating. Of course, all your answers will be confidential when we publish results of the survey on the website in due course. Thankyou, Dr Helen Rusak and Dr S.J. McKenzie P.S. - if this is in the wrong spot on these boards please notify me and I'll move it.