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  1. Did Vince Guaraldi Peanuts Scores Inspire You to Learn Jazz?

    Is "Bluesette" Mannix Jazz, or is Toots' theme not sunny enough?
  2. 50th anniversary? Seems a bit late since it was recorded 60 years ago next year. Joking aside, it seems to be a re-release of a set from 2008.
  3. Joe Henderson in Japan

    Am I misunderstanding something? I thought the original recording of "Black Narcissus" (on the 'Power to the People' album) was a quartet version.
  4. Here's some interesting perspective: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/10/04/supermicro_bloomberg/
  5. Harald Hult RIP

    This has happened: a graphic designer bought the whole shop as well as Harald's own private collection. He will have the shop open a few afternoons a week, run as a labor of love outside of his normal work. Not sure how viable it will be in the long run once the inventory is starting to shrink, but it will surely last for some time. And it's good that the place is still there. Went there yesterday and it looks exactly the same with one change: they now accept credit cards!
  6. Michel Legrand Plays Richard Rodgers (Philips, 1963)

    It might be a question of taste, but probably I am missing some of the subtler aspects of Legrands big band scoring on this album. I can appreciate the difference from the "Legrand Jazz" album, but I guess I am too addicted to his writing for a full orchestra, like his arrangement of 'A Time for Love' from "Cinema Legrand":
  7. Michel Legrand Plays Richard Rodgers (Philips, 1963)

    I can't help thinking that Legrand is under-used on this album. If he he was let loose completely, his arrangements/orchestras seemed to create this unsurpassed mixture of beautiful voicings, creative and sometimes unexpected forms and a general sense of luxury. I always turn to "Cinema Legrand" when I want to experience that. In comparison, here he seems to have simplified himself somewhat. But I like tracks like 'There's a Small Hotel' from the Plays Rodgers album.
  8. The version (as Baca Feelin') on LRC (vol 3, presumably included in the 3CD set Jim linked to above) indeed seems to be a version with the Thad/Mel big band, but different from the one on Solid State SS-18016. https://www.discogs.com/Thad-Jones-Mel-Lewis-Big-Band-Village-Vanguard-Live-Sessions-3/release/6496174 According to Discogs (admittedly no solid source, but probably collected from the CD) it was recorded in 1970.
  9. There might be a misunderstanding. Bill seems to be referring to the Thad/Mel big band recording. The "Sunday Afternoon" version of Bachafillen (which I haven't heard) is 15 minutes long and has, according to Discogs - Corea/Elvin/Davis: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Jazz-For-A-Sunday-Afternoon/release/2922467 And as noted, it only seems to be included on the Blue Note CD reissue.
  10. Trane home video

    This is from John Snyder's notes from the 1988 reissue of Sky Dive: "On one of Freddie's dates, he lit a cigarette, and blew smoke into Rudy's new mic (Rudy would cover the labels with tape or remove them altogether, so nobody could cop his moves), and Rudy stormed out of the studio and didn't come back until the next day. That cigarette cost Freddie about three grand. But, let's face it, he probably has gotten three grand's worth of use from retelling this story over the years. I know I have."
  11. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    But it was released. Anyhow, I never feel like listening to it either. Have a (Japanese) LP, but have probably not played it for ten years.
  12. Trane home video

    In the booklet of one of the 80s CD reissues of Freddie Hubbard’s CTI albums, there is a story of Freddie blowing cigarette smoke into one of Rudy’s microphones. Rudy is said to have rushed into the studio and removed the microphone and temporarily aborted the recording session out of anger, if I recall correctly.
  13. Happy Birthday, Dan Gould!

    Happy birthday, Dan!
  14. Erich Kleinschuster (1930 - 2018) R.I.P

    More on that album here: What I never posted about here - apparently - was that Kleinschuster confirmed that he was on that session with Farmer and that the lineup, which was completely false on the Moon Records cover, had the usual suspects of Fritz Pauer et al. He also said that he was surprised when the CDs mentioned above were released (or at least the first one, can't remember now) because nobody had told him about them.
  15. Erich Kleinschuster (1930 - 2018) R.I.P

    I am saddened to hear this. I interacted with him a few years ago when I wanted to record one of his compositions. He learned about that through the Austrian copyright collection society and actually called me. Then he was generous enough to send me a copy of the original lead sheet. I appreciate the many radio sessions he led with guesting musicians.