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  1. LP shelving - dividers. Advice/thoughts?

    Kallax, maybe? I'm using them. https://www.ikea.com/ie/en/collections/kallax/
  2. Eric Dolphy with the Platters.

    In an early 80s interview (the book - The Great Jazz Pianists by Len Lyons - doesn't say exactly when), Tyner seems to say he actually never drove a cab. "Tyner: I was actually considering working during the day - I had reached that point. [...] I had a chance to compromise, and I didn't do it. Lyons: You mean you were going to quit, or play pop, or what? Tyner: I was thinking about hacking, you know, driving a cab. The guy I went to see about the job couldn't believe it. He used to drive me to the airport when I was working with John's band. He just didn't believe I needed a job, and he never called me back. Also, I had offers to go on tour with Benny Goodman. A lot of guys I knew were going electric or into rock to become more commercial - I just couldn't."
  3. Michel Legrand - RIP

    I fully subscribe to everything TtK said, except that I need to get many more of his albums. Legrand was a genius.
  4. Albums better in mono than stereo.

    As if the extreme channel separation wasn't enough, there sometimes also seems to have been phase problems on Atlantic stereo albums. I remember Chick Corea's first album (albeit on the Vortex imprint, mainly in line with Atlantic production values) being subject to this. To escape the annoying stereo spread I tried using the mono button on my amp, but that added strange distortion for some frequecies, which I assume can be attributed to phase issues.

    The link to the aforementioned article was posted in another thread. It is a very touching story: https://www.austinchronicle.com/music/2018-09-14/trumpet-colossus-kenny-dorham-towers-alongside-the-jazz-gods/
  6. Chris Albertson?

    He responded to a comment on December 7, 2017, but that was also a while ago.
  7. Is streaming technology saving the music industry?

    I've sometimes been thinking of what to do the day when Jim A can no longer raise the funds for covering monthly or yearly server costs. Could the contents of the whole forum be sold on hard copies (or maybe downloads) for future reference? Right now, the whole forum is the equivalent to 'streaming', right? Would anybody pay for that, and if so - how much? Would it even be possible from an intellectual properties perspective? When the BNBB was going down, I started to do a backup of the whole site with some kind of software. I may have had 25 percent or so covered when the forums disappeared. But except for some browsing during the following month, I've never looked at what I managed to save again.
  8. Prince is dead

    Sorry for going largely off-topic, but loosely related to confusing 4/4: listen to this live Stan Getz recording from the start and tell me how many seconds it took before you were sure of when the first beat of the bar is (keep counting for a few bars). The intro is not super-clear, and it takes a few bars before everybody is in sync.
  9. Jazz's Transition to CDs

    Cartridges were all but non-existent in Sweden, and probably in other Northern European countries as well. As a young boy in the late 70s, I was extremely interested in both cars and sound equipment, and I can remember exactly one car with a cartridge player (a late 60s Ford). Also, I rememeber one home with some kind of console cartridge player. Everybody else had compact cassettes at home. Almost noone I knew (of) had anything other than a plain AM/FM radio in the car at that time. As for reel-to-reel, we had one, but not many others in our hood had.
  10. Finally Getting to So Many Unplayed Jazz LPs

    Fantastic! A room for an exciting journey that never ends... BTW, why is one section in the middle higher than the others?
  11. Did Vince Guaraldi Peanuts Scores Inspire You to Learn Jazz?

    Is "Bluesette" Mannix Jazz, or is Toots' theme not sunny enough?
  12. 50th anniversary? Seems a bit late since it was recorded 60 years ago next year. Joking aside, it seems to be a re-release of a set from 2008.
  13. Joe Henderson in Japan

    Am I misunderstanding something? I thought the original recording of "Black Narcissus" (on the 'Power to the People' album) was a quartet version.
  14. Here's some interesting perspective: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/10/04/supermicro_bloomberg/
  15. Harald Hult RIP

    This has happened: a graphic designer bought the whole shop as well as Harald's own private collection. He will have the shop open a few afternoons a week, run as a labor of love outside of his normal work. Not sure how viable it will be in the long run once the inventory is starting to shrink, but it will surely last for some time. And it's good that the place is still there. Went there yesterday and it looks exactly the same with one change: they now accept credit cards!