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  1. As I remember it, it was one box (Andrew Hill?) used as a drawing board for the kids in the backseat of the car. Then, suddenly, the box was gone.
  2. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    I am not an "audiophile" (according to my own definition of the word; a person with extreme expectations/requirements on sound reproduction) and I have a couple of Blue Notes on vinyl (Liberty and UA repressings, Kings, Toshibas and the odd Plastylite original). I own very few "audiophile" type reissues and I have never returned an LP. Even so, I was disappointed with the Tone Poet reissue. The mastering was fine, but the vinyl was not flat (looked like a 70s pressing from a bad batch) and the piano sound had a warble unrelated to the non-flat surface. Given the number of reports of the problems with the piano on other titles - and which is not present on other recent remasterings of the same material - I refuse to buy the explanation that it's about tape wear. I used to play around with tapes and tape machines in the 90s, and this - to me - sounds like a tape machine problem. I don't know the terminology, but I associate it with capstan or motor problems.
  3. Here Comes Amazon w/the HD DLs/Streaming

    "You will definitely hear the difference on both iPhones and Android phones[...]" I'll believe that when I see convincing results from some ABX test.
  4. No value?

    But that's why he's lamenting the fact that nobody has cassette decks any more. I always find these (recurring) threads where people seem to think (gross simplification) that all the things you could do with plastic 700 MB storage devices that were easily damaged are now impossible in the streaming society to be backwards-looking. I will have to note, though, that I have seen album disappear - and sometimes reappear - on Spotify several times.
  5. No value?

    My concern with using CD:s in a car is that they risk being scuffed. Including the whole chain, I find it as easy (or easier) to copy 50 albums worth of MP3:s onto an USB stick and bringing it to the car as pulling 50 individual CD:s and putting them in a CD wallet. However, more often I just plug the phone into the AUX input to stream (from Spotify or my cloud storage of my own rips and recordings).
  6. No value?

    Non-streamable music will be marginalized. For many people, it is a simple question of available technology. A 12 cm disc with a storage capacity of around 80 minutes of music is considered inconvenient, and they might not even have CD playback equipment anywhere any longer. I listen a lot less to plastic disc's these days, and have rips of some of my own non-streamable music available in a cloud of my own.
  7. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

  8. Happy birthday Sidewinder!

    Happy birthday, Bob!
  9. Artificial CD scarcity

    But is it really "artificial"? Maybe they print less copies because they don't expect to sell that many?
  10. Mosaic on Spotify

    As has been stated here occasionally by people in the know, Mosaic does not have (and apparently cannot get) rights to digital distribution of the music in their sets. It is the rightsholders Universal and Sony, respectively, who have made the material available for streaming.
  11. Mosaic on Spotify

    forum member David Ayers shared this Spotify Mosaic set playlist many years ago: https://open.spotify.com/user/davidayers/playlist/4VzRzvG0hYshc4mo5M8MRo?si=PelJCiA-R6-Qw621igvOSg Maybe there's more now (but I haven't found any).
  12. Artificial Vinyl scarcity

    Incidentally, I compared various releases of the Corea album, and the original LP still sounds best. 🙂 But that is an exception rather than the rule.
  13. I agree that it does sound monotonous. However, sometimes I have played with drums and horns, but without a bass player, on the Fender Rhodes. Then I play bass lines behind the band, and also to some degree when I am soloing. Somehow it sounds better (and is also quite fun to play) even though the Rhodes in itself is at least as "monotonous" as a piano.
  14. John Coltrane - Blue World

    I'd hate to see this topic turn into a discussion whether TTK:s reason for not wanting to own the album is valid or not. However, as the owner of many soundtrack albums I have to say that the concept of this album does not much seem to relate to the movie. The cover seems consistent with the idea of a "lost" Coltrane album.
  15. John Coltrane - Blue World

    But remember how small CD:s are. You'll hardly notice.