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  1. Thoughts on Teddy Kotick?

    Kotick is on the Martial Solal Newport album from 1963 (with Paul Motian), which would probably make it his last recording before the "disappearance". The bass could be better recorded, but the playing on the demanding material is fine.
  2. Harald Hult RIP

    Some more posts about Andra Jazz in this thread:
  3. Harald Hult RIP

    I just spoke to Kalle. He will keep the store open "until the summer", and then "we'll see what will happen". I will pay a visit soon.
  4. Harald Hult RIP

    OK, thanks for sharing. Harald Hult was 77 years old. Footage from the shop seems to be rare, but I found this clip from earlier this year. Some of the (great) atmosphere is caught. You could count on meeting a lot of interesting personalities in that shop.
  5. Harald Hult RIP

    The only other person I've seen there during the last ten years is Kalle, an otherwise retired man and a friend of Harald's who I would imagine helped him out for free. No news about this that I can find online. Did you hear it on Facebook, Clifford? This is a sad moment for me, but I will cherish the memories. Right now I'm thinking of the first time I heard Joe Henderson's In'n'Out. It was during the 90s when it was OOP and hard to come by over here, pre-internet. Harald had a copy of the LP and I bought it. My favourite Henderson/Dorham album.
  6. Harald Hult RIP

    Oh no. Went there some two months back. Harald was there and in a good mood. Always intended to go back before the summer for some substantial shopping. Too late now, I suppose. Will try to check tomorrow if I can find out what will happen to the shop, but unfortunately I feel quite certain this will be the end. Harald has been this shop for fifty years. RIP Harald. I will always remember the musical doors that were opened for me in that shop (through its various locations across the years).
  7. I feel vindicated

    Not to derail the thread, but in my experience putting together a mixtape (on compact cassette) or ripping/burning a CDR is immensely more time consuming than creating a Spotify playlist (which I find to be quite easy). But my point was more along the "generational thing" touched in your following post. We have to consider the presumed shorter attention span of youths etc. (And not only youths for that matter...) And I also agree with Guy's observation that many people seem to favour ready-made playlists.
  8. I feel vindicated

    I would have thought that in these days of streaming, listeners are even less likely to play a whole album (to the extent that the concept of an album even remains). I can sympathize with the view on playing standards, though. Perhaps not necessarily from the Great Songbook, but as you say, material you can relate to.
  9. Herb Geller

    Geller made a couple of fine recordings in Sweden during the 70s with Swedish pianist Nils Lindberg. They're on the Bluebell label. Apparently Geller had the alto sound Lindberg had been looking for since Swedish altoist Rolf Billberg's passing in the mid-60s. Fist choice: Saxes Galore from 1979 (sax section plus rhythm including Red Mitchell on bass): https://www.discogs.com/Nils-Lindberg-Saxes-Galore/release/6257770
  10. Herb Geller

    Yes, they are actually doing a very nice Geller tune that is also on the aforementioned 'An American in Hamburg' album under a different title ("Stockenhagen", which was later to be "Space a la Mode"). The video is on YouTube, but split up in multiple parts. Right in the beginning of this part you get a glimpse of who I believe is Evans's then girlfriend Ellaine, behind Geller. She died the following year.
  11. Herb Geller

    I think Alex Riel overplays, but on the whole I don't think they are so insensitive that it hurts. Rob Franken has a few decent solos, and Hans-Lucas Lindholm is a basist that doesn't try to unnecessarily draw the attention towards himself. What's more, the album has a general sound as no other recording I've heard. The woodwind/sax overdubs, the compositions and overall satisfying arrangements, Mark Murphy's singing and Geller's soloing make for an unique listening experience.
  12. Question

    Why is this thread in Miscellaneous Music instead of being in Forums Discussion? Just kidding, of course...
  13. Miles BB billionth reissue

    Yes, that's the one. Thanks!
  14. Miles BB billionth reissue

    Sorry for using your knowledge for personal purposes, but I imagined that some of you would know this (or have an informed opinion). I am on my way home from work and suddenly felt like listening to BB for the fist time since I can't remember when. I have the metal spine box and the original jackets 70 CD box. Which version should I listen to?
  15. Album Covers That Simply Ran Out of Ideas and/or Money

    His arrangements on Paul Desmond's 'Summertime' (from the very early days when CTI was just a sub-brand of A&M) are so good. But that album sounds more luxurious than later CTI efforts; more French Riviera/"The Persuaders" TV series than giallo.