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  1. Swedish television actually recorded Rollins at Nalen in 1959. I can't find the rest of it online, but here's at least "Paul's Pal" :
  2. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    I have something that is more valuable to me than all the music (which can be replaced) and that's family photos (the children when they were born, growing up etc). From the last 15 years all that is digital except when we have printed an album or made paper copies (which doesn't cover nearly half of it). So, how do I go about keeping these files safe? I've set up a local NAS (network attached storage) with two mirrored hard drives, that is in turned synched with a cloud storage service. Mobile pictures/movies are uploaded automatically to the cloud service and then synched back to the NAS. Memory cards from the system camera go the other way. And if somehow the file system would get infected/corrupted I've saved the memory cards. My private recordings and music projects are stored the same way. This setup does not demand any maintenance, except maybe every five years when I update/switch the hard drives one at a time. OK, if I stop paying for the cloud and let the hard drives die from old age all will eventually be gone. But if I do that, I apparently don't care or I have other more serious problems in life. And as Scott says, keeping a digital collection organized is far more convenient than a physical collection. So having a lot of downloads does not seem at all problematic to me. However, the main issue is that there won't be that many downloads around - streaming services will dominate the mass market.
  3. Best CTI records

    I am hesitant to mention it here since I am unsure that it will really happen (I've also got three kids, a day job and a house to take care of) but a friend at Sony here in Sweden has invited me to do a Youtube show to market CTI recordings. I "only" have to come up with some good stores and select the music...
  4. Best CTI records

    Some early CTI from the A&M days, like Paul Desmond's 'Summertime' was excellent. I agree with general Bob James rule, but there are exceptions, like Hubert Laws' 'Morning Star'.
  5. Least Favorite Classical Music Instrument

    Fender Rhodes? MIDI saxophone? Of course there might be "classical" compositions involving those instruments, but most people would not consider them typical for a classical setting (=classical instruments). Lately, some topics here seems to derail rather quickly. Anyway, I've never warmed to the harpsichord. And, oh - I am also very fond of Glenn Gould's Bach interpretations, espescially the French suites where he doesn't have to worry about counterpoint.
  6. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    I`ve never heard Monuments, but the track above was actually much better than I had anticipated. I think it's fascinating to hear McLean on this material, which I don't think was so bad. Didn't care so much for the spoken lead voice, though.
  7. I’ve met Couw (twice), Claude - longtimers will remember them - and etherbored. All great people.
  8. Charlie Rouse redux

    You can always identify a Big Mac, but does that make it great food?
  9. Harald Hult RIP

    I am not sure that it will work out, but it is said that Mats Gustafsson will take over the shop. He would employ someone to keep it running but oversee the general business himself from a distance. We'll see.
  10. August 24 Japanese UA-era Blue Note Reissues

    I am by no means an Idris Hotep Galeta expert - in fact I can remember no other album he plays on at the moment - but I can't help feeling he is not always an asset on the Hutcherson Montreux album. His comping is sometimes a bit mechanical (repeating the same voicings and accents chorus after chorus) and he also gets lost in the form of "Moontrane" and skips the B part for most of the tune. His soloing is idiosyncratic, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Woody's playing is absolutely terrific, though.
  11. I agree with Brad that this discussion is a bit bizarre. And it could easily slip into an even more depressing outlook on the relevance and future of this very message board, but I'll resist going into that. To me, it seems as if the initial request was made in a positive spirit. And it seemed to come out of a passion for Mobley, not a particular interest in Down Beat. So if trying - and maybe even succeeding, how improbable that may seem - to get Mobley into this hall of fame can make some people feel good about honoring the memory of him, there doesn't seem to be any obvious downside to that. In the light of that, a seemingly negative outburst stating the pointlessness of this exercise may be an example of someone just exercising his freedom of expression (let's for a moment disregard the fact that this is a private website), but it also seems to take away the positive spirit without adding much else. So if some people think there is a point in doing something, why keep telling them it's pointless? Obviously, that's incorrect since it meant something to those people, which was the main point in the first place. And forgive me for keeping up the bizarre-ness. ☺
  12. Vinyl/download-only releases

    Good to see you here, Hans! From the looks of this diagram, the future of the CD looks uncertain at best: https://www.statista.com/chart/12950/cd-sales-in-the-us/ I agree that fans of classical music tend to be more conservative in relation to streaming/downloads, but at least in Sweden also classical CD sales have collapsed. A guy I know at one of the majors says that some new releases don't even sell ten copies nationwide in a country of ten million inhabitants.
  13. Vinyl/download-only releases

    I'm still not sure. The reason LPs "disappeared" in the 90s was that they were replaced by another physical format with "digital" and "convenient" as the USP:s. (They were also falsely advertised as indestructible/durable, but we know better now) The "hipness" of LPs today is to a large extent related to the format being non-digital, while CDs are just an anachronistic means of distributing digital files. So, since non-physical is now replacing CDs, LPs still have a few USP:s that CDs don't: large covers and being non-digital, all while CDs (in the eyes of the consumers) no longer have any distinct advantages over non-physical files.
  14. Ingmar Bergman's Cinema

    Nice! However, it does not include what is rumored to be Bergman's worst film, a poor attempt at a spy thriller from 1950: https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0043019/ Apparently, Bergman did not want it to ever be available again, but I believe there are (illegal) copies circulating. I haven't seen it.
  15. Vinyl/download-only releases

    On the contrary, I think CDs are really going away. And a digital file is a digital file, regardless of storage media. A plastic disc is a less durable format than any sensible, modern file storage solution. Streaming has all but replaced downloads these days. However, I can sort of sympathize with the fear of losing access to music that is not stored locally; you cannot count on the streaming service to keep your favourite music available indefinitely. But if you want to ensure eternal access to your music, do not rely solely on CDs. A day will come sooner than you would expect when it is as hard to replace a malfunctioning CD player as it is to find a working VHS VCR today. And I've tried to sell CDs at gigs myself, but nobody is buying them anymore because they don't even have CD players at home any longer. So, since the CD has lost its function as storage media for music it might even make more sense to sell equally unplayable LPs, because they are still more of an "object" to display at home, look at etc.