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  1. "I received word that there was a dispute between the estate and Monk's previous label," Scher said during a phone conversation on Monday, July 27. So the release has been taken off of the schedule indefinitely "due to circumstances beyond the label's control," according to a statement by Impulse! Records. Co-producer Feldman was unable to provide any further information at this time."They're not saying it's delayed. They're saying we'll let you know if it's being released, not when," Scher said. "I've held onto this recording for 50 years. So I can hold onto it for another two or three decades." https://mv-voice.com/news/2020/07/28/when-jazz-royalty-came-to-paly-monks-long-lost-record-nearly-goes-public
  2. Issues with my stereo

    It might be that one or more of the controls (input selector, stereo/mono, speakers A/B, volume etc) is oxidated. It frequently happens with old amplifiers. Does operating any of these controls affect the problem? Depending on their design, it might be possible to inject de-oxidating fluid into them, but it would require you to take the hood off.
  3. Further thoughts on the Resonance Bill Evans titles

    Was he affected negatively? As noted above, he sometimes rushed when playing solo. So, either it was his own choice, or at least not caused by another musician.
  4. Further thoughts on the Resonance Bill Evans titles

    Evans rushed also when playing solo in the mid 60s (see clip from 1966 below) . That would have been well before his cocaine period, so I assume that he just had a tendency to rush for most of his career. Personally, I think rushing might be distracting, but how much so depends on the context. Aside from the accelerated tempo, I like his playing in this clip. For reference, he's going from 148 to 188 BPM in two minutes (31 percent increase).
  5. If the average time consumption is 40 minutes per album, including handling, and he listens 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year, it would take him 17 and a half years to listen to everything once.
  6. Gabor Szabo

    Even if they were "populist" to any degree, the first two RTF albums are so brilliant that I don't really care. Honest, clueless and brilliant. 🙂
  7. Gabor Szabo

    I think it's hard to find many people who attribute great value to every album under Chick Corea's name. But as someone who is fairly familiar with his output, I do think that his efforts - misguided though they sometimes might be - are honest. He seems generally enthusiastic about playing whatever music he plays, so I wouldn't think there is that much populism involved. Maybe, in that sense, he's not a "genuine" populist after all...
  8. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    Squat toilets are still in use in some parts of Europe. And they are not only for urinating, but also for... the other kind. Only ten years ago, I even encountered one in a cheap hotel room in a French village. If used right, they are much more hygienic than ordinary toilets. But obviously not as comfortable. Sometimes there is a water hose which eliminates the need for toilet paper.
  9. https://www.vox.com/recode/2020/6/15/21292205/ebay-employees-cyberstalking-natick-newsletter-ecommerce
  10. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Nice! I got myself a Japanese mono copy of Dorham's 'Jazz Contrasts' today. Will spin it soon, but right now I am listening to another find from today, a mono copy of Cal Tjader's 'Soul Burst'. I have only just started to discover Tjader's output, and there seems to be a lot to enjoy there, for sure!
  11. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Paging Sidewinder, then.
  12. Buying from Amazon Japan

    I have more than once encountered authorized (Japanese or otherwise) releases that are not on Discogs, so that is not in itself a surprise. (A non-Japanese example is the Kenny Dorham Swedish sessions album, discussed in another thread)
  13. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    A nice album! I have never seen a combined Columbia/Milestone release. Was that a short-lived thing? Now spinning Clare Fischer's 'Jazz Song' on the Revelation label. One of two fine solo albums Fischer recorded for the label in 1973; the other one is 'The State of his Art'.
  14. I often cannot afford to care, but I am nevertheless interested in these things. If possible, please share your insights regarding the BIEM mark and identification of the year of release (<1972).