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  1. Re: The Prisoner album, I believe Joe was in Herbie's working group at the time and Herbie was still with Blue Note if I am not misremembering, so nothing mysterious with his appearance there.
  2. Your audio equipment?

    Very nice. What are the output tubes - EL84? My speakers have EL86 which are getting harder to find, so I'm trying not to waste them.
  3. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    I'm not kh1958, but I've got the same Quadrophonic version of that album. From what I know, you hear all of the sound from the four channels "downmixed" to two-channel stereo. I guess there might be more than one type of quadrophonic lps, but the one I'm familiar with used some sort of "pilot tone" - much like FM stereo radio - to provide the "difference" between back and front channels. Without decoding this supersonic signal, it's just a stereo record.
  4. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Brown/Roach's 'Study in Brown', 1950s Dutch Emarcy pressing bought by my father when he was fresh out of military service ca 1959. The front cover lists "Ulcer Department" instead of "George's Dilemma", and Wikipedia "claims" the tune was known also under that title, but doesn't explain why, and I've never seen it anywhere else. Anyway - this is a perfect album! I really like that Jamal album! I often find him a bit too "cold" but not here. Do you also have the "quadrophonic" pressing? I have it, and it sounds good. A guy played me an earlier stereo pressing recently, and Interestingly it sounded worse; one side had very weak bass. Unfortunately, it lacks one of the better cuts from that session out of time restrictions.
  5. Pardon My Bop - Rob Agerbeek

    Please note that Reinier's shipping policy says: All given standard shipping prices are registered and insured unto €100. Other options available on request.
  6. Your audio equipment?

    I've got a pair of these - a compromise between interesting exterior and superior sound? :-) They are late 60s Sonab OA-6 type 1; active, tube-powered bass reflex speakers, each with four cone tweeters pointing in different directions, an upward-facing 8-inch mid-range and a downward-facing 10-inch woofer. After 50+ years, the coating is still dripping down on the lattice.
  7. Wynton Kelly & Cecil Payne Live

    The programme director of Original Jazz Classics?
  8. Your audio equipment?

    I guess there could be many reasons for owning more than one piece of equipment of the same type. I own several wristwatches. Do I need more than one to tell the time? I might want a couple to match different clothing, various occasions etc. But then I may also be interested in watches from design and historical perspectives. And then, there is the always luring "collector" perspective; to research various models and hunt for them. So although I don't have the space and funds I can see why some would want to have a lot of high-end audio gear. And they can still like to listen to music as well.
  9. Finally, a WOODY SHAW thread...

    Sorry to hear. However, it seems to be available at Discogs at a price we all used to think was reasonable for a double CD in the old days.
  10. Herbie Nichols Radio Interview

    Totally amazing! Thanks for posting!
  11. Introducing Wayne Shorter, Down in the Depths

    Ah, I see! Thanks for straightening this out. Then it seems as if some other releases have the incorrect, longer take as the master take. Both my own budget reissue on Charly Records and another 70s reissue LP on GNP Crescendo (I suppose they are legit, but they are not handsome) I heard recently had the longer take with a bass solo instead. Then I checked the album on Spotify - seemingly a legit upload by Concord Music Group - where they also have the wrong take listed as the master take. The same seems to go for all the streaming platforms: https://music.apple.com/us/album/introducing-wayne-shorter/1442283034 It's great to have the expertise of this forum when the world is confusing!
  12. Introducing Wayne Shorter, Down in the Depths

    Thanks, Bertrand! But I thought the longer take was the master take. Also, the solo order is different. On my Japanese LP, Lee has the last solo and there is no bass solo (it sounds like an edit between Lee's solo and the final theme).
  13. On the Vee-Jay album 'Introducing Wayne Shorter' there is a tune called Down in the Depths, where Lee Morgan's solo infamously breaks down towards the end. I recently got a Japanese version of the LP from 1981, catalog number RJL-6004. When I just played it for the first time I noted that a different take of the tune was used for the release, presumably 'take 3' which was on the Mosaic set (and elsewhere, of course). Was this a one-time mistake, or an intentional effort to "improve" the album, or was this take used as a substitute for the original master take (which might be a composite for all I know, but I don't own the Mosaic set) also on other re-issues of this album?
  14. Agreed. I started getting into jazz in my early teens in the 80s, and at that time I was largely unaware of the young lions. It was more Oscar Peterson/Red Garland/Miles Davis/Coltrane and then a lot of Blue Note. In the 90s I was sufficiently aware of the scene to catch the "second generation young lions", like Nicholas Payton, Christian McBride etc. I don't listen to their own albums much these days, but the trio album with McBride and Payton is an exception. Whitfield is a bit bland, but I like the contributions of the other two: