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  1. Prez not using a strap.

    He's also smoking a cigarette while he's playing, further indicating the above.
  2. Frank Foster

    Foster with George Coleman in Elvin Jones' group:
  3. Catesta?

    Maybe the wrong thread, but Jim R hasn't posted in three years. I miss his contributions.
  4. Mickey Tucker

    If you release only one album on a label, how long would you be appearing "courtesy" of that label? I suppose it would be stated in the contract, but how long would someone usually be "under contract"?
  5. Incidentally, 'Middle Jazz' is also the name of a Solal composition.
  6. ABBA releases new album

    Then you could as well watch this:
  7. ABBA releases new album

    ABBA has reunited after 40+ years and is releasing a new album. To be honest, I knewer thought that would happen. Unfortunately, it will be without two unsung stars; basist Rutger Gunnarsson, who passed a few years ago, and recording engineer Michael B Tretow, who suffered a stroke in 2001 and has no memories left from the ABBA years.
  8. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Yes, many years ago. I remember it as pretty generic; suitable as background music for a retro-style cocktail party.
  9. MPS reissues

    The bridge of Bacana is lovely! I like how the first chord in the third bar of the bridge is such a nice suprice, while still so typical of this style tje Germans excelled in during the late 60s. As much as I love Horst Jankowski, isn't the first track stolen from KPM, though?
  10. Thanks Mike, really interesting! I never realized that the Discovery album was from a different recording than the Impulse album. I suppose I didn't look too closely and just noted that the musicians were exactly the same. I will search this out for sure!
  11. Blue Note Groove Things, imaginary box set

    I don't deny that they are singing "boogaloo", and maybe it is a boogaloo, but I was thinking of the "son of Sidewinder" genre (and probably I forgot that the scope of this thread is a bit wider). "Sidewinder" and many of the spin-offs had this rhythmic shift, as well as "Watermelon Man" which came before it. "Pentecostal Feelin'", which has been mentioned as the very first recorded tune of this type on Blue Note, is yet another variation as it is using the classic "bossa" accent pattern. Without knowing anything, of course - and I might be wrong - it sounds to me that for instance the Jazz Crusaders' concept for a groovy tune has other influences. I listened to their album Powerhouse recently, and their version of the little played Bacharach tune "Upstairs" exemplifies this more straight backbeat approach.
  12. Blue Note Groove Things, imaginary box set

    'Wilton's Boogaloo' seems like a good example, but I think 'Ooga' is similar to some other Jazz Crusaders tunes in that it has very clear accents on "2" and "4", while I very much associate accents on "2" and "3 and" with a typical boogaloo.
  13. Blue Note Groove Things, imaginary box set

    I actually brought out some Jazz Crusaders albums the other day to look for examples, but it seems there's often a different flavor that differs from the "Sidewinder" style. JC:s tunes of this kind are somewhat more backbeat-ish, and sometimes with a touch of latin (cowbell etc). It seems to me they came to these grooves from another starting point.
  14. WTF Bill Cosby!!!

  15. CD length

    Now, this thread seems to be more about LPs than CDs, but anyway... My copy of Mahler's 5th (Decca/London; Mehta) is probably the longest LP side I've got. It has 39:59 playing time on side 1 (plus space between tracks).