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  1. It started to snow over here today. No use yet for our 30+ year old Stiga.
  2. Seldon Powell Sextet (Roost 2220)

    I have listened to a few Vanguard albums on Spotify with the "Digital Vault" label. They didn't sound like LP rips; sound quality was fine. See also here for some info: https://variety.com/2006/digital/news/vanguard-opens-vault-for-itunes-1117955857/
  3. No, this was someone who did real covers. But maybe couw did that (although I didn't think so)?
  4. Wasn't there a member at the BNBB who did one or two BN reissue covers? Can't remember the handle but remember him as a Booby H fan.
  5. 2019: Blue Note's 80th Anniversary

    But it's true that nobody thought of to release them before. Nobody at Blue Note...
  6. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    According to this article from October 2019: https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2019/10/22/rainbo-records-shutting-down/ Rainbo announced that they were going out of business. "Here’s the letter sent out to Rainbo Records clients and partners this morning. [...] It is with incredible sadness that I must announce to you that as of January 31, 2020 we must be out of the building and Rainbo after eighty years will no longer be in business. Rainbo will continue to operate through December to complete all orders that we have in house now. We will cease to take any new orders immediately. We will help you as much as possible to get your assets that we may have in our possession returned to you or shipped to another supplier. You will need to request what you want returned by selection numbers. There will be a nominal fee to pack up components and ship them out and you will be responsible for all freight cost. No parts will be returned if you have any unpaid invoices with us. "
  7. Ridiculous statement regarding vinyl dynamic range

    Yes, you are both right. But note that the ad actually said that the greater dynamic range of vinyl was because of the medium, not the mastering. I'll bet that they'd claim that channel separation of vinyl is better, too. 🙂
  8. I almost never fly, but it happened in the beginning of this month. It appears that the airline company has some sort of collaboration with Technics (there were several turntables set up in the lounge at the airport - naturally behind plexiglass so that you couldn't use or touch them). In the in-flight magazine, there was a Technics ad that had this statement: "We've all heard about the warm sound only available on vinyl. It's because vinyl produces a much fuller sound, with greater dynamic range that delivers the true music experience, compared to streamed music." There are many nice things about vinyl, but it has not greater dynamic range than a 16 bit digital file. Paging Kevin B. 🙂 https://www.bildtagg.se/file/thumb/txr53f23noli8abnpgxe52xr
  9. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Interesting! Would you care to share how a recording on a Swedish (budget?) label came to be released in the US?
  10. What Classical Music Are You Listening To?

    Interesting! I didn't know of this recording and will try to seek it out. Apparently there was a Swedish pressing on a different imprint that might be easier to find over here, but I don't know how the pressing quality holds up. So, is any train noise audible on the non-compressed version? As it is, a subway station was opened right below the Konserthuset in 1952.
  11. The genius you never knew about

    Yesterday, I happened to learn about a person I had never heard of. Obviously, that is not the case for all of you, since I can see that have been threads on him in the past. But in the case you have not heard of him, would you ever believe that there could exist someone who is barely of retirement age with the following achievements (according to his imdb bio): - did two albums for the Pacific Jazz label in the 60s - performed piano concerts by Bartok, Beethoven and others with several symphony orchestras - starred in episodes of Star Trek, Kojak, The Streets of San Francisco and many other TV series of the 60s/70s - created a musical instrument that has since been used in countless movie soundtracks (Star Trek, Alien etc) - played piano on the Frank Sinatra version of 'New York, New York' - Played synth on many Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind and Fire albums, as well as on Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' - produced the first DVD in the world outside of Japan as well as the first IMAX DVD, the first 3D DVD and the first interactive movie DVD ... and, as the crown jewel of his career, has released several albums with the perfect-pitch pooches Top Dog, performing beloved classics like this one: Well, here he is: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0402137/bio
  12. Yeah, that's the one. One side is mis-centered, the other one not, so I have had to use a round file to make the center hole oblong to be able to play both sides without "wow". Not my only 70s Blue Note with this problem.
  13. I've also got the original, but it is off-center...
  14. Copyright

    I suppose that there is no need for such a distinction for most people. Although, I'd say that in some jurisdictions the difference might have some implications. There was a joke back when I was in law school that it was not illegal to murder someone. It would just have legal consequences.
  15. John Coltrane - Blue World

    Well, to me IKEA is mainly about flat packages, the contents of which will require additional craftsmanship to be usable. The finished product can still be very stylish. 🙂