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  1. "Records Me"? (A Freudian reference to vinyl?)
  2. If Mosaic=Universal/Blue Note (who digitized all the tapes in 192/24 a couple of years ago) maybe it does not contradict the first statement. They were all released as hi-downloads (I think), but it doesn't say that the fidelity surpasses any previous download, just "LP or CD pressing"...
  3. Seems to be the complete Joe Henderson leader Blue Note recordings plus everything he did with Dorham plus everything composed by Henderson for other leaders during the same period.
  4. Eric Dolphy on Blue Note?

    It turns out you were right. I checked Hancock's autobiography (which I should have done in the first place) and he says the Santamaria single came out "early 1963". He doesn't specifically mention if it was the first check (though I have read that somewhere before) but it seemed to be an "advance payment" based on the sales of Santamaria's version. And he claims it was Donald Byrd's idea to show the tune for Santamaria in the first place. He also tells that Lion and Wolff tried to make him believe that he would not get to do the album if he didn't turn over the publishing rights to them, but when he refused and headed for the door they backed out and let him have it his way.
  5. I am seriously tempted to buy this.

    A niche release; it's not listed at Discogs.
  6. Blakey 1965 - The New Jazz Men - Vinyl Only

    You might, but in the overall market, downloads are disappearing. https://www.forbes.com/sites/billrosenblatt/2020/09/14/new-riaa-numbers-show-that-cds-are-all-but-dead-and-downloads-are-on-life-support/ Unfortunately, this type of releases doesn't do well enough on the streaming platforms to make them financially viable. The trick when vinyls once again fade away will be to package the release (in whatever digital format) with an attractive physical product that provides additional "value" or a sense of luxury. Coffee table books still seem to do well, but the next step? Maybe a complete coffee table?
  7. Blakey 1965 - The New Jazz Men - Vinyl Only

    Well, thanks to the vinyl only trend this (and other recordings) are being released at all. If and when vinyl once again falls out of favor, CDs alone will not make many releases of this kind profitable. But on the other hand the vinyl only trend is a result (and not the cause) of CDs falling out of favor, so who knows what will happen.
  8. Eric Dolphy on Blue Note?

    According to Herbie, he got the car at age 22 after receiving his first royalty check, and Santamaria's version was released at some point during 1963, probably after he got the car. But no doubt he made more money on the tune.
  9. Bobby Timmons - The Soul Man

    I don't play this often, but when I do it's a good listen. I recall it as being a bit rough (for instance, Timmons did not always sound comfortable, maybe on Tom Thumb - it's been too long - but nevertheless I like this version better than Shorter's on BN).
  10. Gene Perla's personal collection of recordings.

    Most probably! There is some killer Jan Hammer in a 1970 trio with Perla and Don Alias, BTW. I would have wanted to have so much more recordings of Hammer from this era.
  11. Gene Perla's personal collection of recordings.

    Who is the "Pete Rose" playing tenor sax on the Chick Corea track? It sounds late 60s-ish.
  12. Yes, the Steig album is fine. And make sure to get the excellent reissue by Jonathan Horwich which contains extra material: https://www.discogs.com/Jeremy-Steig-Flute-Fever/release/7341772
  13. Sun Ra House Falling Apart

    Haha! I'm still uncertain that it would go that far. Rather, I'm totally expecting to take a lot of flak one day for unloading a lot of CDs all too cheaply.
  14. Sun Ra House Falling Apart

    I was just going to say that the only physical stores, besides dedicated record stores, where you can buy LPs these days are supermarkets. At least over here. My seven year old son got his second LP in the supermarket the other week. Vinly hype aside, it was a nice moment listening to the whole album with him. Spotify is not really the same.
  15. Igor Stravinsky

    Always something there to make us re-buy the product... : " I. Stravinsky Igor Stravinsky - Complete Works (2 material which expands this edition: New material which expands this edition: Boston Symphony Orchestra, Tanglewood Festival Chorus, Seiji Ozawa: Bach: Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her BWV 769, Orchestrated Stravinsky LA Philharmonic Orchestra, Igor Stravinsky - Smith: A Star Spangled Banner arranged & conducted by Stravinsky The piece Chant funebre, the manuscript lost for over a century, discovered after the last Complete Edition was released. This recording by the Lucerne Festival Orchestra, conducted by Riccardo Chailly met wide critical acclaim