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  1. Enjoy! Does your copy have the Tristano 45 (Untitled Blues)? My copy still has the original sales receipt inside.
  2. Stars of Jazz / Eventbrite

    Nice show! Great to see Booker Little! Thanks James.
  3. Romualdo: Never received the PM. Scan is ready. Never mind. Found it. On its way.
  4. Jazztrain,

    Thanks for the kind offer

    my email address is: stephenplatt@optusnet.com.au


    Stephen Platt (Romualdo)

  5. I can scan the small booklet for you.
  6. Who is playing with Jimmy Crawford?

    Good point!
  7. Who is playing with Jimmy Crawford?

    It probably was a session for Mercury. Mitch Miller was a producer at Mercury during that time, and Laine was recording for the label. Laine later followed Miller to Columbia. Does anyone have the first Frankie Laine Bear Family box? It covers this period and might shed some light on who the others might be.
  8. RIP Sonny Fox

    Brad, I was going to post this but just saw that you had already. I was a regular Wonderama viewer as a kid. I also vaguely remember his other show (Just for Fun). One of the things I remember about Wonderama is that Fox didn't talk down to kids the way most other programs did.
  9. Can't find any others by checking 1952, 1953, and 1966 rosters.
  10. Matthew, No need to bury you yet. The Giants and Dodgers were both gone before I arrived in NY (1960). The Mets played their first two years in the Polo Grounds, so I had a chance to see a few games there. It seemed absolutely ancient.
  11. Sigh. All my boyhood heroes are passing on. I just pulled out a few scorecards from my files. One is from a Braves game vs. the Mets at the Polo Grounds. Sept. 1, 1963. The Mets won it in 16 innings on the second HR of the game by Tim Harkness. I remember this game fairly vividly still. I was at the game with my dad, and we were supposed to be back for dinner with my grandparents. We stayed the whole game and, no surprise, were fairly late! Aaron had three singles but thrown out twice at second by Duke Snider who was playing right field for the Mets that day. I also found a scorecard from May 8, 1965, Mets vs. Braves. Mets were playing at Shea Stadium by then. Mets won 4-2, with all the Mets' runs driven in by Ron Swoboda courtesy of two home runs. This accounted for half of the hits by the Mets. Joe Christopher had the other two (a single and a triple). Aaron went 2 for 5 with two singles. What memories!
  12. Charlie Ventura - Adventure With Charlie

    I like Ventura but find that he sometimes overplays and would have done better with some self editing. I have the same sort reaction at times to James Carter and, to some extent, Lew Tabackin. The sides with Ventura and Chu Berry together certainly make interesting listening.
  13. Wynton Kelly & Cecil Payne Live

    The listed tune titles are useless. I've added some notations below based on a quick listen to the samples. Definitely an audience recording. Some sound like a large band, while the others sound like Cecil with a rhythm section. The sound varies somewhat from sample to sample. I wonder if there are multiple sources or sessions that were sampled. Note that the cd cover says "compiled by" Aubrey Mayhew. >>> 1. Cecil's Back Home. 2. Outta My Head for You [This sounds like "You Go to My Head"] 3. Confirmation 4. Kelly's Rhythm [Night in Tunisia] 5. Sounds of the Soul [The sample is just a woman talking] 6. 52nd Street Theme [No, this is "Goodbye"] 7. Keys of Kelly 8. Layin's Down Cecil [Body and Soul] >>>
  14. Wynton Kelly & Cecil Payne Live

    I looked through the Wynton Kelly discography by Claude Slouch and don't see anything at all like this.