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  1. Nan Wynn

    It doesn't look like she had an extensive recording career. Outside of her recordings with Teddy Wilson, the rest appear to be big band sides with Will Hudson, Emery Deutsch, Isham Jones, and Raymond Scott. I don't remember having heard any of those.
  2. Simosko & Tepperman show the following after the December 31, 1963 concert with Coltrane: - Sextet of Orchestra USA session on January 10, 1964. - TV broadcast of New York Philharmonic Young People's Concert on February 8. - "Out to Lunch" session on February 25. - late February: appearance at the "Once Festival" in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Plays there with a bass ensemble and with the Bob James Trio. Apparently not recorded. - Andrew Hill Sextet session ("Point of Departure") on March 21. - Town Hall (NYC) concert on April 4. - Gil Evans session on April 6. - radio broadcast with Charles Mingus Jazz Workshop on April 12 at University Aula, Oslo, Norway. Simosko & Tepperman don't appear to indicate exactly when Dolphy joined Mingus or when the group went to Europe. Presumably that information is available elsewhere. I found a reference to a concert at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands on April 10, 1964.
  3. It's the last performance with Coltrane listed in the Dolphy biography and discography by Simosko & Tepperman (1979 reprint of the 1994 edition).
  4. The Bunk Johnson Corner

    The Delmark CD adds alternate takes of "Out of Nowhere" and "Chloe" that were not on the original Columbia LP.
  5. The Bunk Johnson Corner

    Good choices all. You picked some of my favorites. There's something majestic about his Blue Note sides with Bechet. "Lord Let Me in the Lifeboat" springs to mind. With Bunk, my recommendation is to take him for what he was, not what he claimed to be. What he was is compelling enough.
  6. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    The original issue of "Popcorn Man" was withdrawn shortly after it was issued, so the 78 is rather scarce.
  7. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    When I saw Scott a few months ago, he said that the Goodman and Ellington estates had thus far been uncooperative with respect to allowing the issue of material from Savoy.
  8. Slightly off topic, perhaps, but I thought I'd recommend two discs that focus on Shorter compositions:
  9. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Simultaneous posts!
  10. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Green light on the Herman box! They needed 700 orders to go forward. Expected late this year or early next year.
  11. SteepleChase new releases

    Now this is strange. It shows up on Amazon as "Live at Scullers."
  12. Ruth Price

    I don't have the album, but this YouTube link to "When You Wish Upon A Star" from that album shows that this is, in fact, what she sings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMpED3riYH0
  13. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    All of the Byas small group sides made stateside as leader in the 1944-1945 timeframe are available on a 4-CD set on Definitive. It has material that he recorded as a leader for Savoy, Jamboree, Hub, Super Disc, American, National, Arista, International, and Gotham, as well as sideman sessions with Little Sam & Orchestra, Albinia Jones, Eddie Heywood, Emmett Berry, Hank D'Amico, Cyril Haynes, Nat Jaffe, and Johnny Guarnieri. I don't routinely buy material on Definitive, but it filled some gaps.
  14. ebay auction help 2018

    The "Rose Records" notation suggests it could be a Boris Rose production, although he generally used rather bizarre label names for his issues.
  15. Discographies on the web

    Rust will include Hawkins recordings up to the recording ban in 1942. Jean-Francois Villetard did a two volume discography of Hawkins covering through 1957. Not online as far as I can tell.