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  1. New Erroll Garner?

    Yes, it's new.
  2. Happy Birthday Stereojack!

    Happy Birthday Jack!
  3. I was there a couple of hours before they put the bulk of them out. Had to be elsewhere before the rest came out. The jazz bins were surprisingly empty before then.
  4. Bad news. A real shame. Dismissing it as "a legacy program" does it a real disservice. Sounds like what happened with NPR stations in the Boston area several years ago. Now we have two largely talk and news NPR stations. Some of us soldier on at the college/community station level where we're rather more insulated from radio consultants, ratings, and any pressure to "better reflect a news-and-information format." Sigh.
  5. Anyone been there lately? I heard from a friend who visited a few weeks ago that their stock was way down. Wondering if it's worth a trip.
  6. The exam for the class you never went to dream is fairly common. I still get that one once in a while. I also get the radio/dead air dream occasionally. The one that I get most often involves driving my car, needing to brake to avoid a collision, and finding that I'm sitting in the back of the car (from which the brakes are obviously, not easily accessible). Not comforting. I assume it has something to do with control issues. There's another one that I have trouble remembering later but, when I'm in it, I think "it's that same dream again!"
  7. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    I was surprised by this move, but Hanley has not looked good lately. Moreland is hitting and playing better defense at first. Hanley had a vesting option for, I think, $22 million for next year based on at bats. He was well on his way to vesting if he continued to play anywhere near the amount that he had been so far. Still, a big surprise. Did not see it coming. FWIW, he seemed to be far more engaged this year than he had been earlier.
  8. Cedar Walton

    Lots of tree last names but not many well known first names. How about: Hazel Scott Holly Cole Holly Hoffman
  9. Album covers featuring Alice Denham

    Here are a couple more:
  10. Allen, Received already. That was fast! Thanks.
  11. Herman Chittison

    I agree that the Keynote session is somewhat disappointing. It looks good on paper, but it really never gels. Sort of lackluster.
  12. Herman Chittison

    Ted, This 10 inch issue is from the period you remember. Note the reference to "CBS crime photographer's blue note pianist."
  13. Allen, I'll take it. Is it Vol 5? Never mind. Just saw the no-5 in the URL. I'll still take it if it's available. Jon
  14. Herman Chittison

    Big Beat Steve -- You are correct. I was thinking of Teddy Weatherford with respect to recordings from India. Chittison recorded a fair amount in Paris -- a lot with Willie Lewis and on a session with Louis Armstrong as well. Here's a link to Jan Evesmo's discography/solography on Chittison: http://www.jazzarcheology.com/artists/herman_chittison.pdf There was an LP issue on Meritt that had a lot of his solo sides: