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  1. Congratulations Guy Berger!

    The NY TImes no longer owns the Boston Globe. The TImes sold it in 2013 to John Henry (who also is the majority owner of the Boston Red Sox as well as the Liverpool soccer (or football, if you prefer) team).
  2. Happy Birthday jeffcrom!

    Happy Birthday Jeff! Have a great one!
  3. A friend recently passed along a copy of a recent book by Walter Mosley. The main character in it is a retired New York City detective named Joe King Oliver.
  4. Arbors New Releases

    The McKenna material excellent. I'm listening to it now.
  5. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    On the plus side, Devers looked impressive last night. He's always an adventure on defense, though.
  6. Arbors New Releases

    That's great news about the McKenna. Here's more information about it from the Arbors website: >>> Tunes: Too Marvelous For Words, Vernon Duke Medley, Craziology, Soon Medley, Exactly Like You, Detour Ahead, Time Medley >>>
  7. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    Keep your hands off of Eovaldi!
  8. Jazz recordings of television themes

    The Odd Couple. Herb Geller.
  9. Jazz recordings of television themes

    Homeland used a performance by Tomasz Stanko as its theme in some seasons. Theme from the Avengers -- Laurie Johnson Orchestra; original theme was by John Dankworth, but the one by Laurie Johnson is the one I remember It looks like Brother Jack McDuff and Lalo Schifrin, among others, recorded the theme from Mannix.
  10. FS: Verve Stuff Smith Mosaic Box Set

    There was an earlier thread about this. See here: http://www.organissimo.org/forum/index.php?/topic/6649-stuff-smith-set-no-longer-available/&page=1
  11. Nan Wynn

    It doesn't look like she had an extensive recording career. Outside of her recordings with Teddy Wilson, the rest appear to be big band sides with Will Hudson, Emery Deutsch, Isham Jones, and Raymond Scott. I don't remember having heard any of those.
  12. Simosko & Tepperman show the following after the December 31, 1963 concert with Coltrane: - Sextet of Orchestra USA session on January 10, 1964. - TV broadcast of New York Philharmonic Young People's Concert on February 8. - "Out to Lunch" session on February 25. - late February: appearance at the "Once Festival" in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Plays there with a bass ensemble and with the Bob James Trio. Apparently not recorded. - Andrew Hill Sextet session ("Point of Departure") on March 21. - Town Hall (NYC) concert on April 4. - Gil Evans session on April 6. - radio broadcast with Charles Mingus Jazz Workshop on April 12 at University Aula, Oslo, Norway. Simosko & Tepperman don't appear to indicate exactly when Dolphy joined Mingus or when the group went to Europe. Presumably that information is available elsewhere. I found a reference to a concert at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands on April 10, 1964.
  13. It's the last performance with Coltrane listed in the Dolphy biography and discography by Simosko & Tepperman (1979 reprint of the 1994 edition).
  14. The Bunk Johnson Corner

    The Delmark CD adds alternate takes of "Out of Nowhere" and "Chloe" that were not on the original Columbia LP.
  15. The Bunk Johnson Corner

    Good choices all. You picked some of my favorites. There's something majestic about his Blue Note sides with Bechet. "Lord Let Me in the Lifeboat" springs to mind. With Bunk, my recommendation is to take him for what he was, not what he claimed to be. What he was is compelling enough.