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  1. Wes Montgomery on Dutch TV '65 (+ 29 min)

    Just watched a bit of it (guests arriving in a moment). Nice! 👍👍👍 Thanks for posting. Looking forward to the rest of it.
  2. No, it's not Goodman. The clarinet is played by Billy Novick.
  3. From the NY Times on January 13, 1978: >>> Goodman for GEICO On TV and radio and in print starting Monday, Benny Goodman, the king of swing, will begin his stint as a promotor of insurance from the Government Employees Insurance Company. And his famous clarinet and “Jersey Bounce” will be teamed up to push auto and home owners’ insurance. And if you want to know who is responsible for such obvious lines as “Swing to GEICO Today,” and “Here's a happy note on auto insurance—swing to GEICO for lower insurance rates,” blame Wunderman, Ricotta & Kline, a subsidiary of Young & Rubicam. >>>
  4. Here's one for Chips Ahoy that uses "Sing Sing Sing." Thought I posted this last night but apparently didn't.
  5. How about this one?: Finally figured out how to do it. Here's the American Express commercial:
  6. Here's a link that might work for the American Express commercial: https://youtu.be/gM_W2D89z84
  7. I found a reference on line to a Benny Goodman recording of "How Am I To Know" in some 1991 commercials for Chase Manhattan. Of course, Benny was gone by then. However, you might remember the American Express commercial he did. I can't remember how to insert videos here, but it's fairly easy to find it on line.
  8. The Writer Gene

    Peter, I sometimes have the same feelings. I remember seeing musicians like Art Farmer, James Moody, and Tommy Flanagan live, and they almost always would play tunes by the likes of Cedar Walton, Tom McIntosh, and Fritz Pauer (in the case of Farmer). I'd add Tadd Dameron and Duke Pearson to your list of musicians with the "writing gene." There are other obvious choices like Ellington and Strayhorn, together and separately. Unfortunately, it's often the most common songs by them that get recorded. I remember seeing Stan Getz play a set in which most of the tunes were written by Victor Feldman. It must have been around the time that his Blackhawk album was fairly new.
  9. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    Arbors issued at least some of the Jerry Jerome Trio material on two 2-CD sets. Not sure I've ever seen the 78 album.
  10. Same Song Title Different Composers

    How about “In the Still of the Night?” - Cole Porter - Hoagy Carmichael - Fred Parris
  11. Same Song Title Different Composers

    Yes. Lonely Woman was the first one that occurred to me.
  12. Wynton Kelly -- Piano

    Wynton Kelly sounds good on almost everything. He's one of those artists whose mere presence will often convince me to make a purchase. As I noted recently on another thread, this recent release is highly recommended:
  13. Andy McGhee, RIP

    Tenor saxophonist and educator Andy McGhee has left us at age 89. Just saw a death notice in the Boston Globe. He played with Lionel Hampton for about six years. McGHEE, Andrew Renowned Jazz Artist & Former Professor Berklee School of Music Age 89, died in Marietta, GA, on Thursday, October 12, 2017 of natural causes. Receiving of friends and funeral services will be held at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday, October 24, 2017 in the Chapel of Forrest Hills Cemetery with military honors. Mr. McGhee was a former Professor at Berklee. West Cobb Funeral Home and Crematory, Marietta, GA is in charge of arrangements.
  14. Wynton Kelly Unissued in Boston

    Just listening to this now.