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  1. Problem accessing forums

    I've experienced problems accessing the forum at times over the last week or so, especially the last few days. I get a "couldn't select database" message. However, if I search for Organissimo and then click on some of the hits, I can sometimes get in. Anyone else having problems?
  2. How about "Brain Cloudy Blues" (Bob Wills)?
  3. Jet Blue and Mosaic

    Make me an offer so you can start your collection now! 😀 However, be advised that I'm not a Jet Blue "Mosaic" member. On the other hand, the boarding pass clearly displays the coveted "TSA approved" notation and includes the handwritten markings of an approved TSA agent. Clearly a one-of-a-kind item for serious collectors. Make your best offer before it's too late. . Free domestic shipping. Don't miss this chance to own a piece of aviation history!
  4. Jet Blue at JFK just called for preferred boarding for their "Mosaic customers." Unexpected benefit? If only. 🙄
  5. I saw Art Farmer live many times in Boston. He almost always played at least one composition by Fritz Pauer. At times he played several over the course of the night.
  6. Oops. Always thought they were the same. Thanks for the correction. Perhaps the moderator can delete the thread....
  7. Major league baseball player and recording artist Lee May obit web page
  8. "Gee Bullwinkle.." RIP
  9. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    Jeff, it's not really that surprising in some respects. As a friend pointed out to me many years ago, the music was meant to be played one side at a time. Listening to 20 cuts in a row by almost anyone can get tiring and monotonous. Listening to a single 78 forces you to get up every few minutes. It also tends to lead to more focused and careful listening (at least for me). Also, there's the aural pleasure of listening to music on 78s when it was originally recorded for that purpose. It can be a remarkably different experience.
  10. The King Oliver Thread

    A deep well indeed! For those interested, the "Off the Record" issue appears to be back in print (although their other releases are not available). See here: Off The Record
  11. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Great album. His chorus on "My Romance" where he plays harmonics is ingrained in my head. Working at home and enjoying the following recent acquisition:
  12. Pete Christlieb - Conversations With Warne Vol. 1

    The iTunes listing that came up for me looks like it's for Volume 2.
  13. Scott seems quite busy but also is quite helpful. Leave him a message and he'll call back. I placed an order recently and received it sooner than I expected. I'm not sure what most people are accustomed to in terms of service for mail orders, but Mosaic has been exemplary in that respect over the years.
  14. Happy Birthday Stereojack!

    Happy Birthday Jack! Have a great day!