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  1. Three Jazz Boxes

    Sent PM a few days ago and again now.
  2. Savoy label question

    Chuck is right about gospel and Savoy. Some of the biggest sellers in the R&B genre for Savoy were as follows, with rankings within each year from the "Hot Chart" compiled by Big Al Pavlow in his "The R & B Book. A Disc-History of Rhythm & Blues." Based on this information, their biggest sellers in the pop field were likely Johnny Otis, Paul Williams, Varetta Dillard, and Nappy Brown. 1948: Hal Singer. Cornbread. #9 (#45 on 1943-1949 Top Records) Paul Williams. Thirty-Five Thirty. #33 Paul Williams. Waxey Maxie. #65 Brownie McGhee. My Fault. #79 Don Byas. September Song. #85 Don Byas. London-Donnie. #87 1949: Paul Williams. The Huckle-Buck. #1 (#4 on 1943-1949 Top Records) Big Jay McNeely. The Deacon's Hop. #15. (#81 on 1943-1949 Top Records) Billy Wright. Blues For My Baby/You Satisfy. #39 X-Rays. I'll Always Be in Love With You. #58 Felix Gross. Love For Christmas. #69 Hal Singer. Beef Stew. #83 Paul Williams. He lKnows How to Hucklebuck/House Rocker. #95 1950: Johnny Otis. Double Crossing Blues. #2 (#6 on 1950-1954 Top Records; #70 on 1950-1959 Top Records) Johnny Otis. Mistrustin' Blues/Misery. #8 (#36 on 1950-1954 Top Records, #135 on 1950-1959 Top Records) Johnny Otis. Cupid's Boogie. #12 (#60 on 1950-1954 Top Records, #193 on 1950-1959 Top Records) Johnny Otis. Deceivin' Blues. #30 (#131 on 1950-1954 Top Records) Johnny Otis. Wedding Boogie/Far Away Blues. #36 (#146 on 1950-1954 Top Records) Johnny Otis. Dreaming' Blues. #73 Johnny Otis. If It's So Baby/If I Didn't Love You So. #97 1951: Johnny Otis. Rockin' Blues. #12 (#45 on 1950-1954 Top Records, #158 1950-1959 Top Records) Johnny Otis. Gee Baby/Mambo Boogie. #22 (#95 on 1950-1954 Top Records) Four Buddies. I Will Wait. #27 Johnny Otis. All Nite Long. #49 Billy Wright. Stacked Deck. #80 Billy Wright. Heh, Little Girl. #89 1952: Varetta Dillard. Easy Easy Baby. #48 Johnny Otis. Sunset to Dawn. #89 1953: Varetta Dillard. Mercy, Mr. Percy. #36. (#137 on 1950-1954 Top Records) Emitt Slay Trio. My Kind of Woman. #62 1955: Nappy Brown. Don't Be Angry. #10. (#72 on 1955-1959 Top Records) Varetta Dillard. Johnny Has Gone. #41 Nappy Brown. Pidily Patter Patter. #59 1956: Big Maybelle. Candy. #74 1957: Jive Bombers. Bad Boy. #56 Nappy Brown. Little By Little. #72 1958: Nappy Brown. It Don't Hurt No More. #61
  3. 2019-2020 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Alex Cora also faces possible discipline actions based on accusations against the Red Sox that occurred after Cora left the Astros. It's not clear if Cora faces any action yet due to activities when he was with the Astros. Presumably that will be clarified in time. It makes me wonder who will be managing the Red Sox this year.
  4. Three Jazz Boxes

    PM sent yesterday.
  5. Looks like there's a copy of the May 1954 issue available for sale here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gramophone-1954-03-05-07-08-March-May-July-August-Your-choice-discounts-/303116242661 Perhaps the seller would be willing to look to see if the article is in the May 1954 issue for you.
  6. Here's something else that I found. The ellipses are intriguing and frustrating! >>> Jazzbook 1955: With 17 Pages of Half-tone Illustrations - Page 165 https://books.google.com › books Albert J. McCarthy - 1955 - ‎Snippet view FOUND INSIDE - PAGE 165 THE GRAMOPHONE Price 1/-. Published monthly from 49 Ebrington Road, Kenton, ... Includes photographs. Every record is reviewed and jazz reviews are handled by Arthur Jackson, Albert McCarthy and others. Leonard Hibbs is well known ... >>>
  7. That’s the same reference that I had found while looking for information on Jackson.
  8. Have you considered Gramophone? There's an archive, but it requires a subscription. Perhaps someone here has access.
  9. Album covers with cats

    In the basket!
  10. The bass clarinet

    Here's the playlist for a show I put together back in 2015 when subbing for a colleague: Playlists Search Useful Links Contact DJs Only DJ: Jon Pollack Show: The New Edge What: Playlist for Tuesday, February 17, 2015 (2-4pm) Bass Clarinets Galore Guest host: Jon Pollack Time Artist Song Album [Format] Misc Misc – NEW:New Release ( ):Label, Year Rec/Rel 2:08 Harlem Trio Bass Clarinet Blues George McClennon [CD] [Okeh] • (Jazz Oracle, 1924) 2:11 Jelly Roll Morton and His Red Hot Peppers Someday Sweetheart Jelly Roll Morton - Volume 1 [CD] [Victor] • (JSP, 1926) 2:16 Red Norvo In A Mist Dance of the Octopus [CD] [Brunswick] • (Hep, 1933) 2:19 Red Norvo Dance Of The Octopus Dance of the Octopus [CD] [Brunswick] • (Hep, 1933) 2:24 Harry Carney's Big Eight Shadowy Sands [alternate] V/A The Complete H.R.S. Sessions[CD] [H.R.S. (unissued)] • (Mosaic, 1946) 2:28 Harry Carney (I Don't Stand) A Ghost of A Chance With You V/A Harry Carney with Strings [CD] [Clef] • (Verve, 1954) 2:36 Herbie Mann's Californians A Handful of Stars Great Ideas of Western Mann [LP] [Riverside] • (Riverside, 1957) 2:46 Eric Dolphy It's Magic Far Cry [CD] [Prestige] • (Prestige, 1960) 2:52 Eric Dolphy God Bless The Child The Complete Prestige Recordings[CD] [Prestige] • (Prestige, 1961) 2:59 Buddy De Franco Kush Blues Bag [CD] [Vee-Jay] • (Koch Jazz, 1964) 3:08 Ken McIntyre Body and Soul Hindsight [LP] [SteepleChase] • (Inner City, 1974) 3:18 David Murray New Life Ballads for Bass Clarinet [CD] [DIW] • (DIW, 1991) 3:26 James Carter Deep Throat Blues The Real Quiet Storm [CD] [Atlantic] • (Atlantic, 1994) 3:34 Marty Ehrlich + Ben Goldberg April 4 Light At the Crossroads [CD] [Songlines] • (Songlines, 1996) 3:39 Marty Ehrlich's Dark Woods Ensemble The Tucked Sleeve of a One-Armed Boy Live Wood [CD] [Music & Arts] • (Music & Arts, 1996) 3:45 Kenny Davern & Joe Temperley Blue Monk Live at the Floating Jazz Festival[CD] [Chiaroscuro] • (Chiaroscuro, 2000) 3:54 Dan Block Portrait of Bert Williams Plays the Music of Duke Ellington - From His World to Mine [CD] [Miles High Records] • (Miles High Records, 2009)