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  1. Now reading...

    Those would be the books by Sjowall and Wahloo. Amongst my favorites in this genre. They definitely should be read in order. Highly recommended.
  2. Don Sleet

    Very nice album. Hard to sound bad with a rhythm section like that. I think I bought it originally for Wynton Kelly and was favorably surprised by Sleet. Sleet didn't record much. Apparently developed some bad habits.
  3. Johnny Hodges and Lawrence Welk.

    It's definitely not Webster. Or Harold Ashby (who could sound a lot like Ben) either. Frank Culley sounds like a likely candidate. One website says that it's Willis Jackson, but I'm a bit dubious about that. Here's what I found (see here: http://members.home.nl/henk.gorter/Itc5412.html) >>> December 16, 1954 : THE CLOVERS do a three-song session in New York City. "Blue Velvet" is coupled with "If You Love Me (Why Don't You Tell Me So)" for release on Atlantic 1052 in February 1955. A # 14 R&B hit. Also laid down is "Love Bug", which will appear on Atlantic 1060 in April 1955 (c/w "In the Morning Time" from a session on April 16, 1954). Lead vocals by Billy Mitchell. Willis Jackson plays tenor sax, more details unknown. Produced by Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler. >>>
  4. Red Rodney's "Red Snapper"

    That's entirely possible, as well.
  5. Red Rodney's "Red Snapper"

    Just another of a series of puns for tune titles that he recorded. Others include: Red Is Blue Red Arrow Red Hot and Blue(s) Red Bird The Red Tornado The Red Blues Red Road Red, White and Blues Little Red ShoesNo Turn on Red Red Giant
  6. Postcard for Boston's Jazz Workshop February 1964

    Area code is probably 617. I was fortunate enough to see some shows at the Jazz Workshop in the mid to late 1970s. I remember seeing Bill Evans, Art Pepper, and Milt Jackson to name a few. In fact, I was there when Milt Jackson appeared the night that the Jazz Workshop closed. Here's a photo showing the Jazz Workshop and the adjacent Paul's Mall on one side and the Cinema 733 on the other side:
  7. Looking for jazz radio stations 2018

    The following app might be of interest. There's a free version and an enhanced paid version: https://jazzboston.org/initiatives/jazz-bird/
  8. Upcoming Uptown Records releases

    Me three. Thanks, Tommy!
  9. Complete NORK 1922-1925 on Rivermont

    ImportCDs never was able to fill the order. Ordered from Amazon and got it the next day (today). Initial reaction based on the first few tracks is highly positive.
  10. Upcoming Uptown Records releases

    Just got a shipping notice. Thanks, Tommy!
  11. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    Some locally earlier in the year from Stereo Jacks. The others from the annual record bash in New Jersey.
  12. What 78 are you spinning right now ?

    It's material that I acquired during this year.