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  1. Don’t get your hopes up. Just got a “delayed” message from UPS. 🥺
  2. Is this really the first designed record cover?

    It’s fairly easy to find the image. Just search for “Alex Steinweiss.” He generally is credited with the idea of putting art, instead of plain covers, on 78 albums. This one appears to be his first effort.
  3. Stan Getz Must Be Turning Over In His Grave

    I had hoped that it was an early April Fool's joke. No such luck. There's an associated concert tour for those who want to suffer.
  4. Got a download yesterday. Hope to listen later.
  5. Just got an e-mail from Mosaic. There will be a 6-CD Tristano set drawn from his private tapes. Pre-orders not accepted yet. Release in mid-November expected, although we know how those dates can slip.
  6. King Komp

    I was going to mention Wynton Kelly, but he already came up. How about Hank Jones?
  7. Albert Dailey.

    It’s excellent. I recommended it in August in this thread.
  8. Standards by non-standard people

    Not just you! It’s a very common mistake.
  9. Standards by non-standard people

    Raksin, not Raskin.
  10. Phil Schaap R.I.P.

    RIP. Heard a lot of great music from him in my formative years.
  11. Wondering if anyone can help locate this (see below). A friend from South Africa used to stream it, but it's disappeared from the services he used. I can find previews on Apple Music, but the full tracks don't seem to be available. Anyone have any ideas, leads, or suggestions?
  12. Albert Dailey.

    Here's another good one with Albert Dailey:
  13. Don Everly RIP

    You’re right. Sounds the same but without the other connotation!
  14. Don Everly RIP

    No. Bollock was their last name.