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  1. Clora Bryant, R.I.P.

  2. Play ball! 2019 MLB season thread

    Dwight Evans never made the HOF. Damn good outfielder but not in the hall.
  3. Percy France Discography Help

    Well, jazzdisco.com has the following: Sir Charles Thompson And The Swing Organ (Columbia CL 1364) Rudy Rutherford, clarinet; Percy France, tenor sax; Sir Charles Thompson, organ; Aaron Bell, bass; J.C. Heard, drums. Columbia Studios, NYC, released 1959 I Get A Kick Out Of You Cool And Easy Robbins' Nest Lady In Red April Love 19th Hole Jumpin' At Basie's I Wanta Love You What's New Oh Me, Oh My Love Is A Many Splendored Thing Party Time ** also issued on Columbia CS 8205. The February 1, 1960 issue of Billboard pictures the album: https://books.google.com/books?id=BR8EAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA39&lpg=PA39&dq=charles+thompson+and+his+swing+organ&source=bl&ots=bAH0oQxUq7&sig=ACfU3U1PtUoTWHBz31qOunCvAqRDT3tuNw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiwhs6SpeXjAhXy1FkKHYLeCo44HhDoATAEegQICBAB#v=onepage&q=charles%20thompson%20and%20his%20swing%20organ&f=false That would certainly support a 1959 recording date. It's unlikely that Columbia would get it out that quickly.
  4. Percy France Discography Help

    That's assuming that Lord is correct. Not always a good assumption.
  5. Percy France Discography Help

    This one? Sir Charles Thompson [T3035-16] Sir Charles Thompson And The Swing Organ: Percy France (ts) Rudy Rutherford (cl) Sir Charles Thompson (p,org) Aaron Bell (b) J.C. Heard (d) New York, 1960 Cool and easy Col CL1364 I get a kick out of you - Robbins' nest - The lady in red - April love - 19th hole - Jumpin' at Basie's - I wanna love you - What's new ? - Oh me ! Oh my ! - Love is a many splendored thing - Party time -
  6. Jim Hall

    Mine has just the 3 CDs. Slim, gatefold packaging. No DVD.
  7. Jim Hall

    It’s a stripped down version with different packaging. You get all the music (great!) but not the elaborate original packaging. I had also been looking for a reasonably priced version when I saw it offered a few years ago on Amazon. I assume that’s what you’ll be getting.
  8. Are you a man of distinction? A real big spender?
  9. Stretching the category a bit for Aretha:
  10. A 2-fer. The first one is a hoot. The second one is the Schaeffer beer commercial. Having trouble embedding the video file. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHGMMuD4Vag
  11. Hi David,

    Let me know if you'd like the box score from the game.

    If so, send me your e-mail so I can respond directly.


    --- Jon

  12. Tips for Appreciating Baseball?

    David, Perhaps you're slightly misremembering the game. I can't find any 1-0 pitched by Andy Ashby over the Dodgers. The closest is a 3-0 win by Ashby on April 16, 1999. Ashby had a complete game shutdown. He went all the way giving up 5 hits, striking out 8, and walking 2.