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  1. Eric Dolphy with the Platters.

    you can find all Information here: Keep boppin´ marcel
  2. Jazz Club USA

    yes, i found this four years ago at this old time Radio site. the interview with Leonard feather and bird at Show # 26 is very rare!! but it is not bud powell on piano as written, it is Billy taylor and Tommy potter on bass. also # 42 with lester Young is rare (among a lot of others, of course) Keep boppin´ marcel
  3. Stars of Birdland on Tour

    i´m not a musician, but is this ernie wilkins tune based on this?: i don´t have any liner notes to basie´s Verve recording but it is mentioned anywhere? Keep boppin´ marcel
  4. Discographies on the web

    here is another one with sound: keep boppin´ marcel
  5. The Choreography of Jackie & Roy

    i think they were always avant-garde from the beginning. btw this is also fine: keep boppin´ marcel
  6. The Choreography of Jackie & Roy

    sad to hear this story. they are one of my favourites since ever and i´m sad to hear this story! keep boppin´ marcel
  7. here you can hear it : and here you have all the other ones: Keep boppin´ marcel
  8. Discographies on the web has a 3-part coleman Hawkins solography. i would be delighted to hear some day the live session from copenhagen´s Tivoli from 07. june 1935 with erik tuxen´s orchestra that is n o t mentioned in above solography b u t mentioned in chilton´s book on page 119. Keep boppin´ marcel
  9. Happy Birthday, Bichos!

    thanks a lot! keep boppin´ marcel
  10. Happy Birthday, Bichos!

    thank you all for the good wishes! enjoying now some old iajrc-lp´s (one live track with goodman playing tenor with krupa´s orchestra!) keep boppin´ marcel
  11. my set arrived last friday (number 508). i ordered via a jazz record dealer from germany but i think he ordered it from jazz messengers in barcelona because the packaging was all in original jazz messengers paper and logos. all arrived safe and without damage. keep boppin´ marcel
  12. here is a wonderful youtube channel with interviews of known and not so known jazz artists and people connected with jazz. i like especially the ones with my favourite couple jackie & roy among the interview with flip phillips and chubby jackson. look here: enjoy and keep boppin´ marcel
  13. Savory Collection volume 4

    vol. 4: keep boppin´ marcel