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  1. terrible, this colorized Versions of old original black and White films!!
  2. Claud Carrière

    look here: Keep boppin´ marcel
  3. "Jack-Armstrong Blues" V-Disc 1944

    ricky riccardi has alway high praise for all satchmo (including hello dolly.....) Keep boppin´ marcel (...i know: shit storm is comming over me.... :-)
  4. i think, this one has the best Sound Quality! Keep boppin´ marcel
  5. *****Lester Young Corner*****

    another rarity just poped up. i think you can hear how prez is smiling during this telephone interview. in fact he said nothing.. Keep boppin´ marcel
  6. Benny Goodman's "Mean To Me"

    there was a bg camel Caravan in 1936? i think they start in the summer of 1937 with the swing School? Keep boppin´ marcel
  7. Jay Migliori/Dick Twardzik CD

    this is a wonderful recording. the Ensemble Plays wonderful together, good Arrangements and solos and a new Addition to the short discography of the wonderful Richard dick twardzik! his solos are very Special. the Sound is (to my ears) good. (but i hear only what i want to hear) at the end you can hear how his composition "bouncin´ with bartok" may or may not sounds synthesized. Jordi pujol writes in his liner notes that there are more recordings from Harvard whrb Station in the possesion of jay migliori and now at fresh Sound records. miles davis, Charlie parker, Teddy charles and Joe gordon. so there is hope for more Releases...! b.t.w.: jazzwax writes also about this great and i think, overlooked release: Keep boppin´ marcel
  8. *** The Duke Ellington Corner ***

    thanks ian bradley for this interesting and informative blogspot link!! Keep boppin´ marcel
  9. *** The Duke Ellington Corner ***

    can you Name the musicians in this amazing film footage? is it from a garden Party in paris???? Keep boppin´ marcel
  10. not an answer to your original question...but here it is: Keep boppin´ marcel
  11. Can anyone ID the piano player?

    oh my goodness, the People at gettyimages had no idea of their Pictures. they put a date of a Picture of lester Young as ca. 1970!!!!!!!!!!!! what a shame!!!!!! Keep boppin´ marcel
  12. Happy Birthday, Bichos!

    thank you, mr. dan Gould. once again preparing my Holiday season in the sun. Keep boppin´ marcel
  13. Who's the bass player in this photo?

    i go for dave moore. i think the clock in the back is from studio 10 in the ndr funkhaus in hamburg, germany. so it is ndr jazzworkshop number 2 from november 14, 1958. keep boppin´ marcel