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  1. Dodo Marmarosa discography

    yes, Gheorghe, i am still alive after a time of silence. all is well and good.
  2. Dodo Marmarosa discography

    2.99 ? unbelievable maybe saleman and grob never ever would pin it down today for this Price!

    i think it Comes from a Radio Show called "lyon´s busy" with Jimmy Lyons. i found one from 12.12.1949 with the Dave Brubeck trio playing various rhthms with "crazy rhythm", "fascinating rhythm" (vocal by Barbara ritchie again), after the Commercial a Little bit of "Lover" and than variations of "how high the moon". unfortunately only part 1 here: Keep boppin´ marcel
  4. terrible, this colorized Versions of old original black and White films!!
  5. Claud Carrière

    look here: Keep boppin´ marcel
  6. "Jack-Armstrong Blues" V-Disc 1944

    ricky riccardi has alway high praise for all satchmo (including hello dolly.....) Keep boppin´ marcel (...i know: shit storm is comming over me.... :-)
  7. i think, this one has the best Sound Quality! Keep boppin´ marcel
  8. *****Lester Young Corner*****

    another rarity just poped up. i think you can hear how prez is smiling during this telephone interview. in fact he said nothing.. Keep boppin´ marcel
  9. Benny Goodman's "Mean To Me"

    there was a bg camel Caravan in 1936? i think they start in the summer of 1937 with the swing School? Keep boppin´ marcel
  10. *** The Duke Ellington Corner ***

    thanks ian bradley for this interesting and informative blogspot link!! Keep boppin´ marcel
  11. *** The Duke Ellington Corner ***

    can you Name the musicians in this amazing film footage? is it from a garden Party in paris???? Keep boppin´ marcel
  12. not an answer to your original question...but here it is: Keep boppin´ marcel
  13. Can anyone ID the piano player?

    oh my goodness, the People at gettyimages had no idea of their Pictures. they put a date of a Picture of lester Young as ca. 1970!!!!!!!!!!!! what a shame!!!!!! Keep boppin´ marcel
  14. Happy Birthday, Bichos!

    thank you, mr. dan Gould. once again preparing my Holiday season in the sun. Keep boppin´ marcel
  15. Who's the bass player in this photo?

    i go for dave moore. i think the clock in the back is from studio 10 in the ndr funkhaus in hamburg, germany. so it is ndr jazzworkshop number 2 from november 14, 1958. keep boppin´ marcel
  16. Oscar Peterson session not on jazzdisco-

    Chapeau!, thanks James accardi. this was new Information to me! Keep boppin´ marcel
  17. Oscar Peterson session not on jazzdisco-

    who is ed stokes? i thought always Leonard feather was yelling "here Comes Charlie parker." Keep boppin´ marcel
  18. according to this site: fletcher Henderson was on the air via Station "wmaq" on july, 13. at 11 p.m. and on july, 11. at 11.30 p.m. Keep boppin´ marcel
  19. let me be the first for this year: happy birthday and all the best! keep boppin´ marcel
  20. Eric Dolphy with the Platters.

    you can find all Information here: Keep boppin´ marcel
  21. Jazz Club USA

    yes, i found this four years ago at this old time Radio site. the interview with Leonard feather and bird at Show # 26 is very rare!! but it is not bud powell on piano as written, it is Billy taylor and Tommy potter on bass. also # 42 with lester Young is rare (among a lot of others, of course) Keep boppin´ marcel
  22. Stars of Birdland on Tour

    i´m not a musician, but is this ernie wilkins tune based on this?: i don´t have any liner notes to basie´s Verve recording but it is mentioned anywhere? Keep boppin´ marcel
  23. Discographies on the web

    here is another one with sound: keep boppin´ marcel