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  1. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    My CC has been charged. Now just waiting for shipping confirmation.
  2. During one of my visits of Paris, in Rue Mouffetard there was a film crew preparing a scene. While waiting Jean Louis Trintignant was playing with an apple. I watched a few minutes and then walked on since nothing seemed to be happening. The film was 'Un assasin qui passe' I have never seen it.
  3. The Tom Lord online disco lists a unissued take of Battle Hymn of the Republic. In the notes Lord states 'Battle Hymn of the Republic is based on the changes of Tea for Two'. Wich is also on the CD. Yes please
  4. Halcyon in Britain issued the complete (minus 4 alt takes) 1935-1942 output on 18 Cd's including 10 sides by the Clark Randall orchestra a forerunner of the Crosby band. Most sides have vocals by Bob Crosby. Instrumentals are in a minority.
  5. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    When I first ordered a reservation was made on my CC. That disappeared after 30 days. Now my card has a new reservation. My guess is when the set is shipped the reservation will become a charge on my CC.
  6. Mosaic's Black and White label box set

    Expected release date is May 31st.
  7. My Interview With Duke Ellington

    It is issued on 'The Complete Capitol Recordings Of Art Tatum': A Promotional interview with Art Tatum, Paul Weston and you
  8. Good point you make.  The intersection of resolve and reality, opportunity and practicality.  Patience and impulse.  

  9. There are probably contractuel problems with multiple labels involved.
  10. A mega set that is possible that would interest me would be The complete Columbia, Okeh etc - Victor Duke Ellington 1925-1973. The Columbia,Okeh etc 1925-1931 on 4 Cd's, The complete Victor 1927-1973 24 Cd's , The Live and unissued set 3 Cd's, Columbia 1932-1940 big band 11 Cd's, The small groups 1936-1940 7 Cd's, The Columbia 1947-1952 period 11 Cd's (if all the unissued takes are included) The 1956-1962 Columbia 24 Lp's would be at least 24 Cd's. A total of 84 Cd's would be the minimum for this set. Still no match for the Bach 333 set with 222 cd's
  11. Whatever happened to the 3" CD?

    Brownie the complete EmArCy recordings of Clifford Brown has one as a bonus with Flossie Lou rehearsal. This was my first CD boxed set. Bought it back in 1990 when I graduated from university. Still have three unused adapters so you can play them in a regular CD player.
  12. How about this for a mega set 'The complete Brian Rust Jazz Records 1897-1942' On vinylite 78's
  13. Saving mystery 100-year-old recordings.

    A very limited edition. Not in the library of congres.
  14. The Savory recordings of Django with Duke are from Carnegie Hall not the wellknown recordings from Chicago. From the notes I made while listening at the museum Django played Honeysuckle rose (3:28) with the Ellington orchestra and Improvisation (solo 3:02)