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  1. Mine arrived today. And Saturday delivery means there are no taxes to be payed. Now playing disc I.
  2. From the mail I just recieved: Preorders are now shipping! Backlog will ship out this week and 1st week of January
  3. Placed my order. Had to create a new account to. Next step factor 4 authentication.
  4. BFT 212 reveal

    1. Blue river (Joseph Meyer) Jean Wiener et Clement Doucet (Paris 13-2-1928) The piano duo that was the star of the legendary Parisian night spot ‘Le Boeuf Sur Le toit’. A tune not recorded often. The most famous is by Jean Goldkette with Bix, Tram, Lang and Venuti. Blue River - Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra (Bix Beiderbecke) (1927) - YouTube 2. Fermé La porta (John La porta) Conceptions : John LaPorta Septet : Louis Mucci (tp) Sonny Russo (ts) John LaPorta (cl,as) Sol Schlinger (bar) Wally Cirillo (p) Wendell Marshall (b) Clem DeRosa (d) (June 1956). 3. Chasin’the gypsy (James Carter) Chasin' The Gypsy : James Carter (saxes) Charlie Giordano (accor) Jay Berliner, Romero Lubambo (g) Regina Carter (vln) Steve Kirby (b) Joey Baron (d) Cyro Baptista (perc) (2000) 4. Duke’s Holiday (Klaas van Beeck) The Ramblers dance orchestra: Sem Dasberg, David van Weezel (tp) + other (tp) Marcel Thielemans, Jaap Meyer (tb) Wim Poppink (cl,as,bar) Joop Huisman (cl,as) Andre van der Ouderaa (ts) Theo Uden Masman (p,ldr) Jac Pet (g) Dick Hilarius (b) Kees Kranenburg (d) Klaas van Beeck (arr) (Hilversum end 1933) Duke’s first European tour made an enormous impact on musicians and audience. This is one of the results. This orchestra is best remembered today for recording with Coleman Hawkins 5. Pete’s Groove (Piet Noordijk) : Piet Noordijk (as) Jack van Poll (org) Martijn van Iterson (g) Frans van Geest (b) Gijs Dijkhuizen. (Amsterdam 2007) From Jubilee Concert 6. Swing 39 (Django Reinhardt) Sarane Ferret et le Swing Quintette de Paris: Bob Bermoser (vln) Sarane Ferret, Baro Ferret, Jean "Matelo" Ferret (g) Maurice Speileux (b) (Paris June 1941) 7. Ambiance (= In the mood) Le Jazz de Paris: Aime Barelli, Christian Bellest, Pierre-Severin Luino (tp) Maurice Gladieu (tb) Max Blanc, Charles Lisee (as) Jean Luino, Hubert Rostaing (ts) Alix Combelle (ts,ldr), Paul Collot (p) Joseph Reinhardt (g) Tony Rovira (b) Pierre Fouad (d) (Paris, June 10 1941) Decades ago in Paris I was looking for a 78 from the Swing label for it’s beautiful label. In the cellar of a Parisian record store I found a small stock. Most were by Tommy Ladnier and Sidney Bechet. I chose this one not realising wich song it was. 8. Showboat shuffle (Duke Ellington) Jo Bouillion et Son Orchestre: Colbert Boffa, Emile Boyer, George Hirst (tp) Gaston Moat (tb) Emile Christian (tb,bassax) Jean Laporte, Pierre Martineau (as,cl), Raoul Courdesse (ts,cl) Rene Baux (p,arr) Roger Lucchesi (g) ... Ameller (b) Max Elloy (d) Jimmy Gaillard (vcl) Jo Bouillon (ldr) (Paris December 17, 1936). 9. You and the night and the music (Dietz & Schwartz) The Diamond Five: Cees Smal (tp,flhrn) Harry Verbeke (ts) Cees Slinger (p) Jacques Schols (b) John Engels (d) (Hilversum January 30th, 1962) From 'Finally after forty years'. 10. Out of Nowere (Green & Heyman) Harry James and His orchestra: Harry James (tp,arr) Ziggy Elman (tp) Vernon Brown (tb) Dave Matthews (as,arr) Arthur Rollini (ts) Harry Carney (bar), Jess Stacy (p), Thurman Teague (b) Dave Tough (d) Jimmy Mundy (arr) (NYC April 27, 1938) A favorite tune by a very nice orchestra. Funny that nobody spotted Harry Carney. Though Randy Hersom first tought it was Ellington
  5. “Bird In LA”

    Just got confirmation that my copy from is in the post.
  6. BFT 212 is up

    Spot on.
  7. BFT 212 is up

    3 spot on 8 in the right corner 6 close 6 in the right corner.
  8. BFT 212 is up

    Both right
  9. BFT 212 is up

    # 1 You could know the song. Wait till the reveal. # 2 No Brubeck or Bill Smith # 3 spot on # 4 Right neighbourhood # 7 Good observations # 10 again spot on indeed no Tex. JSngry's observations are spot on.
  10. BFT 212 is up

    Right song wrong orchestra. (# 7 not # 5).
  11. BFT 212 is up

    #6 no Lang and Venuti
  12. BFT 212 is up

    6. Not Django that would be too easy. 9 & 10 Yes but who is playing? # 2 Not Buddy nor Sonny # 7Glenn Miller would be too easy.