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  1. The Slide Hampton single Drum Suite is now also running low.
  2. It may have been a small run just to fullfill orders Mosaic allready recieved a few extra just in case.
  3. The Duke Ellington Big band 1932-1940 and the MJQ sets are now running low. Joe Pass is now OOP
  4. 1. I don't like it but I'm not put of by it either. 2. Bud Powell springs to mind and Slam Stewarts humming while bowing a solo. 3. ask Freud
  5. Teddy Wilson Mosaic?

    MJQ is back in stock.
  6. Teddy Wilson Mosaic?

    Great news. It will be worth the waiting.
  7. Chick Webb/Ella Fitzgerald disc 2
  8. Eddie Condon/Bud Freeman disc 1
  9. Eddie Condon/Bud Freeman and Chick Webb/Ella sets arrived today. No packing issues.
  10. Count Basie Lester Young 1936-1940.disc 2.
  11. No but in the catalog page sets on backorder have two designations. With or without month when the set is expected back in stock. The sets with a specific month are most likely to return to the catalog. Alas the Goodman is so far without a specific month. About the Goodman set there was not so much fuss as there was about the JPJ or the Clifford Jordan sets. But for those who do not yet have the Goodman set set I hope it returns to the catalog.
  12. The page now says ' This product is out of stock'
  13. The Woody Herman select is gone. there are no more selects in Mosaic's catalog.
  14. The Henry Threadgill set is now oop.