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  1. Rare Gerald Wilson rehearsal takes, PJ-100

    I would love to hear this. I think it is a pity it is not included in the Mosaic set.
  2. Woody Herman set on last chance

    Yes but only 2.000 copies not 5.000 or 7.500 as in olden days.
  3. Just got an e-mail from Mosaic stating that the Woody Herman set is on last chance. It bypassed the running low status.
  4. Claude Bolling RIP

    Just learned that Claude Bolling died the 29th 90 years. I saw him perform a piano recital at the Woking Ellington conference (2012). He joined us for drinks afterwards. Spoke with him a few words. A very curtious and plessant man. BIOGRAPHIE | Claude Bolling (
  5. The Ruby Braff single is OOP again. Took longer than normal for a reapearing item.
  6. Mosaic Wish List

    I wonder how Mosaic could possibly get that on 8 Cd's. The Sony material would need 4 Cd's. Duke's first stint with Victor 1927-1934 takes up 7 CD's in the Big RCA box. Only with a 1931 cut off date it would be just possible. The are 6 12" recordings in this period. This would also orphan the 2 Cd's worth 1932-1934 recordings. I have no idea in what sort of box these would fit. Stylisticly it would be strange to add these to a 1940-1942 Victor (6 Cd's worth) set though that would make it a 8 CD set. Assuming Mosaic would contemplate such a set. The 1940-1942 Victor recordings are not rare. And such a Mosaic set would only make sense if it would be followed by a 1944-1946/1952 Victor set (4 Cd's) and a 1947-1952 Columbia set (I asume 11 Cd's if all unissued recordings and unlicensed issues are included).
  7. The Count Basie/Lester Young set is now OOP. The Braff single made a come back a few days ago. Usealy the come backs are short lived.This time it takes longer.
  8. If you listen trough the surface noise. Just beautifull
  9. Yes but there are big differences between EU, Canadian and US copyright laws. Years ago Uptown tracked down all owners of the small labels Charles Mingus recorded for in the 40’s to buy the rights to reissue them. So Mosaic should at least go through the motions of tracking down the current owners of labels like Jamboree. I never heard of a blind trust the royalties could be payed to so that if those who are entitteled to the money can be payed when they make themselfs known.
  10. I think I wrote this before. Don Byas 1944-1946 would certainly merrit a big Moasaic box but the sessions are divided over too many small to very small labels. Getting the rights would be a nightmare. From a list a made: He recorded 51 sessions leader and side man. Total 204 titles and 21 alt takes. Off course as a side man he did not take solo’s on all tracks. Labels include: Commodore, Savoy, American, Manor, Regis, Super Disc, Apollo, Jamboree, Guild etc.
  11. A quick count: Decca/MGM 1941-1951 resulted in 159 titels plus 2 alternate takes. That would fit on 7 CD’s.
  12. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Ray Noble & American Orchestra. Don't know if you can call it all jazz but some pretty good music.Especialy the Indian suite I never heard his own version of Cherokee before. And Ray delightfully hamming it up on 'Slumming on Park Avenue'.
  13. The last Mosaic Single Ruby Braff 'Hi-Fi salute to Bunny' is now OOP. Just as with 'Selects (3 CD sets)' you can still click on 'Mosaic Singles' under Categories but you reach an empty page.
  14. Mosaic boxes on mp3

    Strange because this was IIRC the only set they owned outright and would be available as long as Mosaic would excist.