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  1. I checked the plosin Miles Davis site. Near the bottom of the page devoted to this session there is a breakdown of wich music is used at what point in the movie. It states 74:00-79:05 Clarke High hat+brushes (not issued?). I don’t have the movie so I can’t check but I remember vaguely there is a scène with drums only. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a track without Miles or the other musicians.
  2. Indeed don’t hesitate. Chances of this being reissued are minimal.
  3. They did. JPJ went on last chance but got a repressing because of the responce. I’m glad I got it.
  4. The Chick Webb/Ella Fitzgerald, Eddie Condon/Bud Freeman, Duke Ellington big band and James P. Johnson sets are now last chance. Benny Goodman is now running low. Funny the Condon/Freeman and James P. Johnson sets are also on the recent releases page.
  5. Favorite Mosaic Selects?

    Onzy Matthews.
  6. Hank Mobley and Charlie Parker are last chance. James P. Johnson is now running low.
  7. Great news but I downloaded the first 3 volumes. A pitty the Ellington material is not included. But I’m not complaining about more Lester.
  8. James P. Johnson yesterday discs I & II now disc III.
  9. Got a mail yesterday giving the expected release date Januari 2018.
  10. For me this set will mean that I have most of it in one package in the best possible sound and with a Mosaic booklet. I allready have most of this music on Clasics/Neatwork and Masters of Jazz. The other day I have been listening to a number of the Piano solo’s and I was more impressed than I remembered. So this set is a defintive yes for me.
  11. The Slide Hampton single Drum suite is now last chance. When this one is gone Ruby Braff Hi Fi salute to Bunny is the last Single.
  12. This set is up for pre order. Release date December.
  13. The Pathé tracks are included in the French CBS 2lp sets and therefor I asume they are owned by Sony. They are part of the 97. Last year at the Ellington conference in New York he gave a presentation with rare Ellington moves and clips. So in 2016 he was still around.