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  1. The Joe Pass set is now oop. The Louis Armstrong live set is now running low. Glad to have them both.
  2. Any News On The Goodman?

    Just got a e-mail stating Benny and Bing are back!
  3. The George Wein single is now oop The Armstrong Newport vinyl is also oop
  4. Yes seriously, This is no laughing matter.
  5. I hope you did not waited to long because it's gone again.
  6. Lang/Venuti Artie Shaw Lester Young Basie
  7. The Woody Herman select made a come back on last chance. The George Wein Single is now on last chance. The Louis Armstrong Newport LP set now also immediatelly on last chance. On the bright side the Goodman set is back in the catalogue
  8. Gerry Mulligan and Rosemary Clooney sets are now last chance. The Charlie Parker Benedetti set is now running low.
  9. The Olivier Nelson set is now oop.
  10. The Art Farmer single is now last chance.
  11. The Joe Pass and Henry Treadgill sets made a comeback on last chance.
  12. Twice a year I go to the Doctor Jazz meeting at Wageningen. At 54 I'm one of the youngest collectors there.
  13. The Gerry Mulligan Sextet 5 LP box is now last chance. Still unsure about this. Had it been a select I would have gotten it. Not to keen on buying vinyl wich I probably play once or twice. MJQ is aigain last chance.
  14. The Slide Hampton single Drum Suite is now also running low.
  15. It may have been a small run just to fullfill orders Mosaic allready recieved a few extra just in case.