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  1. Added to the running low list: Selects MS005 - Paul Chambers MS022 - Sidney Bechet MS027 - Cohn, Newman and Green MS032 - Pendulum Singles MCD1008 - Lee Wiley MCD1013 - Woody Herman MCD1014 - Duke Ellington MCD1015 - J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding MCD1019 - Helen Merrill
  2. There are 7 Goodman recordings with Charlie Christian that I listen to when I was there.
  3. Mosaic just put the details for their upcomming 9 CD The Complete Dial Modern Jazz Sessions (#260) Release date late October
  4. I always found the sound on the Spotlite very soft I had to turn up the volume to get a decent sound level. But when I bought the spotlite LP’s I didn’t know that and I was very happy to have the music. Still have the LP’s.
  5. The Stanley Turrentine set is now oop
  6. Is still see it on last chance, bottom of the page.
  7. Ahmad Jamal and the MJQ sets joined the last chance list.
  8. Happy Birthday miles65!

    Thanks all for thinking about it. 56 and counting.
  9. Not on the upcoming soon page but on the recent releases page the complete Woody Herman Decca, Mars, MGM 1943-1954 sessions. 7 CD's 2000 copies. This fills the gaps between the Columbia and Capitol sets. Classics got to early 1941. Whith the 6 Classics and 2 earlier Mosaic sets there remains the 1941-1942 period not covered on CD.
  10. The Ellington Columbia 1932-1940 set is OOP
  11. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Just got an e-mail from Mosaic stating that they are getting close to 700 pre orders they needed to go ahead.
  12. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    They could do a limited options question. Suggesting lets say 5 sets and see wich one gets the most votes or preorders.
  13. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Pre ordered the set. I have one Decca 78 from this set and if fills the gaps in and between the previous sets.
  14. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Concentrating on the period covered by these 3 boxes (1943-1956): The V-discs most of them are on HEP 34/35 The V-disc years vol's 1 & 2 A 1946 Woodchoppers session (4 tunes) for a The Pioneer Musical Instrument Company in Chicago. Flip Philips demonstrating the sweetwind. They have never been issued commercialy. I could not find information on the sweetwind. 21 May 1954 4 tunes for Columbia available on a Poll Winners CD 'The 3 herds' 25 Columbia sides from 1947 with Woody as featured singer with the Four Chips or orchestral acc. Not his own band. From December 1946 until October 1947 it seems Woody was between Herds.
  15. To the best of my knowlege James P. Johnson never recorded 'Charleston'
  16. The Roland Kirk LP set is on last change. The Ruby Braff single is running low. This is the last Mosaic Single.
  17. I checked the plosin Miles Davis site. Near the bottom of the page devoted to this session there is a breakdown of wich music is used at what point in the movie. It states 74:00-79:05 Clarke High hat+brushes (not issued?). I don’t have the movie so I can’t check but I remember vaguely there is a scène with drums only. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a track without Miles or the other musicians.
  18. The Mosaic site now has an annoucement for the Chick Webb/Ella Fitzgerald set:
  19. Indeed don’t hesitate. Chances of this being reissued are minimal.
  20. They did. JPJ went on last chance but got a repressing because of the responce. I’m glad I got it.
  21. The Chick Webb/Ella Fitzgerald, Eddie Condon/Bud Freeman, Duke Ellington big band and James P. Johnson sets are now last chance. Benny Goodman is now running low. Funny the Condon/Freeman and James P. Johnson sets are also on the recent releases page.