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  1. Not on the upcoming soon page but on the recent releases page the complete Woody Herman Decca, Mars, MGM 1943-1954 sessions. 7 CD's 2000 copies. This fills the gaps between the Columbia and Capitol sets. Classics got to early 1941. Whith the 6 Classics and 2 earlier Mosaic sets there remains the 1941-1942 period not covered on CD.
  2. The Duke Ellington recorded for Victor February 7, 1932 two medleys for the Victrolac program. The second medley was recorded with two machines and cobbeled toghether decades later they form a stereo performance.
  3. Miles and his French quintet can be seen playing Dig, filmed for French TV, on the website. search for 1957 Un inedit de Miles Davis.
  4. Added to the running low list: Selects MS005 - Paul Chambers MS022 - Sidney Bechet MS027 - Cohn, Newman and Green MS032 - Pendulum Singles MCD1008 - Lee Wiley MCD1013 - Woody Herman MCD1014 - Duke Ellington MCD1015 - J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding MCD1019 - Helen Merrill
  5. And I was right. The Dial set has gone again.
  6. As was to be expected, the Mingus set is gone again. Won’t be surprised if the Dial set follows soon.
  7. The Dial set is also back in stock
  8. Just announced on the Mosaic upcomming reales Hank Mobley Blue Note 1963-1971 8 CD set. Release date August this year.
  9. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Release date now September
  10. The Savoy set made another come back
  11. The Bing Crosby set and the Ruby Braff single are now last chance. The Louis Armstrong Decca 1935-1946 set is running low
  12. the Bee Hive set is gone again
  13. The Savoy set is sold out again.
  14. There might be a diffrence between NBC making the recording and a fan recording the broadcast of the air at home. Just thinking out loud.
  15. Yes it is on Columbia. It has Take the A train, Sophisticated lady, I got it bad and Skin deep by Ellington from July 7,1956 and You can depent on me, In a mellow tone and Newport jump by Buck Clayton, J.J. Johnson, Coleman Hawkins, Dick Katz, Benny Moten and Gus Johnson on July 6, 1956. Newport Jump was included in the Happy birthday Newport cd set.
  16. The Savoy and Bee Hive sets are last chance again. Probably for a short time.
  17. The Ahmad Jamal set is oop again.
  18. Creating “enhanced” Mosaic sets

    I was thinking of a Count Basie Lester Young 1939-1940 set including all tracks Lester doesn’t solo on.
  19. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    This set is now expected in August
  20. Back on running low Ahmad Jamal Trio Argo Sessions.
  21. Lester Young Count Basie 1936-1940 disc 1
  22. Abusive and violent jazz musicians

    Mingus hit Jimmy Knepper in the face. He lost teeth because of that and could’nt play for a considerable time. Knepper sued Mingus who said in his defence that it was part of his act. I don’t remember what the outcome of the case was. It is in Brian Priestley’s Mingus biography.