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  1. Post a Landscape/Cityscape Pic

    Last week: Waimea Canyon Kalalau Lookout Napali Coast
  2. Happy Birthday, Flurin! All the best!
  3. Happy birthday Aggie87!

    Thank you kindly, gents! Only two more birthdays in Texas, then off to a new life in the Philly burbs for me! Been a long time coming!
  4. Thanks, Ghost & Mike - I've got a Cubs/Cards game on line right now just to see how it works, cool! 'Stros game is over, so I'll try that next time they're playing.
  5. Would that free subscription include the ability to watch games on a computer monitor (or other device), rather than just on your phone? That might make it worth it to me, to be able to watch Astros games this year.
  6. Chick Corea The Musician

    For the same price you can get an autographed copy:
  7. 2 1/2 days in D.C.

    I haven't been back to DC since the African American Museum opened, but would love to check it out. My two "must see" recommendations: 1. The Holocaust Museum, which vividly brings to life the reality of what happened leading up to and through WWII. It impacted me almost equally as much as visiting some of the existing concentration camps in Europe. 2. The new(er) Air & Space Museum Annex out near Dulles, called the Steven Udvar-Hazy Center. For me it's far more impressive than the original Air and Space Museum downtown on the Mall. You will see some truly amazing aviation history at Udvar-Hazy, including a piece of Hindenburg fabric, aircraft dating back to the 1910's, an SR-71 Blackbird, a Concorde, the Space Shuttle Discovery, and the Enola Gay. THE Enola Gay. I could spend 2 1/2 days in this museum alone.
  8. Any Post-Rockers in the house?

    My one remaining local indy store actually has a copy of Tortoise's "A Lazarus Taxon". I'm so shocked I'm going to go buy it just to keep them going.
  9. Happy Birthday, Free For All

    Again?? This guy celebrates more birthdays each year than Octomom!
  10. Viva Prog Rock

    In fact, I've been listening to "Zonkey" in my car the last day or so. I'm not sure how to classify them. Zonkey is an album of mashups, similar to dj mashups but played by the band, of music from the 70's to current day. Some clever, some not so much. It's a fun listen though.
  11. *** John Scofield ***

    I've been spinning a Phil Lesh & Friends cd set from Tampa, 6/23/06. Features Sco, with Joan Osborne singing. A few nice jams on it, and a cover of "Gimme Shelter". Nice complement to the Lesh/Warfield set that was released commercially (well I guess the Tampa set is too, on the Instant Live cds or whatever they are). Will have to seek out a few of the other Lesh/Scofield dates.
  12. Jazz CD's for Sale or trade

    It's not a big place, but the owner (?) was a nice guy, and clearly a music fan. The location isn't exactly in a busy area for foot traffic, for sure. And I'm not often on that side of the city, so it was nice to check it out while I was there. He had a small but decent blues cd section, and quite a bit of rock. A smaller jazz section. I only had time to look through the cd section, not vinyl, as I had to get back to Mt. Laurel to pick up my wife, and didn't want to hit heavy Philly traffic to get there.
  13. Jazz CD's for Sale or trade

    Not to sidetrack your thread John, but I visited a music shop not too far from you a few weeks ago - Shady Dog Records, in Berwyn. Nice little shop. Thought about you that day (and RonS, if he's still around the board), and wondered if you'd been in there.
  14. Any Post-Rockers in the house?

    That's great! I've got a Spacemen 3 tribute album somewhere, you've inspired me to dig that out...
  15. Any Post-Rockers in the house?

    Fan of Mogwai, Talk Talk, and Sigor Ros. I didn't previously connect those three bands sonically, but I guess if we're labelling it, then ok. I've always just considered all of them rock or indie rock perhaps. Also Spacemen 3 and their successor Spiritualized. And The Warlocks. Does Sun O))) fit here? Maybe they're a little too heavy/droney/dark. I find Beach House a fascinating band as well, but it's nothing like Sun O))).