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  1. Interesting, I've never heard of that before. According to your link, it's only legal in 11 states, so if you pass away in the U.S., I hope it's in one of those 11.
  2. I don't know anything about the Neptune Society, so I can't address your questions about them. Pre-paying things like that sometimes are risky though. We cremated my mother after she passed away at the end of January. My folks had pre-paid for some things associated with their passing - cemetery plots and headstones, many years ago. So when we contacted the headstone company to finish the engraving on her headstone (in Elgin, TX), we discovered that the company had been bought out probably 8-10 years ago (though retaining the same name). The new owners would not honor the pre-paid engraving, and wanted to charge us again for doing that work. Annoyed, we found another company to do it for us (and at a cheaper price than the original company wanted us to pay). The cemetery folks were different though, and couldn't have been nicer. We ended up deciding to have a small, private gathering and burial, and they told us we could literally dig the hole in the ground for her ashes ourselves if we wanted to, or they would do it for us. The other thing I elected to do was to take some of her ashes to Hawaii back in May, and scatter them in the ocean. There were personal reasons for doing so, and I like to think it made her happy. I want to be cremated too. Scattering her ashes in the ocean was a profound experience for me. It made me realize I'd like mine to be scattered in some places that are significant for me, and that I don't care to be buried in a cemetery anywhere. I also don't have one "home town" that is significant enough to me to be buried there.
  3. Dallas Keuchel pitching a rehab game tonight here in Corpus Christi for the Hooks (Astros' 2A team). I'm tempted to go, but it's still hotter than hell at this hour of the day, and I think the tickets are sold out and going for a premium. That said, it's *NOT* hotter than the time I went to a 51's game in August 2011 in Las Vegas. They were the 3A team for the Blue Jays then, I think they're the 3A team for the Mets now. That was ridiculously hot.
  4. King Crimson

    I believe this is a complete list of new music that they've released/performed since the 7/8 man lineup began. More than I initially thought: Radical Action I - 3:41 Radical Action II - 2:27 Radical Action III - ? (not on a release yet, but played live) Suitable Grounds for the Blues - 4:49 Meltdown - 4:23 ...and the tracks that are drum based: Hell Hounds of Krim - 3:37 Banshee Legs Bell Hassle - 1:38 Devil Dogs of Tessellation Row - 2:58 I don't think all tracks are played at every performance though. Haven't really researched that.
  5. King Crimson

    I looked at the past couple of setlists, I see two of the newer drums-only tunes (Banshee Legs Bell Hassle and Hell Hounds of Krim), and Radical Action II and III. Radical Action II is a band number, all two and a half minutes of it (based on its length on the Radical Action release). I assume Radical III is as well, haven't heard it as it's not on a released cd yet I don't think). So technically there are at least a few minutes of minutes of new music performed by the band. What they are playing sounds great though, regardless of how old it is. Still would like an actual studio release of entirely new music from this lineup. Maybe the closest we've had is the Scarcity of Miracles album, which is essentially this lineup but with just one drummer (Harrison).
  6. King Crimson

    I tend to agree, Greg. I've really, really enjoyed the live albums this lineup has produced. That said, I have mixed feelings about this lineup, despite the interesting 3 drummer setup. It seems like a "King Crimson Revue" to me, a summation of everything that's come before. Not a new evolution from the last lineup (which I consider to be the 4 man lineup that did Power to Believe most recently). Would love to hear a studio release. That would help me to evaluate this lineup more on its own merits, rather than how they play prior KC music.
  7. Jason Moran on Yes Records

    I'm a luddite when it comes to downloads in general, still. I just pre-ordered a signed version of Luna's upcoming cd on Pledge Music. I'd buy a signed cd from Jason in the same manner if it were offered. I've also purchased music from Organissimo this way, and board member Soulstream (Mike Flanigin) as well. Seems like a good business model for artists that aren't Adele or Beyonce.
  8. Post a Landscape/Cityscape Pic

    Last week: Waimea Canyon Kalalau Lookout Napali Coast
  9. Happy Birthday, Flurin! All the best!
  10. Happy birthday Aggie87!

    Thank you kindly, gents! Only two more birthdays in Texas, then off to a new life in the Philly burbs for me! Been a long time coming!
  11. Thanks, Ghost & Mike - I've got a Cubs/Cards game on line right now just to see how it works, cool! 'Stros game is over, so I'll try that next time they're playing.
  12. Would that free subscription include the ability to watch games on a computer monitor (or other device), rather than just on your phone? That might make it worth it to me, to be able to watch Astros games this year.
  13. Chick Corea The Musician

    For the same price you can get an autographed copy:
  14. 2 1/2 days in D.C.

    I haven't been back to DC since the African American Museum opened, but would love to check it out. My two "must see" recommendations: 1. The Holocaust Museum, which vividly brings to life the reality of what happened leading up to and through WWII. It impacted me almost equally as much as visiting some of the existing concentration camps in Europe. 2. The new(er) Air & Space Museum Annex out near Dulles, called the Steven Udvar-Hazy Center. For me it's far more impressive than the original Air and Space Museum downtown on the Mall. You will see some truly amazing aviation history at Udvar-Hazy, including a piece of Hindenburg fabric, aircraft dating back to the 1910's, an SR-71 Blackbird, a Concorde, the Space Shuttle Discovery, and the Enola Gay. THE Enola Gay. I could spend 2 1/2 days in this museum alone.
  15. Any Post-Rockers in the house?

    My one remaining local indy store actually has a copy of Tortoise's "A Lazarus Taxon". I'm so shocked I'm going to go buy it just to keep them going.