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  1. Arno Marsh - RIP

    May he Rest in Peace.
  2. Buying eyeglasses online

    If you walk into an eyeglass shop in your local mall, and try on a few pairs that you might like, and then leave, I don't think they're going to be too upset. If they ask, I just say I'm just browsing. Many people window shop and try things on in just about every shop that sells clothing and so forth. Why would this be any different? I'm sure you've never done that at any local clothes store.
  3. Buying eyeglasses online

    I got my last pair online, about a year ago. Had my eye exam locally, and then visited a number of eyeglass shops and tried on various different pairs until I found the pair I liked the most. Wrote down the model number and then researched online pricing, and found the place with the best price (and one that was reputable), and ordered. Saved substantially over buying them locally. I think the key is trying them on locally before buying, so you know that you're going to like the fit/look, instead of buying online before getting to try them on. Note - usually I prefer to buy and support local shops, but if I am saving over $100 on a purchase that I only make every few years at best, then it became worth it. If the price difference had been $25, I'd have bought locally (although even then that was at a national chain shop).
  4. Apparently it takes 2 people to replace Wetton. Here's the other three original guys playing Heat of the Moment, with Billy Sherwood on bass and Bumblefoot (?!) on vocals.
  5. His birth name is Steven Lento, a bit more Italian. His father passed away, and he later adopted his step-father's last name.
  6. Post a pic

    Joshua trees, Mojave Preserve, CA 24 June 2019 Old Post Office, Kelso CA Roy's Cafe, Rt 66, Amboy CA
  7. I know you weren't asking me, but I will tell you in my case, my mother refused to move into independent living, despite the urging from my sister and me. She was probably 77 or so when we first broached the subject. Neither of us lived in the same city as her, and were 3+ hours away, so wouldn't have been able to respond quickly in the case of an emergency. Ane no other immediate relatives lived nearby, either. Her health was deteriorating, she was on oxygen 24/7 (she had pulmonary fibrosis), and she had gotten to the point where she needed someone to help drive her for routine errands. Her primary reason was that she didn't want to die in a place like that. She wanted to die at home, in the space she was comfortable in and had lived in for over 25 years. She wanted to enjoy her possessions (acquired over a lifetime of living in a number of places around the world), and not be forced to downsize to just a small portion of her "things". Her mind was good, so we had to accept her decision. She passed away in her house at 81 years old, so another 4 years after we first considered her alternatives. I think she was generally happy, so it's hard to be upset about her choice, and how she lived her remaining years. Though it did create a huge undertaking for us after she had passed, having to go through 80 years worth of her possessions, and figure out how to get rid of most of it. And then sell the house.
  8. I suspect that may cause confusion with some folks, since your thread title clearly states "FS" or for sale.
  9. Now reading...

    I've read that book a couple of times, though it's been a few decades now. But I always enjoyed it. In contrast, the film trilogy is a waste, in my opinion, despite the effort that went into it. I've watched the LotR films many times, and love them.
  10. RIP Roky Erickson

    Roky Erickson passed away today, at the age of 71 in Austin. He and the 13th Floor Elevators were just a little before my time, but I discovered him from that tribute album that came out around '90. The music, lyrics, and his personal story all intrigued me. Went back and explored alot of his work over the following years, and loved it. Not sure what else to say - Rest in Peace, Roky.
  11. How do you like Tame Impala, Matthew? I'm almost curious enough to check them out, but undecided.
  12. I suppose this isn't really rock, but I caught a Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines show here in CC on Friday night. So I've been listening to some of her albums. Love Terri, she's a wonderful singer, songwriter, and player. And Lloyd Maines is, in my opinion, a musical force, and something of an open secret in Texas music. Has played with, recorded with, and produced just about everyone in the Texas/Americana/alt country scene. And he's the father of Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks.
  13. Some of their early stuff is pretty interesting. This is probably the song that got me interested in following them.
  14. Post a pic

    I think it's Cheadle too. While I like him, I don't see Miles when I look at his portrayal, at all. And I haven't seen the film, is it worth checking out?