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  1. Post a pic

    We used to get annual "refresher training" on the topic of sexual harassment, and what constitutes said harassment. One of the instructors one year said that it often doesn't matter what the intent of a comment or action was, if it is received by someone as sexual harassment, then it usually is sexual harassment. Even if you as the harasser don't perceive it to be, you can suffer consequences because someone else saw it that way and was offended or victimized. Perhaps that is a corollary to this political issue - if it's being received as being political, then it is, regardless of what the person who posted it believed. It doesn't really matter how it's defended or justified.
  2. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    In today's game, that really that only happened after Clevinger came out of the game. I thought he pitched really well, only giving up one run on Springer's HR in the 5th. The Cleveland bullpen kind of fell apart though.
  3. Bluesman Lazy Lester has died, aged 85.

    I was in Austin, in a small club called C-Boys, a couple of years ago. Mike Flanigin and Jimmie Vaughan were playing on the small stage, with Frosty Smith on drums. In the middle of their set, this guy walks in the front door, past the small crowd, and hops on stage and just begins wailing along on harmonica. Mike and Jimmie's faces couldn't have been happier, and after the song was over, they all hugged and started another number. It was Lester. He stayed for a couple more songs, then just as he'd entered, he hopped off the stage, walked back through the crowd and out the door into the night. Here's a picture I took.
  4. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    I watched that last night, and completely agree with you. BS call. I hope the Astros bats wake up today (and in general). It's been tough watching them over the past couple of weeks without Altuve, Correa, and Springer. Not sure any team could've done any better without their three best players. Hope Altuve's back soon.
  5. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    This caught me by surprise - I"m happy that Ken Giles is no longer on this team. That's addition by subtraction, I think. Hopefully a change of scenery helps Giles regain his stuff. He's been lost in his own head for a year now. Osuna still has the remainder of his 75 game suspension I think though - or is that effectively over now? As an Astros fan I like his talent on paper, but I'm apprehensive about adding him to this roster, based on the domestic violence charge. Admittedly I haven't read enough about him to have a strong opinion there right now.
  6. As sidewinder/Bob mentioned earlier, we got to meet in Stuttgart many years ago. Wish I still lived there, for many reasons. Due to move to Philly area next year though, so I'll take that. If you make it to this side of the pond we're due for a reconnect, Bob! Hopefully longer this time as well. In addition, I've since met Lon, Shawn, Ray, Big Al, David Weiss, and Mike Flanigin. Good people, all of 'em! Other than Al's questionable fondness for Styx, of course.
  7. Amazon Prime Day 2018

    Here's a rundown of Prime benefits: (note - in some cases, the free 2 day delivery is actually free same-day, or in even free 2 hr delivery)
  8. Another thing the in-shop experience gives you that you don't get online (at least I don't) is the discovery of something that you weren't expecting to find. Something that turns into an impulse buy based on an employee's recommendation. Something that you had in the back of your mind as something to check out some day in the future, but no specific plans to buy any day soon. Then you find it and it's in your hands and impulse takes over and you buy it. I don't find the thrill of that type of buy when I'm searching for things online at all. It's not as fun.
  9. Post a Landscape/Cityscape Pic

    Padre Island National Seashore, 8 June 2018.
  10. Remnants of an earlier life

    Since most of the major cities and towns are along the coast itself, it makes sense that they'd be closer to sea level, compared to the rest of southern Florida itself. Like the congressman in Alabama said, let's hope more dirt from the White Cliffs of Dover don't fall into the ocean, or else south Florida will all be under water.
  11. Remnants of an earlier life

    I have some relatives in Elgin (near Austin, great sausage made there) who had a basement. Shocked me. So apparently there's at least one out there.
  12. I feel vindicated

    I suspect it's a generational thing. Neither of my kids do that when they stream music at all. One's 20 and one's 16. I do, but I'm not anywhere close to their age bracket. Even then, it may be a subset of a generational thing. My wife doesn't listen to full albums, ever - it drives her crazy, despite her overall love of music (which probably equals mine). She just has what we affectionally call music-ADD. So if I had to guess, there are generally far more people that don't, than do listen to full albums.
  13. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    Glad to see you come up for air, Matthew! Hope all is well with you.
  14. I've got a few box sets for sale. Prices include shipping in the U.S, Paypal. PM if interested. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue 50th Anniversary (blue vinyl never played, plus 2 cds and 1 dvd) - $60 **SOLD** Ella Fitzgerald - The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books (16 cd) - $120 **ON HOLD** Naked City - The Complete Studio Recordings (5 cd) - $65 Horace Parlan - Complete Blue Note Sessions (Mosaic) (5cd) - (a couple of small dings on outer box from original shipping) - $100 Stanley Turrentine - Blue Note Quintet/Sextet Studio Sessions (Mosaic) (5cd) - $100 Beatles - The Capitol Albums Vol 1 (small cube) - $40 Beatles - The Capitol Albums Vol 2 (small cube, corrected reissue) - $40 **SOLD** Bob Dylan - The Original Mono Recordings (9cd) (some glue marks and two small tears where the glue was on the bottom of the outer box)- $65 **SOLD** Pentangle/Bert Jansch - Pentangling (3cd) - $35 Chris Rea - The Return of the Fabulous Hofner Bluenotes (two 10" plus 3 cds) - $25
  15. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    Yankees looked fantastic in the series at Houston. Will be a very interesting playoff series, assuming nothing squirrely happens and they both get in. Astros are playing the Dbacks right now. Gerrit Cole has 16 strikeouts through 8 innings, a career high (and matching the MLB high this season I believe). And the Dbacks put in Daniel Descalso to pitch, with one out in the 9th, after playing third base the entire game. I guess they're trying to save their bullpen for the rest of the series. edit - game's over, Cole pitched a 1 hit shutout with 16 strikeouts. Not a shabby way to start May. And yes, I miss Matthew as well, both here and on Facebook (where he also disappeared). Always enjoyed chatting with him about music, sports, and life in general.