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  1. Post a pic

    Went to a small Hurricane Harvey benefit concert in Port Aransas last night. The artists played for free, the venue donated it's space, the only open hotel in town donated rooms to the artists, and a couple of local cooks volunteered to feed the musicians. So all proceeds literally went to storm recovery for this tiny town. Wasn't jazz (hard to find that down here) but got to hang with some excellent, legendary Texas musicians. Joe Ely, Terry Allen (and sons Bukka Allen and Bale Creek Allen), Terri Hendrix, Lloyd Maines, and Richard Bowden. There were also some poetry readings throughout the evening, from Jo Harvey Allen, and two Texas Poet Laureates, 2005's Alan Birkelbach and 2010's Karla Morton, with poetry written specifically for the hurricane. With Terry & Jo Harvey Allen & Joe Ely:
  2. Dolores O'Riodan, Singer For The Cranberries - Dead at 46

    This was their other big song, alonside Linger and Zombie. And it has 91 million views, jeez. Though that's just a drop in the bucket compared to Zombie's 665 million views.
  3. 2017-18 MLB Hot Stove League!

    I met Joe Musgrove (and Chris Devenski) last Thursday, so of course Musgrove would get traded two days later to the Pirates. Devenski won Game 2 of the WS, and Musgrove won Game 5. I'd be happy if Cole can equal Musgrove's World Series win/loss record, for the Astros.
  4. I lost my mother earlier this year, and didn't hesitate to wish her a happy birthday on Dec 11th. For me it is a way to honor her memory and share that it's a special day for those of us she left behind. I also try to acknowledge my father on his birthday each year, and he's been gone for 26 years. I have a number of my parents friends on my FB friend list, and it is a nice way for them to be reminded of that day as well, and it usually results in some comments or memories from them of good times they had together. Likewise, for friends I've lost, or parents of friends, etc., it's nice to be reminded of their birthday as well, so I can offer well wishes. Do I understand those people are gone, and it's not the same as wishing someone who's living a happy birthday? Of course.
  5. Manson's Dead

    I don't think we're supposed to feel better or safer. He died where he was supposed to die, behind bars. Time moves on. My 19 year old and my 16 year old didn't know who he was. Explained it to my 16 year old, but to him something that happened in the late 60's/early 70's is ancient history. As it probably should be. To many people this happened a LONG time ago. And I say that as someone who was about 4-5 and lived in Los Angeles at that time. I remember my parents being nervous about Manson.
  6. I think it is a complicated issue. Had Gurriel been born and grew up in the U.S., he would've been no doubt aware of how inappropriate his gesture/words were. And if he still chose to do them, then any fine/suspension would be appropriate and deserved. But he was born into and grew up in a culture where that type of communication is still acceptable. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, he only defected to the USA in 2016. Is it wrong that he acted in the way he considered to be common where he's from? I believe Carlos Beltran brokered some communication with Darvish, and has been talking with Gurriel about what is and isn't appropriate in the culture here. I believe he's also remoreseful and has apologized for his actions, and it seems clear it's already been a learning point for him. I doubt he does something like that again. He's also stated he's not going to appeal his suspension, and has agreed to take sensitivity training. He appears to have learned from this already. So is it worth condemning him for the culture he grew up in (and fled)? As an aside, I've lived in both Asia and Europe multiple times, and have noticed in both cases, with populations that aren't as diverse racially, there seems to be a more open willingness to make racial comments/gestures openly. It's seems not to be considered offensive. So I would suspect that people that grow up in other places and move to the U.S. take a while to figure out that what was acceptable "back home" may not be in the new country. It's a learning curve like anything else.
  7. Post a Landscape/Cityscape Pic

    Nuevo Progreso, Mexico on Saturday, 28 October 2017
  8. I'm not defending Gurriel's actions and comments, but there appears to be something of a cultural difference where he grew up, versus the U.S. Things that are unacceptable here in 2017 may be different than what's acceptable in Latin American countries. And despite Gurriel's age (33), he's a rookie here in the U.S., having defected from Cuba just last year. Ozzie Guillen's comments:
  9. In the NBA they go 2-2-1-1-1 in the Finals (and probably the earlier rounds as well). It's accepted that there are days in between games in the NBA though.
  10. I found a Tom Verlander that lives in England and used to tweet. Maybe that's who you're thinking of. He seems like a pretty regular guy though, so I doubt he's Tom Fucking Verlander.
  11. What would you ask Chick Corea?

    Those guys (possibly your roommates) used to accost me on Guadalupe all the time, starting in the fall of '83. They were as desperate as the junkies a block down the street in front of the baptist church (at least I think it was a baptist church).
  12. Tom Fucking Verlander only wishes he made Justin Verlander money, and slept with Justin Verlander fiances.
  13. Irma Watch

    My wife and I honeymooned in St. Maarten (actually on the French side, St. Martin) in 2011. It breaks my heart to see the damage there. The airport (well known because you can stand on the beach and have planes fly over you while landing and it seems like they're just 20 ft above you) had pretty significant damage apparently. The island of Barbuda is even worse - reports say 90% of the island is destroyed. Hopefully Puerto Rico comes through without major destruction and deaths. And my thoughts go out to friends and board members in Florida. I've got friends in the Keys who are riding it out (but have moved in to a "solid" hotel instead of the place they rent). Hunker down and stay safe if you're staying.
  14. Gulf Coasters, Be Safe!

    A death toll of over 1000 is a tragedy, and my Texan heart goes out to them.