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  1. Les Strand

    I've been searching for awhile and the only thing I can find is "Les Strand Plays the Yamaha Organ." Which is supposed to be horribly commercial and not at all worth a listen.
  2. Les Strand

    At this website: BEGINNING An obscure organist by the name of Les Strand is mentioned. Supposedly JOS referred to him as "The Art Tatum of the organ." And he played a Baldwin organ instead of a Hammond. I can't find any of his records for sale and nothing on YouTube. Has anyone heard anything by him? What is your opinion?
  3. Should I buy this?

    Hammond M-3, good condition, 200$ So far i've been getting by with an XK-2, but it would be nice to have something with two manuals and some pedals, even if it is a spinet. Should I grab it or save that money for something better? Also, how do those of you who have the Nord C2 like it? Is it a reasonable replacement for an actual Hammond? Thanks!
  4. So I am fairly new to playing jazz and haven't attempted any transcriptions yet. What are some good organ basslines or solos that would be fairly easy to pick up. I'm thinking I might start with the Back at the Chicken Shack album. Any other suggestions? Especially any albums that it's a bit easier to hear the basslines, I find it harder to hear them on organ records unless the album is really well recorded. Thanks!
  5. Hey, Does anyone have this Wes Montgomery DVD: Is Mel Rhyne on it at all? If not, does anyone know of a DVD or Youtube clip which has them playing together? Thanks!