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  1. Willman has a pretty interesting backstory. He was basically a programmer/stathead that started up the Baseball Savant site as a hobby, and wound up parlaying it into his current position with MLB (the Savant site moved under the mlb.com umbrella when he was hired there). This is from a couple of years ago, when he was still in hobbyist mode: The Savant of Spray Charts: Meet the New Star of Baseball Analytics
  2. NBA playoffs thread

    The Rockets, but the Western Conference is, as usual, brutal. They really put a no-doubt smackdown on OKC tonight, and given that they've pretty much owned the Thunder all season, I'd expect that trend to continue for the remainder of the first round. But then they'll be faced with the Spurs, who should never be counted out come playoff time. The Rockets were only 1-3 vs. the Spurs this season, but all four games were very close (three of them decided by two points) and could have easily gone either way. If they make it past the Spurs, they'll almost certainly be facing Golden State in the conference finals. The Rockets barely avoided getting swept by GS in the first round last year, and although this year's team is a completely different animal than last year's was, they've still only managed one win vs. the Warriors this year, and the three losses weren't that close. Overall, I think this is the best team they've had in years, but they need to figure out how to take the next step of beating the Warriors in a playoff series. I expect whoever wins the battle of the West will likewise come out on top in the Finals this year.
  3. Yeah, that site is normally a good resource for questions like this, but in this case the cast member list is a bit of a patchwork. I can overlook that, since as far as I know the site has been built and maintained by one guy as a hobby.
  4. He is, and at 88 is the oldest surviving cast member. http://www.wa-wd.com/list.asp?list=Armlaughin
  5. Apparently Amazon Canada briefly had it listed for around $55-60 at several points during the week. More than a few people over at the Hoffman forum managed to place orders at that price, and were half expecting the orders to be cancelled as a pricing mistake, but as of yesterday I don't think that had happened to anyone yet.
  6. That's exactly what I said to a friend in email yesterday - the new super-duper 6-disc set has 2 discs of session material, but the Purple Chick version had 4 discs of sessions/outtakes/different mixes/multitracks. Between that and the fact that I'm not too excited about a new remix (even if it is by Giles Martin), I'm lukewarm about this set, especially at the asking price. But I'll reserve judgment until it's out there and people have had some time to digest it.
  7. Sorry about that. I had thought that the paywall was bypassed for non-subscribers under certain circumstances when an article was shared. Try Google's cached version instead: Link
  8. Houston loses another piece of music history, the Bronze Peacock
  9. RIP Chuck Barris

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDxDYIQL6Nc (edit: crap, just realized whoever uploaded it disabled embedding)
  10. Which albums is Pele looking at?

    Wow, I have been looking for a copy of that book for years, to no avail. Just poked around a bit and ran across one listed at an online vendor in Brazil, but there's no mention anywhere of international shipping being offered. Guess I need to attempt to construct a semi-coherent inquiry in Portuguese and shoot them an email.
  11. Must-have box sets (non-Mosaic)

    Yes, the Disk Union boxes are empty, although you will frequently find them sold along with the discs they were designed to contain - that's how I got the Sanders box. If memory serves, they're referred to as "promo" boxes because Disk Union offered them as an extra to customers who bought the complete set of discs they were intended to house.
  12. Jerry Lewis films

    I think there's more to Lewis than the lazy "the French love him" trope that usually gets trotted out whenever the subject of his films comes up, as if no thinking person could possibly find much value in broad comedies where subtlety tends to be in short supply. But both his solo films as well as those with Martin aren't well-known, for which blame can largely be assigned to their spotty availability on home video during the period when home video has been at its peak popularity. There have been two DVD box sets of the Martin & Lewis films, which went out of print and were later resurrected as manufactured-on-demand releases by Warner Archive, but those seem to be out of print now as well. Likewise, there was a 10-film box set of Lewis' films which came and went. Aside from THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, I don't think most people could name a Lewis film. A very different type of "Lewis film" (he wasn't involved in the production but is certainly the protagonist) that may be of interest is 2014's TELETHON, a behind-the-scenes look at what went on in preparation for the 1989 MDA telethon:
  13. Post A Pic

    (h/t Dangerous Minds)