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  1. Remnants of an earlier life

    Proximity to the water table isn't so much an issue. Houston's penchant for severe rain events and the concomitant flooding is. Granted, this pic was taken during a pretty extreme flooding event, and some mitigation measures have been implemented in the tunnel system since then, but residential basements are still pretty much a non-starter.
  2. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    Last summer when the Houston front office was looking at which starting pitchers might be available to bolster the rotation, Sonny Gray was always one of the names in the discussion. The July 31 non-waiver trade deadline came and went with no action, and there was a lot of grumbling that Jeff Luhnow hadn't managed to get the Astros another quality starter. A month later the grumbling promptly ceased when we got Verlander. Even before it became apparent just how well Verlander was going to pitch with the Astros, I remember thinking that not landing anyone in July looked like it was going to work out pretty well after all.
  3. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    Did you add this channel from the Roku Channel Store, or by entering a code manually? It's apparently no longer available in the Channel Store (searching there for it returns no results, and the link on the Roku Guide page dumps me back to the first page of the Movies & TV section of the Channel Store). I think I tried to add this channel to my Roku once before, and ran into the same problem, but if it was indeed yanked, it seems to have happened fairly recently, as there are references elsewhere on the web to it being available at the beginning of this year.
  4. Selling CDRs on eBay. Legal?

    Good to know, thanks. Goes to show how long it's been since I had to buy any blanks. I've always had good luck with Verbatim, but I've used them more for video than audio purposes. If you ever need dual-layer recordable Blu-ray blanks, they're the way to go, although at around seven bucks a pop it really makes you pay close attention to what you're doing lest you wind up with an expensive coaster. Could be they just haven't caught it yet. I think eBay has algorithms that search for certain terms in listings that would red-flag them, but a lot of stuff still slips through the cracks unless someone reports it. They may no longer be automatically yanking listings described as "CDR" since many rightsholders have shifted to offering MOD discs.
  5. Selling CDRs on eBay. Legal?

    Are there any other kind besides crappy ones anymore? People used to swear by Taiyo Yuden as the gold standard for quality CDRs, but their parent company got out of the CDR manufacturing business several years ago. Given that the market for pressed CDs has fallen off so much, it's not too surprising that the CDR market has softened as well. eBay used to yank auction listings immediately if the terms "CD-r" or "CDR" or "CD copy" appeared anywhere in the listing. They made no distinction between whether a CDR was a properly-licensed or pirate copy (which is probably not unreasonable on their part, since they probably had no appetite for devoting the required staff to making a case-by-case determination). Not sure whether this is still the case, as lots of things have changed at eBay in the past few years.
  6. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    This has been an intense series so far, with both games closely-fought nail-biters until the end. Verlander wound up tying his career-high mark for punchouts with 14, all for naught when Giles wasn't able to get anywhere in the neighborhood of his dominant 9th-inning performance of the previous game. Given there was an open base when Sanchez came up, I think I'd have put him on rather than let him hit, but hindsight's always 20/20. Giles has been lights-out until now this year, a welcome return to form after his dumpster-fire postseason last year. Here's hoping this was just one of those times when, as Hinch characterized it on live TV after the game, shit happens.
  7. Going to the Dogs

    So German dogs display the same Teutonic sense of restraint, propriety, and order as German people do? Who knew?
  8. MLB 2018: let the games begin!

    I don't think a lot of people have fully realized yet just how much better the Astros' rotation is this year. They have been putting up some ridiculous numbers so far, and are first in MLB in both strikeouts and ERA. Verlander, Morton, and Cole are #2, 3, and 4 respectively in the AL in ERA (Oakland's Manaea is #1). Double-digit strikeout totals have become almost expected in every start - as I type this Verlander has 13Ks through 7 innings tonight. During April, Cole had 61Ks - only Chris Sale (63 last year) and Randy Johnson (63 in 1999) struck out more batters in their first six starts after being traded to a new team. Their win total at this point is about where it was last year, but when you compare the rotation then to the rotation now, they are in a much better position now, and it's not even close. Of course, according to Trevor Bauer, it's because they're cheating.
  9. 0-60 times are only one measurement. I prefer to look at the entire package, namely, is it fun to drive? There are plenty of cars that are faster than mine in a sprint to 60, but that doesn't make me wish I were driving something else. Judging from the eye-opening prices low-mileage, well-preserved '99-00 Sis have been fetching on Bring A Trailer lately, lots of other people feel the same way. But should one so desire, one of the main reasons Hondas of that vintage acquired such a legendary reputation among enthusiasts was how well they responded to tuning, particularly how easy it was to get big power out of the venerable 1.6/1.8 liter B-series motors. One example among many:
  10. "Svelte" is relative. My Civic Si is 2600 lbs, and my '90 CRX was 2100 lbs, but given current Federal safety standards it's practically impossible to mass-produce cars that light anymore. Overboosted power steering is a corollary to the increasing shift to drive-by-wire technologies, where direct mechanical linkages are replaced by electronic or electromechanical systems. On many new cars, for example, the throttle pedal is no longer directly connected to the throttle body, but merely acts as a sensor that transmits inputs to an electronic controller that in turn operates the throttle body. No doubt it increases fuel system efficiency, and every bit of efficiency will be needed to meet CAFE standards.
  11. Post a pic

  12. Yeah, like the Murano or the Honda CR-V. I can't stand the "elevated living room on wheels" feeling either - I prefer my ass to be a few inches above the pavement. Then again, I freely admit I'm completely out of step with the target market of new car buyers, as I also prefer light weight, nimble handling, manual transmissions, and a minimum of electronic crap, which is probably why my daily driver is a 19-year-old Honda.
  13. I saw an AutoWeek piece that essentially theorized that sedans were on the cusp of becoming obsolete, as buyer preferences were increasingly trending in favor of so-called "crossover" vehicles that ride higher than a sedan and have considerably more cargo space - basically a similar form factor to an SUV, but the size of a sedan as opposed to a truck. I'd expect Ford to focus (pun fully intended) on developing crossover vehicles, not just trucks and SUVs, and I believe this has been mentioned in a few of the more in-depth pieces out there, but it's being overlooked in favor of the "OMG FORD'S GETTING OUT OF THE CAR BUSINESS!!!!111!!!" clickbait.
  14. Computer Gurus: Photo onto computer

    If it's an Android phone, this may be of interest: How to Get Your Android Device to Show up in File Explorer (If It Isn’t) I've never had a phone fail to show up in File Explorer as a mounted drive when connected to a PC via USB, but I've always had iPhones.
  15. Miles Davis Bootleg Series Vol. 6

    Still waiting on mine - preordered from Amazon UK at the beginning of the year. Order status says it was supposed to be here no later than last Friday, but once in a while it seems to take a lot longer than expected for orders from the UK to arrive here.