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  1. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    Just saw Dunkirk today in 70mm. I will go see just about anything if it's presented in 70mm, but Dunkirk would have been quite good in any format. Would like to see it again in 15/70 IMAX, as I understand that the framing is significantly different due to IMAX's near-square aspect ratio.
  2. They don't. Or at least they won't after August 31. Half.com Closing Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Steve Hoffman Forum

    Most recent snapshot at the Wayback Machine is from last November, but you can only see the thread titles in each forum, as the snapshot apparently didn't capture the posts themselves: https://web.archive.org/web/20161031130410/http://stereocentral.tv/phpbb/index.php
  4. Setright's perceived eccentricity seems to have increased with age: By comparison, at a somewhat younger age with one of his beloved Bristols:
  5. NBA playoffs thread

    If the current trend continues, this matchup will become the Lakers vs. Celtics of this decade. Assuming the Cavs are finals-bound, this year would be LeBron's seventh consecutive trip to the NBA Finals. Don't think anyone else has done that since the Russell-era Celtics.
  6. Ever seen an Archeophone? https://shop.78rpm.com/index.php?id_product=6&controller=product https://www.archeophone.org/windex.php (although, admittedly, these are probably used more by professional archives than hipsters, not least because of the price)
  7. I don't have any problem following Cuscuna's argument. Not sure what doesn't make sense - without getting into the speculation as to whether Mosaic has or has not had discussions with the major labels about Mosaic doing downloads, it certainly wouldn't be unheard of for the labels to license music for CD or LP release only, and refuse to extend that license agreement to digital downloads. They may think they will do their own digital releases of catalog material eventually, or they may think they might get more money for licensing downloads at some point in the future. I see comments online all the time where someone is scratching their head over the fact that a big record company or film studio refuses to either release a specific music or film catalog title or license it to someone eager to do so, because it would obviously be almost like collecting free money for the record company/studio in question. They don't have to have an imminent strategy to monetize their own catalog titles themselves in order to refuse licensing agreements. Sometimes it's corporate policy, like Warner, who almost never license any of their catalog film properties to third-party companies like Criterion. And sometimes it's difficult to get anyone who can greenlight such licensing agreements interested unless there's a substantial amount of money involved.
  8. "Ellington Ending: Duke Ellington 1967-73"

    I really enjoyed this show as well. I've always been a fan of late-career Ellington, and like Jazztrain, it sent me off to my less-than-organized music racks in search of some discs that were overdue for a spin.
  9. I had forgotten about that set, as well as the fact that it's a Mosaic exclusive. I've been meaning to get it for a long time (it's the only set in the series that I don't have), but there have always seemed to be other priorities. Guess I need to reevaluate "other priorities" and come up with the cash while it's still available.
  10. I believe you can only view a limited number of articles per month before the paywall kicks in. I'm not sure of all the details as I'm a subscriber, but I've hit the paywall before when my preferred mobile Twitter client failed to properly pass my credentials from a previous login through to the New Yorker's site.
  11. Willman has a pretty interesting backstory. He was basically a programmer/stathead that started up the Baseball Savant site as a hobby, and wound up parlaying it into his current position with MLB (the Savant site moved under the mlb.com umbrella when he was hired there). This is from a couple of years ago, when he was still in hobbyist mode: The Savant of Spray Charts: Meet the New Star of Baseball Analytics
  12. NBA playoffs thread

    The Rockets, but the Western Conference is, as usual, brutal. They really put a no-doubt smackdown on OKC tonight, and given that they've pretty much owned the Thunder all season, I'd expect that trend to continue for the remainder of the first round. But then they'll be faced with the Spurs, who should never be counted out come playoff time. The Rockets were only 1-3 vs. the Spurs this season, but all four games were very close (three of them decided by two points) and could have easily gone either way. If they make it past the Spurs, they'll almost certainly be facing Golden State in the conference finals. The Rockets barely avoided getting swept by GS in the first round last year, and although this year's team is a completely different animal than last year's was, they've still only managed one win vs. the Warriors this year, and the three losses weren't that close. Overall, I think this is the best team they've had in years, but they need to figure out how to take the next step of beating the Warriors in a playoff series. I expect whoever wins the battle of the West will likewise come out on top in the Finals this year.