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  1. Not for much longer - he has completed his rehab assignment and is supposedly coming off the DL tomorrow.
  2. Gulf Coasters, Be Safe!

    They've done these releases before, when the reservoirs start to get close to capacity as a result of severe weather. None of the available courses of action are good, because houses that are in proximity to the reservoirs get flooded when the releases occur, but if they don't do it, then as you point out the results could be really bad for downtown. One of the Flood Control or Corps of Engineers guys mentioned in passing regarding this planned release that houses in the area that are flooded by it will likely remain so for up to three months. KHOU had to evacuate their studio Sunday morning. It's very close to Buffalo Bayou, and the first floor flooded, so they've been forced to run their news operations from the field since then. KTRK has been running around-the-clock coverage, and their news coverage in general tends to be better than that of the competition, but they appear to have finally taken a late-night break and temporarily switched to ABC's national news feed.
  3. Is that similar to enossification?
  4. Motor on my Nitty Gritty LP Cleaner Has Died

    If you can access the motor nameplate, take a look at the specifications listed there. There's a good chance you can locate a replacement with similar specs at McMaster-Carr: McMaster-Carr - Electric Motors
  5. Ex-Phillies wonder if stadium is to blame for players' brain cancer
  6. Jeanne Moreau has died

    The Guardian's obit is worth a read - it's meatier than the Times' effort: Jeanne Moreau obituary
  7. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    Just saw Dunkirk today in 70mm. I will go see just about anything if it's presented in 70mm, but Dunkirk would have been quite good in any format. Would like to see it again in 15/70 IMAX, as I understand that the framing is significantly different due to IMAX's near-square aspect ratio.
  8. They don't. Or at least they won't after August 31. Half.com Closing Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Steve Hoffman Forum

    Most recent snapshot at the Wayback Machine is from last November, but you can only see the thread titles in each forum, as the snapshot apparently didn't capture the posts themselves: https://web.archive.org/web/20161031130410/http://stereocentral.tv/phpbb/index.php
  10. Setright's perceived eccentricity seems to have increased with age: By comparison, at a somewhat younger age with one of his beloved Bristols:
  11. NBA playoffs thread

    If the current trend continues, this matchup will become the Lakers vs. Celtics of this decade. Assuming the Cavs are finals-bound, this year would be LeBron's seventh consecutive trip to the NBA Finals. Don't think anyone else has done that since the Russell-era Celtics.
  12. Ever seen an Archeophone? https://shop.78rpm.com/index.php?id_product=6&controller=product https://www.archeophone.org/windex.php (although, admittedly, these are probably used more by professional archives than hipsters, not least because of the price)