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  1. 2022 MLB Season Thread

    It happened at least twice during regular-season games. Mike Schmidt hit one of the speakers in 1974, and Jeff Bagwell hit the roof in 1997. Darryl Strawberry also hit a speaker, but that one was during the 1986 All-Star Game home run derby. June 10, 1974: Mike Schmidt hits the Astrodome speaker and Phillies trounce Houston, 12-0 Bagwell hits Astrodome ceiling The day Darryl Strawberry hit a ball off an Astrodome speaker during Home Run Derby
  2. Why are there so few jazz mega box sets

    The "Genius" set only contained the individual, mostly metal-spined, box sets that had previously been released. There was also a set of all the individual albums that had been released by Columbia, on 70 CDs (but they didn't put his face across the spines): Miles Davis – The Complete Columbia Album Collection
  3. Anyone got an extra million lying around?

    Here's the backstory on "The Tree": The Legend of the Music Tree
  4. Wordle

    Key to Wordle strategy is to use starting words that contain the most frequently used letters. The old Linotype keyboards were arranged starting with the most frequently used letter, "e", then the second-most frequently used letter, "t", and so on. So if you pick starting words that are primarily made up of letters in the first two rows on the Linotype keyboard (the famous "etaoin shrdlu"), you increase your chances of success significantly. On a somewhat tangential note, there's an excellent short documentary on Vimeo on the last day that hot-metal typesetting with Linotypes was used at the New York Times in 1978. The next day they switched over to computer-based typesetting. Fascinating window into a nearly-forgotten era that lasted for over 100 years.
  5. Hearing aids advice for a friend

    Yeah, I forgot about the adaptors. I have rarely used earbuds or a headset, although I do have a Bluetooth headset I used to use occasionally. The iPhone 11 was, IIRC, the last one to come with wired earbuds and a charger included. I still have an iPhone 7, but the battery has been on its last legs for some time now (requiring me to charge it 3-4 times a day), and I've been on the fence about whether to get the battery replaced (at a fairly nominal cost of $50) or just get a new phone.
  6. Hearing aids advice for a friend

    Well, if you want earbuds with an iPhone now it's wireless or nothing. Apple ditched the aux port used for connecting wired earbuds back in 2016 - the last iPhones to offer such a port were the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.
  7. Happy Birthday Joe Strummer

    That would have been the Combat Rock tour. I saw them in June 1982, and remember thinking at the time that it was too bad I hadn't been able to catch them on one of their earlier tours, but leaving that aside the setlist for the show I saw was damn good: Jimmy Jazz London Calling Safe European Home Car Jamming The Guns of Brixton Train in Vain Wrong Emboyo The Magnificent Seven Junco Partner Know Your Rights Clash City Rockers Should I Stay or Should I Go Career Opportunities Rock the Casbah Janie Jones Somebody Got Murdered Clampdown Armigedeon Time Police on My Back I Fought the Law Straight to Hell Police and Thieves Bankrobber
  8. Names That Sound Like Jazz Guys, But Aren't

    Oil Can Boyd Cool Papa Bell Shoeless Joe Jackson Three Finger Brown
  9. Covid Vaccination Poll Update

    It's always been my understanding that the omission of the apostrophe ensures that the title's interpretation is ambiguous (like many other concepts one encounters in Joyce's work): https://fuckyeahjoyce-blog-blog.tumblr.com/post/23141372251/theres-no-fucking-apostrophe-in-finnegans-wake
  10. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    I was trying it in Chrome, and just tried it in Firefox. It did not work in Firefox, but I did notice that the likely reason for that is that the connection isn't secure (http instead of https). Could be that your install of Safari is configured to only connect to sites using https?
  11. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Weird. I just checked it again and it's working fine from where I sit. Also checked their FB page and there's no indication of an outage there - admittedly, they post infrequently there, but there's a post from Tuesday. If you have access to a VPN, maybe try it from a different IP address?
  12. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    It appears to be back online now. Must've just been a temporary glitch.
  13. MLB 2021: it’s baseball season!

    Spiders would have been cool. Or Naps. Someone on Reddit said they'd been hoping for "Cleveland Washington Football Team".
  14. Return Of The Film Corner Thread

    More than the weekend, IIRC it's until the end of this month/beginning of August. They usually run these semiannual Criterion sales for almost a month.