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  1. 2017-18 MLB Hot Stove League!

    Toward the end of the season, when it became apparent to even casual baseball fans that the Astros were poised for a deep run into the playoffs, a local publication decided that it would be a good time to hop on the bandwagon and started running regular pieces covering All Things Astro on their website. The first piece that appeared was in the midst of namechecking all the things that a longtime Astros fan would expect (Jimmy Wynn, J.R. Richard, 1980 and the Phillies, 1986 and the Mets, and so on), when they casually tossed in a reference to "Lowell Passe". I replied to the tweet they'd linked the piece in, toning down my initial reaction ("Who the fuck is "Lowell" Passe?") a bit, but never got a response.
  2. What Are Your Favorite Baseball Books?

    I have a fair number of baseball books, but if I had to pick a desert island selection, I'd be hard pressed to top the four volumes in the Fireside Book of Baseball series: Fireside Books of Baseball and Other Sports and Games Others that come to mind: Lawrence Ritter's The Glory of Their Times, Okrent and Lewine's The Ultimate Baseball Book, Norman Macht's massive three-volume biography of Connie Mack, and Charles Leerhsen's recent bio of Ty Cobb, a long-overdue corrective to the conventional wisdom propagated over many years by Al Stump that Cobb was a miserable human being.
  3. PC Advice

    If it were me, I'd just replace the power supply. No need to get a new refurb PC just to extract the power supply from it; assuming the PS is a standard size, you should be able to get one for significantly less than $105. It doesn't have to be the exact same model power supply as long as the replacement outputs at least the same power as the old unit. In my experience, most lower-priced HP desktops come with a factory power supply that just puts out enough power to run the machine as-is, but if you start adding expansion cards or other peripherals that suck up a decent amount of power, the stock PS quickly becomes insufficient and you have to swap it out with a higher-powered unit. So you should be able to easily find a new replacement that will probably more than meet your power requirements. Micro Center has a crapload of them: http://www.microcenter.com/category/4294966654/power-supplies and I'm sure other e-tailers like Fry's or Newegg have a similar selection.
  4. Jazz and Baseball: Chuck Mangione and Doc Ellis

    He played for the Yankees in '76 and for a handful of games in '77.
  5. Now reading...

    There was a good piece from Longreads this week about the author's obsession with Vintage Contemporaries paperbacks (a series that was ubiquitous in US bookstores during the 1980s), in particular Bright Lights, Big City. Judging Books By Their Covers
  6. That article is more than a bit whitewashed. The Astros didn't exactly "volunteer" to move to the AL. The team was up for sale in 2011, and owner Drayton McLane had agreed on a price with prospective owner Jim Crane. MLB had leverage in that they had to approve any sale, so the Astros' sale was made contingent on moving to the AL. Crane wasn't happy about this, and the upshot was that he wound up with what was said to be a $70 million discount on the sale price in return for accepting the move, the cost of which was supposedly split between McLane and MLB. Some of this is mentioned a bit further down in the comments.
  7. Monty Hall, RIP

  8. Not for much longer - he has completed his rehab assignment and is supposedly coming off the DL tomorrow.
  9. Gulf Coasters, Be Safe!

    They've done these releases before, when the reservoirs start to get close to capacity as a result of severe weather. None of the available courses of action are good, because houses that are in proximity to the reservoirs get flooded when the releases occur, but if they don't do it, then as you point out the results could be really bad for downtown. One of the Flood Control or Corps of Engineers guys mentioned in passing regarding this planned release that houses in the area that are flooded by it will likely remain so for up to three months. KHOU had to evacuate their studio Sunday morning. It's very close to Buffalo Bayou, and the first floor flooded, so they've been forced to run their news operations from the field since then. KTRK has been running around-the-clock coverage, and their news coverage in general tends to be better than that of the competition, but they appear to have finally taken a late-night break and temporarily switched to ABC's national news feed.
  10. Is that similar to enossification?
  11. Motor on my Nitty Gritty LP Cleaner Has Died

    If you can access the motor nameplate, take a look at the specifications listed there. There's a good chance you can locate a replacement with similar specs at McMaster-Carr: McMaster-Carr - Electric Motors
  12. Ex-Phillies wonder if stadium is to blame for players' brain cancer
  13. Jeanne Moreau has died

    The Guardian's obit is worth a read - it's meatier than the Times' effort: Jeanne Moreau obituary