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  1. stereo amps for xk1

    my gig organ is a xk1..i use a mono amp..i want to get a good stereo amp for this application so that the leslie and chorus comes through. any thoughts and advice? will a stereo acoustic amp do the job (genz benz shen 200) or is this a bad idea? thanks for looking at post. p.s. if any one knows e. degarmo class of 72 go vikings , have him e-mail me.
  2. 1950s Wurlitzer home organ

  3. 1950s Wurlitzer home organ

    thinking of buying this organ ... someone talk me out of it. like new with manual only 100 bucks lady said 1951..been at same church since then. don't have the model number. looks like 4600 maybe? someone talk to me. have to drive a distance to play it, what do i look for in an organ like this?