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  1. problems with the XK-1

    I'm having sporadic problems with my Hammond XK-1, which I purchased about a year and a half ago. Periodically, I am unable to change either the percussion settings (second, third, fast, soft) or the drawbar select (upper, pedal, lower). The percussion settings will change automatically when I choose a new preset, but pushing the buttons has no effect. The problem comes and goes randomly. I've tried turning off the power and waiting, and doing a hard reset (power up while holding down "Rec/Jump" button). The hard reset seemed to help somewhat, at least the first time I tried it, but not immediately. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? I bought the keyboard from Musician's Friend, and tried their keyboard tech support, but (despite their claim that someone would respond within 48 hours), noone ever got back to me.