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  1. Hammond SK2

    I ended up with Beyer Dynamic DT770 80 ohm headphones after a blindfold test with a recorded Hammond SK1 mp3 file on my iphone. When I plugged the headphoes to the organ i discovered that the signal from the Organ was too weak... So to the point: I then bought a Musical Fidelity headphone amplifier that turned out to be a very nice surprise. Besides that the sound become stronger, the sound quality was also significally better. Much warmer and more Class A tube amplifier like. I also tested to plug the headphone amplifier between the organ and the Roland PM-10 drum speaker monitor I use at home. It also sounded much better, much more like my A102/145 :-) Check at the headphone amplifier: Link
  2. Hammond SK2

    Hi, Yes, I play left hand walking bass on old standards such as Georgia, Sweet Lorraine, Satin Doll, Honysuckle Rose etc. I will check out the DXR series and the headphone. Have you tested the new Leslie studio 12 ?
  3. Hammond SK2

    Hi, I have a SK1-73 and wondering if you can give a recommendation on which small (non rotating) amp to buy where the goal is to make it sound most like a B3/122/147 leslie combination. And reccomendation for good headphones also ? I got an A102 with a 145 leslie and want the SK1 and small amp to be a lightwight alternative to carry
  4. XK3 Settings

    Jim, would you email me your file with your custom XK3 settings? Thanks in advance, Regards Terje Strøm Norway