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  1. Is this worth checking out?

    As stated above, it is pricey. I have seen them for $1500-$2500. -m
  2. Sometimes I play clean, sometimes I play dirty. Old Lelies with a 40 watt amp HAD to distort to put out enough volume for big rooms. We took that to be part of the desired sound and some maintain that. Sometimes I do (Blues band), sometimes I don't. (Jazz band) -marty
  3. Replacing the tube in Leslie 3300

    Jim, Goff recommended that I keep the original tube in. Also, the LED that was replaced is bigger, re,d and less brilliant glow than the original, not that it is important in the slightest. The problem was strictly caused by me. All's well that ends well. Thanks for your support, Jim. -m
  4. Replacing the tube in Leslie 3300

    Went to Goff today and got my 3300 back. It was only the LED that shorted out in the tube change process. It sounds better and Goff didn't charge me anything. -m
  5. Well, it seems like the question didn't account for where the band would"allow" me to put the Leslie. LOL The last two gigs it has been in front of me on the right and behind me on the left. When behind me, the audience and band members claimed that my volume was too low, even when I thought it was more than enough. -m
  6. Replacing the tube in Leslie 3300

    Jim, it did not get very dirty, only volume increase. There must be more than the LED out. I can get dirty with the XK tube. Got another comment from a knowledgeable Hammond friend that said I should not swap a tube that was designed specifically for the distortion circuit. Damn! -m
  7. Replacing the tube in Leslie 3300

    Jim, I do notice a difference in volume when I turn the drive level and tube mode pots, but not as big a difference in tone. The tube never glows. It might just be the LED, which wouldn't affect the functionality of the speaker. Thoughts? -m
  8. Replacing the tube in Leslie 3300

    Well, things have gone from OK to worse. When I pulled the tube out, the retaining clamp fell onto the circuit board and caused a spark, even with the Leslie unplugged. Some damage has occured. Strangely enough, everything still works pefectly, EXCEPT for the tube, which no longer glows. I contacted the dealer, Goff Professional, and told them the story. I am waiting a reply. Damn!!! If it ain't broke don't fix it! -m
  9. Replacing the tube in Leslie 3300

    I think that it might be the settings you mentioned, Jim. I will give it a shot. Thanks, -m
  10. Replacing the tube in Leslie 3300

    I obtained a pair of NOS Tungsol 12 AT7s and swapped one out on the Leslie 3300. I could hear little to no difference in my studio setting, maybe different on stage? I think this tube replacement deal is a self-serving rumor started by the tube sellers, or it's the emperor's clothes. I heard no volume difference, nor low/mid boost from swapping the X7 to the T7. Maybe it's just me, old and deaf Also, Dave at Goff professional told me he tried the same and went back to the stock. Guitar players change out tubes for disortion purposes, it seems. -m
  11. Well, on its maiden outing yesterday, there was no choice where to put her. It had to me on my right side, just slightly back ob my head. It seemed to work well, up against a wall that added some bass reinforcement. I think a lot of the time it depends just how much stage room you have and you don't often have the luxury to chose. I am on my way to another gig now and have the exact same possibility, except to my left. It seems to work. -mg
  12. Jim, I am not playing pedals, just left hand. In this band there is a bass player so no issue anyway. I also thought of the blacklight idea. Maybe a combination of both. If I were smarter, I could set the srobe to flash at a different speed when the rotor is fast/slow. -m
  13. Did my first gig with the 3300 last night and I can tell you I impressed the bass player big time with the bottom end of this baby. He was worried I'd be playing "down there" on the gig BTW, I put a srobe light on the upper rotors and got lots of interest. -m
  14. Transporting Leslie

    I am pleaased to announce that I can handle the load in/out by myself entiorely. I use the tailgate for leverage and it is a piece of cake. I do have to lie the 3300 on its side, but I am not that worried. -marty
  15. OK. got the 3300 and have been playing ot all day. I haven't swapped the tube yet and still feel the bass is adequate, realizing the placement of the Leslie on the stage is all important. Oh, the 3300 rocks!! -mg